tagNonHumanKai: With Patience Comes Madness

Kai: With Patience Comes Madness


Four nights had passed since he visited that human girl. Four nights, during which he had tasted more than his share of the fairer sex. Ah, and they were delightful, but they were not her. Their scents and flavors were different.

It was possible for him to find some similarities, such as hair and eye color. In his mind, it was no different than owning a doll which resembled the one you desire.

He was disappointed with himself for wanting her. A master should desire his pet to some extent, but not to where all others paled in comparison. It was not in his nature to only possess one pet, it was demeaning to his status. But at the moment, he had no need for others. After all, he had not finished with the first one.

During the moon of the fifth night, he decided it was time to return to her. She had waited for him long enough, his visit was due.

Kai saw her sleeping when he approached her window. He tried the glass and was pleased when he found it unlocked. Of course, it would not be locked against him. It was a pet's nature to wait for her master's return. He remained at the window, perfectly still, studying the curves and features of the innocent creature that lay resting before his eyes.

Though he liked to think it, patience was not his greatest virtue. Within moments, he had slipped through the threshold and loomed over her, seeing if his entrance had disturbed her sleep.

It had not, she remained as she was.

Slipping beside her, he took a moment to bring his face to her hair, catching her scent as though this simple act would be enough to satisfy him. She stirred then, but did not wake. It only alerted her to his presence on a subconscious level and she snuggled against him as though they were lovers. He allowed this to occur, if only so he could feel her body against his. He wondered then how much he could get away with without rousing her. Deciding to test this, he ran his hand beneath the covers and came into contact with the flesh of her thigh. It was smooth, as he imagined it would be.

Finally, he brought his lips to her cheek and whispered against her flesh, "Dira. Your master has returned."

Still, she remained unresponsive.

"Tell me, would you remain asleep and risk angering me?" His hand moved further up her thigh, hoping the contact would cause her to become alert.

After what seemed to him like an eternity, her eyes fluttered open and she attempted to speak.


He put a hand to her mouth and gripped her thigh with the intention to cause her slight discomfort.

"You should know better by now," he growled against her, "Do not speak unless I bid you to do so."

She complied with silence. This pleased him immensely. He had a the sudden impulse to tell her what he loved about her and why. Yes, love, but not as mortals knew it. His love was of a different kind, filled with obsession and pain. He decided against acting on this. To admit these things to her would be his undoing.

Gazing down at her, he knew she wanted him to kiss her. Her lips were parted slightly and her cheeks had the faintest blush. As inviting as it was, he was not her lover and would not kiss her unless it suited him. What suited him right now was nothing of the sort.

"I am going to punish you," he stated plainly. Her expression was delightful. She was frightened, yes, but also willing.

Against his expectations and wishes, she stole a long, moist kiss from him. It was a plea. A plea for him to take her without hurting her. As if such a thing were possible. She kept her lips against his until he drew back, peering at her as though she had done something terrible.

"What was that?" he snickered. "If you love me, you won't? Is that what you are trying to tell me? Well, I do not, so your plea was in vain."

She nuzzled into his throat as if that would corrupt his intentions. He was beginning to grow impatient and she would pay dearly for it.

"Stop pleading with me and do as you are told. Go retrieve a strap. And be quick about it, lest your punishment be far worse."

With an irresistible frown, she removed herself from his neck and went to do as he had demanded of her. She returned with a thin belt and handed it to him with reluctance.

"Are you frightened?" he did not give her a chance to answer. "Good. Now turn around and keep your eyes lowered."

Once again, she did as she was told. However, her previous impertinence was enough to warrant these actions. With a swift motion, he struck her lower back with the strap. She whined against her will and this only inflamed him more.

"Did you think," he began as he continued to work her over, "that I would simply take you again and again without you deserving it?"

Of course, she could not answer while trying so hard to refrain from sobbing. Again, she pleaded, this time by leaning back against him in order to prevent him from striking her again.

"Lean forward."

"No," she muttered.

No? Either she was attempting to make the experience worse than it needed to be or she was truly stupid.

"Have you gone mad?" he asked, the impatience thick in his tone. Shoving her forward roughly, he continued his assault on her delicate skin.

A little more, just a little more and he could make her bleed. He achieved this moments later and decided then to stop, lest he hurt the poor girl beyond repair.

His tongue ran up the curve of her back, licking and tasting the nectar which flowed from her skin in tiny droplets. When his mouth reached her ear, he whispered adoration in his language. It was his intention for her to not understand what it was he said. She could not know he desired her so much, it would give her power. As of now, she had none.

She dared not move, clearly afraid that he would whip her once more. He decided to alleviate this slightly. "We are done for now. You can rise, pet."

She did so slowly, the pain stinging her back as she straightened herself.

His forearm went around her throat and he pulled her back against his chest. He rewarded her compliance with deep kisses which trailed from her shoulder to her mouth.

"Do you see, pet?" he murmured, "It was not so bad. I think you could endure much more than this little game." Of course, he was toying with her. The truth was that he had no idea what she could endure and decided he must limit himself at first. He did not want her to die so quickly.

She accepted his kisses with gratitude and need. He knew she wanted to speak, but feared doing so. He also knew that she could feel his hardness pressed against her and wanted it freed from its confines. But to take her now would be to defeat the purpose of mastering her. Again, he was not her lover and held no obligations to please her.

"Not tonight, sweet one. Though I would rather enjoy your attentions."

He freed himself from his pants and pulled her head to him. Without further request, she began to lick him as though it was what she had wanted all along. She pleasured his length with the expectation that he would be inside of her when it was done. She was wrong.

The pungent scent of her blood was a bit overwhelming. Giving in to at least one of his desires, he drew her wrist to his mouth and bit down on the vein, allowing the sweet blood to flow over his tongue.

She flinched when he did this and for a moment, stopped sucking him. This displeased him and as a result, he bit into her other wrist and drank from there as well.

She had resumed the intoxicating motions up and down on him, her mouth hot and her tongue sliding over the head. He wanted to pull her off of him suddenly, it was all he could do to show her he was in control.

Before he could do this, her blood took over his senses and he shot hotly into her mouth. She froze when this happened and attempted to release him. But he would allow no such thing, he kept his hand on her hair, holding her from doing so.

"Swallow it, pet. You belong to me and should be grateful for the gifts I choose to give you."

Finally, she did as he wished, even licking the excess seed from his skin. What a fine pet, he thought to himself. In time, she will be my most prized possession.

(Of course, of course....to be continued. Soon.)

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