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I know all these stories start out this way but I am not gay. I'm married, I have kids, and I've never had a gay relationship. Still with all that said, lately I've had a burning desire to meet a live transsexual. No that's not the truth I want more than just to meet her I want to explore her body. I'm not talking about a boy in a dress but a female with a penis.

It all started with a joke e-mail sent to me by a friend. It was a picture of a hot chick and it said if you liked how she looked to click on the picture for more. Well of course, I clicked and the second picture showed she had a dick. For some reason I couldn't get her out of my mind, how could she look so sexy and be a man. When I Googled transsexual it brought up over a million and a half hits. Ah, internet porn, you know how it is, the more you look at the more you want to see. There are literally thousands of transgendered people with their picture on the net. Most were not as pretty as the email I received but they all were part woman and part man. I am not naive I mean I knew about transsexuals, it's just that it was gay stuff so I never looked into it.

It became an obsession with me and whenever I could steal some alone time, I would jump on my PC and look up lady-boy sites. I would become so excited looking at these women I'd need to masturbate to relieve the pressure building up inside me. After orgasm, I always had homophobic feelings and the guilt would make me swear off ever looking at these sick pages again. Still I couldn't keep away and I always returned again and again until I happened to select one page that had an advert for a club in my hometown. I now knew what I had to do and even as I feared that, it might change my life forever there was no denying my desire. As I've said I'm a married man but I told myself it was the same as going to a strip club and even if my wife disagreed I never thought of them to be cheating. The place was called Gendy's T-Room and I remember seeing the place before but I never even gave the obvious name a second thought.

When Beth wanted to go visit her mother for the weekend I said I had to work but told her to take the kids and go enjoy herself. Just so I couldn't be called a liar, I did go into work Saturday but the only thing I thought about was Saturday night. I have to say I was scared, I knew this could end up being a giant step off a steep precipice but there was no turning back I had to see for myself.

Gendy's was dark and seedy, it smelled of stale beer, and god knew what else. I walked in a little after nine and the place was near empty. The bartender was talking to the only patron at the bar and when I walked up, she turned to look at me.

"Well, look what we have here Lucy a geek from suburbia down to look at the freaks."

I sat down red faced and ordered a beer as I realized my adventure was rapidly turning into a disaster.

"Listen honey, don't pay any attention to her, she's just bitter being stuck behind that bar all night."

"No, she's right that's why I'm here I just wanted to see a real live ah, ah..."

"That's all right; you can call us t-girls we don't mind."

"Thanks I don't want to be disrespectful, I'm just curious."

"Well for two hundred bucks you can get as curious as you want with me."

I could see Lucy was at least part Asian or maybe Filipino, she was very dark skinned but with shiny black hair and a charming smile. Although she had small breasts, the bra she wore pushed them up and showed them off. She wore a tiny skirt and high heels that must have been five inches tall. I decided to push my luck and I told her she was much too beautiful to be a real t-girl. Although she knew I was lying she liked the compliment so she took my hand and put it under her skirt. Just like that, I had my hand wrapped around her penis. I was not revolted as any straight man should be, I was turned on, and I wanted more.

I said yes, she grabbed my hand and led me to her room upstairs. I had no idea how I could explain the two hundred to my wife but at that point I didn't care. As soon as we were in her shabby little room, she held her hand out and I counted out two hundred dollars for her. When I told her I had never done anything like this she snickered and said she show me what to do. I felt my erection throbbing as I watched her slowly undress down to her dainty panties. Her teasing was driving me up the wall as she rubbed herself just as a girl would through her panties. I'm sure she could see how excited I was,

"You really want to see it don't you? Would you kiss it for me if I show it to you?"

I was so turned on I couldn't speak so I just dropped to my knees in front of her. My first kiss was through her panties and I felt her penis stir with my lips. She turned from me and slowly slid them down and my next kisses were on her bare bum. I think that's where she knew she had me if I would kiss her bare ass I'd kiss her anywhere. She now turned back around to show me herself. Still a tease she bounced her penis on my lips but refused to let me to put her in my mouth. She called it her clitty and although it was rather small for a penis, it was definitely not a clit. I had to taste it I wanted her in my mouth, in front of this woman on my knees I began to beg. I looked up to her face and I saw an evil grin,

"You can kiss but to taste it will cost you more money."

I was in a frenzy I no longer cared about anything; I pulled out my wallet and just gave it to her. I think this act of complete submission to her surprised her. She just threw my wallet on the floor by my knees and then put her still soft penis in my mouth.

I can't tell you what I'd expected but the feeling of her soft member growing first firm and then to erect in my mouth was the most erotic experience in my life. I couldn't wait for her to cum I wanted to taste it, to feel it slide down my throat and then she pulled herself out from my lips.

"I'm sorry baby but you shouldn't drink a girls juices until you get to know her."

I realized she was talking about safe sex, something I hadn't even considered. She was right, what an idiot I was but still I was deeply disappointed. She pulled her panties back up and then kissed me; I put my arms around her and held the kiss. We then lay down together and made out like teenagers and I kissed her breasts and teased her nipples. She asked me if I wanted to cum and I said only if she would so I undressed and she rubbed me and I her. I was so excited I came in about two strokes. It was then, when I stopped thinking with my little head that I saw what I was doing. No matter how I tried to explain it I had my hand around a man's cock. Lucy saw that the fantasy was over and told me she was done.

I sheepishly got dressed, when I picked up my wallet I held it in my hand but she said she was just kidding and that we had a deal. I asked her if I could see her again and she said she was in the club every night. I know she's just a hooker, a hooker who is half man but I also know she's much more than that she is also a woman with a heart. I walked out of her room knowing I'd be back and that it was no longer curiosity it was now desire.

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