tagGroup SexJust a Little Tennis Match Ch. 03

Just a Little Tennis Match Ch. 03


PART 3: Temptation


"Tennis lessons? But you're already one of the best Varsity players."

Nicole was standing before me, looking as kawaii cute as possible. Her head was tilted, her eyes wide, a hopeful grin across her face. Her hands were pressed together in a pleading gesture, but trapped against her cheek, only adding to cute effect. "Please? Pretty please? My backhand has been slipping and I only need you to show me the proper stroke. Perhaps you could demonstrate for me?"

"Okay. Sure."

"Great. Tomorrow afternoon then? It's a Saturday, so the team doesn't have practice. Around 3-ish?" She was hopping up and down in excitement.

Sigh. "Okay."

"Thank you!" Nicole leaned up to me, wrapping her arms behind my neck in a warm hug, then planted a fat kiss directly on my lips. When she bounced back down, her eyes were lit up like Christmas lights, and then she left, waving good-bye as she skipped off towards her apartment complex.

Sigh. It had been a full week since I'd promised my girlfriend, Michelle, to never cheat on her, to never sneak around behind her back. A full week of Nicole shamelessly flirting with me and dropping little sexual innuendoes, working as hard as she could to make me stray. It didn't help that over the course of my relationship with Michelle, Nicole had joined us on a couple occasions for some extremely torrid threesomes. Those had let me taste Nicole's delectable flesh, but I was forbidden from pursuing my attraction towards the gorgeous roommate any other time.

I looked out across the sidewalk. Nicole was still cheerily skipping along home, her tight ass cheerily bouncing along with her. Sigh. If only she didn't have such a gorgeous ass.


This was not the position I wanted to be in. My erection was straining at the fabric of my boxer shorts, and if anyone could see my crotch they would notice the sizeable dent there. Not helping matters was how Nicole's perfect ass kept wriggling against me. At this moment, my dick was pointing straight up, and I could feel that it was currently sandwiched in the cleft between Nicole's tight cheeks. She molded herself back at me, her ass caressing me with her every move. Her white blouse was fairly wet and nearly transparent by now. Some of the moisture on the blouse was from sweat. Most of it was from her now-empty water bottle, which Nicole had dumped over her own head to cool off. Underneath this see-through blouse was an equally thin and see-through bra, not the black sports bra she usually wore for this sort of thing, but a lacy Victoria's Secret model. I held her wrapped in my arms, my cock pressed against her ass, staring at her fabulous rack, her hard nipples poking out through the material. This was not the position I wanted to be in.

But I held her steady, twisting the racket in her hands as I readied for the school's ball machine to feed us another slow groundstroke. When it came, I moved my arms with hers, holding her wrists at the appropriate angle to smack an appropriate backhand. We continued for a few more shots, and then I let her go to hit the ball on her own. It took her two or three shots to get used to not having my hands on the racket as well, but then she was blasting beautiful cross-court and down-the-line backhands at will.

"See, it was just in your wrist. You were dropping it and attacking the ball at the wrong angle." I felt satisfied, having found the error in her stroke. Tennis stroke that is, I had never found any reason to complain about her other forms of stroking. She kept firing shot after shot, while I paced around and offered the occasional blurb of advice.

When the machine ran out of ammo, Nicole turned to me, beaming with a wide smile on her face. She jumped into my arms, wrapping her legs around my hips and pressing her nose to mine, giggling.

I held her for a moment, my body reacting but my brain remininding myself that she was not my girlfriend. She leaned forwards and gave me a peck on the lips before I recovered enough to set her down. "Thank you! Now there's no way I'll lose next Monday!"

She hopped down, spinning around to face her bag. This motion caused her short skirt to flare up, giving me a glimpse of her innocent white panties. I wished for the millionth time that Michelle was nearby. Nicole was setting off hormones in my body left and right. Over the past week, I had been able to take out my sexual energy on my girlfriend, who was more than happy to alleviate my sexual tension. After the past hour and a half of Nicole wrapping me around her little finger, an enthusiastic romp with Michelle would feel really, really good.

But Michelle was not nearby, and would not be nearby until Monday. She had returned to her parents home for the weekend, and I was not allowed to come. With traditional Asian parents, even if they're not going to force you into an arranged marriage, bringing a boyfriend home pretty much announces to the whole family that you're going to marry him soon. And Michelle and I were nowhere near that level just yet. I understood. My parents were exactly the same.

Still, I had plenty of memories with Michelle, and a few glimpses of Nicole burned into my brain to find other ways of relieving the pressure still trapped in my dick. To add to my mental collection, Nicole turned around to face me, the transparency of her blouse and bra becoming even more apparent. The thin material was clinging to her every curve, proving to the world that Nicole had large, firm, round orbs that would be the subjects of envy of any person with two X-chromosomes who saw her. My mouth watered as I tried not to stare at the hard nubs of her nipples poking forwards.

"Well, a good lesson, Nicole," I managed to grunt out. "I'll see you Monday at the match." I always attended the women's home matches out of support for Michelle.

"Actually, I'll see you tonight! I promised Michelle that I'd make sure you got a healthy dinner while she was gone. I just have to take a shower. You know, clean off the sweat and grime from every little corner of my body." She was running her hands over her own skin, actually tweaking her own nipples right in front of me. "I'll see you later!"

And she turned around, skipping towards her car. I started breathing again when she got to a safe distance away, doing my damndest to force the naughty visions out of my brain. I risked another glance towards her departing form. Sigh. Really, this would be so much easier if only she didn't have such a gorgeous ass.


Nicole returned to my apartment in the evening. One of my roommates let her in, and he yelled at me to come out. I was in the midst of some homework, and yelled back that I would be out in a minute. Finishing up the last problem, I came out to find her chatting amiably with my roommate, who was going about his usual clumsy efforts to try and flirt with her. She had switched to a short summer dress, despite the cool air of the evening, her bust proudly jutting upwards and begging for attention. He never could resist a bodacious rack. Nicole was gamely responding back, giggling in all of the right places. But when I emerged from my bedroom, she gave me a "come help me" look, and I told Tim to get lost.

He looked a little put out, but disappeared out the front door, muttering that he was going to go get himself some dinner with other friends. "Friends who help a guy out instead of shooting him down," he muttered.

When he left, Nicole thanked me, and then the two of us set about unpacking the various items she had brought for dinner. She tried to shoo me away more than once, but I figured that helping her was the least I could do since she was cooking me dinner.

We ate a hearty meal, and then while I washed the dishes, Nicole began to peruse my movie collection. She announced that she had no other plans for the night, and was hoping I'd let her hang out with me for the evening. Somewhat reluctantly, I agreed. She selected an Action movie, popped it into the player, and then settled onto the couch. I finished with the dishes just after the opening credits, and then dimmed the lights and returned to the living room. I made to sit in one of the side chairs, but Nicole whined at me until I sat next to her on the couch.

For the first twenty minutes, she never did anything more than lean against me and rest her hand on my leg. A little further into the movie, a rather well- built woman was introduced, of course wearing next to nothing and doing her best to be the sexy sidekick. Her rather dramatic entrance, specifically designed by the studio to turn male heads, had the expected result on me and I could feel my shorts get just a bit tighter.

At this point, Nicole invited herself into my lap, lifting up the back of her dress so that only her ultra-thin panties separated me from her bare ass. I said nothing, and instead tried to focus on the movie. She turned so that both her legs rested on the couch on my left, her shoes lost on the floor somewhere. She leaned in against my chest, her head against my shoulder as she watched the movie in silence.

Unable to stifle the impulse, I glanced down to see her full bosom only inches from my face, a downward view which allowed me to see all the way down between the deep valley of her cleavage. I small groan escaped my mouth, and could see the hint of a satisfied smile tugging at Nicole's lips.

We came to the point where our hero and his sexy sidekick found some quiet time to get undressed. The love scene was a long one, filled with the torturously brief images of nubile female flesh, as much as they could get away with while maintaining a decent rating.

Nicole was squirming in my lap as we watched this, and I could feel my dick coming up to full mast. The actress let out a breathy moan, the light sheen of sweat starting to appear on her golden skin. Nicole let out a moan of her own, biting down sexily on her lip as we continued to watch the lovers on screen. She was fanning herself with her free right hand, as if trying to cool herself off from the built-up heat of arousal. Her left arm had snaked behind my shoulders and now tightened around my neck.

Nicole paused the movie, freeze framing the on-screen couple just as they were about to achieve penetration. She turned to me, heady lust blazing in her eyes. She brought her face up closely to mine, tugging on the back of my neck, her lips pursing for a kiss. Every instinct in my body screamed at me to lean forward and capture her lips with mine, and I indeed felt my head tilting forwards. But I stopped up short, and turned my head back to the movie.

Nicole let out a dejected whimper, and unwrapping her arm from behind me, unpaused the movie. We watched in silence as our hero continued to make love to the heroine, and Nicole kept squirming in my lap, her delectable ass grinding against my hard-on. I found my attention drawn away from the screen, however, when Nicole began to shrug the thin straps of her dress off of her shoulders, along with the straps of her bra, slipping her arms completely out of them.

She didn't look at me for one second, focusing instead on the television and the images playing out across it. She began to touch herself, caressing the smooth skin of her neck and across her upper chest. I found that I had lost interest almost completely in the movie, and was only watching her. She slid the dress further down her torso, until it was bunched up about her waist. Without the shoulder strap support, her heavy boobs threatened to overwhelm her bra. I watched as they bounced with her every movement, my attention completely arrested on the bare skin before me.

Apparently, the love scene ended, and Nicole stopped the movie altogether, turning her head around once again to face me. Looking straight into my eyes, she reached back and deftly undid the clasp of her bra. I had to break eye contact with her at that point, and could only watch in raptured amazement as her bra fell off her body, revealing those firm globes in all their glory.

Still grinding against my erection, Nicole reached a hand between us and opened the clasp to my jeans, followed shortly by slowly dragging my zipper open. Her hand then reached inside, getting a firm grip on my erection. My brain screamed out for me to stop her. This was my girlfriend's best friend. And I promised not to cheat. But I wasn't cheating yet, right? I had made no moves to touch her.

After giving my cock a few firm pumps, she drew her hands back, lifting up the folds of her skirt. Meanwhile, she leaned to the side, crushing one bare breast against my chest, the velvet point of her nipple dragging across my pecs. Her hand ducked under the skirt, revealing another pair of innocent white lace panties. Pulling the cloth to the side, she showed off her completely shaven pussy, already soaking wet with her excitement. I watched as she rubbed at herself, breathing heavily and whimpering as she thrust a finger inside of her juicing box.

I moaned with anticipation at the sight of her doing this, even more so when she withdrew the soaking finger and sucked it into her mouth. My brain was screaming at me to end this torture, one way or another. I would push her away, or I would flip her over and fuck her until she saw stars.

Nicole seemed to see the confusion in my eyes and apparently decided to make my decision for me. She slipped a hand to my boxers once again, this time tugging my painfully rigid dick through the opening. She pulled it upright, and pressed the head against her wet pussy. The resulting sensation rushing through my head pushed me over the edge, and I had made my decision.

The hard determination in my eyes signaled to Nicole, and she smiled happily, pressing my other head into her moist gash. But the head barely popped in, and would budge no further. I had decided for loyalty, and had gotten a firm grip on my own dick with my other hand, underneath her leg, my thumb now bumping against her ass and preventing me from sinking any further in.

"Nicole, I think you should get dressed."

She sighed, resignedly. "You really do love her don't you. I've tried everything, and I can't quite get you there."

"No, you can't. And I won't."

She nodded, then reached over to retrieve her bra while I stuffed my monster back into my jeans. I had just zipped up when the door popped open, a visibly shocked Tim standing in the doorway.

Nicole turned in surprise, her arms instinctively coming up to cover her nakedness.

"Dude! Uh, I'm sorry!" Tim just stood there, muttering apologies while his eyes were still riveted on the half-naked woman sitting in my lap. He was frozen in place, obviously trying to exit gracefully and simultaneously ogle every inch he could. At last he just stepped back out the doorway and closed the front door again.

Nicole turned to me, a grin on her face. "It's just as well that we weren't fucking when he walked in." She got dressed, then settled back into the couch. "Will you still finish the movie with me?"

"Sure. But I'm going to sit on the chair over there."


Sunday morning, Michelle finally called. We exchanged the usual lovey-dovey comments and pleasantries, then she asked a question I never expected to hear. "Do you want to come up to my house?"

I froze for a moment, sudden fear of commitment shooting through my spine. I wasn't planning on getting engaged after a few months of dating. "Uh, well..."

"No, silly. My parents left for the whole day to visit my aunt, and I've got the whole house to myself. We've got a nice pool in the backyard. Maybe we can go skinny-dipping!"

A little naughty play with my girlfriend sounded like a great idea. I got directions, and quickly got ready. After an hour's drive, I pulled up to your typical suburban family home. White picket fence, Volvo in the garage, etc.

Michelle let me in with a big, juicy kiss. Damn I missed her. She gave me the dime tour before leading me into their backyard. It was a decent-sized private pool out back, guarded by high fences on all sides to ensure privacy. Despite her allusions to skinny-dipping, I brought along a pair of swim trunks anyways. We quickly changed, with Michelle in peach bikini, high cut on the thighs to show off her great legs. Her firm breasts were mashed together and up from the scoop cut bikini top.

When she emerged from her room, my jaw dropped open as I ogled her shamelessly. She took in my gaze and giggled. "You miss me, honey?"

"More than you'll ever know."

"And how about Nicole? Did she keep you, uh, company?"

There was something in the way Michelle stressed the word "company." It was that little knowing question to which she already knew the answer. The truth came easily. "Uh, yeah. She made me dinner, I gave her some tennis lessons. But we didn't cross the line."

Michelle was beaming at me. "I know. I talked to her last night. God I wish I was there to see the look on your face. But I'm happy knowing you wouldn't screw her behind my back."

"Of course not."

"But then, if I'm here right now, it wouldn't be behind my back, right?"

Where was she going with this? "Uh, I guess so." This could be interesting.

Nicole chose that moment to emerge from Michelle's room, clad only in a barely- there pastel blue bikini. The top had a halter tie with the big loops of her bow clearly visible behind her neck. Not that I was looking at her neck, because the top was two tiny triangles that covered barely more than her nipples. A thin string about her waist held up the thin strip of cloth over her shaved pussy, running down to another string that split the cleft of her buttcheeks. There could not be more than 3 square inches of fabric in the whole ensemble, proving that she possessed a flawless body. "Hey you."

This could be very interesting indeed.

"I called and invited Nicole up right before I called you. She beat you here by ten minutes." Michelle was then tugging on my arm. "Let's go swimming, and then I'll have to get out of my wet clothes."

At the last moment, I picked Michelle up into my arms and jumped into the cold water. She was screeching in my ear as we splashed down, holding onto me for dear life. Nicole slipped in a little more sedately, gliding down the steps. I loved how the cold water made all sets of nipples come to attention. The three of us splashed around for a few minutes, chatting and making suggestive comments. I was about in the middle of the pool and Michelle sidled up next to me, her jet black hair slicked back against her scalp. "Hey there loverboy."

She wrapped her arms about my neck, pulling me tight and into a searing kiss. I was really getting into it when I felt a sharp tug at my waistline. Michelle maintained her tight grip about my head, holding me while I flailed off balance, my feet losing traction of the pool bottom and floating up as my shorts were yanked down my legs and off of me, displaying my birthday suit in all its glory.

I finally freed myself of Michelle to find Nicole flinging my suit over the side and towards the deck chairs. Eager to get my revenge I set my feet and sprang after her as she turned away, a mad dash to the edge of the pool. She had just reached the wall and was frantically pulling herself out of the water when I caught up to her, but rather than grabbing her my hands went to the sides of her thong bikini bottoms, returning the favor of sliding them off as she tried to escape. Startled, she turned about back to face me and fell back into the pool, and I decided to do a little teasing of my own.

As she sunk back into the pool, two of my fingers snaked into her pussy, causing her to shiver at the sudden intrusion. My thumb quickly found her clit, and she was panting into my ear and doubled over before she even realized what had happened to her. Nicole held on tightly to my shoulders as my fingers pistoned in and out of her, causing a fresh set of moans to roll out of her mouth. I leaned down to nibble on her graceful neck, leaning and pressing her back against the wall. It's not cheating if Michelle is here and approving it, right?

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