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Just Another Mission

byKara Senecal©

I'm writing this story for the sake of writing ... and sex. Don't ask, don't wonder, just shut up and enjoy, okay? ;) Hellboy © Mike Mignola & Dark Horse. Kara & Omophagia © me.

We were sitting on that steep hill, me and Hellboy, side by side, looking down to the gray lake below. The sun was setting behind the tall firs, heating our backs and sweeping a warm gold glow over the forest and the lake, just barely managing to tinge the mountains in the distance.

Our clothing was in tatters. Hellboy didn't seemed to care, he just sat there slugging back his fourth Amstel, grumbling under his breath that he was more in the mood for a lager. Me, on the other hand, I had my knees tucked up against my chest and my arms wrapped about my body--not because I was cold, mind you, but because my clothing was friggin' falling off of my body!!

Hellboy drained the last few drops from the can and duly pitched it back over his shoulder. I frowned, turning to watch it clatter alongside the other three while Hellboy hauled yet a fifth beer out from the case beside him.

Cracking the tab, Hellboy glanced at me, arched an eyebrow and held the beer out. "Want one?"

I smirked but shook my head. "I told you I'm not much of a beer drinker. Is that all that's left?"

"Wait a sec." Planting the beer can in the matted grass, Hellboy leaned back and hooked the fingers of his fleshly left hand into one of our dozen coolers, dragging it towards us. The tip of his tail curled and whipped about as he popped the lid and rooted around inside. He gave a triumphant "Aha!" and turned back to me, grinning as he held up a can of Coke. "Tons left."

"Good, thanks." I started to reach for the can, all the while struggling to not unveil any more cleavage than necessary. Hellboy drew his hand back, just out of my reaching, his grin growing wider as I scowled.

"Hand it over, Red!" I snapped, springing into a crouch in case I needed to tackle him to get my drink. I didn't realize immediately that jumping around like that was loosening the knot I had tied my bedraggled shirt in at my shoulder. As I reached again for the Coke, I felt the torn cloth come undone and slip away.

My shirt flopped open, revealing the great swell of my breasts, the skin still damp from when I rinsed off in the lake. I had already planted one arm across my chest in case something like that would happen, but I was still startled by how much I had inadvertently shown.

Before I was able to catch the wayward piece of cloth, I saw Hellboy's eyes drop, looking down. He was looking at my breasts, staring straight and unabashedly at them--God, was he hypnotized?! He didn't move!

"Ha!" I leapt up and snatched the Coke out of Hellboy's still hand, jarring him awake. He jumped, his eyes ripping away from my chest and back to mine, wide. A look of guilt crossed his face.

Not knowing what to say, I pretended not to notice it--what else could I do?

And, to be honest, it wasn't like I really minded it ... Well, to be honest ... I had been wanting him to look.

Readjusting the remains of my shirt over my chest, I sighed and looked down to my Coke. Yeah, sure, I could just get up and go change back in my tent, but I was afraid to stand up; my clothes were threatening to go at any minute.

The B.P.R.D. had temporarily assigned me to work with Hellboy to track and either destroy or contain the demoness Omophagia, formerly an ancient Greek priestess who had sold her soul to monsters in order to become the grand high poobah of her temple in Crete. Omophagia then started a cult of cannibalism, got chased out by Theseus (yep, the same guy who turned the Minotaur into ground chuck), somehow was cursed and mummified in Egypt, unearthed, brought to the United States, accidentally resurrected and, well, has been on the lam ever since.

Hellboy had groaned at this assignment. "When are people gonna learn to leave Egyptian tombs alone?"

Hellboy and I had already worked together on minor assignments or consults, but this was our first long mission together, and he was pissed, to say the least. He worked alone, he'd tell me repeatedly, sometimes admitting that Abe Sapien might come along for the ride, but otherwise, nope, alone.

"Tough shit," I finally spat on the way to Wyoming, sick of his whining. "Abe can't travel long distances, so he can't come. You're going to have to settle for me."

So, yeah, we weren't pals for a while. For a while.

Strangely though, I eventually found myself just thinking about Hellboy. Admiring him, maybe. Once a while I'd find myself thinking, 'Wow, he's got a really nice ass and oh my God, where the hell did THAT thought come from??'

And ... there was something else. You know, at first I thought I was imagining it. Sometimes I thought I saw Hellboy just sitting there, watching me. It wasn't a creepy watching, though, don't get the wrong idea. It seemed almost ... thoughtful. If he was looking at me like that and I said something to him, Hellboy would jump, as though snapping awake, look baffled and embarrassed, stammer something, then hurry along on his merry way.

Our friendship had improved considerably by the time we tracked Omophagia to one of Yellowstone's kajillion underground caves. I really don't want to relive that fight right now, don't make me retell it.

All you need to know is that, at the end, Omophagia was dead, the fight had ended but left our clothes shredded and us half naked and covered in protoplasmic slime, clutching each other and laughing our asses off as we slipped and glided out of the caves.

Once we got out of the caves, we made a beeline down to the lake to wash off. Hellboy lingered along the edge of the water, shifting uncertainly and watching me as I gagged and picked ribbons of goo off of my body.

"You all right?" I asked him as I whipped the crud into the bushes nearby.

Oddly, Hellboy nodded, never speaking. Drawing in a breath, he turned and meandered into the woods, heading down shore so I could have some privacy.

I was startled by how lonely I felt with him gone.

Back at camp atop the hill, Hellboy contacted the B.P.R.D. to report that the mission was successful. I winced as I listened to him cuss out the agent on the other end of the receiver. Furious, Hellboy stomped over beside me, snarling that the B.P.R.D wouldn't be able to pick us up until some time tomorrow afternoon.

I had only shrugged. I didn't mind. This gave me a chance to enjoy the woodland before I was bundled off to my sterile little cubical. I told H.B. that I was tempted to put a human sized hamster wheel in there. And one of those giant water bottles, and a big plastic bowl filled with pellets. Hellboy laughed at that one.

So being stranded for a little while was no big deal to me.

Yeah, I wish.

Sitting there next Hellboy now, without any thoughts of rampaging demons to preoccupy me, I again found myself thinking about how much I was attracted to Hellboy ... and how goddamned horny I was right then. For a second I had this terrifying thought that Hellboy had this previously unknown ability (unknown to him as well, might I add) to read the thoughts of horny women and that it would suddenly kick in right then as I had a fleeting vision of both of Hellboy's hands gently cupped over my breasts, his thumbs flicking firmly over my hard and erect nipples.


"YARGH!!" I think I jumped about three feet off of the ground, the Coke sloshing heavenward in a long stream. Shocked and mortified beyond all freaking belief, I spun around, staring wide-eyed at an equally startled-looking Hellboy. "What?!"

"Uh ..." For a second, all Hellboy could do was stare at me, confused. He scratched the back of his head, sweeping back a few strands of his silky black hair. "I uh ... I was gonna just say ... Jeez, what was all that about?"

"Uh ..." Humiliated, I dropped my eyes to the ground, too embarrassed to hold his gaze. I swallowed hard, my mouth oddly dry. "Uh ... N-n-nothing. Nothing, nothing."

My face was about as red as Hellboy's skin, and I knew he could see it.

H.B. furrowed his brow. Out of the corner of his eye I could see him smirking.

He leaned closer to me, reaching out with his stony right hand. "All I was gonna say, Ka, was that your shirt was falling apart in back ..."

His warm fingers just barely brushed across the skin of my back--he wasn't trying anything, he was just pulling a loose patch away.

All the same, the moment his fingers touched my skin, a volt of hot arousal shrieked through my spine, racing down between my legs. I felt my pulse there, thumping, pounding. My body ached.

Feeling his fingers, feeling the waves of excitement and anticipation throbbing between my thighs, I both felt and heard a gasp catch in my throat. Unable to stop it, my eyes slid closed and my head leaned back, my spine arching like a bow.

Hellboy's hand stopped on my back. It was oddly tense. He didn't speak, and the woods seemed strangely silent.

I drew in a ragged breath, slowly opening my eyes and seeing a deepening blue sky above me. Running a tongue over my dry, hot lips, I lowered my head, feeling embarrassment mounting in me, feeling Hellboy's eyes on me, burning through me.

I didn't know what to say, but I couldn't just pretend nothing happened.

A tremor sped through me as I forced myself to turn and face Hellboy. What was I going to say?!

"Red, I ..."

I couldn't read the look on his face as he stared at me, leaning so close towards me, the sides of our bodies brushing every time we moved.

"Hellboy ... I'm--I'm sorry, I ..."

I suddenly noticed that his mouth was partially open, and he was breathing in quick, deep breaths. His eyes were fixed on mine. He was so close I could feel the warmth from his body.

'I want him to kiss me,' I thought, my eyes straying down to his lips, further down along his throat, his chest, his ...


There was no mistaking the swelling between his legs--there was barely enough fabric left on his pants to contain him.

I could make him do that?

The thought that I caused such heat in Hellboy nearly made me swoon.

That's why he was staring at me like that; he wasn't confused or alarmed or suspicious.

That was lust in his eyes.

My heart rocketed a few hundred beats faster, and another raspy, moaning gasp escaped me as Hellboy pulled himself closer, so our bodies were pressing up against each other's, so close I could feel his hardening erection pressing against my stomach.

A growl rumbled deep in Hellboy's chest. "What if I did this?" he whispered, lightly drawing the fingers of one hand over my arm as he dipped his head and licked the length of my throat.

My body bucked at the sensation, and I whimpered an approval. I squeezed my eyes shut, gasping for breath as I felt Hellboy's hands and fingers and lips and tongue explore my neck and arms and face.

I heard Hellboy growl softly again, and felt his warmth breath over my lips. I shuddered and moaned softly as he kissed me gently, delicate kisses at first. His hot tongue carefully slipped between my lips, lapping at my mouth. I ran my own tongue over his, sucking at it, drinking up his taste. Hellboy moaned in my mouth, his left hand sliding along the length of my body, creeping between us to tear my ruined shirt away.

My nipples were in painful hard points now, and Hellboy grunted, loving their feeling against his own bare chest. I loved the feeling too, and I ground my chest against his, rubbing my aching breasts over the warm suede feel of his skin.

Pulling away almost reluctantly, Hellboy gently laid me down, rolling my over onto my back. I panted for air, but I couldn't stop myself from reaching up with one hand to run my fingers over my breast, squeezing the nipple so hard I felt it down deep in my clit.

With my other hand I reached for Hellboy, silently urging him to shed his overcoat and let me touch his skin. His skin felt so hot, soft and smooth like leather, and every time I found a sensitive spot, Hellboy would draw in a sharp breath and his body would tighten.

Impatient, Hellboy gently pulled my hands away from our bodies, carefully holding them together in his right stone hand. In one sweeping movement he straddled me, causing my hips to jerk hopefully towards him.

Smiling, Hellboy eased my body back down ... and then swooped in without warning, catching a nipple in his lips and sucking hard.

I yelped, gasping and begging for more as I writhed beneath him, crying out as Hellboy ran each of my nipples between his teeth, licking them hard and quick with his tongue, sucking on them hard, nipping and licking my breasts where I told him I liked it.

As he flicked at my nipples, I felt a slow roiling building in my pussy. Oh God, it was so good. My heart was hammering. I was helpless. I lifted my hips again and rubbed them over the mountain between Hellboy's legs. He paused in his feast to give a long, low groan, partially muffled by my left breast.

Giving my nipples one last good suck, Hellboy raised his head, staring at me through a tangle of his black hair. Even as he began to speak, his voice husky, his hands were already pulling my jeans away.

"Let me taste you?" he begged, one finger of his stone hand lightly rubbing me through the crotch of my pants. "I want to lick you ..."

I nodded quickly, not wanting to lose this heady, thrumming feeling. Seeing my affirmative nod, Hellboy made short work of my jeans, underwear, socks and boots, flinging it all off into the woods.

Sliding back off of my body, Hellboy helped me part my legs, laying down on his stomach, his head between my slicked thighs. He gave a shuddering breath as he ran finger along my thighs, just skirting my clit, my pussy, making me tremble.

"So wet ..." he whispered, trailing soft kisses along my legs. His hands held my hips, steadying me as he took his time reaching my pussy. I was ready to go wild, dying to feel him touch me. Helpless moans wound out of my throat as I waited.

Hellboy's tongue darted out, slipping between my wet folds. A cry was strangled in my throat as he lapped at my pussy, sliding his tongue over me, into me, kissing the hot and swollen, sensitive skin.

As I watched him lick me, growing more hungry the wetter I became, I saw Hellboy reach down with his left hand and unzip his pants. His cock sprang free, hard as a rock, fully gorged, standing upright, flushed dark with blood. As I watched, his left hand squeezed the base of his cock, slowly running up and down the length of it.

As he stroked himself, Hellboy moved on to my clit. I was so hot now, with feeling him lick me and watching him stroke himself, that it wasn't long before I began to squirt, gushing hot sweet fluid into his mouth.

"O-oh!" I fell back to the grass, my head reeling. Hellboy was licking me harder, grunting with the effort. I squirted again, feeling a stronger shudder rip through me. Blood was screaming in my head, in my legs, in my pussy, in my clit--my heart felt like a freight train in my chest--thoughts stopped being coherent, I felt lighter than air ... oh God ...!

My body exploded and I screamed, my head thrown back, my body rising off the ground. Spasms tore through every nerve in my body--I was shaking uncontrollably.

I don't know how long it took for it to fade, but when it did, I was slumped on the ground, out of breath, pulling Hellboy towards me so I could kiss his lips and lick the cum from his chin.

His cock slipped along my thigh, leaving a damp path across my skin. My hand drifted down and softly stroked the tip, causing Hellboy to gasp. "K-Kara ... are you--can you--?"

I was recovering pretty quickly (like I always do), and I was ready, wet and relaxed enough to take in his massive cock.

Smiling in answer, I rolled over, raising myself on my hands and knees, lifting my pussy to Hellboy. "I want you inside of me, Red."

More than happy to oblige, Hellboy sat up on his knees, holding his cock in one hand and my hips in the other. I felt something soft, red hot and hard and massive pressing against my opening. I shivered, imaging feeling something so big sliding in and out of me.

With a soft snarl Hellboy held me steady and slowly pushed into me. I heard us both cry out in shock and relief as he pressed into my body, giving his hips a twist to bottom out.

He was huge, and he felt boiling hot even inside of me. His cock was filling me up, splitting me wide open, pressing in all the right places.

Hellboy began to pump, moving slowly to let me adjust. Gasping in pleasure, I thrust back against him, hearing him pant and growl, feeling his fingers tightening on my hips.

It was a matter of seconds before Hellboy was slamming into me, his hands jerking me back, impaling me on his cock, his body slamming against me. He never got to the point where it hurt, and I was wild, loving every minute of it.

I felt his hands caressing my back, reaching down to stroke my aching clit. I gave a loud, long moan, feeling an orgasm building.

Hellboy must have heard the want in my voice, because he suddenly stopped in midthrust. Before I could protest, he lifted me up, easily turned me over (while his cock was still buried deep inside of me!), and settled me on his lap. He thrust experimentally against me, and I gasped as his hard body ground against my clit.

Pleased, Hellboy continued to pump into me, growling as he kissed me and cupped my breasts in his hand. I was ecstatic, surrounded by feeling. My arms were wrapped around his thick neck, my legs were hooked over his muscled thighs, locked over the small of his back. He pounded and ground against me, slamming hard, whispering in my ear. "You're so good, Kara, you feel so good ..."

When I came again, I buried my face in his neck to muffle my screams. My nails bit deep into his shoulders, drawing blood as Hellboy lost himself inside of me. He threw back his head, his eyes squeezed shut, and he roared, his whole body quaking as came, came so hard that it dripped out of my pussy and ran down his stomach.

Exhausted, Hellboy slowly lowered us back to the ground. He laid on top of me and inside of me for a long time, his arms around me as he fought to catch his breath.

The sun had set completely by now, and there were only a handful of stars appearing in the dark sky. I smiled, content, and shivered as I thought about what we had done.

Mistaking my tremble for cold, Hellboy drew me protectively against him, kissing my forehead as he rubbed my body, keeping it warm.

"Okay," he said at last. "Maybe an extra day out here won't be so bad after all." As I giggled, Hellboy glanced down at me and smirked. "You're gonna be sore in the morning."

Out of breath, I still laughed, allowing Hellboy to swoop down and kiss me again, his flesh hand trailing softly between my thighs.

I didn't give a damn if I was sore the next morning. I had a lot of fun that night.

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