tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersAmethyst: The Girl with a Penis

Amethyst: The Girl with a Penis


This story is a fan request. Amethyst sent me an email explaining that she is a university student that finds my stories erotic and that she dreams of having a penis of her own to poke and prod the guys as the fancy strikes her. I fully understand that on the internet people can misrepresent who they are, but I choose to believe her. Please suspend your disbelief and enjoy her fantasy with me.


I stand and look at myself in the mirror. To my eyes I appear to be just an average every day female university student. I have on a pair of blue lacy panties with a matching bra and my mahogany hair is pulled back in a blue ribbon. Hazel eyes stare back at me from a fair complexion as smooth as a bowl of cream. I have pouty, full pink lips that look as though I'm wearing lipstick, even though I'm not. I'm five feet and seven inches tall and curvaceous in all the right places. Some guys have called me beautiful. I'm not so sure of all that, but I do think I'm pretty.

On the table beside me is a white sports sock that is formed into a long thick roll. I pick it up and roll it slowly back and forth between my hands before I pull out the front of my panties and push it down inside. I look at it in the mirror and realize it's not quite in the right spot so I adjust it down further. I twist slightly side to side and to me it looks real, like I have an actual penis. I gently run my fingers along the length of it. I'm breathing harder and my nipples are showing through the bra. I imagine that my fingers are gliding over thin fabric that is separating them from the skin of my penis. It feels good and makes me grow bigger, harder, swelling to stretch the fabric of my panties. I place my other hand on my breast to play with my nipple as I rub my growing cock. Closing my eyes I can see Devin, the captain of the university's polo team, bent over a saddle stored on a saw horse. The skin tight riding breeches conform to his perfectly shaped arse as if he has been dipped in them. I step up behind him and caress his butt, the fabric makes it feel smooth and slick. After a few seconds I step closer and press my penis into the crease of his cheeks and begin to grind my throbbing member against him. He moans with anticipation of the pleasure to come. My breath is coming quicker as I press harder and harder. I spread my legs so I can press deeper into the cleft of his butt. I'm so excited that I know it won't be long till I cum. I pinch my nipple and squeeze my breast as I'm panting in ecstasy, humping his arse crack hard in the last moments before warmth spreads through my crotch. I open my eyes and the fantasy fades leaving behind the warm glow of the wonderful orgasm I've just had to start my day. I strip off my bra and panties, toss my penis in the dirty laundry basket and jump in the shower.

Thirty minutes later I'm on my way across campus toward the chemistry building. I have on a cute purple tee that fits close to my body and is cut low enough to show some cleavage. I want to attract some attention, just not too much attention. A flirty little white and purple skirt bounces just above my knee in the warm fall sunshine. There are many other students out and about on their way to classes. Some I recognize, most I don't. I'm sure that none of them could imagine that I'd started my day by dreaming about having a penis and rubbing it against the captain of the polo team's tight arse. If I hadn't been in such a hurry to get to the Lab I'd have done a lot more than just rub it against him. But it's okay, I'll save that for later tonight. This brings a smile to my face which catches the eye of a passing young man who smiles back at me. We pass without speaking and I sneak a quick peek back at his bum. It looks pretty good in his skinny jeans and I think of how nice it would be to push my cock between those butt cheeks and stir around till I shoot a huge load in him. He takes a look back over his shoulder and busts me checking him out. He grins broadly and I return his grin, though I'd bet he wouldn't be grinning if he could read my mind!

The chemistry lab is on the third floor. I take the stairs and at the top I'm barely breathing hard. I go into the lab itself and look around for the student I'm supposed to tutor.

"Caroline! Are you in here?"


Caroline comes out of one of the supply rooms carrying a rather large load of supplies. Some various glass wares, containers with chemicals and a rather precariously placed Bunsen burner.

"Do you need a hand?"

"Oh that would be wonderful! Could you take the Bunsen? It feels as though I'm about to drop it."

I move to help her with the burner, but just before I get there it slips off her stack of supplies and drops onto a workbench. I lunge to grab it too late and with a clatter it slides into a beaker full of a bluish liquid. I try to catch them both and end up spilling the beaker all down my front, soaking me to the skin.

"Oh Amethyst! I'm so sorry! Are you Okay?"

I brush at my wet clothes as I set the now empty beaker back on the workbench.

"Yes I'm fine."

Caroline puts her load down on a nearby bench and hurries over to me. Picking up the empty beaker she wafts her hand over it and sniffs.

"Well I don't smell anything toxic, but just to be safe we have to get you out of those clothes."

"If you were a guy I would suspect that you're up to something!"

Caroline blushes and says,

"Oh no! You just can't take any chances with chemicals. Come with me."

She takes me back to the supply room and pulls a ratty old pair of coveralls from a hook and hands them to me.

"Here, take off all of your clothes and put these on. Then go straight home and take a shower!"

I hold the coveralls up in front of me as if they are the decaying remains of a dead animal.

"You can't be serious. I can't have anyone see me in...in...this...thing!"

"Well you can't walk back to your dorm room naked!"

"I'd rather be seen naked than in this nasty old rag."

Caroline takes a deep breath and then through clenched teeth simply says, "Do it." and walks from the room. Reluctantly I strip down. My shirt, skirt and bra go in a pile on the floor and I have my thumbs hooked in the waistband of my panties when I stop. I can't bear the thought of having nothing between me and those coveralls. I gather up my courage and begin to don the musty garment. As it brushes against me I get goose bumps and my skin is crawling. I grab my pile of clothes and head out the door.

"I'm so sorry this has happened Amethyst. I should never have suggested you tutor me here in the lab. Now don't forget to wash very thoroughly! I'll stop by later to see you and if you start feeling bad get to a hospital!"

Caroline says that last at my back because I'm heading out the door and down the stairs. At the first landing I stop to roll up the pants legs on the coveralls so I don't trip on my way down. I'm walking quickly as I leave the chemistry building and head out toward my dorm. I'm about a quarter of the way there when I begin to feel a burning sensation where the chemical has made my panties wet. I walk faster.

I'm sweating from my exertions now and the burning feeling begins to worsen. I start to jog, oblivious to the other people on the green. With each passing second the burning gets worse. It's getting so intense I'm on the verge of stripping naked, but I only have a couple of minutes till I get to my room. I bound up the stairs two at a time, unzipping the coveralls as I'm going through the door. They drop in a pile as I scramble for the shower. I get in and turn it on full bore, shedding my panties in the cold water I start scrubbing at my burning nether regions. Within seconds the burning subsides and I slump to the floor of the shower in tears.

When I can no longer stand the cold water I drag myself out of the shower and pat dry with a towel. I get up on the bed and lay back on the pillows spreading my legs to allow my 'down there' to air dry. The lips are red and puffy, but that seems to be all and it doesn't hurt anymore, which is good. I feel so tired maybe I'll just take a quick nap and then I'll decide if I need to go to the hospital. I close my eyes and immediately drift off.

Diffused late afternoon light coming through the small dorm room window wakes me. I'm still naked on my bed so I grab the spread and roll away from the light intending to sleep some more, but as soon as I do I feel something warm and heavy flop onto my thigh and slide off onto the bed. With a start I sit up and look at my crotch. I can't help gasping in amazement because there between my legs is a penis. Not just any penis, but a rather large one and directly beneath it is a matching ball sac. I stare in disbelief and it takes me a full thirty seconds to get up the nerve to touch it. Not because I'm afraid of it, but because I'm afraid I'll wake up and it will all be a dream.

As my fingers trace lightly along its smooth length I can feel that I'm touching my own skin. My heart is pounding in my chest and I'm trembling with excitement. The penis begins to respond to my touch. Growing as I watch, it lengthens and swells. I'm fascinated as I watch it grow, having never watched one go from flaccid to hard before I find it completely engrossing. In short order it is standing straight up from my crotch, throbbing and twitching with my heartbeat. I marvel at how smooth and feminine it looks. I've seen penises in porn movies and they always seem to look so bumpy with veins and stuff, nothing like mine. I take it in my hand and my fingers won't touch around it. It feels heavy and purposeful. A small squeeze sends shivers of pleasure coursing through me and pulls a moan from my lips. I move my hand up and down the length of it, slowly, feeling how hard it is and how good it feels to have it rubbed. I have lube in the drawer by the bed and in quick order I place some of it in the palm of my hand.

The lube allows me to grip it harder. I'm squeezing it now, stroking it from base to tip. Everything I do seems to make it feel better and the good feeling just keeps growing and growing until like a car accelerating uphill toward a cliff I explode over the edge. It goes off with a huge contraction of my kegel muscles, and the first shot clears the end of the bed, with the next three drawing a line across the bed back to me.

As quickly as the energy was building, suddenly it's all gone and I feel as spent as if I just dashed up several flights of stairs. I'm still breathing hard and my body is tingling. I let go of my penis and it begins to soften. First it droops over onto my leg then it slowly continues to shrink a little more, but it doesn't become fully flaccid. I let out a little sigh of relief, glad that it looks like it's not going away. I can't take my eyes off of it. I've seen other penises, I'm no prude, but mine is beautiful. Mine is smooth as if it is chiseled from marble. The foreskin is super soft and sensitive. I pull it back to reveal the head and it glistens with some of my cum.

Pulling back the foreskin has an immediate impact on it and it begins to grow again. Within a few seconds it's standing straight and hard. I slide off the bed and it bobs around as I go to the full length mirror. The view in the mirror makes it looks even bigger and I can't think of a single guy I've seen or touched that is larger than I am now. I'm grinning like a maniac as I take in how incredible it looks on my body, even better than I'd ever dreamed one could look. At a glance I appear to be like one of those shemales on the internet, but better. I'm a woman with a penis, not a man trying to look like a woman. Suddenly I have a pang of empathy for them because they have to work so hard to be women. The difference with me is that I don't want to be a man, I just want to be a girl with a penis. I think I look perfect now.

I'm startled from my revere by a knocking at my door. I hear Caroline's muffled voice as she calls out.

"Amethyst? Are you in there?"

"Yea, I'm here. Everything's fine! Thanks for checking on me!"

"I'm glad to hear it! Can I come in and see you?"

I look down at my new penis and tell her,

"Sorry, I'm not dressed at the moment. Could we talk later?"

"Amethyst, I'm a girl. I've seen everything you've got. What's the big deal? Throw on a robe and open the door please." I roll my eyes and grab my robe off of the chair in the bedroom and pull it on as I head into the common room. Unfortunately, my new penis appears to be curious about who's at the door and proceeds to stick out the front of the robe. I tuck it back in, but to no avail. It pops right back out.


"I'm coming Caroline. Just a moment!" I have to tuck it in and hold the front shut as I shuffle over to the door. I open it and tell her,

"Thanks for coming to check on me Caroline, it's very sweet of you, but I'd really like to be alone right now."

"I understand, but you can never be too careful when it comes to a chemical spill. Have you been feeling ok? Has there been any changes in your...you know...girl parts? Blisters or redness?"

"Well...I uh...things are fine. Really they are Caroline, thanks again..." Caroline tries to push in through the partially open door, but I hold it easily. It's almost as if I'm stronger now.

"Amethyst, please let me in."

While I'm thinking about my new strength Caroline catches me off guard with a big push. I stumble backward to land on my butt on the floor. My robe opens up and my new penis bobs hello to Caroline who covers her mouth with her hands and gasps as if she's a heroine in some old B horror movie. I make no attempt to cover up. What's the use?

"Oh Amethyst! I'm so sorry this has happened to you! Come with me and we'll go to the hospital straight away."She reaches for my hand but I pull back.

"No. I'm not going to the hospital."

"But we have to get that thing removed! You can't have babies and think of how hard that will be to explain to your boyfriend!"

"I said no."

"But I don't understand...why would you..."

"Because I like it and I've always wanted one."

Caroline looks at me as if I've just told her that I like to swallow small bunnies alive.

"You can't be serious."

"I'm very serious."

I pull my legs under me and stand up. My penis is standing out straight from my body and I still make no attempt to cover it. Caroline gets this funny look on her face and suddenly drops to her knees to take my turgid dick in her mouth. I start to pull away and could have before she touched me, but something makes me let her to take me. I pull my robe out of the way and hold it in place by resting my hands on my hips.

"Caroline, I don't think this is a good idea."

But I'm not trying very hard to stop her. Her hot wet mouth feels a million times better than my hand. Caroline is a skinny girl with mousy brown hair. She wears black square rimmed glasses that give her a modern geeky appearance. Her breasts are small and her figure in general is rather straight. As far as I know she doesn't have a boyfriend or even date much. I'm not attracted to her in the least, however her mouth is brilliant! She keeps making slurping and sucking sounds as she works to get half of me in her mouth. I'm standing there looking down at the girl on her knees servicing me and I feel a little rush of power. I watch her mouth slide back and forth along my shaft while she grips the base with both hands. She's sucking and moaning like she's going to orgasm soon and the more animated she becomes the more excited I get. One of her hands disappears to her own crotch and she redoubles her efforts as she works me over. Finally I can't stand it anymore. I reach out for her head and hold it in my hands as I make some hard thrusts into her mouth. Now both of her hands are working on her own body. With a huge grunt the waves of pleasure explode over me and I begin to cum hard. As I'm punishing her mouth she groans and makes some whimpering sounds that tell me she's having an orgasm of her own. This orgasm is much more intense for me and my head is spinning as I release her. She stays on her knees breathing hard. With my orgasm finished it's as if I've suddenly had cold water dumped on me and now I'm keenly aware that I want to be anywhere but here.

I step back from Caroline and pull my robe closed. The situation is so awkward I have no idea what to say to her. She appears to be feeling the same.

"Caroline, I...uh...need to go to class. Yep, class, that's what I need to do. Um...thanks?"

"Amethyst, I'm so sorry. I don't know what came over me. One second I'm standing there trying to talk you into having it removed and the next I'm on my knees like some slut sucking you like my life depends on it! I'm so ashamed!"

"Oh,...don't worry about it. If it helps any it did feel really good. But like I say, I've got to get to class...and...uh...you need to leave."

I reach down and easily pull her up from the floor. Again I'm struck by how strong I am. I could easily swing her into my arms and carry her off to bed. Bed? What the hell am I thinking? I wipe some of my cum from the corner of her mouth with my robe as I tell her,

"Now don't worry about a thing. It's going to be fine and tomorrow we'll meet so that we can get that tutoring session in before your test. I'll call you tomorrow morning. Thanks again for stopping by."

I finish hustling her out the door and get it closed before she can say anything further. I heave a big sigh and head to my bathroom to get ready for class. When I get to the bathroom I notice my pretend penis from this morning lying in the dirty clothes basket. I pick it out and place it along side my real penis. I can see that I was thinking way too small since the flesh one is limp and still as big as the pretend one. My mind wanders back to this morning's little fantasy interlude and I suddenly realize that it doesn't have to be a fantasy anymore. My balls tingle and my prick begins to expand simply at the thought of rubbing along the polo captain's round arse. I turn my mind to class in an attempt to keep from getting any bigger and it distracts me just enough.

Another flirty skirt and a purple camisole with a white vee neck cashmere sweater over it later and I'm ready to head out to class. There is a problem though. My new package barely fits in my girl panties and I have to keep adjusting it to keep my balls from popping out. I grab my books and just before I head out the door I say to the empty room.

"Watch out world! Amethyst has a brand new cock and she's dying to use it!" I laugh at my own corny joke and head to class.

On my way the world has a much different look. Not the buildings and trees, but the people. The guys, to be specific. I'm looking at every guy's butt and noticing how it's shaped. Some are round, some are flat, some are narrow and my penis wants to try them all on for size. I'm actually giddy with the prospect that I'm now fully equipped to make love to them all in ways they've most likely never considered.

There is a ruckus behind me and I look over my shoulder and see two young guys wrestling in the grass, but they are laughing so I keep walking. Before I can turn back I bump into a young man that has bent over in front of me to tie his shoe. My penis makes perfect contact with his upturned arse and sends shivers up my spine as I grab his hips to steady him and keep him from falling over. I'm holding him in such a position that if we were naked I'd be buried in his delicious bottom. I can't help pressing against him harder as my cock begins to swell.

"Hey now! We'll have none of that out here on the green! We don't want anyone to get the wrong idea!" He steps away from me blushing a bright red over his pale jaw line.

"Whoops! I was looking over my shoulder when I bumped into you and I was just trying to keep from knocking you over." He glanced down at the front of my skirt and seeing the slight bulge there he laughed nervously and said in a low voice.

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