tagIncest/TabooJust My Mouth, Daddy Ch. 04

Just My Mouth, Daddy Ch. 04


** A note to readers. This story was originally, mistakenly published as Chapter 05, and I am resubmitting it just to answer the question: "What happened to Chapter 4?" It's the same text. If I can delete the chapter 5 version, I will. Enjoy! **

** All characters are over 18 **

When I came into Sasha's room to say goodnight to her, she was brushing her long, blond hair in the mirror. She was wearing was a shirt that barely covered her ass when standing. Now that she was sitting, it had ridden up and I could see her lacy black panties.

"Hi, Daddy." She said with a smile.

"Hi yourself. I just wanted to come up and say goodnight."

"Where's Mom?"

"Downstairs, watching TV."

"Close the door."

I did as she asked, and my daughter put her brush down and closed the distance between us in seconds. Instantly our arms were around each other and our tongues in each other's mouths.

It had been like this for a month now, ever since Sasha's mother had gotten home. My daughter and I had become lovers while my wife was away visiting her family in Russia, and we hadn't stopped since.

At first our rules had been simple: mouths and fingers only, no fucking. That had gone by the wayside in a wild threesome with a girl named Jessica that Sasha had met in a hotel. Since that night we tried to go back to just her sucking me off, and me licking her to climax, but more and more often we'd been slipping, and I'd been fucking her tight little pussy ragged. If there was time I'd finish in her mouth or ass, but usually we were taking each other in what few minutes we could steal. Several times I'd cum in her unprotected pussy.

Sasha got my pants undone and took me into her mouth. As she closed her soft lips around my cock and began to slide them back and forth I knew that no man had really lived until he'd watched and felt his own daughter give him head. The pure thrill, the pure sin of it was unmatched by any other sexual act.

"Fuck me, Daddy. Hurry before she misses you."

I helped my daughter up off her knees and then laid her on her bed. I barely had those lacy panties off her before her legs opened to me and she guided me towards her. She was on her back, her snatch aimed at my cock. I was standing at the edge of the bed.

"Please hurry." Sasha said, "I don't want to get interrupted like last time."

I rubbed the tip of my cock up and down her soaked slit, lubricating the tip.

"You came twice last time." I reminded her.

"Yeah, but - ah! Oh yeah, Daddy, I can feel you sliding in - you didn't cum. I want your sperm."

I started fucking my cock in and out of my little girl. Her pussy was soaked and so warm. She always kept it shaved bare for me. I looked down at her, at my daughter, and watched her face change shape as I slid in and out of her.

She was right, I hadn't cum last time, or since. It had been two days and I'd been walking around feeling like I was on the edge of orgasm all that time. I'd thought about relieving the pressure myself, or enlisting my wife's help, but somehow I'd felt like I'd owed this orgasm to my baby. I'd imagined shooting it into her mouth, but now I knew it was going to be in her hot little cunt.

"Have you been on the pill long enough yet?" I asked, knowing the answer was no. We'd only gotten the pills for her four days ago.

"I don't care. Cum in my pussy daddy! Don't you love me?"

"Oh yeah, baby, I love you so much. Your pussy feels so fucking good."

"Oh yeah? You like your daughter's pussy?"

"Oh yeah, baby."

"You like your daughter's vagina? Are you going to cum in it?"

"Fuck baby, I'm getting so close! You're driving me crazy!"

Suddenly Sasha's body seized up and started thrashing around as she came, biting her hand so that she wouldn't scream or moan loud enough for her mother to hear. In response, I started fucking her even harder, her bed creaking softly as I pounded her.

"Honey?" I heard my wife call from downstairs.

"Oh no!" Sasha said, locking her legs behind my ass and pulling me into her. "Don't stop!"

"Baby... we'll get... oh fuck I'm so close."

"Finish in me, Daddy. Give it to me." I arched my back and bit down on my teeth as my orgasm hit, and blast after blast of my seed shot into my daughter's womb. I fired shot after shot, my semen spilling out of her snatch and onto her bedspread.

"Cum for me, Daddy." Sasha said, her eyes locked on mine. "Fill my pussy."

"Greg?" My wife called again.

I kissed Sasha lightly on the lips as I pulled my dripping dick out of her. I pulled my pants back on and zipped up as I went to the door.

"Thanks for the goodnight kiss, Daddy." Sasha said.

"Night, baby." I answered. "Coming!" I called down to my wife.

"Again?" Sasha said with a giggle.


A couple of weeks later I woke in the early morning to hear Sasha being sick in the bathroom. I looked over at my wife, still asleep. She was breathing steadily and turned away from me. I got up as quietly as I could.

By the time I was out of bed, Sasha had made it back to her room. Her breath still smelled like mouthwash. She looked as though she'd been crying.

"Are you okay, angel?" I asked. Sasha shook her head, and came and wrapped her arms around me. I held her close, knowing what was wrong. It's a testament to my complete lack of morality that my dick got hard anyway, tenting out my robe.

Sasha saw it, of course. She moved the robe aside with her hand and started stroking me. She giggled despite herself.

"Daddy... you're always so hard."

"Only for you, angel."

"Not for Mom?"

"Usually for her, too. I've been pretty busy between the two of you, lately." Anna, my wife, was a tall, slender, beautiful woman born in St. Petersburg. She had the sex drive of a cat in heat, and always had. Since Sasha and I had become lovers, there were days when I would come two, three, even four times a day. My home life seemed an endless fuck session, moving between my daughter's bedroom and the one I shared with my wife. Luckily, both women turned me on like crazy. I wasn't sure who had the tighter pussy, sometimes, and both got wet at the first kiss. Like mother, like daughter, I suppose.

"Daddy, come fuck me, okay? Or... make love to me. You know, gentle."

"Of course, baby."

I stripped my daughter's night shirt off, revealing her gloriously naked body. She had a figure too perfect for anyone but a well developed teenager. That perfect distribution of body fat to her womanly areas, a girlish lack of it anywhere else. She looked absolutely made for sex. A goddess to be worshipped with an offering of pleasure and cum.

I took off my own robe and pushed her onto her bed, onto her back. I looked deep into her eyes as I eased my cock into her pussy, sighing as I felt it's silken warmth all around me. I began to slide in and out of her, the ecstasy of it taking my breath and hers.

"That feels so good, Daddy." She said, softly.

"To me, too, angel. I love being inside my little girl."

"Daddy... your cock... your cum... it made a baby in me."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah... I - ah - yeah, just like that - ah! I... took a test. I'm pregnant. I'm so sorry, Daddy."

"No, baby. It's not your fault. No, don't cry. God... you feel so good, angel. I'm starting to get close."

"It's okay, Daddy. You can cum in me now. It's okay."

My body tensed, and Sasha began to quietly orgasm all around me as I shot load after load into her already fertilized womb. The womb that held our baby.

"Oh yeah, Daddy... Daddy... I love your cum."

Afterwards I lay next to my daughter, her finger playing idly with the cum still leaking from it.

"I guess maybe we should have left it just your mouth." I said.

"Maybe. But I think I knew the first time I tasted you shooting into my mouth, that we'd end up fucking. There was nothing we could do to stop it."

"No, I guess not. What do you want to do now?"

"I don't know. I'm scared, Daddy. Will... will you fuck me again? Quick? Before Mom wakes up?"

"Of course, angel. Daddy will always be here for you, whenever you want."


That night Sasha and I were watching TV, sneaking each other concerned looks, when Anna came in, looking as though she'd been crying as well. She was pulling her wheeled travel bag with one hand, her other hand was in a fist.

I sat bolt upright when I saw her. I snapped the TV off with a quickness. Sasha pulled her legs up into her chest.

"Mom?" She said, quietly. "What are you doing?"

Anna held out her hand. It was a pregnancy test, still showing positive.

"Oh no." Sasha said.

"I found it in the outside garbage." Anna said, her Russian accent still more pronounced than usual from her trip. "Right where you hid it."

Sasha's eyes welled up. She didn't say anything.

"Where are you going?" I asked after nearly a minute of silence.

"That depends. This house is full of lies now, and I hate it. I should go. Maybe to Mary and Tom's house in San Francisco, maybe home to my family in Russia. Better that than more lies."

"I'm so sorry, Mommy." Sasha said, her voice breaking.

"No more lies." Anna repeated. Sasha shook her head. She looked to me and I nodded agreement as well. Anna looked back down at our daughter. "Whose baby is it?"

"Mommy, I'm so sorry, it's Daddy's. Please don't leave."

The reality of everything hit me right then, and it seemed to push all feeling out of me. I wasn't scared of anything that might happen to me. Jail, the media, whatever. None of that seemed important. What did seem important was the two women in the room with me. My family. It was all I'd ever cared about. I loved both these women more than life, and I'd betrayed them both. If I lost them, nothing else would matter.

Anna sighed and looked at the floor. When her eyes came up, they weren't angry. She let go of her suitcase and went and sat next to Sasha, who was sobbing now, her face hidden in her knees.

"I guess I was afraid something like this would happen someday," Anna said. "Your father has no will power when it comes to sex, and I've let him have his way too often. And you... you're were always just a little bit too much daddy's little girl. The way you sat on his lap, even when you started getting older... it always made me wonder."

"How did you know?" Sasha asked.

"I thought I heard you, once or twice. I tried to pretend it was something else, but when I heard you being sick this morning..."

"I'm so sorry. I don't know how this happened."

"Shhh, it's too late for that now. We have to go on from here."

I wanted to go to them, but I kept myself in my seat.

"You're... not mad?" Sasha said. Anna laughed.

"Mad? I'm horrified. I can't believe this is happening to us. We've been such a happy family for so long."

"Mommy, I -"

"Shh. Let me talk, little one." Hearing Anna use the pet name she'd always used for our daughter made me think that maybe this wouldn't be as bad as I'd feared. "What makes me mad isn't that you made love to your father, or that he put a baby in you. It's that the two of you lied to me, and hid this from me. No matter what, we're supposed to be a family. There is nothing you could have told me that would have made me not love you." Anna looked up at me. "Or you," she said.

The three of us sat together like that for some time. Anna rubbing Sasha's back while she cried, me afraid to move or speak.

"What are you going to do?" Anna asked, finally.

"About the baby?" Sasha asked. Anna nodded. "I don't know. I think that I should keep it. I know it's... but I can't imagine wanting to... wanting to... I can't even say it."

"Then we'll accept it," Anna said, as if we were talking about something far more normal, "and it will be a part of our family."

"You won't leave?" I asked. I tried to ask it in a steady voice, but I couldn't.

"No. I will forgive you. Both of you. So long as there are no more lies."

"No more lies, Mommy. I promise." Anna looked at me and I nodded.

"Okay then, come with me." Anna stood up and helped Sasha to her feet. She led her away towards the stairs and beckoned me with her finger.

"Where are we going?" Sasha asked.

"To bed." Anna replied.

Upstairs, Anna brought our daughter into our bedroom, and closed the door behind me once I entered as well. Then, thinking twice of it, she opened the door again.

"I guess there's no reason to close it anymore," she said.

My wife went to our daughter, who was clad only in a thin button down shirt and a small pair of shorts. Anna began opening the buttons of Sasha's top.

"What... what are you doing?" Sasha asked.

"Undressing you, little one."


"You and your father are lovers now. I know how good that feels, to have him in you, to have his seed in you. You won't be able to stop now, and even if you did you would be wanting, and he would be wanting, and I would be wondering. It would tear us apart."

Anna finished taking off Sasha's top. She hadn't been wearing a bra, and so her breasts were exposed to the air, her nipples hardening. Anna brushed them with her palm, and Sasha jerked in response. Whether from the sensation or fear, I couldn't say. Anna stripped her shorts and panties off as well, leaving our daughter naked as the day she was born, having stepped out of her undergarments.

"You shave here." Anna said, touching the outside of her daughter's pussy with her finger tips. Sasha closed her eyes against tears.

"Yes." She whispered.

"I do that, too, sometimes. I know how much your father likes it. Do you shave it for him?"

"Yes. At first just for a bikini, but now for him."

"It's sexy. You're sexy. Isn't she beautiful... Daddy?" Anna asked, turning toward me. I don't know what I expected to see on her face. Hurt, maybe? Anger? I wasn't sure what was going on until I saw her. In truth, there was pain in her eyes, but on top of it all was a look of pure lust. I knew that look well. Anna was an intensely sexual woman, but I'd never seen her like this. She looked barely in control of herself. Her lips were parted, moist. Her pupils wide pits in the deep blue of her irises. I noticed then that her hands were trembling. I stepped forward and took one of them, my cock beginning to thicken in my pants.

"Yes, she is," I answered. "Just like her mother."

Anna slowly stripped off her clothing, revealing a matching set of black lace underwear. These she took off as well, and she slid her body next to our daughter's, her arm around her waist. Sasha leaned into her mother, and they hugged each other, naked. Anna's neatly trimmed bush pressed just above Sasha's shaved little mound.

"Are we really just alike, Daddy?" Anna asked. I didn't know if she planned on continuing to call me Daddy, but it was turning me on like crazy. She'd done that for a while after she'd gotten pregnant with Sasha, but never sexually.

Anna was a beautiful woman, as I said, but she wasn't a teenager anymore. Now thirty five, her skin wasn't quite as taught, her thighs a little heavier. She was still mouth wateringly gorgeous, but I didn't think now was the time to explain the differences.

"Like twins," I said.

Anna smiled at this and turned to Sasha. "Help me undress him." She said, and then I had both women's hands on me, lifting my shirt, undoing my belt, helping me out of pants and underwear. Anna guided us all to the bed.

"Now, show me how all this started."

Sasha hesitated. "It feels weird like this." She said.

Anna nodded. "I'm sure, but this is the only way. You don't want it to break up our family do you?"

"No, of course not."

"Then do as I say, little one. Show me."

"Yes, Mommy." With that, Sasha straddled my legs, and knelt down to my cock. She was incredibly turned on, I could feel the heat from her open pussy against my legs.

Sasha licked my cock up and down, looking to her mother for approval. Anna closed her eyes for a moment, but then looked back and ran her fingers through Sasha's hair.

"Is this okay?" Sasha asked.

"Yes, little one. Keep going."

Sasha took me into her mouth, pulling me in deeper than she ever had, until I felt the back of her throat, and felt her swallow. Anna moaned slightly as our daughter deep throated me. I groaned with the pleasure of it.

"She's talented." Anna said. I didn't know what to say back, so I just wrapped one arm around my wife and lay my other hand on top of hers, tangled in our daughter's hair.

Sasha bobbed her head up and down, adding her own little moans to our family chorus. She brought her hand to my balls, which were already beginning to tighten.

"He's getting close already, Mommy. I think he likes having both of us."

"I'm sure he does. He's a very lucky man." I couldn't have agreed more.

"Should I make him cum in my mouth?"

"No, I need to be a part of everything. Show me how he got you pregnant."

"Yes, Mommy."

Sasha crawled up over my legs, straddling me. She angled my steel hard dick towards her waiting pussy, and sank down onto me, taking me into her depths. I gasped at how wet she was.

"Oh.... God." She moaned, feeling my length slide into her.

"Do you like that, Daddy?" Anna whispered into my ear.

"Yes, baby. It feels so good."

"You like fucking our daughter? Tell me you like fucking her."

"I do, I like it so much. She feels amazing. God, I wish you could feel it."

Anna was quiet for a while, as I thrust my hips up, pushing my cock into our little girl over and over again in a slow rhythm. "I do, too," She said, finally.

"I.... I... Mommy, is it okay if I cum? It feels so fucking good!"

"Wait for your Daddy baby. I want to watch you cum together."

"Oh God... Daddy, hurry!" Sasha began to grind harder and harder against me, her movements becoming more frantic. I shoved into her harder and harder as my guts began to churn and my balls began pumping semen into my cock.

"Daddy's cumming baby!" I said, and Sasha went wild on top of me. We were both moaning loudly, lost in our coupling. All my wife could do was watch as I seized our daughter's hips and began pumping load after load of thick cum into her. Sasha's nails left deep red scratches on my chest as she let go and screamed out her pleasure.

Sasha got off me and lay to my left, and I wrapped my left arm around her, sandwiched between my girls. After letting us recover for a while, Anna slid down my body and took my cock into her mouth, cleaning it with her tongue.

"I've never thought about seeing her do that to you," Sasha said, "it's beautiful."

Anna looked up, licking our cum from her lips, and smiled. "Thank you, Sasha. Now it's your turn."

With that, Anna crawled between our daughter's legs, and put her tongue in her pussy like it was the most natural thing in the world. Sasha threw her head back and looked as though she might faint.

Anna lovingly ate my cum out of our little girl's pussy, and then turned her attention to her clit, spreading her labia open with her fingers and flicking her daughter's button with her tongue. Sasha moaned and made fists in her mother's hair.

Watching a mother eat her daughter's freshly fucked cunt, knowing it was the daughter I'd made with her, knowing it was my cum she was tasting inside her, my body just forgot the fact that I'd cum minutes before. My cock stood straight out, pointed at the display in front of me.

"Oh God, Mommy. Mommy! I'm going to cum!" Sasha ground her pelvis against my wife's face and then cried out as her orgasm hit. Anna licked her all the while. When she crawled back up to me, the lust I'd seen in her eyes before was just as strong.

"Now you'll fuck me." She said. "I hope you have the strength for us both."

"Always." I said, getting up on my knees and turning my wife around. I took her tight little snatch from behind, just like she liked it. I pounded into her as hard as I could, my cock like steel from the sheer eroticism of fucking my wife while my daughter watched, fingering herself.

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