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Just Watch


Greg was more than surprised to see Amber Johnson walk into his office one Monday morning. Many people had come to him for therapy over the last ten years that he'd been practicing, but no one that he recognized from his hometown.

Amber sat herself down on one of the plush waiting chairs in the front room, looking about herself nervously as she waited for the doctor to arrive.

Greg walked away from the small window connecting his office to the waiting room, letting the blinds fall back into place. He straightened himself, pulled his tie a little tighter to make himself more dignified, and opened the door.

"Mrs. Clawson?" he asked, reading from his appointment book. Amber stood up shyly and smiled at him. Greg put his hand out to shake hers, limply. The ring on Amber's finger seemed to burn into his palm.

"Please call me Amber," she said shyly.

Even after all these years Greg couldn't believe how striking Amber was. Her dark hair and tanned complexion made him ache in the familiar way he had felt all through high school. She had never noticed him, though, as much as he had wished. In fact, she had turned his offer of a date down, hurting him terribly.

"I'm Greg," Greg said, smiling. The hurt of her rejection was coming back to him, pushing the ache of arousal out of his body and replacing it with anger instead. She didn't even recognize him, he could tell. "Won't you come in?" he invited, holding the door open. Amber walked past him and into his light office. She took a seat on the couch, and Greg sat down on a chair facing her.

"I guess I should tell you what my problem is," Amber started, blushing.

"Please do," Greg smiled charmingly, forcing himself to appear cheerful.

"I don't know where to start, doctor," Amber apologized, her dark eyes looking downwards towards her lap.

Greg found himself fascinated with the shape of her eyelashes, slightly curved, hiding her downcast eyes. "It's so embarrassing."

"Amber," Greg chided, "I hear a lot of different stories every single day, and I haven't been shocked by any of them yet. Please, feel free to tell me what's been bothering you so that I can begin the process of fixing it for you. And call me Greg, none of this silly 'doctor' nonsense."

"Well, sir, Greg," she stammered. "It has been months since I've enjoyed sex with my husband. It's not that we're doing anything different, in fact, maybe that's the problem." she paused, looking up at Greg to see his reaction. Greg's face remained cool, his head nodding slightly, his pencil poised to write any notes about what she would say.

"Do you think that that's the problem? The monotony?"

"Maybe, I don't know. It's just that it doesn't excite me anymore."

Greg nodded again, and wrote something on his note pad. "How does your husband feel about this?"

"He feels awful. He thinks that I don't desire him anymore, and it's not that! It's just, I don't know...I guess I need a change."

"What kind of change would you like, Amber?" Greg asked, crossing his legs. Amber's face flushed again, but she didn't say anything, just sighed.

"It doesn't matter. He has let me know that the things I desire aren't going to happen. I guess I'm just hoping that you could help me, I don't know, make normal things more exciting again. Is there something you could do to make it better?"

Greg almost laughed out loud at the irony. The girl he had fantasized about for years was here, asking his advice on sex. There had been countless times where Greg had lay in bed, eyes closed, picturing this petite creature kneeling in front of him and sucking him off. She had screwed around with every guy in school but him. He could still hear the whispered rumors his friends had loved to tell him. How they had laughed when she had turned him down. Perhaps there was a way to pay her back.

"I can think of one thing we might try, Amber," he said softly. Greg put down the paper and his pencil and walked over to his desk. In the upper right hand drawer he kept a pocket watch, and he pulled it out now, holding it in front of his face and letting his eyes follow it as it spun.

"Hypnosis?" Amber guessed, her voice quivering slightly.

"Yes," Greg said. "I haven't done it often, I have to admit, but I think it might help you now."

Greg took his eyes away from the object and looked back at his patient. The young woman was trembling slightly.

"You think it would work?" she asked.

"I do," Greg lied. He had never actually practiced hypnosis on anyone in the office; it was something he liked to do as more of a parlor trick in front of his friends. With his friends it had worked, but his suggestions had been more playful than what he was thinking of suggesting to Amber Johnson, now Amber Clawson.

"Well," Amber said, almost in a whisper. "If you think it will help my relationship, then why don't we try?"

Greg's stomach tightened at the reminder of her relationship. It should have been him, married to the beautiful former prom queen. Instead, she was married to a man who couldn't even excite her in bed. Quite ironic, indeed.

"I need to you relax completely," Greg said, walking over to the couch. He pulled his chair with him, sitting three feet away from the gorgeous woman. "Lay down on the couch, and cross your arms over your chest. I want you to watch this object with your eyes." He began to swing the pocket watch slowly over her face in slow, steady movements. He lowered and softened his voice, cooing to the woman on the couch. "Keep your eyes on the watch. Don't let it escape your vision. Keep your eyes on it as it swings back and forth."

Amber's eyes followed the watch, and Greg could see her eyelids growing heavy. The muscles in her face appeared to relax in front of his eyes. Greg took a deep breath and continued.

"Let your body grow completely limp. First your toes, then your legs, moving all the way up to your fingertips. I want your entire body to be relaxed, open. Concentrate on the sound of my voice." Greg took another deep breath. He could see Amber relaxing on the couch in front of him. Her arms uncrossed and lay next to her sides, he could see her shoulders lay back. Even her feet were relaxing. Greg smiled and went on. "You are getting very tired," he said, smiling at the cliché. "I am going to count to three, and when I reach three your mind will be completely open to me. You will be awake, but asleep, and will not be able to do anything except listen to the sound of my voice."

He took a deep breath.

"One," he said, his voice calm, relaxing. "Your eyelids feel heavy. Close them, let yourself slip into a dreamy state."

Amber's eyelids fluttered softly and shut, her green eyes hiding from Greg's view.

"Two," he continued, watching Amber's body slip further and further from reality. "Relax your fingertips, your toes, every muscle in your body."

Her arms seemed to relax, her fingers releasing their fists and dropping to her sides.

"Three," he finished, smiling as Amber's large chest moved up and down evenly with each of her heavy breaths. "You are now completely asleep, dreaming. You are totally relaxed."

"Do you remember me, Amber?" Greg asked silently, speaking into Amber's forgotten mind. "Do you remember high school?"

"I remember you," Amber said in a low voice. "You asked me out in high school."

"Right," Greg said, smiling. "I asked you to a dance. Do you remember what you said?"

"I laughed at you," Amber whispered.

"Was it funny, me asking you out?"

"Yes, it was funny."

"No, it wasn't funny," Greg said, his voice getting angry. "It was not funny at all. It was a compliment, me asking you to the dance. Do you remember what your friends said when you told them about it?"

"They laughed with me," Amber said, her mouth frowning slightly. "They laughed about it a lot."

"No, they didn't," Greg said, his voice becoming stern. He struggled to keep the anger out of his body, to make his fingers relax and stop gripping the pocket watch so tightly. "They thought it was great, that Greg Nelson had asked you out. They were jealous."

Amber made a soft sound, a cross between a whimper and a moan, her head rolling to one side. Her fingers seemed to be struggling to move, but she was unable to.

"It was a compliment that I asked you out. Do you remember now?" Greg watched Amber's face closely. Her eyelids fluttered.

"It was a compliment," Amber said in a low voice. "My friends were jealous."

"Right," Greg said, smiling. "It was a compliment and everyone was jealous when they heard about it."

Amber nodded her head slightly, her lips moving from a frown into a slight smile. "Everyone was jealous."

"You felt so good. You were going to go out with Greg Nelson. And you know what happened?"

Amber shook her head slowly from side to side.

"I stood you up. You went to meet me, but I never came. And then everyone laughed at you."

The frown returned, Amber's eyelids fluttering rapidly.

"Everyone laughed at you, you were the laughingstock of the school."

Amber whimpered softly, shaking her head some more. Greg smiled; he was rewriting her memories and making her remember him.

"I was the laughing stock of the school," Amber repeated, a hint of sadness in her voice.

"Ever since that date, the one I stood you up, you've been thinking about me. You think about me all the time; when you're sleeping, when you're eating, when you're working, and when you're having sex with your husband. The reason you haven't been enjoying sex is because you want me, not your husband. You want the man that you never got to touch. You want to fuck me, to lick me, to suck me. You want to make passionate love to me all night. You want to give me your virginity, but it's gone. You want to be everything to me. Do you understand?"

Again, Amber nodded, her eyelids fluttering. She rolled her head to the side again and sighed deeply.

"If you could just touch me, it would make you feel so good," murmured Greg. "Each touch of my skin would be like an orgasm to you. Every cell of your body would lust for me. You want me so badly."

A whimper came from Amber again, an animalistic noise that sounded full of need. Greg smiled wider, watching Amber's body rise slightly in places, her perky breasts thrusting outwards and upwards, towards Greg's body. He felt himself grow hard at her writhing movements, and swallowed deeply before continuing.

"You want me so bad it hurts. You want my body inside yours, thrusting into you, filling you completely with my cock. You imagine my cock every time you close your eyes; the taste of it, the feel of it. When you leave here today, you will go home and go to bed with your husband. You will fuck him and think about me, and how much better it would be if you were fucking me in his place. Tomorrow, at noon, you will come back here and find me. You will come in to my office, shut the door, and approach me with open arms. You will beg me to fuck you. Do you understand?"

Amber was moaning, her hands clenching and relaxing, her muscles seeming to tighten. Greg smiled, knowing that his plan was working. He licked his lips as he watched her willowy body's movements, thinking about the pale skin underneath her clothes. Tomorrow, he would be able to feel it himself.

"I understand," Amber moaned, licking her own lips.

Watching the gorgeous creature on the couch in front of him, Greg couldn't help reaching forward to touch her body. With outstretched fingers, he stroked the side of her cheek.

Amber moaned, his touch igniting a fire within her. She writhed again, her hips thrusting upwards towards his body as he leaned over her. Greg smiled; each of his touches was uncontrollable passion to her. Slowly, he ran his finger down her neck, tracing the shape of her beautifully sculpted upper body and stopping right above the top of her blouse.

"Now, Amber," Greg said, his voice relaxing. "I am going to count to three. When I snap my fingers, you will rise completely out of your dreamy state, and be fully aware of your surroundings. You will not remember what has happened here this afternoon."

Amber's head nodded slightly, her fingers moving ever so slowly. "One," Greg said softly. "Two. You're coming out of it. You can feel yourself rising off the couch and joining me back in the room. Three. You are fully awake now." Greg snapped his fingers, and Amber's eyes opened wide. Her hands clutched the side of the couch again, and she looked up at the doctor expectantly.

Amber smiled slightly, batting her eyelashes at the doctor. She sat up against the back of the couch and crossed her long legs prettily, smiling at Greg in a flirtatious way.

"I'm afraid your hour is up," Greg said, no sadness in his voice. "I think we made some progress. Good afternoon." He stood up and walked towards the door, opening it and holding it wide as Amber stared at him.

Reluctance showed on Amber's face, her lips in a frown. She turned her large eyes towards Greg, giving him a doe like expression.

"Do I have to leave?" she said in a sultry voice. "I would love to stay here just a little bit longer."

Greg tried to hide his smile. Amber was flirting with him. The girl who had turned him down in high school was flirting openly with him at his office.

"I'm sorry, Amber. You have to go. I have other patients to attend to."

Standing, Amber looked at Greg sadly. She nodded her head, her dark hair falling around her face, and walked slowly out of his office. When she was gone, Greg laughed to himself, sitting down behind his desk and sitting back, his feet resting on the surface. He had done it. He had gotten his revenge. There was no question in his mind that Amber would be back, begging for him, by this time tomorrow.


The clock on Greg's desk read 11:45. Nervously, he tapped his pencil against the pad of paper. His patient sat in front of him, talking about some experience or another, but Greg could not keep anything straight. He was thinking about Amber, and had been fighting with an erection all morning.

"Well, Tim," Greg said, standing up and opening the door. "Our time is up today. I will see you next week, ok?"

The man stood up and walked out the door and Greg sighed with relief. He popped his head out into the waiting room to look in on his secretary.

"You going to lunch soon, Lois?" he asked the older woman. Lois looked at him with narrowed eyes. "Yes," she said. "Why?"

"I'm expecting someone for lunch. She should be here in a couple minutes. Please show her in to my office and then lock the front door on your way out."

"Sure, Mr. Henderson. I'll let you know when I leave." Lois looked through her glasses suspiciously at her employer. Greg swallowed hard and disappeared back into his office. He was afraid that Lois might suspect something. Despite his boldness yesterday, he was still the insecure boy that Amber had turned down years ago.

Greg sat at his desk, tapping his pencil nervously and watching the clock tick. It was two minutes after noon. Where was Amber? He was afraid that she wouldn't show up, that she would figure out his game and that she would tell the authorities and he would end up in jail. He swallowed again and picked his pencil up to examine it.

A knock on the door nearly made him jump out of his chair. Remaining seated, and taking a deep breath to calm his nerves, Greg looked towards the doorway.

"Come in," he said coolly.

Lois popped her head around the door. "Mrs. Clawson is here to see you, doctor," she said coldly, glaring at Greg. Greg nodded slightly.

"Show her in," he said.

Lois's head disappeared and a moment later Amber's lithe body was moving through the doorway. She looked at Greg through her thick eyelashes, her cheeks blushing slightly as she looked at the man seated behind the desk.

Greg's body instantly responded to Amber's presence, his cock seeming to begin to throb as his eyes traced up her curves. Calmly, collectively, he placed his hands in front of him on the desk and folded his fingers together. Forcing himself to look at least somewhat surprised to see a patient in his office without an appointment, he drew his eyes towards her. As casually he could, he met her eyes

"Can I help you, Mrs. Clawson?" he asked nonchalantly.

Amber's eyes were running up and down his body, scanning his small frame and shoulders.

"I...I wanted to see you again, doctor," Amber answered, her red tongue darting out to lick her lips as he looked at her. She shifted her weight to her other leg and toyed with her hands playfully. Greg could see that she was nervous. He struggled not to smile.

"Did the treatment work?" He asked.

"Not really, doctor," Amber said sadly. "Actually, all night, all I could think about," she swallowed hard and then smiled at Greg. "Was you."

"Really?" Greg said, allowing his smile to surface at last. "How interesting. What about me?"

"You captivate me, Greg. I kept picturing your body on top of mine, fucking me, and riding me, pumping into me. I thought about you all night, Greg," she repeated. She took a couple steps closer to the desk, boldly walking around it to his side, over the barrier that kept patient from doctor.

Greg's laughter bubbled within him. The woman who had turned him down, rejected him, was walking around his desk with a look in her eyes that could only be described as animalistic lust. He pushed his chair away from his desk and spread his legs slightly, looking up at the beautiful woman expectantly.

Licking her lips again, Amber stood in front of the doctor, smiling shyly at him.

"Sir," she said softly. "I want you so badly. Would you allow me to pleasure you? Please? It would be so wonderful, for both of us."

"You're my patient, Mrs. Clawson. And a married woman. It would hardly be acceptable for me to take advantage of you like that."

Brief pain spread across Amber's sweet face, her eyes blinking before she looked back at the man.

"Well then," she said slyly, "I'll have to take advantage of you, doctor."

Greg's eyes widened in mild surprise as Amber knelt between his legs. Her long fingers edged up the inseams of his pants to his fly, and began to undo the zip holding his cock in place.

From the moment Amber Clawson had walked into his office, Greg's cock had been throbbing with anticipation. Even though Greg himself was unsure that his plan had worked, his cock had been eager for the answer. And here it was, between his knees, lowering down onto his aching member right now.

His cock bounced straight up, bobbing in front of his face. If he didn't know that he'd practically programmed Amber to adore his cock, he would be nervous about the girl looking down at his member for the first time. But he was somewhat confidant that since she had gone this far, she wouldn't find fault with him.

Greg moaned aloud as Amber's lips locked around his cock, taking the head into her mouth and rubbing it with her sweet tongue. Her warm mouth closed around his head, sucking if softly into her mouth, and Amber began to stroke the underside with her tongue softly.

Sounds of lust escaped Amber's lips as she sucked Greg off, thrusting her head up and down on his staff, fucking her throat with his cock. Greg shut his eyes, leaning back and enjoying Amber's work, smiling to himself. His plan had worked carefully. As he had suspected, Amber was good at sucking cock, a professional. She probably had sucked off every male in the whole school except for him.

Anger crossed Greg's brow momentarily but he forced himself to smooth it out, once again lingering on the sensation of Amber's lips locked around his organ.

"That's good," he murmured as Amber began to speed up, licking rapidly inside her mouth as she kept pushing his cock deep down her throat. "Keep doing that."

More sounds escaped Amber, whimpers and moans and grunts as she fucked his cock. Greg opened his eyes to watch her, and she lifted hers up to him. His cock was bent back at an angle he would have thought unpleasant, but the sight of such lust in Amber's eyes turned him on even more. He could feel his balls swelling with her ministrations.

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