tagLoving WivesJourney of a Cuckold Ch. 06

Journey of a Cuckold Ch. 06


Mayuri and I busied ourselves in finishing the packing to prepare for the move next day. We didn't engage in sex that night and neither did we broach up the subject of her episode with Shrini. It was not the best time to discuss about what transpired last night, especially when we had tacitly agreed to not discuss such episodes.

I was excited and wanted to have sex but knew that she would be shy to expose her well-used body to her husband. Moreover, with the fucking she received last night, she needed rest. I was restless and didn't quite sleep well that night. The images of Shrini boning Mayuri were floating in my dreams. Mayuri slept blissfully.

I got a glimpse of her breasts in the morning, when I woke up to take a leak. She doesn't wear bra to the bed. Shrini had mauled her breasts; her usually milky white breasts were reddish in color.

We started early and by 1:00 pm were finished with the move. We were to move to the bedroom downstairs next to the garage in the basement. Shrini's house was on the slope of a hill and had a very peculiar entrance that opened into a stairway. Climbing the stairs up took to the living room, kitchen and their bedroom. Climbing down the stairs took us to the garage. However, if we made an immediate right turn as soon as we got down, it would take us to our new bedroom. The room wasn't tiny compared to our previous one.

Rohini's due date was in this week so Shrini was planning to work from home. But that posed a problem for Mayuri the very first week. We didn't think it was a good idea for her to work from home the very first week. Rohini insisted that Shrini take her to work that week assuring that I would take care of her. Shrini and Mayuri were gone early in the morning next day. I didn't have sex that night; thought it was best to let her rest before she spends the week with Shrini.

I stayed in the bed for much longer and didn't get up until 10:00 am. I freshened up and joined Rohini in the living room. She was reading news paper.

"Are you up sleepy head?" she asked. I only smiled in response and sat next to her on the sofa. "Did you sleep well?" she asked turning towards me as she kept the paper down. I looked at her beautiful eyes, hid behind her spectacles for the first time and then my eyes moved to her luscious lips that had become fluffy, perhaps due to her pregnant condition. I responded to her by leaning forward to kiss her luscious lips. She leaned back comfortably on the sofa, and let me be the aggressor.

"I was waiting for this," she said as I broke the kiss.

"Looks like you still haven't had any from Mayuri in the new millennium," she said teasing me. I nodded in response, though I had a slightly gloomy face, which was evident to Rohini.

"It is better that way," she said as she squeezed my thigh and pulled me in a little bit.

"Let her enjoy her honeymoon with her new lover."

"After all, you have been enjoying her charms all these years," she reasoned.

"She will be all over you over the weekend," she said consoling me.

"Why do you say that?"

"A week full of sex would fire up her libido and she wouldn't have Shrini to satisfy her over the weekend," she quickly replied.

"In the meanwhile, we could have some fun," she said and latched onto my lips again. Very soon I was down on my knees licking her pussy, while she was in throes of her orgasm. I finished with her and got up to enter her but then I realized that it was perhaps not a good idea, since she was just a week away from delivering her baby.

She realized that and positioned herself to take my pecker in her mouth. She took me in her mouth for a minute or so and then put my penis back in my pajamas, saying, "We got to save it for the rest of the day."

I retorted, "That is unfair."

"Oh," she frowned at me.

"I don't care," she quickly added.

"Besides I am not really in a condition to satisfy you."

"Are you ready to start repaying your favors?" she asked teasingly. I knew this was coming but it was too early given that she was just a week away from her delivery date. I wondered what she had in mind.

"Sure," I responded.

"Well, lets get to the shower cubicle then," she said.

"What?" I said.

"Do you want me to give you a bath?" She had an amused look but quickly replied, "No better!"

"I want you to clean me after I am done dumping my load."

"That is not a sexual favor," I said urging her to let me know what the deal was.

"Well, it is," she retorted, "If you have to clean up with your mouth!"

"What?" I managed to blurt out surprised by her gross remark. By this time we both had entered the bathroom and she said, "Start undressing," without paying any heed to my question.

"Well it does sound gross," she admitted as she got into the shower, "But you are not going to clean it, just pleasure it," she added. It struck me then that rimming was perhaps favorite pastime of both Shrini and Rohini. I remembered Shrini trying to convince Mayuri to do the same.

"Come on,"

"What are you waiting for?" She urged me to step in their shower cubicle. It was spacious compared to the tub we had back in our apartment. Her distended stomach was looking really huge in comparison to her body. Despite being in the last month of her pregnancy she hardly put on any weight.

I kissed her tender lips again and this time she quickly took my prick in her hands and squeezed it a little as she forced her tongue into my mouth. She turned on the shower behind her as we exchanged saliva and very soon water seeped into our mouths along with our saliva.

I was nervous as I had never engaged in such a shameful act. I wondered if she had cleaned herself this morning in anticipation of this episode. This was just her first favor; I shuddered at the thought of repaying the second favor. This one would surely test me, I thought, but then again Shrini had done this to Mayuri so it wouldn't be that bad after all.

Rohini broke my reverie.

"Are you thinking about them?" she asked.

I tentatively nodded, not sure how to respond.

"Don't worry," she consoled me.

"Your wife will be well taken care of," she said and then after a little pause added, "I mean well-fucked!"

"If you keep on repaying sexual favors, I will fill in the gory details," she excitedly added.

"You are so horny," I managed to say.

"Doesn't Shrini do this for you?" I asked hinting at licking her asshole.

"Oh no, not that much," she casually replied, "But he does make me perform on him almost on a weekly basis."


"You might want to start cleaning me," she interjected hinting towards her bum.

"I mean if you don't mind tasting it as it is," she added smiling.

"Aren't their any health risks?" I managed to ask as I kneeled down behind her bum. She had become a little wider in the hip area, I noticed.

"Not if you are careful," she replied as she spread her legs a little bit to give me better access. I spread her ass cheeks a little to see her puckered hole. As she bent down a little more, I could see more clearly that she had a little hair surrounding her asshole and her hole was dark brownish in color unlike Mayuri's, which was pinkish in color. I leaned forward and kissed her butt and traced her entire butt with small kisses. Gradually, the kisses turned into wet ones as I opened my mouth and freely sucked in her skin as if I were sucking her nipples. I still didn't venture near the coveted area but gradually my lips moved towards her crack, just above her anal opening. She moaned in response to my hot breath on her opening.

"Go ahead," she urged, "taste it!"

"I had a shower last night before going to bed," she assured.

Not sure if it was her assurance or the urge to taste her without the soapy residue, I pushed my nose up her crevice until I could smell her musky aroma. It didn't smell of shit. I wedged my nose into her crack as my lips touched bottom of her pussy lips and inhaled her odor. Not surprisingly, it smelt much different from her vagina. Her puckered hole had slightly pungent smell

I withdrew and inspected her asshole spreading her cheeks. Rohini was agonizingly waiting to feel my tongue on her anal opening. Shrini must not have given her this pleasure in the recent years. She shuddered as I placed my right middle finger at the entrance. Her taught sphincter muscles didn't give in to the pressure of my finger. So, I gently massaged her anal area, gradually increasing the pressure.

"It needs a little lubrication," she said sensing that I was trying to penetrate her asshole with my finger.

I withdrew my finger and smelled it; just to b e sure that she was clean. It had a musky smell and not the offensive smell that I dreaded.

"It has a musky smell, doesn't it?" she asked. I nodded. "It is common," she assured.

"Don't worry."

"Just stick your tongue in."

I didn't wait for any further encouragement and stuck my tongue in her crevice and placed the tip of my tongue right at the entrance. She pushed back a little in response encouraging me to plow in with my tongue. I obliged. For the next 5 minutes or so, I tongued, probed, lapped at her anal hole, covering her hole with loads of my saliva. She responded amazingly as if she was about to orgasm; although, I noticed that she was also stimulating her clit with her hand as my tongue pleased her asshole.

Having sufficiently lubricated her hole, I pushed in my right index finger all the way, to which she let out a load grunt. And then I fucked her with my finger for the next few minutes with my other hand busy stimulating her vagina. I alternated with my mouth on her hole, this time I was able to insert my tongue a little bit in her hole, although her hole was still very taut.

Completely satisfied with my sexual favor, she turned back pulled me up and latch onto my lips in a fervent kiss. She furiously jacked me as we kissed, to the extent that I felt I would come any moment. I wanted to see her if she allowed me to enter her but she stopped the jerking as soon as she broke the kiss.

"How was it?" I asked.

"Fantastic!" she exhaled. "You have an amazing tongue," she praised my skills.

"Will I ever get a chance to experience it?" I asked.

"No way!" she replied almost with contempt. My heart sank as I heard her summarily reject my earnest request.

"But you do it to Shrini on a weekly basis," I complained.

"So?" she shot back. "He hasn't had this pleasure in last 6 months."

"We decided to be safe, since I am carrying a baby," she clarified.

"But if you pleasure me regularly, then someday I might let you take my anal virginity," she added.

"Why me?" I asked surprised with her choice, given that she wouldn't reciprocate the just extended favor.

"Because I can't accommodate Shrini there," she said giggling.

"You are so mean," I said as we started the shower.


"Is it because I won't lick your asshole," she asked.

"Of course," I replied agitated by the manner in which she was teasing me.

"Don't get me wrong."

"Shrini is the alpha-male in our households, so certain privileges are only extended to him."

"Don't be surprised, if Mayuri extends this privilege to him and not to you," she added nonchalantly.

I was not surprised the way she ranked me and was also not surprised that she believed that Mayuri would perform analingus on him sooner or later. It was gradually dawning on me that Shrini would monopolize Mayuri more and more as days passed. I wondered if I would have to make way for Shrini even during the weekends when both Shrini and Mayuri were at home. Mayuri had hinted at that as a possibility. I enjoyed the thought of Shrini mating with Mayuri on a regular basis and my cock twitched a little more at the prospect of Shrini having far more sessions with Mayuri than what I could muster with her.

I wondered if Shrini would make appropriate use of the three nights he got to spend with Mayuri in the city and screw her numerous times. After all, he was only human and needed time recuperate as most men do. I had seen him screw Mayuri twice during the New Year night but was not sure if they had indulged in any more sessions. I remembered, Rohini had promised to share the details of what happened on the dance floor.

Later that afternoon, when I was licking her asshole again for the second time that day, I broached up the topic. She was lying down on her side with her butt sticking out of the bed and I was lapping her asshole while kneeling down near the edge of the bed. I still hadn't cum that day after having already indulged in sex with her twice. I was enjoying the feeling of being on the edge.

"Would you mind sharing what transpired on the dance floor between Shrini and Mayuri?" I asked. She watched me from her position with her head rested on her right palm that was supported by her elbow and calmly asked, "Do you have the courage to listen?"

"Why?" I asked with my index finger firmly lodged in her asshole.

"You might not like what you hear," she said frankly.

"I know Mayuri would cherish her new role as Shrini's mistress," I admitted honestly and said, "So don't mind."

"I would have start from the beginning," she said and she narrated how both of them conspired and let pan out things the way it did.

"Once Mayuri had felt Shrini's gigantic penis in the theatre, she knew that she could never be satisfied with yours." She started.

"She had to find out a way to feel that huge equipment of his but worried about your marriage.

"It was evident that you enjoyed the thought of sharing her with someone else, especially Shrini. Accepting our earlier proposal, however, would have meant doing it only occasionally.

"The next day she came to know that I approved the idea of her becoming his mistress but she was still a little hesitant.

"Shrini unaware of our behind the scene conversations, pursued her relentlessly, on ever possible opportunity.

"I worked with you to understand your feelings about such an arrangement."

"And what did you find," I interjected. I hadn't quit fingering her asshole. I was getting excited with the talk, which motivated me to please her further. I could visualize taking her anal cherry in the near future.

"That you were eager to see Mayuri boned by a well-endowed male and the thought of Mayuri becoming Shrini's mistress stirred your loins," she replied.

"All you needed was a little assurance," she added.

"Mayuri completely satisfied that you wouldn't mind, set the ball rolling. She ensured that you had a clear understanding of the relationship that she was about to enter and picked on the New Year eve.

"She wanted to make it special so sought some ideas from me. It was her idea to offer the first kiss of the millennium to Shrini instead of you. I suggested that she let him take her unprotected on her marital bed."

"So did she?" I asked, although I knew the answer.

"She did have unprotected sex with him but he came in her mouth instead."

"What?" I said in disbelief.

"You would have lost another bet if you had agreed to it," she said reminding me of the other bet that we she was luring me into.

"What happened on the dance floor," I quickly asked.

"I suppose, Shrini wasn't aware of the plan," I said.

"Yes," she replied.

"So, how did things start?" I asked.

"Well," she said.

"He wasn't aware but knew that she would allow him a few liberties, if the circumstances permitted."

"I suggested to Shrini that he should celebrate the New Year with you folks and might try his luck just before the stroke of 12."

"He liked the idea and did exactly that."

"He kept away most of the evening and requested for a dance only a few minutes before 12:00."

I remembered how Mayuri quickly started dancing with him, not giving me an opportunity to refuse or complain.

"After a little chit-chat, Mayuri broached the topic."

"Thanks for helping us out in these difficult times," she started.

"My pleasure," he responded gentlemanly.

"We really appreciate it," she said.

"You know, I only care about your appreciation," Shrini promptly replied. His language carried the usual sexual innuendo that was when the both conversed personally. Mayuri could only blush at his response as she lowered her eyes and then again she looked back at him, this time straight into his eyes. That look let Shrini know that this was the time to seize the opportunity. They still had kept quite some distance between them till then.

"Really, we are greatly indebted to you," she said.

"Don't know how we could repay for such favor to you," she said. I sensed that Mayuri was giving him a green signal. He didn't hesitate a moment and quickly said, "I can help you with that."

"For starters, why don't you finish what you started in the theatre," he whispered in her ear.

"What did he want?" I interjected.

"Oh, he wanted her to finish the blowjob she had started in the theatre," clarified Rohini.

"Again, Mayuri just smiled but didn't respond. Shrini noticing that Mayuri was not taking the bait changed the topic to the story that he had once narrated to Mayuri."

"Which story?" I asked.

"Some story, I will tell you later," she cursorily replied.

"But I have to get the context," I pleaded.

"Well, if you insist," she said.

"This happened while we were trekking up mission peaks," she started. This was about a month after we dropped the idea of swapping partners. Mayuri was unwilling to consider swinging with just Shrini and Rohini.

Rohini and I hiked up must faster leaving Shrini and Mayuri behind to socialize at Rohini's insistence. That gave Shrini an opportunity to test the waters and find out what Mayuri thought about the swapping deal. Instead of directly asking her, he narrated this story.

It was a dream about two herds of horses – one of them headed by Yarraman, the greatest stallion ever to live on those plains and another headed by Brolga.

Brolga was a good stallion but was not as gifted as Yarraman when it came to genetic heritage.

Shrini had very cleverly adopted characters from famous Silver Brumby series to narrate his story.

One day Yarraman's eyes fell on the most beautiful mare he had ever seen. She was closer to Brolga's herd so he sensed she belonged to him. Upon enquiring further, he came to know that her name was Belle and that she had recently joined Brolga's herd. Yarraman cursed his fate for not having her in his herd. He rued his lost opportunity to breed her, for she was sure to produce the finest foals.

It was clear that Shrini was the prized stallion Yarraman, I was Brolga and Mayuri was Belle.

Yarraman pursed Belle on every possible opportunity and one day was able to court her, when she strayed away from Brolga's herd. Finding herself alone with such a majestic stallion alarmed her but then she soon warmed to Yarraman's advances. The private moment away from both the herds helped them engage in foreplay that unfortunately, however, couldn't escalate into Yarraman mounting Belle.

Yarraman awaited another such opportunity but she never stepped out of her herd again. Belle was in her prime and was sure to bear Brolga's foal in next couple of years, unless Yarraman intervened. Impatient Yarraman hatched a smart ploy. Yarraman convinced Brolga for a swap of Belle and Brinda (Rohini?), Yarraman's finest mare. However, Belle wasn't ready for this exchange and refused to cooperate.

Yarraman couldn't understand Belle's refusal, as she had been eager when they played with each other.

After narrating this story, Shrini asked her, "Why do you think Belle might have refused?"

"Mayuri never gave a conclusive reply to his question, not until that evening," Rohini said.

Shrini asked her again, "You never really answered my question," bringing back that topic.

"Isn't it surprising?" Mayuri asked him.

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