tagBDSMKaren & Cathy Ch. 12

Karen & Cathy Ch. 12


This is another in the Karen/Cathy series. Check out the other chapters.


In the morning I awoke early and walking into the den, saw Cathy still asleep on the table, her massive tits bound and a puddle on the table between her spread thighs from the melted ice block I'd left in her pussy. I motioned Karen to stand in front of Cathy's dangling head as I slid my ramrod into Cathy's dry love hole. As I thrust into her body, her head jerked up right into Karen's fragrant, and cum-filled love nest.

As I fucked into Cathy's body, Karen rubbed her pussy across her face. Cathy licked and kissed her friend's pussy, tasting a mixture of our cum, as I ravaged her own pussy. Following my earlier instructions, Karen clamped her thighs around Cathy's head as her mouth came in contact with her dripping pussy. She was trapped against Karen's oozing quim. Cathy tried to slide her ass around but I wasn't going to let her climax - at least not yet.

I pumped into her firm body as I felt her muscles go to work on my shaft. She sucked at Karen's quim as I filled her own pussy with my morning load. I let her bring Karen to a climax before withdrawing from her body and then coming around the table, I made her lick the cum off of my spent cock.

"Karen, take Cathy into the shower and bathe her thoroughly but don't let her touch herself and don't let her cum," I instructed her. She nodded as she helped me untie her friend and took her off to the bathroom.

We had left Cathy's wrists bound and Karen washed her body and then dried her off. She untied Cathy's wrists and let her brush her hair, put on some make up and get dressed. Again she wore the wrap-around skirt and no underwear. She also wore Karen's tube-top.

After breakfast, I inspected the girls and adjusted Cathy's tube top so that it just barely reached to tops of her aureole. The darkness of her nipples could be seen peeking out of the top of the tube.

I drove us down to the sleazy part of town and parked near one of the adult theaters. As Cathy got out of the car, she tried to adjust her top a little. "Leave it!" I ordered and she pulled her hands away. "Go into the theater and find a seat near the back. We will join you shortly," I instructed her. Cathy nodded and looked to Karen for some support. Karen remembered how awkward she had felt and how embarrassed she'd been when she had had to go into the other theater herself. And that was a much classier place in a much better part of town.

There was no one in line but the attendant took his time selling her the ticket, spending a lot of time staring at her full breasts and the tops of her nipples. The gold rings attached to her nipples made them stand out hard against the knitted material of the tube top. Cathy felt humiliated. The attendant smiled up at her as he let her through the turnstile. It was rare for unescorted women to come to see a bondage flick and especially one so beautiful and seductively dressed.

A few minutes later Karen and I entered and found seats right behind Cathy. The theater was relatively empty and the movie had already started. I leaned forward and spoke softly into Cathy's ear. "Keep your eyes forward and say nothing," I instructed her as I slid my hands down over her full breasts and pinched her nipples. Her own hands were folded in her lap. "I don't want you to play with yourself or even touch your pussy," I said.

"If your fingers smell of pussy later on you'll be very sorry," I hissed and Cathy quickly moved her hands to her sides. The sensation of having her nipples pinched as she watched the movie sent chills through her body. I inserted my thumbs under the stretch material of her top and peeled it down, revealing her huge orbs. Cathy bit her lip. I continued to tease her nipples and pull up on her nipple-rings. "You will do whatever I tell you to do," I said. Cathy nodded.

"Stand up and remove your skirt," I said as I released her nipples.

"What?" she protested in a loud whisper.

"You heard me. Now do it!" I hissed as my fingers closed tightly around her tender nipples. Karen remembered her own experience only a few weeks earlier. Cathy stood up and quickly removed her skirt. Karen took it and folded it, placing it in her bag. Cathy sat down quickly as I scanned the theater. There was a middle-age man sitting ahead of us who seemed to be busy playing with himself.

"See that man over there?" I asked her. Cathy nodded. "You will walk over to him and sit down beside him. Ask him if you can help him and then suck him off. If he wants to touch you he can but remember what I said to you about touching yourself," I added.

"I can't walk through the theater like this," she protested.

"Karen, let's go," I said as I stood up, ready to leave the almost naked beauty in the theater to fend for herself.

"Don't leave me like this," Cathy pleaded.

"Then do as you're told. In fact, if someone else wants your services you'll oblige them also," I added as if to say every time you protest I'll only add things. "Now get your beautiful little ass in gear or I'll leave you here the way you are now," I hissed. Cathy tried to sneak down the aisle and slide into the row where the man was busily jerking himself off.

Mustering all of her nerve, she looked at the man and said, "Let me help with that," as she sat down beside him. He looked up startled and embarrassed until he saw that Cathy was naked except for her tube top, which was rolled down across her waist like a corset and accentuated her beautiful figure. She lowered her head to his open pants and retrieving his ramrod guided it between her lips.

Karen and I watched as his hands closed on the back of her blonde head and he guided her mouth up and down the length of his shaft. We could hear his moans as she sucked on his manhood. His body went rigid as he held her head and we could hear Cathy gulping as she tried to swallow his huge load.

At last Cathy sat up and saying something to the man, slipped out of the row and returned to her seat. The man's eyes followed her all the way back to her seat.

While she had been sucking off the man, several other people had entered the theater and hadn't noticed her while she was bent over. There was a scraggly old man, a teenager and a few business types.

"See that young kid?" I asked. Cathy nodded. "You're about to give him the experience of his life," I chuckled. Cathy nodded and moved towards the young boy. He was stunned as he looked up at her naked body and she sat down beside him, reaching for his young cock. Without a word, she swallowed his rod and he came in a matter of seconds. He reached out to fondle her body but he was clumsy and scared as he pawed her tits. Cathy turned to look back at me but I signaled her to stay where she was as the boy continued to paw her beautiful body.

"May I have a little fun with the boy?" Karen asked as she stroked my cock through my pants.

"Yes. You may be able to teach him a thing or two," I winked at her. "Send Cathy back to me," I added. Karen moved down the side aisle and entered the row from the other side and sat down beside the boy. Karen turned her body so that he could reach her tits and as he opened her blouse, she nodded to Cathy.

Cathy looked over her shoulder to me and I nodded to her. She said, "I've got to go now," to the boy as she leaned over and slid out of the row and came back to sit next to me. The boy didn't really care as he began to paw Karen's body. This was a fantasy come true. First to be sucked off by a beautiful blonde and then to have another beautiful woman sit down and offer him her body.

"What's wrong?" I asked Cathy sarcastically. "You too good for a beginner?" Cathy felt the bite of my remark and got worried. She knew she had to comply with my next instruction or she was in for big trouble.

"There's an old man down in the front. I want you to service him," I instructed her. She nodded silently. "It's probably been a long time since he's had a woman, especially one as beautiful as you are," I said and the compliment was a very powerful one for her at this moment. "Be gentle with him and make sure he enjoys himself and you. Better go slow with him, you don't want to give him heart failure," I added.

Even though Cathy slinked down the side aisle, the light reflecting off the screen lit up her magnificent body as she sat down next to the old man. He noticed her and did a double-take. Her naked body startled him. He squirmed a bit as Cathy spoke to him and then she turned her body and placed her warm hands on the crotch of his pants. He moaned loudly as she began to stroke his rigid tool. It had been a long time since he'd been pleasured by a woman. He reached up to her breasts and took their weight as she stroked his cock. Cathy turned and knelt on the floor in front of him and brought her lips to his cock. He laid his head back and moaned loudly as she swallowed his shaft. As long as his head kept moving, I was sure he hadn't had a coronary.

I looked over at Karen and she had one leg over the back of the chair and was guiding the boy's face down between her raised thighs. The sounds coming from the two men rivaled the noises on the screen and Cathy's sucking noises were getting louder as she tried to make him cum. Finally his hands grasped at the back of her head and he screamed as his load shot deep into her sucking mouth. Cathy sucked to get all of his seed as everyone in the theater looked in their direction. After he released her head, Cathy moved back onto the seat and then when she got up to return to sit beside me everyone in the theater could see her naked body.

Karen had moved onto the boy's lap and having lifted her legs over the seat backs, was braced on the seat in front of her and was pumping her pussy up and down on the boy's rigid shaft. It didn't take long for him to shoot his wad into her hungry body. When Cathy returned to sit beside me I asked her how she felt.

"Sexy as hell!" she answered. "But if I don't get some relief from this itching in my pussy, I'm going to go crazy,"

"Good," I said. "Did you follow my instructions?" I asked. Cathy held her soft hands to my face.

"Now it's my turn," I said. Cathy slipped her hand into my pants and retrieving my cock stroked my rod as she lowered her lips to suck on my tool. I let her suck me until I exploded in her mouth. She sucked down every drop before sitting up next to me.

"Go tell Karen to meet us next door in the book shop when she's through with the boy," I instructed her as I held out her skirt. She slid it on and then pulled her tube top back up over her large tits. Cathy made her way down the aisle and delivered the message.

As we walked through the lobby, I turned to Cathy and again pulled her top down so that the tops of her nipples peeked out of the stretched material. She looked very sexy. We walked into the sex shop and Cathy was embarrassed by the place. She'd never been inside one. She hung on my arm as if for protection. She was amazed by the variety of toys and sex apparatus on display. She'd seen vibrators before but couldn't believe the size of some of the dildos in the case. She tried to imagine what it would be like to try and get one of those large ones into a pussy as tight as hers. Little did she know she was about to find out.

"Go tell the clerk that you want to be fitted for a dildo," I said. Cathy turned white as she faced me. Seeing my glare, she decided it was best to obey. She wanted to die.

Slowly she walked up to the counter and barely able to get the words out, said, "I want to be fitted for a dildo," The man looked at me and I nodded.

"If you'll step this way, please," he said showing her to the back of the store.

"No," I interrupted. "Out here will be fine," Cathy looked at me wide-eyed.

He licked his lips and then turning to Cathy said, "Select one that you like," Slowly she scanned the huge, plastic pricks and picked out one that was about the size of my cock. He pulled it out of the case and stood in front of her. Cathy slowly reached down and pulled up the hem of her skirt. The man watched as the material slowly inched up her shapely legs and finally revealed the sparse, blonde curls of her naked pussy. Cathy parted her thighs slightly and he pressed the tip of the rubber cock across her mons.

As the hardness grazed her clit, Cathy shuddered and spread her legs even wider. She would do anything now to get something hard between her thighs, even if was only a plastic prick put there by a total stranger. He rubbed the head across her swollen lips and then dipped the tip into her pussy. Cathy felt the strange feeling of the plastic cock as it entered her body. Holding the base, he pushed up firmly up into her body until the entire dildo filled her hungry pussy.

Cathy gasped as she felt the hardness fill her love hole. He began to slide the cock around in her moist pussy and Cathy's body began to tremble. He turned it in her body and pumped it back and forth. Another customer entered the store and stared in fascination as the clerk pumped her pussy with the dildo. Pulling it out, he reached for a bigger one and pressed it into her pussy. Cathy gasped as she felt her insides stretched around the rubber cock. She noticed the spectator and looked at me. I glared back at her as she felt the bigger dildo fill her body. Karen came in and then two more customers. We had quite a gallery watching Cathy get her pussy filled.

"Try the big one," I said to the clerk and Cathy paled at the size of the rubber prick. She had spread her legs wide as the man pressed the huge, rubber dong into her cunt. It was too big to go in at least with her sitting in this position. Putting the dildo down on the counter, he helped Cathy stand up. "Put your leg up on the counter," he said and Cathy obeyed.

"Would you help, Bob?" he said to one of the customers, obviously a regular. Bob came around behind the counter and taking a grip under Cathy's arms lifted her body up. The clerk eased Cathy's other foot up onto the counter and Cathy found herself in a split over the walk-through in the counter. Bob eased her body lower as her thighs stretched to their limit. He then let his hands slide around her body and he began to fondle her huge breasts. Cathy felt his fingers close on her ringed nipples as her legs split wide and she held onto the hem of her skirt.

Bob peeled down the front of her tube top and began to maul her massive titflesh as Cathy felt the clerk press the huge prick back against her pussy lips. The spectators began to speculate as to whether it would fit. It was huge. Cathy bit her lip as the tip of the huge prick slid between her lips.

"It won't fit without really stretching her out," Karen said. "She'll be a real loose lady for awhile."

"That's okay," I said as I nodded to the clerk and he pushed up on the huge cock. Cathy's eyes widened as she felt the huge cock stretch her pussy. She felt like she was being ripped apart. The clerk pumped the dildo in and out of her pussy as each push sent it deeper into her spread body. His hand teased her pussy and Cathy could feel the hardness of Bob's prick as it pressed hard against her virgin ass. After several minutes, the clerk had worked the dildo in as far as it was going to go. Bob continued to maul Cathy's tits and crush her ringed nipples under his firm grip.

"We'll take them," I said and the clerk looked up at me. I nodded and he slid the huge prick out of Cathy's body with a loud slurp. His fingers quickly descended between her split thighs and probed her stretched pussy. "Anyone else care to inspect her pussy?" I asked. Cathy blushed but both other customers stepped forward and Cathy felt them probing her stretched pussy. She couldn't believe the sensation in her ravaged love hole. The men helped her off the counter as the clerk rang up the sale. Cathy let the men finish caressing her body as she tried to cum. Realizing it wasn't going to happen, she smiled at them and dropped the hem of her skirt.

"How do you feel?" I asked with a smile.

"Just great!" she answered, the frustration so obvious in her voice. She had never been so abused or humiliated in her life. We drove home silently as Cathy wanted to stroke her sore pussy but knew she had better not.

Arriving at home, I had both women remove all of their clothes. I had them attach leather cuffs to each other's wrists and ankles and then had them sit down on two stools facing each other. I brought out a spreader bar that was quite long, with a metal ring at either end. I clipped Karen's feet to the ends of the bar. The bar was so long that her long, shapely legs were split to their limit. Karen slid to the edge of the stool and her bound wrists rested between her thighs. Moments later Kathy was also bound to the spreader, her thighs equally spread.

"Stand up," I ordered and the two women took hold of each other and lifted themselves off of the stools. As they fought for balance, they jostled together, their breasts bouncing off of each other. Once standing still, I asked them to raise their arms up above their heads. I passed a leather strap around their slender waists and pulled them together tightly. Their pussies ground against each other as their huge breasts pressed firmly together.

Behind each of them, on the wall, was a pulley with a long cord running through it. I attached the end of each cord to the rings on their wrist bindings. The cords ran to a common reel with a crank and as I began to wind the cord in, the girls felt their bodies being arched backwards. Their pussies ground hard against each other as they felt the strain increase in their arms and backs.

Stepping close to them, I caressed their bodies, letting my fingers graze over their breasts and then down across their firm asses and then between their split thighs. My fingers wandered easily back and forth from one pussy to the other as their bodies ground against each other. I placed a gag in each girl's mouth and then continued to play with their ringed nipples.

Taking a piece of string, the girls watched as a threaded it through the ring on Karen's tender nipple and then through the one on Kathy's. Pulling on the ends I tied them together. I then tied their other nipples together. They looked at each other and then down at their bound nipples. They quickly discovered that if one moved, the other felt the pull on her tender nubbin.

Picking up a long piece of thick rope, I tied it to the ring on the waist strap behind Karen's back. She felt the coarseness of the rope as it hung across her smooth asscheeks. Spreading her firm asscheeks, I pulled the thick rope into the crack of her sweet ass. Stepping around behind Cathy, I pulled the rope up between her pliant asscheeks and tied it securely to the ring on the waist strap in the middle of her back. Both girls felt the coarseness of the rope as it pulled deep into their ass cracks and across their sensitive pussy lips.

Stepping back to the crank, I took a bit of the slack out of the girls' wrist ropes and they felt the strain as their bodies were arched further and their bound nipples began to strain against each other. They looked at each other with fear in their eyes as they felt their pussies grind against each other and the infernal rope, stretched so tightly between their asses and thighs. They felt the strain as their nipples pulled against each other. If either girl moved, they would both feel the strain on their breasts and the rope scratching at their most intimate flesh.

Picking up my lash, I lay it across the tops of their breasts. The two women paled as they thought about how the leather would bite into their soft flesh and how their movements would tear at their nipples and pussies. Stepping to the side, I hit Karen across her ass but only with moderate force. Her body lurched forward, mashing hard against Cathy and then they bounced away from each other. Their nipples immediately felt the strain as they were pulled apart until their bindings stopped their movement. I lay the next stroke across Cathy's firm ass with a similar result. I placed several strokes across each of their beautiful asses as I watched them struggle against each other. Their pussies ground together as their nipples tugged against each other. I could smell the sweetness of their nectar as it started to flow in their bodies. The rope chafed at the tender flesh of their sweet pussies and asses. I pulled on the rope to add to the sensation of their violated bodies.

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