Joy Ride


You and Davey are beyond stressed out. He's on the road promoting Blaqk Audio, and you've been really busy with your job. You both wanted, no, needed a place with no people, no distractions, no communication devices of any sort, nothing. Just you and him. Davey had the perfect idea...

You're sitting in the living room, watching T.V. and Davey comes in and sits down on the couch next to you.

"Hey beautiful," he smiles.

"Hello handsome," you reply, curling up in his lap, kissing him on the lips.

"You know, I've been thinking, we've both been working too hard lately and we barely get any time to ourselves," Davey says.

"I completely agree," you chuckle.

"So, I have an idea. Why don't we go for a drive?" he suggests.

You were puzzled. You had no idea how a ride in the car was going to make up for all the time you've lost with each other.

"I don't understand..." you began, but Davey cut you off.

"You'll know when we get there," he winked at you.

You weren't exactly sure where this was going, but you were in an adventurous mood, so you went along with it...You went upstairs to change your outfit.

"Baby, are you ready?" Davey called to you.

"Yeah!" you responded, giggling to yourself as you zipped up your hoodie, covering up the sheer, lacy black nightie you had on underneath. You were saving it for a special occasion and you figured tonight would be the perfect opportunity. You walk downstairs, beaming from ear to ear; Davey doesn't know what he's in for.

"What are you smiling about?" he smirks.

"I get to spend a wonderful evening with my amazing husband," you say, kissing him tenderly. You both hop in his silver Honda Accord Sedan and drive off. You drove a few miles outside of town to a secluded area in the woods where you knew no one would find you. Davey put the car in park and turned to you, smiling.

"Alone at last," he says.

"Finally," you sigh, staring at him lovingly, "you know we really should have taken a boat and gone to a deserted island. That way, we would have been completely alone," you laugh.

He chuckles, "That would have been the better thing to do, but I don't care where we are, as long as we're together. You don't know how much I hate it when you're not with me, when I can't hold you, touch you, smell you, kiss you...taste you."

He leans in, wrapping his strong arms around you. He places his soft lips on yours. You sigh against his mouth. The kiss starts out gentle, but soon becomes passionate and intense. He parts your lips with his tongue, massaging yours with his. You both moan softly with need as you reach up and caress his neck. You briefly suck on his bottom lip, licking his lip ring. Every time you kissed, it was so perfect. You two would get so lost in each other, it seemed like the rest of the world would just disappear.

"Let's go to the back," he suggests.

You both climb to the back of the car. Davey lies down and you crawl on top of him, straddling his hips. Now is the perfect opportunity to show him how little you are wearing. You slowly unzip your hoodie and toss it aside. His eyes got huge.

"Damn, baby," he whispered.

"You like what you see, Tiger Man?" you ask playfully, tilting your head to the left while seductively sliding the strap down your right arm. It drove him crazy when you used the bedroom nickname you gave him.

"Ohh dear God, yes," he moaned, gazing at your curvaceous body. He always makes you feel like you are the most desirable woman in the world.

"I want you," he whispers. You can see the desire, the hunger in his eyes.

He glides his skillful hands up your stomach to your breasts. You lean forward so he can stroke your body more fully. You could feel his erection through his jeans, straining to be released and attended to. You grip his Paden sweater and pull it off of him. You marvel at his toned, tattooed chest. You place a soft kiss on his lips then continue down his chin and down to the sensitive spot on his neck, sucking and nibbling his soft flesh. His soft moans were enough to make you hot all over. You continued your way down his chest. You outline his flaming heart tattoo with your tongue, then kiss the area where you feel his heart beating. You descend further down his body, kissing his rock-hard abs until you get to the top of his jeans. You unbuckle his belt and unzip his jeans, yanking them off of him. You pulled his boxers off his hips, careful not to hurt him, as he is in the state of full arousal right now. You gently wrap your hand around his member, stroking it, from the base all the way to the tip. You tease him for a few more seconds, enjoying hearing his soft, throaty moans of pleasure. You swoop your head down and take just the head into your mouth, sucking gently, causing Davey to whimper.

"I need more, please," he begged.

Then you suddenly take as much as you can deep inside your mouth, sucking him greedily. The pressure and the feel of your moist, warm mouth sent Davey through the roof. His hands went to the back of your head, burying them in your hair.

"Ohhh...ahh...yes, baby, just like that. Oh my God," Davey moaned. You briefly look up at him, his face contorted with pleasure. You were enjoying this as much as he was. You hummed against his manhood, gradually increasing your speed. You let him slide out of your mouth, and then seductively licked the sensitive underside. When you come back up, you gently scrape your teeth along the side of his shaft. Davey isn't sure how much more he can take; the poor man was practically gasping for air, his whole upper body twisting back and forth. Davey screamed as he came. His warm come filling your mouth.

"Goddamn!" he exclaimed when he could finally speak.

You look up at him, giggling. He hauls you up his body and your lips meet. He moans as he tastes himself on your lips.

"Now it's my turn," he said, raising his eyebrows, "you can just relax."

Please. The last thing you are going to be able to do was relax. He ripped the skimpy teddy off your body, leaving you completely naked for him. He lies you down on the soft car seats as he begins to pleasure your body, mimicking the movements you performed on him earlier. The weight of his warm, hard body making you melt. He just takes you in, deeply inhaling the scent of your skin, then slowly exhaling. His hot breath setting your body on fire.

"Ohh," you moan aggressively, tilting your head back and closing your eyes.

He kisses down your neck, then you feel his teeth sink into your delicate flesh. He kisses and soothes the marks he leaves behind and continues his way down, nipping at the hollow of your throat. He trails those kisses down to your breasts. He puts his hands on you, kneading and stroking them. Your heartbeat quickens as he goes to your right breast, closing his mouth around the hard peak. He lightly rakes his teeth back and forth over your nipple, causing you to cry out his name. He briefly took his mouth away. Puckering his sexy lips, he lightly blew on your sensitive nipple. Davey makes sure he pleasured both breasts, then ventures down your soft body. He kissed the area where your thighs joined your stomach, then spread your legs apart. He gently blows on your hot, wet center. He lightly runs his tongue over your folds, until he reaches your clit, causing you to grip the edge of the seat.

"Davey! Ohhhh Davey...Yes! Right there!" you scream as he sucks on your pleasure button. He continues to suck hungrily on your pulsing clit, then he slides 2 fingers inside of you. You close your eyes as you lose yourself in the pleasure that only Davey knows how to give you...when he stops. Your eyes fly open and you jerk your head down, making eye contact with him.

"What the fuck are you doing?" you ask, almost shouting.

"Watch me, baby. Don't close your eyes," he softly commands. You moan as you watch Davey go to work between your legs. It was even more erotic to watch Davey and it intensified the sensations. His tongue dives inside your wetness, savoring and tasting your sweetness. He goes as deep inside of you as he can, penetrating you with his tongue while he still plays with your clit. You feel that familiar hotness take over your body. You release onto Davey's waiting tongue and he laps up every last bit of it. You sit up on your elbows, smiling down at him.

"Thank you, baby," you say.

"Anytime," he says as he crawls back up your body.

"I want you now," he growls sexily against your ear as he grinds his lower body against yours.

"Oh yes," you whimpered softly.

He slowly enters you, inch by inch, until he's all the way inside. You both gasp at the pleasure you both feel.

"Wait, sweetie. Don't move just yet," Davey breathes out.

You wait for him to adjust to how tight you are and to get himself somewhat under control. He begins a rhythm that is comfortable for both of you. You grip his shoulders and groan as you feel your walls throb and contract around his member. Davey felt it too and began to thrust faster and harder.

" are so wet and so, very tight. I love the way you make me feel, baby," Davey whispers into your ear.

"And I love the way you feel when you're so deep inside me," you whisper back. He swoops his head down and takes your ear lobe into his mouth, gently sucking and nibbling on it. He knew it drove you crazy when he did that. Davey thrusts harder and harder, causing you to get more vocal.

"Daveyyyy!!! Ohhh God...oh...oh...ohhh! Right there. Yesss," you moan as his member slides against your clit. Davey sees the pleasure that is clearly outlined on your face, and it pleased him to know that only he could make you feel that good.

"Wrap your legs around me," he softly commands, and you do what you are told. You wrap your long legs around his slim waist, causing him to penetrate you even more deeply than you thought was possible. You are both moaning so loudly that you knew people from miles away could probably hear you, but you didn't care. You look into each other's eyes.

"Ohhhh...I'm gonna come so deep inside you. Come with me," Davey moans, urging you on.

"Daveyyyy!!!!!" you scream as you release your sweetness all over him. Davey soon followed. One's moans of pleasure intensifying the other's orgasm. You both lie there, catching your breath. Davey kisses your forehead as you run your hands through his sweaty hair.

"I love you so much, sweetheart. More than anything in this entire world," he smiles sweetly.

"I love you too, Tiger Man," you winked up at him. You both laugh as you held each other, basking in the sweet afterglow of your climaxes.

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