tagCelebrities & Fan FictionJustin Bieber's Surrogate Mother Ch. 02

Justin Bieber's Surrogate Mother Ch. 02


Susan becomes Justin Bieber's surrogate mother

"And I sleep with my clothes on and you do too," she said. "Right?"

"Okay," he said.

Susan put his fifty-thousand dollar check in her purse and followed him to the master bedroom. His bedroom was nearly bigger than Colleen's entire apartment. She couldn't wait to tell Colleen what happened. She couldn't wait to tell her friend that she not only met Justin Bieber but also that she's sleeping with him, so to speak. She'd never believe her. No one would believe her.

"Do you have a preference?" She looked at him with curiosity.

"Preference? What do you mean, do I have a preference?"

"Which side of the bed do you sleep?"

She looked at him while waiting for his response. Even though he was so horribly young, he was nice looking and, being that she was thinking about having sex with him now, she could understand why his own mother would want to have sex with him.

"Oh. The right side. I always sleep on the right side. I can't get comfortable on the left side of the bed for some reason," he said.

"Okay," she said removing her heels and raising her skirt to scoot over on the bed.

"I just have one request," he said.


Ungrateful that he just paid her fifty-thousand dollars to just sleep with her without having sex with her, she dared to have an attitude. As if her patience was already taxed and at the limit and as if her kindness was exhausted, expecting to hear his request that would be the last straw to break the camel's back, she gave him a knowing look that he was going to ask her for sex and, seemingly, indeed he was.

"Would you mind removing your underwear, your bra and panty?"

My underwear? Fuck him. No way! She knew it. His ploy was just to get her in his bedroom and on his bed.

"Sorry, but I'm not removing my bra and panty. Uh-uh. You said there'd be no sex," she said. "You said you just needed me to sleep with you as in closing your eyes, keeping your hands to yourself, and going to sleep. You said you were tired and desperately needed some sleep to be fresh for your concert."

"I know what I said and I meant what I said lady. I am tired and I do need sleep. Here I am about to sleep with you and I'm sorry but I forgot your name," he said with a laugh.

"Susan. Susan Jill Parker," she said again.

Stating his case why he needed her to remove her underwear, he looked at her with sad, brown eyes.

"My Mom always sleeps with me in her nightgown without wearing any underwear. It's not a sexual thing unless we want it to be and I always sleep with my head upon her breast and my hand in between her legs."

"What? Your head on her breast and your hand in between her legs? Eww. Gross. That's just nasty. Listen buddy, I don't know what kind of game you're playing here with me but--"

"Justin. Not buster and not buddy, please call me Justin, Susan."

"Listen Justin, if you think I'm going to allow you to sleep with your head on my braless tit while your horny hand is in between my legs in the red zone of my pussy than you're--"

"Rest assured that I don't want your body. I just want to sleep and this is how I've slept with my mother for nearly the past 2 years, since I turned 18-years-old. What if I give you another fifty-thousand-dollars for you to remove your underwear," he said taking out his checkbook again and writing another check. "Is that fair?"

Against her better judgment to continue down this road of perverse debauchery but he was offering her another fifty-thousand dollars, more money than she's made in the last several years combined. When added to the first fifty-thousand dollars, that's one-hundred-thousand dollars. Where could she earn that kind of money for just sleeping for one night with Justin Bieber without her underwear?

"Lemme get this straight. You'll pay me one-hundred-thousand dollars to sleep with you, but not sleep with you, but to really sleep with you without sex, so long as I remove my panty and bra for you to rest your head on my tit and leave your hand precariously between my legs," she said. "Is that it?" She stared at him incredulously.

"Yes," he said handing her the second check for fifty-thousand dollars.

"Okay," she said, "but no monkey business. I mean it. No fingering my pussy in the middle of the night. No fingering and sucking my nipples in the middle in the night and no sticking your cock in my mouth," she said. "No sex period. Got it?"

"Okay. I have it only I can't promise you what I do in my sleep but yes, no consciously fingering your pussy in the middle of the night, no consciously fingering and sucking your nipples, and no consciously sticking my cock in your mouth," he said crossing his heart and crossing his fingers. "Okay?"

"Okay," she said.

"I promise you Susan that I just want to get a good night's sleep. I'm tired. I'm so very tired. Always having slept with my mother since I turned 18-years-old, I can't sleep without sleeping with my mother there holding me and making me feel that everything will be alright. All that I want you to be is my surrogate mother. Okay?"

"Okay," she said tucking his second check away in her pocketbook.

"Thank you," he said.

Susan turned her back to remove her blouse and bra. She put her blouse back on but her blouse was so sheer that he could definitely see her nipples through her blouse in the bright light of the bedroom.

"Turn off the light," she said folding her arms across her breasts until the light was extinguished.

As soon as he turned off the light, she reached beneath her short skirt and removed her panty. Then, she thought that she'd ruin her clothes if she slept in them. With all the money he just gave her, she could afford to buy new clothes, of course, but appearing that she slept in her clothes, her clothes would be terribly wrinkled for her to walk out in public to go shopping.

"What are you doing over there?"

"I'm getting undressed," she said pausing. "Listen. I believe you about you sleeping with your mother just for comfort and not for sex. To be honest, I sleep in the buff and I can't sleep unless I'm naked, that is, unless I'm sleeping in my warm, oversized, flannel nightgown. If I was to sleep in my clothes, I'd feel suffocated. I'll strip naked so long as you promise me you'll behave and not touch, feel, fondle, and caress my naked body."

"That's a relief," he said with a laugh.

"What do you mean? What's a relief?"

"I sleep naked too but after asking you to remove your bra and panty, I didn't know how to broach that subject with you of me sleeping naked without you thinking that I just wanted to have sex with you," he said.

"So, lemme get this straight. When you're sleeping with your mother, you're naked?"


"And is your mother naked too?"

"Sometimes but not always. She's only 37-years-old and still gets her period," he said as if he was talking about his wife instead of his mother.

"Wow! Fuck me," she said, "I'm going to have a night of Bieber balls pressed against my thigh," she said with a dirty laugh. "Okay, you can strip naked but, I swear to God Justin, if I feel your cock anywhere other than the side of my thigh, our deal is over, I keep the money, and walk. I mean it. Do you understand?"

"Okay. It's a deal," he said stripping off his clothes in the dark. "Thank you for doing this Susan," he said. "I really appreciate this. I really need a good night's sleep."

Even in the dark she could see he had an erection and even in the dark she could see that he had a big cock. For such a small man he had a really, big cock. Too focused on her dire straits of unemployment, homelessness, and poverty, it had been quite some time since she had intimate relations with anyone. Being that she was naked with a naked, young man, a celebrity, and a man who had an immense cock, she was suddenly horny. They both climbed in bed and pulled the sheet over their naked bodies.

"How do you want me?"

A loaded question, if he had asked her how she wanted him, in the way she felt right now and in a room so dark that she couldn't see who she was with, she'd answer that she'd want his head in between her legs and his tongue licking her pussy. Then, she realized that she was a 40-year-old woman lusting over a 19-year-old boy of a man. Sexually, she wasn't any better than his mother. Then again, being that she wasn't his mother, she was better than his mother. Only, not understanding why Justin would want his mother when he could have anyone, being that her son had a big, hard cock, she could understand why his mother would want her son in that incestuous way.

"On your back," he said. "I'd like you on your back please, if you don't mind."

"I generally sleep on my left side," she said.

"Well, after I get comfortable and begin to nod off, it won't much matter to me what side you're sleeping on then. Once I'm asleep or about to fall asleep, you can move to your left side and I'll spoon you. Okay?"

"Spoon me?" Suddenly, she imagined his big, hard cock rubbing up against her firm, round ass. She imagined him having sex with her doggie style while he fondled her big tits and fingered her big nipples from behind. Maybe this is his plan all along. Yet, she was the one who volunteered to strip naked. "Okay, but if I feel you trying to stick your cock up my ass or in my pussy then--"

"I won't. Always having sex with her in the morning, I never have sex with my Mom at night," he said. "We're both morning people."

"Eww. That's too much information Justin. I think I just threw up a little in my mouth," she said. "Wait," she said.


"I need to use the ladies room first. Do you have an extra tooth brush? I can't sleep unless I floss and brush my teeth," she said.

"Yes, of course. There are extra toothbrushes in the bathroom. Everything you need is in the bathroom. Compliments of my hotel, there's even a robe and slippers for you to wear, if you'd like," he said. "You may keep the robe and slippers too when you leave."

Susan moved to her back and Justin, just as he said he would, put his head on one breast with his hand resting in between her legs and just a mere few inches from her pussy. His hand was so close to her pussy that his left thumb tickled her blonde, trimmed pubic hair whenever he moved. His mouth was so very close to her nipple that her nipple responded to the anticipation of the touch his lips and erected. As if this was a sexual torture test or a sexual therapy class work assignment to be done at home as homework, wishing he'd inappropriately touch her in the dark and already determined that she'd offer no resistance, she was already horny for him. Truth be told, she was the one he had to worry about and not the other way around. Truth be told, she wanted him more than he wanted her.

They slept like that for forty-five minutes before Susan moved to get more comfortable. As soon as she moved, he moved and now her hand was trapped between her thigh and his cock. It had been a while since she felt a cock in her hand and, big and hard, his cock felt good pressed against her hand. Obviously sound asleep and not wanting to waken him, she felt his erection grow in the palm of her hand. Stealthily and silently, moving her body a few inches away from him to feel more of his cock, she couldn't help but want to feel his hardness with her long fingers. His erect cock made her horny and she imagined what his cock would feel like in her mouth and in her pussy.

Then, with his lips right on her nipple and his hand now cupping her pussy in the way she imagined he did with his mother, indeed, this sleeping position was is if they were taking a sexual therapy class and told not to sexually touch one another. So close and yet so far, she couldn't believe his lips were in contact with her nipple. If he opened his lips, her nipple would be inside of his mouth. With the movement of her breathing, up and down and up and down, she could feel the touch of his lips sexually exciting her. Purely for the pleasure of herself, she exaggerated her breathing to feel more contact from his lips on her nipple.

Her nipple was so erect and so hard that she actually wished that he'd suck her nipple. With his sleeping fingers not moving to finger her, she couldn't believe his hand was cupping her pussy. With his fingers so close and yet so far, having never thought about incestuous sex before between a mother and son, she was aroused now thinking about Justin and his Mom having sex. His temporary surrogate mother, here she was reenacting his sleeping position and she wondered if he'd take her in the morning and have sex with her. In the way she felt now, going with the horny flow, she'd offer no resistance.

Minutely moving around on the pretense for a more comfortable position, she felt his index finger poised on her pussy slit. She was already wet enough that if he dared press down upon her pussy slit in his sleep, he'd penetrate her enough to feel her wetness. Wishing he would, she could use a bit of sexual relief right now. Then, when she spread her legs just a little more, enough to part her pussy lips, his finger slipped inside and touched her wetness. With his hand and fingers unmoving, she seductively, silently, and ever so slowly and slightly moved her hips to give herself a gentle masturbation rub with his finger.

Between his lips poised by her nipple, her hand on his cock, and his finger practically inside of her pussy, she was out of her mind with sexually lust for Justin Bieber, of all people, someone she never even liked. Then, when she imagined his mother sleeping like this in this position with her son, the image of them being so incestuously, sexually intimate aroused her even more. Just as she wondered if he licked his mother's pussy, she wondered if his mother sucked his cock. She wondered if she allowed her son to cum in her mouth. If she did suck his cock and allowed him to cum in her mouth, she wondered if she swallowed.

With a gentle hand over his finger, it didn't take very much pressure from her hand to force his finger inside of her while pretending that she was his mother and he was her son. With him still sleeping, she continued moving her hips and while finger fucking herself and rubbing her clit with his sleeping finger. No doubt, the sexual fantasy of millions of women, she couldn't believe that Justin Bieber was masturbating her in his sleep. With his cock still in contact with her hand and her nipple practically in his mouth, his finger felt so good inside of her pussy.

Then, using her other hand to move and position herself, she angled her body just a few millimeters for him to take her nipple in his mouth. No doubt, a reflexive action, in the way of a baby sucking a nipple, he accommodated her need to have her tit sucked by parting his lips in his sleep. As if he was talking or singing in his sleep, she felt his tongue on her nipple before she felt his lips sucking her nipple. With the sexual sensation of it all driving her sexually frustratingly insane, between his finger in her pussy, her nipple in his mouth and her hand on his cock, she couldn't take it anymore. So wanting to suck him, desperately, she needed to fuck him.

She moved to her side and immediately he moved closer to spoon her. When he draped his arm over her, impossible to reach over her without feeling her big tit, she moved his hand to her erect nipple. As if his finger was busy playing his guitar, trumpet, or keyboard in his sleep, he fingered her erect nipple. Excited by the feel of his hand on her big breast and his finger fingering her nipple, she was out of her mind with sexual lust for him when she felt his hard cock poking her in the ass. She imagined she was his mother and he was her son. She imagined Justin taking her, his mother, from behind. She imagined her fucking her son.

With her pussy already wet enough to accommodate him, she moved her body to angle her hips and then gently pushing against him, she felt the head of his cock slide inside of her pussy. Justin Bieber's cock was in her pussy. She couldn't believe it. Justin Bieber was making love to her. She was being fucked, so to speak, by a celebrity, albeit a sleeping celebrity.

Gently rocking herself, she moved her hips in and out as his cock slid deeper inside of her as he continued feeling her tit and fingering her nipple in his sleep. Already ready to orgasm, she reached around behind her to wrap her hand around his engorged prick as he fucked her from behind. She hoped he'd cum inside of her. She hoped he'd make her pregnant. She wouldn't mind being the mother of a love child from Justin Bieber.

No longer able to stand the nonsense of a sleeping fuck she turned around and slid her body halfway down the bed to take his cock in her mouth. She was blowing him. She was sucking Justin Bieber's big, hard cock. With him not having slept for two days, he was dead to the world. Nonetheless his unconscious sleep, he took her head in between her hands and humped her mouth and fucked her face in his sleep. Then, when she felt him getting aroused enough to cum, she slid her body up to meet his lips.

As soon as she kissed he, he was awake. Returning her French kisses with his, they kissed and kissed while she reached down to stuff his cock in her wet cunt. They were fucking now, really fucking. They didn't make love for more than a few minutes before he exploded a huge load of cum inside of her and as soon as he did he fell asleep again. Keeping to her previous agreement, except for the sex, she held him in the way his mother held him with his head on her breast and his hand in between her legs.

To be continued...

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