tagIncest/TabooJust the Six of Us Ch. 20

Just the Six of Us Ch. 20


Thanks to Zex and my other silent proofreader.

Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 20

He turned back to the conversation, discovering that his sisters had agreed that a friend or two each at the barbeque wouldn't hurt. Mike shrugged and flipped open his phone. He found Matt's name under his contact list and clicked it.

"BBQ today. You in?" he texted.

"Hell yeah," came the reply.

"Just show up sometime between 1 and 2, gonna swim and eat."

"Alright, we'll see ya then," Matt texted back. "Missy wants to know if she can come," he texted again, referring to his older sister.

"Fine with us," Mike sent back. "See you then."

It always amazed Mike how long conversations took for his sisters. Emma was by far the fastest, being just like him and hating to be on the phone. Her conversations were just like a guy's. Short, sweet, and to the damn point. His other sisters had to know every other detail about what was going on with whoever the heck they were talking to.

Mike glanced at Emma as the other sisters wandered around aimlessly, chatting into cell phones stuck to their ears, and they both rolled their eyes to each other and sat down on the couches.

Finally, they all closed their phones and headed back from wherever they had wandered to.

"Susan will be here," Beth said.

"As will Megan," Danni said.

"I invited Sally," Sarah said.

"Matt's bringing Missy," Mike said in turn. "So that makes...11?" he asked.


'You don't count,' Mike thought.

"Oh yeah. Right."

"I think...let's see..., Mike, me, Sarah, Beth, Danni, Susan, Megan, Sally, Missy, Matt, Paul, Ashley," Emma counted out. "Twelve, I guess you forgot yourself."

Mike nodded and turned to Sarah. "Well, whenever you're ready sweet cheeks," he smiled.

She faked a glare at him and turned to change out of her work clothes. Heading to her closet, she picked out a nice sun dress, low cut with thin straps, and headed back out to the living room and then out the kitchen door towards Mike's truck.

Mike had already climbed in and started the engine as Sarah walked around and climbed in. Leaning over as she did so, her neckline scooped low and her breasts wobbled visibly.

"No bra, did you see that? Nipples and boobs, dude!"

'Yeah, yeah, I saw it, I saw it. Calm down, Beavis.'

Ignoring his voice, he pulled out of the driveway and headed to the grocery store, silence hanging over the two as he made his way through the Saturday morning traffic.

"You okay?" he asked finally, breaking the quiet.

"I'm fine. A little deprived but..."

'Wasn't talking to you. Shut up.'

"I'll be fine, sweetie," said Sarah, trying her best to sound like her old self.

"You could have gone up and fooled around with Emma and Beth, and tried to 'Out Noisy' Danni and I."

"I know, I just didn't want to intrude on anything," she said, staring out her window.

"I doubt they would have seen it that way," he smiled.

A few minutes later, they arrived at the store.

"Hold her hand."

'We're in public, stupid.'

"My day, my rules. Do it."

'Shit,' Mike thought, unsure of how Sarah would respond.

He walked around the truck to where she was standing, smoothing her dress out. He reached out, taking her hand in his own. Shocked, she turned her head and looked at him.

"Are you nuts?" she asked, but not taking her hand away from his.

"Nope." he said simply. "Just figured it'd be nice to hold hands with you," then added, "and, I was right."

Smiling, she turned and started walking slowly towards the store, Mike's hand in hers. "My day is looking up already," she said, smiling at him.

As they reached the door, Mike released her hand and reached for a basket.

"Think you can get it up in here?"

'Oh crap,' Mike thought, seriously concerned about what the voice had planned.

"Let's just start slow, Hoss. Flirt with her, try and get into the spirit of things. You'll never get it up if you don't relax and just go with it."

With a sigh, Mike pushed the basket after her, quickly catching up and offering it to her. Smiling, she took it and pushed it in front of him down the aisle, but then turned her head half back at him in surprise as Mike came up and wrapped his arms around her, placing them on the bar next to hers, effectively blocking her in.

To passersby, the two just looked like a couple of sweethearts, being affectionate, getting along and not arguing or fighting, like most of the people that seemed to come in.

Smiling to each other, they continued heading down the first aisle.

"Put one of your hands in her panties, start messing around down there."

'If I get arrested, I'm never listening to you again,' Mike thought, but because of the bet, he began to comply.

Sarah continued down the aisle, leaning over and throwing something in the basket as Mike ran his hand down her stomach. Reaching up under her sundress he quickly found the edge of her panties, clumsily pushing his fingers underneath them and felt around for her pussy lips.

"What the fuck are you doing?" she whispered sharply, reaching for his hand.

"Don't. You just focus on getting the groceries," he whispered. "I'll focus on you."

"You've definitely upgraded yourself from the unsure, timid little brother you were a few months ago."

Mike didn't reply, but did chuckle in agreement.

He pushed his hand lower, through her silky pubic hair, and down between her legs to her cunt lips, parting them with a finger and pushing it gently inside.

"You have completely lost your mind," she whispered, as she had to steady herself.

Silently, Mike had to agree, but felt 'Old Faithful' beginning to stir.

"We need you to get some wood up and ready, so in the meantime, try and work her panties off, but make sure she's still putting groceries in the cart."

The store was actually pretty empty as Mike and Sarah rounded the corner, still not seeing anyone other than bored employees who couldn't care less what they were doing.

They rounded a corner and saw a woman at the other end, thankfully with her back to them, and moving slowly away.

That's when Mike stopped her, running the other hand quickly under her dress. Grabbing both sides of her panties, he pulled them down over her hips as she gasped at his boldness, unable to stop him until they were gathered around her ankles.

"You have gone insane!" she whispered, but much louder than she'd intended. Mike went to his knees and pulled her legs up, one at a time, then quickly stood as she straightened her dress out and began to walk quickly away from him.

"Not so fast," he said, catching up with her. "You're not out of this yet," he whispered.

Quickly running his hand up her dress again, and having no trouble finding her pussy lips again, she walked slowly forward trying to concentrate on the list in her hand and throwing groceries in the cart. As she did, she built a wall of products at the back of the basket that hid what they were doing from the front.

While they had no such protection from the sides, Mike's larger body hid what was going on from behind, and she did began to relax, actually getting into the idea of what her horny little brother was doing.

Mike pushed his finger in and pulled it out slightly, and felt her juices starting to flow.

"Put a finger in her mouth."

Mike pulled his finger out of her pussy and out from under her dress, bringing it up to her face. But, as soon as she saw it, she clamped her mouth shut, and just shook her head.

"Open your mouth, sweet cheeks," he whispered, "you know you want to."

Giggling she darted her head forwards and sucked the finger into her mouth, sucking on it for a few seconds before he quickly pulled it back out and it disappeared back up under her dress and into her pussy.

Mike pushed up close to her, his dick sticking slightly out, mostly upwards from his blue jeans, brushing it against her sun dress covered butt.

"Feels like I'm not the only one getting horny," she said with a snicker, pressing backwards against him as she reached for a couple of bags of chips.

They continued like this for a few aisles, seeing very few people and being noticed by no one. The next aisle they came to had an older man in a motorized cart coming towards them. Neither of them wanted to be the first to give in, so they both kept as straight a face as they could manage as he passed. He glancing over, chuckled, and then just shook his head.

"Head to the back of the store."

Mike nodded at her, pointing towards the store room. Grinning, she nodded and pushed the cart hurriedly in that direction. Pushing through the plastic curtains, they both took a look around. Mike extracted himself and peered around the corners before finding a secluded spot that was surrounded by plastic shipping crates.

Sarah went in first, and turned around. Sitting on a short stack, she pulled up her skirt and gave Mike a dirty look. She reached out to him as he unzipped his pants and unleashed the beast.

They didn't waste any time, however. This wasn't a soft and sweet lovemaking session. This was a 'dirty, public, anyone can catch us at anytime, quick and fuck me hard' session.

Mike grabbed her and quickly pushed his cock into her as she wrapped her legs around him, her arms grabbing at his strong arm muscles, her hair falling around her face as he thrust forward, her pussy sucking greedily at his cock. She tossed her hair out of her face and quickly pressed her lips to his as he pushed his hands under her butt cheeks, lifting easily and pulling upwards and letting her drop, bouncing down on his cock.

He repeated the move multiple times, each one causing her to yelp in pleasure. After several minutes, he did finally have to set her down. She stopped him as he began to thrust into her, pushing him off and heading to the wall behind him. Then she turned and rudely and very un-lady like pulled her dress up over her ass.

"OH MOMMA. Gimme, gimme, gimme."

Smiling, he quickly came up behind her and found her pussy lips again from behind. Pushing in slowly at first, but quickly slapping his lap against her bare ass cheeks, his cock was careening its way in and out of her sopping cunt.

A few more passes, much fewer than he expected, she began to come, relatively quickly for her, but not surprising considering the previous night and the mornings activities. She shuddered as the first ripple of pleasure slammed into her, followed by the second, then another. Then she was lost for several seconds as an ocean of ecstasy washed over her.

Mike slapped repeatedly against her ass, feeling his own orgasm building.

"Pull out and get her on her knees."

Caught off guard by the voice, but without argument or thinking about it, he pulled out and spun her around. Cuing in on what he wanted, she dropped quickly to her knees and took his cock in her hands, wrapping her full lips around the tip and sucked gently, her hands pumping back and forth on his slick thick shaft, despite the fact she was still in the throes of an aftershock.

Sarah moaned as one passed through her, and the sound and feeling as it escaped her throat and passed his cock in her mouth caused him to start to come. She grinned as it began to fill her mouth, gushing from the tip, and pushed it towards her throat, pushing it back until it hit the back of her throat, causing Mike to stagger in pleasure as it passed into her throat, his cock still throbbing and shooting his warm seed into her.

"Ohhh, damn it," he croaked as she bounced up and down, her lips at the base of his shaft, buried in his pubic hair.

Finally spent, he glanced down as she looked up at him and winked, slowly extracting his sticky cock, her tongue working around it, cleaning every drop off, stopping at the tip and sucking hard on it, milking him with her hands to get every drop and swallowing it all.

Groaning, Mike staggered backwards and hit a stack of plastic crates. Giggling, she stood and licked a drop of cum off her hand.

"Told you I'd fuck you up," she said, grinning, swallowing the last of his sperm.

They suddenly heard voices in the distance... employees, and quickly ducked into an employee bathroom. Cleaning themselves up and exiting, they found their basket and swiftly finishing up the shopping.


"Damn, I'm good. Come on, you can say it."

'Gotta admit, that was pretty good,' Mike agreed as he loaded bag after bag into his truck a few minutes later.

But the voice didn't reply, no doubt planning its next move.

Mike chuckled to himself and pushed the cart to the basket return, then headed back to his truck to drive his, suddenly much happier, sister, home.

As he pulled out of the parking lot she scooted over to him and leaned against him, sighing into his shoulder.

After pulling in the driveway, and coming to a stop, Mike helped unload the truck and ignored the snickers as his other sister's noticing Sarah's softened demeanor and smile.

Ignoring the whispers that erupted when the four were in the kitchen when Sarah began to divulge what her ever-surprising brother had done to her in the supermarket, Mike headed out back to see what needed to be done for the party.

Several hours later, a sweaty, crud encrusted Mike headed upstairs and showered, just pulling on his swim trunks and another t-shirt when the doorbell rang. Pounding down the stairs, he popped open the door and smiled as his best buddy Matt, held out his arms and pursed his lips.

"Come on baby, I missed you SOO MUCH," he said. "Gimme a kiss sweetheart!" Matt said, mockingly, obviously playing around with his best friend.

Mike smacked him in the chest, causing Matt to throw his hands up, curled into fists. "Come on fucker, hadn't had a good tickling in a good long while," he said, dancing around for a few seconds like a boxer. "Wanna try and give me one?"

"You two are such idiots." said Missy, his older sister from behind him, shaking her head. She was three years older than Matt and Mike, and favored her brother more than most girls. Smiling, she side stepped Matt, and gave Mike a quick hug.

"Hey Mike," she said, pulling back and walking past him as he stepped back into the house.

"What's up bro?" Matt asked as they went inside.

"Not much, bud. Where the hell have you guys been?" Mike asked, leading them into the kitchen.

"Vacation," Missy said, sounding slightly irritated.

Mike chuckled. "Family vacation?" he asked.

Matt nodded. "Fuck yes."

Mike laughed loudly, shaking his head. "Well, that's one of the drawbacks of having parents," he quipped.

"Hey guys," Danni said, smiling and moving to hug Matt, who flashed an 'Oh Yeah' face at Mike behind Danni's back, and then to Missy, who smacked her brother. "Matt's being an ass again I gather," she said.

"When isn't Matt being an ass?" Missy answered. "How've you all been?" she asked Danni, as the two headed towards the back door, their brothers following quickly behind them.

"Ya'll just keep walkin' that way, we'll just enjoy the view," Matt said, watching the two asses in front of him bouncing and wiggling back and forth.

Matt had been Mike's best friend ever since elementary school, when Matt had bloodied his nose for no apparent reason. They'd been in the wooden fort at school, and Matt had walked up and called him a 'Son of a Bitch' without any provocation and popped Mike once in the nose.

Mike, in turn, tackled him right out of the fort, then four feet to the ground, breaking Matt's arm as he landed on a wooden beam around the sandbox under the fort. That break and the subsequent rehab Matt had to endure are what caused him to work out more, to strengthen up his arm muscles to the point where he could hurl a football farther than anyone else ever had at their high school.

Where Mike had brown hair, Matt was a sandy blonde, his hair just long enough to tuck up under his hat to avoid getting insulted by the local rednecks. He was nicely built, had thicker arms than Mike, but the two could pass for brothers. Their attitudes and general demeanor were the only things that separated them.

Mike was always quiet, withdrawn and never talkative. Matt was the complete opposite, usually insulting someone, causing a ruckus, or just being an ass, as his sister had put it. He was the kind of friend you would love to have, but hated to have at the same time. He was someone who wouldn't mind fighting someone for you, but who, more often than not, got you into more fights through his antics.

Missy was nice enough, and Mike had actually had a crush on her in junior high. But she had never even given him the time of day, and generally treated him like a little brother, although better than Matt himself.

They went outside where Danni and Missy were sitting on the deck chairs and, having kicked off their shorts, they were rummaging around in their bags looking for some tanning oil.

Matt ran over to the shed where he knew Mike kept his old football and reached inside. Grabbing the familiar rough leather, he tossed it back and forth in his hands a few times. Turning he threw it casually to Mike, who caught it easily with a solid sounding 'thunk.'

Mike glanced over at the two girls, who had captured his attention as they stood and began pulling off their shirts. Mike always loved that part, right when they pulled the tops off and they were smoothing out the bikini, making sure it covered all the essentials, and then shook their hair out. Girls were so mysteriously meticulous about looking good all the time. It was something that just mystified and interested him all at once.

Mike turned and tossed the ball to Matt, who had to turn and refocus quickly as he caught the surprise pass.

"Busted," said Mike.

"Who the hell could blame me?" Matt said, tossing it back quickly. "All that prime, gathered up in one place."

Danni had on her tiny yellow bikini, which actually shocked Mike. He didn't think she'd wear it with other people around, but he realized that she was getting back to being the old Danni, at least in some respects.

Missy's suit was a little more sensible, having quite a bit more fabric to it that Danni's. She had a decent body, but not quite as toned and muscular as Danni's, more like Beth's, with boobs comparable to Beth's.

"Yo, fuckstick. Quit ogling my sister and throw the damn ball," Matt called. Mike spun and quickly tattooed Matt's hands with it.

Missy flipped her brother the bird, and Danni giggled, raising a finger and wiggling it back and forth at Mike.

The door opened and Megan came out, followed by Sarah, who was carrying several cases of Dos Equis. With big stupid grins plastered all over their faces, Mike and Matt both headed towards her. "Damn I love your sisters," Matt said.

"Yeah, me too," Mike agreed.

"Me three."

"Who ordered the stripper?" Matt called out, whistling at Megan as he came forward for a beer.

"Yeah sure, you wish," Megan called back, flipping him off again and causing both young men to laugh.

"Remind me why I'm friends with you," Mike said as he reached for a beer, tossing one to Matt and reaching for the bottle opener hanging on the wall near the door, as Sarah began to unpack the bottles and put them in the small fridge sitting close to the wall.

"Hell," Matt said, taking a swig, "you know you love me. It ain't a party till the Matt Monster arrives."

Sarah giggled and grabbed a beer and the bottle opener from Mike. "Behave you two, or I'll have Emma come out here and whip both your asses," she said with a finger pointed at Matt.

"Aw hell," Matt said, "promises, promises."

Mike laughed, truly forgetting how much he loved and hated having Matt around. Emma actually enjoyed his company, seemingly more than Mike did. She really would whip his ass, though, and had on more than one occasion.

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