tagSci-Fi & FantasyJolt to the System

Jolt to the System


They stood there atop the skyscraper, staring at each other. How they arrived at that point a blurry memory. Their muscles tense, they faced each other, bodies aching from more than just the physical beating they showered on each other.

Phermona's long blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders and gently waved in the wind. The cool air seemed to steal the kindling heat of physical exertion from her body, leaving her free to let another fire inside her burn. Despite the thick black fabric of her costume, her nipples where hard as diamonds on her large bosom and jetted out fully like the metal studs riveted to the leather. Her emerald green eyes narrowed from behind the black mask as her gazed locked with her opponent's, and she felt that familiar tingle inside her that whispered her power was ready...

Megavolt crouched across the rooftop from her, his short dark hair fine like sable. His breathing was heavy, and his nostrils began to flare as the breeze carried a peculiar, almost imperceptible scent to his nostrils. His dark eyes became glassy as he stared at her young body barely hidden, almost bared for him. The spandex of his costume clung to him like a second skin, his every curve extruding; his manhood cupped close to his body as the sight of her caused it to stir and begin to thicken.

She could see her powers affecting, unable to tear her eyes away from his growing erection, feeling her body responding to the erotic sight of a man succumbing to her scent. "Oh, Christ," she though, "Something's wrong, I shouldn't be feeling like this..." The familiar tingle inside her was joined by another sensation, one she hadn't felt in so very long, making the muscles in her smooth stomach flutter with desire.

His teeth ground together as his bulge grew larger. Breathing heavily, his wide chest beginning to heave, he stared at the vision of beauty before him and animalistic need began to sweep over him. With a slight mental strain, his body began to crackle with energy, electricity filling his body, charging him up, readying for the assault to come. He had to have her. Logic be damned he thought as he watched her nubile body jiggle before him. He licked his lips hungrily as he gave in to the urge, and leapt at her.

Sparks trailed from Megavolt as he crossed the roof at lightning speed. Phermona had only enough time to lean backwards and think to herself "Yes!" as she could see the intention in his steely eyes as he grabbed her, knocking her down beneath him. She let out a gasp as her scent swelled out, encompassing them both in a cloud of sexual abandon.

A shock leapt from between his fingers as he reached for her. He gingerly brought his fingertip to her lips, an arc of electricity crossing the gap to their softness. He traced their edges, memorizing every curve, angle, as she tingled ecstatically. She sucked his finger into between her red lips, reveling in the feeling it produced. She pushed herself against him and leaned into his body, her hands tracing his strong frame, her aroma filling both their nostrils. She moaned as his spandex covered erection pressed flat against her leather clad mound.

Her scent invaded his nostrils, erotic and powerful. It was his secret weakness, his kryptonite. His rational mind had clouded over as her powers took over his brain, her pheromones an aphrodisiac, making him want to have her, now, here, desperately, like never before. He slid his finger into her mouth as his body instinctively pushed against her willing body, grinding his pelvis between her legs.

Megavolt peppered her face, neck, and shoulders with butterfly kisses, tasting the salt on silky pale skin and causing his mouth to water. Lightning rippling across his steel grey eyes, he stared deeply into her lust glazed orbs, seeing in them what she yearned for him to do to her. Phermona sucked and tongued his finger as he ground himself against her, and she felt his hardness through the flimsy fabric of his gaudy costume, making her respond in kind. She moaned as her shapely thigh rubbed against him, and he kissed her deeply in response. She grasped his strong arms for support.

Slowly pulling his finger from her pursed lips, Megavolt replaced it just as it popped out with his tongue, letting it invade her mouth, sliding over, around hers, tasting her sweetness. Phermona pulled herself up onto his body, clinging to him, wrapping her legs around his waist for support, deepening the kiss as her hands fumbled around his back, trying, desperately trying to find a way to remove his suit.

Hooking his index finger into the plunging V-neck of her costume, he curled his finger and savagely yanks hard, tearing it, her breasts bursting forth into his face. She gasped and giggled, eager to have him devour them. Megavolt rolled Phermona's nipples between his thumb and forefinger, sending a steady stream of voltage through them, a continuous circuit, causing them to harden and heat up, almost glowing like LEDs.

A luscious gasp escaped her lips as he cupped her breasts and brought them to his mouth. His lips kissed them like succulent fruit, wrapping around her nipples and suckling hard. Phermona's body responded, igniting her other power, her taut aching nipple leaking warm milk into is mouth as he tasted them, began drinking from her breast. She arched her back letting him play with them as he liked, writhing against him from the pleasure. The bikini bottom of her costume was soaked through, leaking out onto him.

He drank greedily the sweet, warm milk from your breasts. Their ivory liquid nourishing him, stoking the thunderstorm inside him into a hurricane. Suddenly, his tights split, and his erection slapped against her crotch. His lightning rod, she can see the bolts of energy following in its veins, growing stronger the more he swallow her milk.

Phermona pulled away, the pleasure to much, her lungs heaving, her mind reeling, her body moistening. She knelt before him, looking into his eyes as she reached up tracing her hands over his muscles, looking for approval from him. "Dammit," she silently cursed, "He's supposed to bend to MY will, why am wanting nothing but to please him?"

Megavolt looked down at her, her torn costume revealing her swollen breasts, her nectar running down her inner thighs like a river, her breasts glistening in the ambient light from a mixture of his saliva and her milk. The look in his eyes seemed to tell her she pleased him utterly, and her body responded eagerly to it.

She smiled at him, moving onto her back and pulling away her bikini shorts, revealing her wet, shaved mound. Tossing them aside, she returned to her knees before him. Reaching up, her hand shaking with need, she grasped his shaft in her thin dainty fingers, pulling it to her painted lips and licking the head of his powerful tool slowly. Her mouth tingled as it caressed his head, her tongue traveling all over it, her lips swallowing the head. Static electricity ran through her tongue and down her throat. The static charge infusing her hair, it began to float up in a nimbus around her head, a golden halo of light and energy.

She moved her head away and slowly licked up his balls, taking each in her mouth and caressing it with her tongue before she kissed her way back up his shaft. His hands encompassed her heavy breasts, prickling with electrical power, kneading them, needing them. He fondled their fullness, molding them like modeler's clay into a sculpture of erotic indulgence.

The touch of her lips to his skin sets them sparking. Her scent is everywhere, he was hyperventilating, trying to breathe every particle of her scent in, greedy, all for him, all his. She removed her eager mouth from his rampant girth, needing his hardness in her. She fell on her back and rolled onto her knees, prepared to let him use her as he pleased.

He leapt on top of her, his cock slapping against her pussy, literally splashing in the overflow of her dripping pussy. Lightning sparking wildly, its glow pulsed in time with his throbbing, pointing at the nexus between her thighs angrily. Wanting to enter, make her back arch, her eyes roll, her toes curl. Her hand reflexively slid between her legs and grasped him, pulling him towards her dripping opening, placing the head in, her body begging him to go as deep as he could.

Like a crack of thunder, he pressed into the musky delirium of her sex. "God, you're so hot, hotter than a million volts, threatening to consume our superhuman flesh in its hunger..." Arching her back, she pushed back onto him, rolling her clit between her long, manicured nails. His hips bucked forward, and he plunged deeply into her quivering, pliant body. He began rocking in and out of her, her honey squelching as his lightning rod plumbed her inner depths. As her back arched, his mouth clamped down on her proffered breast, sucking as much of its soft flesh into his mouth. She moaned a deep throaty groan loudly, bucking in time with him, grinding her clit relentlessly, her scent thick like billowing fog, urging them both on to greater levels of passion.

He loomed over her, his body eclipsing hers, a St. Elmo's fire wavering over him like a ghostly aurora borealis. As his body lunged at her, their flesh slammed together, making a sensual slapping noise of flesh on flesh. She felt him pumping madly into her as her orgasm washed over her, she began to cum, fucking him harder, trying to make him cum with her.

A growl grew deep in his chest, guttural, bass, and feral. It reverberated through the air; she felt its bestial groan more than heard it. He pistoned into her, sweat dripping off into the air like sparks, a thousand tiny stars orbiting their coupled bodies. She thrashed against him as she came, dragging her nails along his diamond cock as it penetrated her. His body became jerky, spasming, as his groin jerked and he exploded deep inside her. She felt him shooting into her, his seed spewing into her womb, coating her inner walls completely. His body tensed like a coil as he exploded into her, a massive column of lightning slamming through her body like the wrath of a god, scorching the ground around them like a bomb blast.

A moment of blackness, pure bliss, bodies floating in eternity...

He collapsed on top of her, spooning his body to her sweaty naked body, slowly caressing her proud jutting breasts. She turned to him, satisfied, reaching out and stroking his cheek. They kissed and lost themselves in the moment.

Looking at their torn, soiled costumes, she giggled, "Looks like a standard night of fighting crime, hmmm?"

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