Just a Fantasy


It was a Saturday afternoon; I was just relaxing at the house waiting on Michelle to get home from work. She walked in casually and sat down on the couch beside me kissing me lovingly on the lips then laid her head on my chest as we talked about our days, as normal. She then got up saying she was going to go take a bath I said, "ok yell if you need anything."

About an hour later she came strolling out of the bathroom but not dressed as she normally would be. She was wearing the black leather mini dress and the black thigh high heel boots that I had bought her for Christmas. My jaw instantly dropped and I stared at her beauty in aw, it was all I could do to stammer out that she looked beautiful. Naturally she thanked me but had more to say. She went on, "You know we have been together almost a year and this dressing thing is such a big part of you and I still have not seen it, no matter how many times I've asked. So I've decided tonight I am no longer asking, I am demanding and getting exactly what I want how I want it. Understand?"

In shock all I could do was nod and she said "good. Now strip" without even second thinking what she had said I got up and stripped as ordered. She stood there with a big smile on her face as each article of clothing was removed. When I was finished she had me walk over to her and I was told to turn around and as soon as I did she applied handcuffs to my wrists and said, "I don't want any argument about the first step. It's a good thing you shaved before I came home."

As this went on my cock came to complete attention and she said, "awww look someone wants to play. Don't worry I can fix that."

First she walked into the bathroom and came back with the panties she was wearing before her bath and had me open my mouth and when I did she stuffed the panties in. then she says now comes the fun part, she walked into the kitchen and a few minutes later came back with a glass of ice water. I looked at her quizzically and she laughed and said, "That little soldier of yours is not on duty tonight and I'm going to see to that."

She set the glass down on the table and walked into the bedroom I still didn't know what she had up her sleeve but it wasn't looking to good for me, but I loved it. She walked back in carrying a scarf and something else in her hands I could not see. She ordered me to turn around and face the wall. I slowly obliged and was facing the wall, I heard her set something down on the table then she came up behind me and wrapped the scarf over my eyes and tied it behind my head. Then turned me around, and the next thing I know I feel my whole penis get covered by millions of little needles poking it all over and realize it was now in the freezing glass of water. I cry out into her panties and the ice water almost instantly has the desired affect and it shrivels up to a tiny size frozen.

Then she pulls the glass away and I hear her set it on the table then I feel her fingers on my frozen cock. And she says "much better". I can't see or feel what she is doing because I am numb. But I know she is locking me into my hot pink cock cage, and I start struggling as I hear the lock click closed but it is too late. Now she reaches up and unties the scarf and as she comes into view she has a big grin on her face and says, "without use of that I guess that means you don't count as a man until I am nice enough to unlock it for you and I have no idea when that will be. I guess I need to dress you in girls clothes since you cant fuck and can only be fucked I guess that makes you a girl."

With that she laughs loudly and drops the key in the glass of ice water then walked over to the freezer and said, "Lets put this in here for safe keeping." And as I tried to verbalize my objections through her panties she slid it in all the way to the back. Then laughing she walked over and said, "don't worry you poor girl this way it wont get lost."

Now one more thing before I release you from those handcuffs. She returned to the bedroom and came back holding a pink butt plug about six inches long and an inch and a half wide, and a tube of lube. She grabbed me and bent me over the back of the couch. She applied a generous amount of lube to the plug then worked it into me as I moaned into my gag. She laughed at this and said, "I think you are enjoying this a little too much."

She started moving the plug in and out of me fucking me with it then pulled it out and applied even more lube saying. "I want you good and slick for what I have planned later." When she pushed it in this time she left it deep inside me and said, "Come on lets go find you some clothes." With that she took me by the arm and let me to the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom she took the handcuffs off, took her panties out of my mouth and had me sit on the bed. She then walked over to the closet where I kept my trunk of girl clothes and started rummaging through it. I sat watching her as she pulled out different articles until she found the ones she wanted. She walked back over with her finds and put them on the bed beside me. Then grabbed my false breasts from the closet with the glue and brought them over. Telling me to put them on, I did as I was told and was soon sitting there with my boobs firmly attached to my chest.

Then it was time to start with the actual dressing she had me start with the baby pink lace bra. Fallowed by the matching baby pink satin thong panties, then the matching lace garter belt and the matching pink thigh highs. Then took my hand and lead me over to the vanity where she applied my makeup, then had me put on my wig, which she secured with bobby pins so it was very snug. When it was finished she led me over to the full-length mirror where I could see myself and she could get a better look at her handy work.

She stood behind me looking at me through the mirror with her body pressed against my back. She reached in front and first started feeling on my fake breast with her hands, then allowing one to slide down to the front of my panties and a little moan escaped my lips as I felt her touch me through my panties and cage she laughed and said, "Ok lets finish up now before you get too worked up"

With that she pulled a little black cocktail dress out of the closet and handed it to me. I unzipped the back and stepped into it, as I put my arms through I turned around so she could zip it up for me. She handed me a pair of black heels and told me to walk into the living room and wait for her. A few minutes later she walked in wearing baggy pants and a polo shirt with her hair put up in a bun. She said "I am taking my girlfriend to dinner and if she is a good girl I'll show her the surprise I bought for her today."

We walked out to the car and she opened the passenger door for me. She got in and started the car. We drove to a somewhat fancy restaurant where she got us a booth and had me sit on the inside. She ordered us drinks and our dinner, not letting me pick. She told me I looked beautiful and she was happy to have me as her piece of eye candy. When dinner arrived we ate and as she saw fit she corrected my manners to be more feminine as she saw fit. When dinner was finished she asked if I was ready for desert with a big grin on her face, I asked what was on the menu. With that she grabbed my hand and moved it to her crotch and I was amazed to feel a bulge and I jerked my hand back in shock.

She laughed to herself and said, "What's wrong baby I thought you liked dicks?"

I said, "I do I just wasn't expecting to find one in your pants"

She laughed at this again and told me it was my new present she went out and bought it for me today on her way home from work. I smiled at her and moved my hand back to it and rubbed it through her pants and said I can't wait to see it outside the pants. I jerked my hand back surprised as the waitress came over with our check. We left the money on the table and left. She opened my door for me again and I waited for her to get in. as soon as she closed her door my hands were back on the bulge in her crotch.

She laughed and told me I was nothing but a little cock whore as she started the car. As we pulled out of the parking lot I undid her pants and found she wasn't wearing any kind of underwear. I pulled the rubber cock out and marveled at it, it was transparent pink about seven and a half inches long and about and inch wide. I was instantly addicted as I wrapped my hand around it and began stroking it. It had to have another end that was inserted into her pussy because as I did this she let out a little moan. I smiled and looked into her as she said how about you give me some road head since you like it so much.

Without giving it a second thought I moved my head to her crotch and started licking on the head of her cock. I continued stroking it as I swirled my tongue around the head of it. I closed my lips around it and began sucking on it as I moved my mouth further down on it. I didn't look up to see but it felt like she hit the gas and was racing to get back to the house. As she started moaning more and her legs started shaking the car stopped and as she put the car in park I felt her whole body convulse as she put her hand on the back of my head holding my mouth on her cock.

She held me there for a few moments, as her orgasm subsided she removed her hand and I pulled my mouth off her cock and sat up to look at her. She said, "you hot little cock sucker now you really have me turned on. I'm going to fuck you so hard you wont be able to walk tomorrow"

With that she fixed her pants and we got out of the car and went into the house. As soon as the door was closed she grabbed me pulling me to her and pressed her lips to mine kissing me deeply invading my mouth with her tongue. My arms were wrapped around her neck and her around my waist and she let them roam all over my back and ass as she kissed me. We made our way to the bedroom where she pushed me onto the bed on my back and crawled between my legs and continued kissing me. She moved her hands to my chest and started feeling it as I moved my hand down to stroke her through her pants.

She had me sit up enough for her to reach around and unhook my bra and then pulled the straps of the dress and bra off my shoulders and down my arms. Then she pulled the dress down exposing me to her she threw the bra on the floor and began licking on the fake nipples. I undid her pants and pulled out her cock and began stroking it again as I lay there allowing her to lick my boobs and be her girl. She then pulled her head back to look me in the eye and said, "I love you Ashley and I want to fuck you and make you feel like my real girl."

I smiled back at her in agreement which she got my meaning in a heartbeat and reached under my dress to grab the waistband of my panties. She pulled them off and threw the on the floor with the bra and then moved her mouth back to mine and kissed me. I reached down and pulled her shirt off and we stopped kissing long enough to pull it over her head. I felt her hand moving between my legs and all of a sudden felt the plug slide out of me and let out a little moan of displeasure. She put the plug on the nightstand and reached back between her legs to grab her rubber cock.

I moaned as I felt the head make contact with my hole and she continued kissing me deeply as she pushed it inside me. I wrapped my arms tightly around her as I felt it slide in inch by inch. When I felt the fake balls against me she broke the kiss and looked into my face and asked if I was alright. I wrapped my legs around her and said, "I am good and your cock inside me feels great please fuck me and make me your girl. I want to feel the connection you feel when I fuck you. Please make love to me."

With that she moved her lips back to mine and slid her tongue back into my mouth as I felt her pull back and slide out till just the head was inside me before plunging back in. I moaned into her mouth and lightly dug my nails into her back. She pulled her lips from mine to move to my neck where she began lightly placing kisses with every thrust. I lay there moving with her as she pulled back I moved back and as she thrust in I would move to meet her. I let my hands move down to grab her s pulling her as deep as she could go into me.

After a few minutes she stopped as she was buried deep inside me she told me she wanted me to ride her so she could watch my tits bounce as I moved up and down on her cock. I told her I would love to and she wrapped her arms around me and we rolled over. I was sitting firmly planted on her cock as I looked down at her she reached up and grabbed my tits as I started grinding on her cock. I moved my mouth to hers to kissed her and she reached behind me to unzip my dress. Then grabbing the hemline she pulled it over my head leaving me in nothing but my garter belt thigh highs and heels.

I began moving up and down on the rubber cock as I resumed kissing her and she felt on my chest with one hand as the other moved around to grab on my ass. She told me how hot I looked riding her cock as she started spaziming she said she was about to cum again. I picked up my speed as I pounded myself onto her cock and moaned as her back arched and she came. I stopped and sat there for a moment letting her come down from her high. She reached down to find my cock leaking a generous amount of precum from its cage. She said, "I think we should let him out, but not so you can fuck me. I want you to cum while I fuck you."

With that she reached into the pocket of her jeans and pulled out a key and unlocked the cage. As soon as it was off it was at full attention, she laughed and said, "I want to fuck you from behind so assume the position."

So I got up off her and got on hands and knees. She went in the nightstand and pulled out a condom and told me to put it on she didn't want me making a mess. I opened it and put it on my cock almost cumming from the sensations but able to stop myself. As soon as it was on she pushed my face to the mattress and pushed her cock back inside me. I moaned as she began pounding me like a slut holding me by the hips as she fucked me harder and harder. She reached under me and wrapped a hand around my cock and began stroking me at the same pace she was fucking me and within minutes it was too much for me to take. I started shaking and moaning hard as I felt myself explode into the condom.

She continued fucking me and stroking me until I thought I was going to pass out. Finally she stopped as she had a final orgasm of her own. Then she said I want you to feel like my seed inside you. With the she pulled the condom off me and pulled her cock from my hole and pushed the condom inside me turning it inside out. When it was too deep for her fingers she used her rubber cock too push it in and I felt it as the cum drained from the condom and into my hole. She pulled her cock and the condom out of me leaving me empty except for the cum.

She got up and walked over to the dresser and pulled out a pair of dark blue bikini panties and tossed them to me and said that's what your sleeping in tonight. I put the panties on as quickly as possible to prevent the cum from dripping onto anything. As she ran off to the bathroom I took off my heels, thigh highs, and garter belt. When she came back she was naked and she said it was time for bed we climbed in and instead of me holding her like normal she held me with my panty-covered ass pressed tightly against her crotch. As I dosed off I felt the cum slowly leaking out of me into my panties and smiled to myself thinking another great adventure.

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