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Julia Schultz & Tiffany Taylor


Tiffany Taylor and Julia Shultz were in big trouble. They were in a rented car on an empty road in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere. In the mirror they could see the police car's lights spinning and flashing; they could hear the siren screaming. But worse, they were in fact a little high, they had in fact been speeding a lot, and to top it off, Julia was driving without a license.

"Damn," Julia muttered as they slowed down to pull over. She wasn't sure even what state they were in. This back road between LA and Los Vegas was pitch black and flat. No landmarks, no signs.

The beautiful young blonde's palms were sweaty as she gripped the wheel and eased over to the side of the road. The police car looked like some kind of flying saucer as it glided silently behind them. Once she turned off her engine and headlights all they could see was the red and blue lights spinning and flooding their car with menace.

Tiffany meanwhile was giggling as she enjoyed her fellow playmate's panic attack. Tiffany was confident that both she and Julia had the kind of bodies and looks that would preclude a scolding much less a ticket.

Tiffany was still feeling giddy and lighthearted, having just had a lively weekend at the casinos and clubs dancing, flirting, laughing, celebrating nothing special but having a blast doing it. They had left the strip about 2AM and it felt like they'd been driving for hours. Actually they were both a little high from the good times and, yes, a little weed for the road. The last thing they had done was give the brush off to a group of college guys, both girls looking good with Tiffany dressed in a super short black skirt and a tight white blouse and Julia in a white bustier and tight, tight jeans. They had smoked with the guys in a parking lot and jumped into their vehicle with laughter just as the guys got a little too friendly.

The beautiful girls had been laughing and singing for the whole ride and who knew they were speeding in the middle of the night in this no place of a road?

Apparently the law knew. Suddenly their car filled with the harsh white glare of a spot light making Julia jump up nervously. Now a voice came over a speaker, "Would everybody please step out of the car. Please keep your hands out where I can see them." Both girls quickly complied. Tiffany grinned winningly into the blinding light but Julia nervously shifted her weight from leg to leg as she looked down at the ground.

"Thank you." The voice did not seem charmed by Tiffany's beaming smile. "Now will the driver please step around the back of the car and stand on the passenger side." Julia almost ran over to Tiffany. "Please stay a few feet away from the passenger. Thank you." Tiffany continued to smile but Julia was whining a little.

"Thank you ladies. Is everybody out of the car?" Both girls nodded eagerly. "Thank you. Now I'm going to approach your vehicle. Please stay where you are and don't move."

The girls heard the crunching of his boots on the gravel and they could see his dark shape approach but the glaring lights behind him prevented them from really seeing what he looked at. Tiffany held her smile but she was getting a little nervous. Julia stared wide eyed into the blinding light.

"I'll need to see your license and registration ma'am."

Now Julia and Tiffany both moaned. Julia began to sputter her explanation. "Well, you see officer, we're coming from Vegas and I lost my bag and stuff...I mean my license is... I...I don't have it."

He was now very close to her and she could see that he was extremely tall and she could sense his strength. "Please turn around and put your hands behind your back." Julia did so without thinking, so anxious was she to please the officer; she yelped as she felt the cuffs tighten around her wrists. They were the plastic kind that just pull closed and are cut off instead of opened with a key.

Julia immediately started to cry and whimper. Tiffany was panicking too and spoke rapidly. She knew that she was still under the influence of the pot but she babbled along anyway. "Officer, sir, you don't need to do that. You see my friend was just driving for awhile to give me a break. She really did lose her license, I mean misplace it, anyway I have my license sir." She took a breath. She looked at him demurely, "I'm sure we can work this out....officer."

There was a long silence as the cop seemed to consider the situation. Even in the glare of the light both girls could sense that he was looking them over. Instinctively both turned towards him and jutted their luscious breasts out at him.

Finally he spoke, "I'll need some ID ma'am," he said to Tiffany.

"Yes sir; I have it right here," Tiffany began to rummage through the bag she grabbed as she had left the car, "I know I have it here somewhere. This bag is such a mess. I need to get or..."

"Please just get the license ma'am."

"Yes, sir." Tiffany flashed the smile again and jiggled her wonderful breasts a bit, knowing he'd notice. Julia tried to smile too as she stood there shaking in the cuffs.

Again there was the crunch of gravel and the cop stepped past Julia and over to Tiffany. Now he was in the light and the girls could see his dark uniform and his grim expression. They couldn't tell if he was a local cop or state police.

He was along side Tiffany now but he turned back to Julia. "I don't want you to move. Do you understand? I'll deal with you later." Back to Tiffany he said holding out a gloved hand, "May I have the license please." She passed it over brushing her soft fingers against his muscular arm as she did it. He held the license between his thumb and his forefinger just giving it a glance. He snorted as if the license confirmed what he already knew. He handed it back.

"Now Miss Taylor, I want you to put your bag down then put your hands on the hood of the car."

"Oooohh, are you going to frisk me?" Tiffany giggled as she turned around and leaned forward. Julia was shocked to see her friend wiggle her plush fanny at him.

"Ma'am, this is a serious matter. But yes, I am going to have to check you out. I would appreciate it if you cooperated." Both Tiffany and Julia noticed that he was pulling off his leather gloves as he spoke. Tiffany smiled knowingly but Julia just stared. He still had a grim and unforgiving look on his face.

Tiffany turned forward again and spread her arms out across the hood of the car. She felt him plant his feet solidly behind her. Without warning his hands gripped her on her hips and pulled her backwards into his groin; her lovely round ass was pressed firmly against his crotch.

Tiffany could feel that he indeed carried a nightstick but before she could react she felt firm hands squeezing her thighs and fingers digging into her supple flesh as they probed up and down her legs. Suddenly they were under the skirt and she felt the tips of his fingers work themselves under the elastic of her flimsy panties. They brushed against the little bit of hair left on her neatly trimmed bush. Without warning he formed a fist around the sheer fabric and tore it away with a sharp brutal sweep of his arm. The fabric seemed to shriek as it was rent away from her skin and this one harsh ripping sound seemed to echo against the distant mountains. After that cruel noise all Julia could hear was the sound of her own heart pounding and Tiffany purring like a satisfied kitten.

The cop's hands now went up his beautiful captive's waist with his thumbs tracing along her spine. They came to her chest and Tiffany felt her lush breasts lifted up and firmly squeezed.

"Oh, officer. You're sooo strong," she cooed as she rocked her hips against his crotch.

He paused for a moment then dropped his arms. "Turn around please ma'am."

"Yes sir," Tiffany whispered keeping her legs as close to his as possible and brushing along his chest with nipples that were straining through the bra and the blouse that looked about to burst.

He was looking sternly into her gleaming dark eyes as his thumbs kneaded her breasts and she squirmed her chest into his hands. Her smile remained as she spoke softly, "I'm so glad that you are doing a thorough job sir. I'm so anxious to cooperate with the strong arms of the law." As she spoke she lightly touched the back of his hands with her fingers and nudged his fingers over to the top button of her blouse.

Intertwining her fingers into his she guided the slow unbuttoning of her blouse. She was breathing heavily now and her chest seemed to expand under the warm touch of his hands as her white flesh was exposed to the cool desert air. The fabric pulled away reveling her lacey white bra. Through the lace he could see her eager nipples glowing almost a bright red.

As Tiffany hugged the cups of the sexy lingerie off of her breasts she used one hand to float behind his head and guide it down to her nipple and she lifted herself up to feed her flesh into his hungry mouth. She let out a yelp as his teeth bit sharply for a moment but then he began to eagerly, greedily, piggily suck one then the other. His tongue was beating against each nipple as he sucked making them rock hard. At the same time she was grinding herself into his crotch. She looked over his shoulder and winked at Julia.

Julia was still whimpering quietly. She'd seen Tiffany in action before and knew where this was heading. Now Julia loved to party and loved to have adventurous sex but under her own terms. Sometimes Tiffany would get her into some scary situations and what could be more scary than being handcuffed in the middle of nowhere?

Julia still stared as Tiffany worked her hands down the chest of the cop and began to undo his heavy belt. The jangle of the brass buckle, the long drawn out sound of the zipper opening and Tiffany's long satisfied moan as her fingers wrapped around his throbbing shaft were sounds that the still air of the dark desert amplified, stirring both fear and desire in Julia.

Julia only saw the thick hard shaft for only a moment before it disappeared under Tiffany's skirt.

Tiffany was in heaven. She trembled and moaned as he sucked her flesh in his brutish way. Now she had the solid mass of his cock in her hands and was rubbing the tip along her pussy lips getting them wet. She groaned with pleasure as one of his hands slid under her skirt and anchored itself with a finger inside her and the thumb taunting her clit. She was already flowing and almost ready for him to be inside her. The cock was thick and firm and she knew it would hurt some but hit all the right spots. She could feel the desert breeze kissing her warm moist inner thighs as he spread her legs apart with his hips.

She lost her grip on the shaft as in one quick motion he thrust up into her and at the same time plunged her struggling body down onto his cruel rod. It felt like he was using a battering ram. The hot thick throbbing cock drove in deeply sending white searing bursts up into her skull.

Tiffany was completely helpless. She bobbed up and down like a toy as he mercilessly pounded into her. She tried to brace herself on his shoulders but while he was still inside her he twisted her on his cock until she was facing the car and he shoved her down and continued to drill. The night air had cooled the metal of the hood and the cold steel added to the crazy sensations overtaking her body.

Usually Tiffany liked her love sessions to last and last. She always wanted to go all night but this time the combination of being his prisoner and the mystery of the dark desert and the frantic brutal pounding insider was sending lightning bolts through her body. Her climax shot down to meet the explosion of his hot juices as he began to pump a constant flow of his seed into her writhing body. She was gasping and struggling to breath and she rattled and moaned loudly as her orgasm mixed with velocity of his seed jamming up into her. Just as suddenly he emptied out and paused for a moment. Then without a word he pulled her off of him and pushed her away dismissively.

He turned; his eyes glowed like a wild tiger's as he faced Julia. She lost all control and screamed; she began to run even with her arms cuffed behind her; her high heels couldn't get traction on the rough gravel road and she struggled to keep her balance. The cop took just a few firm strides to catch her. He grabbed her silky blonde hair and pulled her back. He flipped her over his shoulder and seemed oblivious to her kicking and screaming. Her howls echoed helplessly in the empty desert.

Tiffany barely recovered in time to see him tossing the struggling and thrashing Julia into the back of the police car. He got in front and leaned out the window. "Follow us!" he commanded.

Tiffany scrambled into the car and raced after the two red tail lights disappearing into the black night.

Julia was afraid but even more she was pissed off. She hated the way Tiffany would get her into these situations. She grew up tough and aware; she was around bikers most of her life so she wasn't afraid of cops but she was afraid of this one. Julia saw how he just went at Tiffany and the lustful look in his eyes when he finished with her and turned on Julia was still etched in her memory. She knew what she was in for and the lack of control and the humiliation really burned her up.

She managed to sit up in the back seat and glared at the dark shape of the cop through the security grill. "Where the hell are you taking me?"

"You broke the law ma'am. You have to be punished."

"Are you crazy?"

"Speeding, driving without a license; I'm pretty sure drugs are involved..."

"Gimme a break! What did you just do to my girlfriend? Is that the law? What are you going to do to me?"

"Well, ma'am. Tiffany doesn't seem to have any complaints. And I think the justice I'm gonna dispense to you is going to be fair."

The cop fell silent while Julia continued to berate him and curse. Eventually she too fell into a quiet whimpering as the cruiser rolled down the empty road towards the police station.

The police car was racing along, the cop anxious to get inside with his prize, so Tiffany had a hard time keeping up. The red tail lights of his vehicle were small dots on the horizon. Sudden she saw the car signal for a right turn. Tiffany had to watch carefully so she wouldn't miss the turn. Slowly a small police station standing on its own on the empty highway came into view. The police car was parked out front and a light was shining through the window.

Tiffany pulled into the parking lot and jumped out of her car. She could already hear Julia screaming and struggling inside. When she entered the small one room building she found Julia handcuffed, now with steel cuffs, to the bars of the one cell in the room. Her arms were stretched out wide and her fabulous breasts were jutting out. The bustier could barely contain them. Her toes just barely touched the floor and her lithe body was extended so that her flat belly was exposed over the top of her lowcut tight jeans. Tiffany couldn't help licking her lips as she watched her gorgeous friend struggle and squirm and scream, her blonde hair flying wild, her eyes blazing with anger. She looked delicious.

The cop was sitting on his desk watching Julia struggle. He turned to Tiffany and grinned with evil lust. "Maybe you can calm her down."

Tiffany smiled back at him. Her clothes were still in disarray from the pounding he gave her, Her large soft breasts were hanging out over the bra that had been pushed down during his attack. She slipped her blouse off and then dropped the bra to the floor. "Don't worry," she said, "Julia is really a party girl; she just needs to be encouraged." She unzipped her short skirt and stepped out of it. She was completely nude and glorious except for the stiletto heels she wore. Tiffany was all soft curves and creamy skin as she strutted around the room to the desk. She took the cop's hat and put it on. Her finger ran through his hair and she gripped it tight and with a fierce pull drew him forward and rammed her tongue down his throat. Her soft fingers brushed along the outline of his bulging cock.

With a laughing snort she pushed him back. "Just hold that thought officer while I get our little jewel warmed up." She turned back and looked at the beautiful young and helpless Julia struggling in her chains. Tiffany had an evil glint in her eye as she imagined what she was about to do to her captive playmate.

As Tiffany walked over to Julia she swayed her hips sexily giving the cop a show with her plump rear bobbing up and down as she moved. She stared at Julia with half-closed eyes and licked her lips again.

She slinked toward the lovely helpless captive. Julia was a good two inches taller than her and being stretched out over the bars of the cell added even more height so Tiffany was able to rest her cheek on the blonde's soft heaving chest. All Julia could do was moan knowing that she could never resist Tiffany's seductions. Now Tiffany was lifting her head and nuzzling Julia's long neck.

"Don't you want to have some fun darling?" she cooed softly in Julia ear pushing back her blonde hair. Her tongue shot out and tickled Julia's earlobe and then slipped in teasingly.

Tiffany then covered Julia's mouth with hers and used her tongue to pry open the captive's lips. Julia gave little resistance and soon their tongues were intertwined. Julia was feeling a slow sensual burn as she thrust her chest against Tiffany's massive round breasts. Tiffany's hands were racing up and down Julia's body as Julia lifted one leg up to rub her thigh against Tiffany's naked pussy. Julia could feel the heat of Tiffany's uncontrollable sex even through her tight jeans.

Tiffany broke the kiss and still pressed against Julia looked down at her luscious cleavage and her own lush breasts squeezing against the bustier. She cupped both of Julia's breasts and pressed them together. "Baby I just got to have my lips on these beauties."

Julia groaned in submission as Tiffany tugged top of edge of the bustier together and began to unhook the garment. Julia's creamy breast seemed to explode out of the bustier as each hook came undone. Tiffany couldn't keep her eyes off of those delicious pillows as they came into view.

With the whole front of the garment open she pulled it from around Julia's back and tossed it over her shoulder letting it land at the feet of the cop who was enjoying the show. Tiffany stepped away from Julia for a second to give him a good view of the yielding prisoner's gorgeous topless body. She lifted both breasts and jiggled them at him as Julia writhed with pleasure and anticipation and Tiffany licked her lips wolfishly. Then Tiffany's eager mouth went to work.

She squeezed one of Julia's breasts tightly and pulled it forward. Her tongue began to circle it, covering the delicious white flesh with a sweet trail of moist dew. By time she got to the nipple Julia was moaning loudly and dancing on her toes as she tried to shove her breast deeper into Tiffany's face.

Then Tiffany threw her head back and opened her mouth wide and pounced on Julia's erect nipple greedily; she sucked as if she wanted to devour the helpless trembling girl.

"Oh, Tiffany," Julia moaned squeezing her eyes shut for a moment, "You feel so good." When Julia opened her eyes it was as if a spell had been cast over her. She looked across the room at the cop with her lids half closed seductively. Her own tongue darted out and she nodded.

The cop needed no other encouragement. He crossed over to the sexy playmates and took Julia's other breast and began to devour it. Julia continued to twist and writhe with her arms still cuffed to the bars. Tiffany couldn't get enough of Julia's flesh but even now her hands were slowly gliding down Julia's flat belly and scratching at the edge of the jeans. Soon Tiffany's fingers were nimbly working the buttons open and her hand was exploring inside the jeans. First they squeezed Julia's plump ass and then they came around and stroked the lips of the captive's pussy.

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