tagExhibitionist & VoyeurKaren, My Friend's Girl Pt. 01

Karen, My Friend's Girl Pt. 01



I'd known Jeremy pretty well for five or six years - we'd been to school together right up until I went off to university. He got a job in a local supermarket, and we caught up with each other from time to time when I was back home in holidays. I ran into him in the Easter break in my second year, and he seemed very enthusiastic about a girl he worked with who he was, as he put it, "sort of seeing." What I think that meant was that he was trying to get her into bed, but she was still at the going out for a drink stage. Anyway, we arranged to go for a beer or two later that week, and Jez said that Karen might come along later.

We met up in a pub, and had a few drinks and a good chat. I probably teased Jez - he's a nice guy, not bad looking, but since he split up with his first girlfriend a couple of years ago, he'd never seemed to enjoy much luck with women. No confidence, probably. But he seemed determined that Karen would be his, and suggested that tonight would be the night - she wasn't finishing work till late, but apparently he'd arranged to meet her in a club, and all the signs were good. I wished him good luck, and we got another drink in. Another thing about Jez, though, is that he's not much of a drinker. By the time we left the pub at about ten he was slurring his words, and slightly unsteady on his feet. But we got into the club easily enough, and found a booth to crash in whilst we waited for his friend to arrive. We didn't have to wait long, and Karen smiled hello to me as she bent to kiss Jez on the cheek. I went to the bar for more drinks, and came back to find Karen sitting close together with Jez, chatting away happily.

She seemed nice, bright and bubbly. She was quite tall, with long dark blonde hair tied loosely back, dark eyes, not too much make up. Good body too, from what I could see - she was wearing a knee length, dark skirt and a light blue shirt which I guessed was uniform from the shop. She drank her vodka quickly, and offered to get another one for us all, saying that she had some catching up to do. And catch up she did, leaving me a little the worse for wear, but Jez, who was too proud to turn a drink down, really struggling. Eventually, he seemed to slump into the corner of the booth and not join in the conversation, at which point Karen looked at me, laughed gently, and said, "oh well, d'ya fancy a dance? I'll pick him up later!" I laughed too. Jez has never been one for dancing, but I was drunk enough now to go for it, and Karen was on her feet now, pulling me towards the crowd. I followed.

On the dancefloor, Karen grabbed my hips and we started moving together. I was a bit surprised that she was so physically close, but it felt good to be pressed up against this girl, and I was sure Jez wouldn't notice, or even care in the state he was in. I pulled her closer to me, running my hand down her back and across her arse. She smiled at me, giving me a look that said she knew perfectly well what I was doing, and was okay with it, at least for the moment. I squeezed her arse gently, and moved away, teasing her, seeing if she'd follow. She did, grabbing my hand to pull me back, and that was the signal I wanted. I bent forward and kissed her, gently, on the lips. She stopped, standing still, not sure what to do, I guess, but then I kissed her again and she responded, her hand on the back of my neck, pulling our mouths together hungrily. It only lasted a few seconds, but it was a great kiss! She broke it off, though, looking me in the eye as if to say "no, we can't do this" and making her way off the dancefloor and back to our booth.

I followed, and as she sat down next to Jez, who looked pretty asleep to me, I squeezed in next to her, putting my hand on her thigh. She looked at me again, then back at Jez. I stretched forward, and kissed her again. She didn't resist, but she didn't really kiss me back, so I eased away, and pointedly looked at my friend. "Don't tell me you didn't enjoy our dance," I said, "and don't tell me you don't want to kiss me again." I moved towards her again, and this time she joined in. I shivered slightly, the physical sensations of the kiss compounded by the fact that Jez was right next to us, and, drunk as I was, decided that I might as well go for it anyway. My hand slid under her skirt, and made it's was up her inner thigh. Karen quickly squeezed her legs together, trapping my hand, but she didn't stop the kiss, which encouraged me enough. I remember thinking, quite clearly, that I was going to fuck this girl tonight.

I pulled away from her kiss. "Do you want to get out of here, find someplace a bit quieter?" I asked, hand still lodged between her legs.

She glanced over at Jez. "We can't leave him like this," she said. Even in my drunk and horny state, I had to agree, but she hadn't said no!

"Okay," I said. "Lets wake him up and walk him home, it's not far. And then you and I can carry that kiss on, what do you say?"

She smiled, still a little unsure, but I stood up and pulled her to her feet, giving me enough room to lean over Jez and shake him awake. He looked up, groggily. "Come on, mate," I yelled at him. "Gotta take you home I think!" It took a couple of minutes, but eventually we got him to his feet and half carried him up the stairs and out onto the street. I knew he was renting a flat in the town centre, so we edged him that way, and eventually he seemed to realise where he was going. He led us up to the door, and somehow managed to find a key, open the door and stumble in. Karen and I looked at one another, and followed. Jez had walked into the front room and sat slumped on an armchair. "You gonna be alright, mate?" I asked him, and he slurred that he was. I walked back to where Karen was standing at the door. "I think he's gonna be just fine there, probably best to leave him be. What do you think?"

She nodded. "I guess so. And I'd better be getting off home too." She turned away as I moved towards her.

"Hey," I spoke gently. "Thought you and me could explore Jez's flat a bit, I'm sure he'd have invited you in if he was capable!"

She laughed, and that gave me enough time to take her hand, and bend forward to kiss her, edging her backwards out of the front room and into the hall. We moved down the short hall, and I looked over her shoulder and pushed her into what I assumed was the bedroom, still kissing. We half sat and half fell onto the bed in the dark, and I quickly rolled over onto my side, easing her onto her back, and pushed my hand up her skirt. This time she relaxed her legs, allowing me to rub the tops of her thighs and her knickers. "Mmm, you feel good," I whispered. "I want you, and you want me. Want to fuck on Jez's bed?"

She didn't answer, so I slid my finger under the edge of her knickers, feeling her pubic hairs and finally her clitoris, which I rubbed quickly, hard, hearing her gasp. I rolled between her legs, reaching up under her skirt and pulling her knickers down, quickly, before she had a chance to change her mind, and then buried my head between her thighs, my tongue lapping furiously at her cunt, wanting her to be wet. She tasted great, just slightly sweet, and it didn't take long before I knew that my saliva wasn't the only source of wetness. I reached down and unzipped my jeans, pulling my hard cock from them and pushing my trousers down to my knees. Pushing her skirt up above her waist, I slid up, kissing her lips once more, and rubbing my cock head on her wet pussy. "No, we can't," she gasped, but I was already sliding inside her tight cunt, and her hands on my arse said that we could. God she felt great. I bent my head and bit gently on her nipple through her shirt and bra, pushing hard into her with my cock. It felt so seedy, a desperate, drunken fuck, almost fully clothed, with my friend's possible girlfriend, whilst he was passed out drunk. Jesus I wanted to come, and soon.

I think she realised that too. "You can't cum in me, I'm not on the pill," she gasped. Fuck, I really wanted to do that!

"Well I'm gonna have to cum all over you instead then," I kissed her, and started pulling her shirt up. She struggled free a little, allowing her shirt to ride up over her tits, and then I got the idea that I wanted to cum in her face, so I pulled my cock out of her, and sat up on her stomach, pointing myself at her and slowly wanking, up and down, up and down. I eased up on my thighs, one finger trailing behind my back to rub her clit, wanting her to cum too. She was close as well, her thighs trembling around my hand whilst she never took her eyes off my cock, which was closer and closer to her face now.

"Oh, god, I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" she gasped, as I intensified the pace of my rubbing, bucking and fighting against it and finally crying out once, twice, "oohhh...!"

I pushed my cock right against her face, and felt the spunk bubbling in my balls. Up and down, and then the first eruption hit her on the chin. She opened her mouth for the second, and the third was higher up, on her forehead. Even in the darkened room, I found it hugely erotic to see my cum all over her face, her hair. She wiped it away, and I bent down to kiss her, my cock still dripping onto her stomach and, I guess, her clothes. I didn't care, I wanted this to be just a fuck. She was a nice girl, I'm sure, but to me at that moment she was just some slut I wanted to fuck. And it felt great. I moved off her, and stood by the side of the bed in the darkness, doing up the buttons of my jeans. Karen hadn't moved, and I smiled at the fantastically erotic silhouette before me. If I'd been a true gentleman I would have offered to walk her home, but that just didn't feel right after what we'd just done, so I bent over her, kissed her cum covered face, and whispered "see you" before walking casually out the bedroom door. I had a quick glance in at Jez, snoring in the armchair, and left the flat, closing the door quietly behind me.


Sunday was usually a lazy day for me when I was staying at my parents. I would be catching the bus back to Bristol around five that evening, so I generally just chilled out with my family, getting over the inevitable Saturday night hangover. I lay in bed until around ten thirty, thinking about the night before. I felt guilty, I guess. I'd not only betrayed my friend, but I'd taken advantage of a drunken girl, perhaps a little forcefully. Sure, she'd enjoyed it too, I was convinced of that, but I thought I'd probably never get the chance to apologise to her, to explain that I'm not usually like that. God knows what Jez would think as well. What had Karen done last night? Gone home? I should have walked her back, made sure she was safe. From who? Me, mainly! I got up and showered. What's done is done, I thought, can't change it now. I ate some breakfast, more cheerful now.

I was surprised, then, when the doorbell went at about midday, and my mum shouted that it was someone for me. I wandered downstairs, and found Karen standing on the doorstep. "Hi," was all I managed to say.

She was dressed in a knee length denim skirt, walking boots, and a light jacket, and had a large dog on the end of a lead. "Hi," she said, smiling. "Jez told me where you live."

"Okay," I replied. "Are you okay? Is he okay?"

She laughed at my confusion. "Both fine," she said. "I stayed at his last night. He's in his bed now, sleeping it off. I went home to take the dog for a walk. Want to come?"

"Er, yeah, okay," I said. "Give me two minutes." I left her on the doorstep and ran upstairs to find some shoes, shouted at my mum that I'd be out for a short while, and came back to find Karen and the dog waiting outside the house. I followed them down the road for a minute or two, walking in a slightly uncomfortable silence. "So, did you tell Jez about last night? I mean, us, last night?" I asked, finally.

"No," she said. "I don't think he'd understand. I told him that you got him home last night, and that I thought that I should stay to make sure he was okay. And that you left your jacket at his and I'd drop it round to you. He was cool with that, I think he just needs some more sleep now. Can't have been comfortable for him on that armchair all night!"

"And are you okay?" I continued. "I mean, about last night...."

She stopped, and looked me in the eyes, trying to read me. "Yeah," she said, carefully. "Its weird, because you treated me like shit, virtually raped me, but yeah. I don't think I've ever cum as hard as that." I raised my eyebrows, stunned into silence. "No, really," she continued, "I just found it so exciting, so dangerous. Why else do you think I'm here?"

We walked on, my mind racing. I hadn't thought it through. "Well, I don't know. I thought maybe you were going to scream at me, that you'd hate me. I was going to apologise if I saw you again."

She laughed. "God, don't apologise! See, I like Jez, like him a lot, he's a really good guy. But I'm not sure he attracts me, not sexually. I think I just get turned on by the danger, I like taking risks. I can't ever imagine Jez making me cum like that, he's just too, I don't know, normal for me."

It was my turn to laugh. "Cool, you had me worried there for a bit! I'm not always like that, though, I don't know what came over me. I guess I was drunk, and there was this gorgeous girl who I'd had a nice kiss with earlier, and, you know. Maybe you're right, taking a risk is a big turn on!" We'd reached a path that I knew led down to a big field, ideal for dog walkers. "Hey, let's go down here," I said, ideas beginning to form in my head.

Karen looked at me again, head slightly to one side, and followed me down the narrow path. It soon led into a large field, trees to two sides and houses backing onto the rest. Karen let the dog off the lead, and it was soon busy sniffing around the trees. "So, how into risks are you?" I turned to Karen.

"Well I don't know really," she smiled. "I only just discovered last night what fun it can be!"

"So how about testing yourself a little bit more?" I moved towards her.

"Ooh," she laughed, "what do you have in mind?"

"Perhaps a little bit of exhibitionism," I grinned, unzipping her jacket. She was wearing a button up shirt underneath it, and without looking at her face I quickly undid them, and pushed the jacket and shirt aside to reveal her bra covered tits. "How does that feel?" I asked. "We're in the middle of a field, lots of houses overlooking us. Might be some more people walking dogs about. What do you think?"

Our eyes met again. She had a kind of faraway glaze to hers, and she didn't speak. I stepped forward again, and grasped her tits, fondling them roughly through her bra. Her nipples were big and erect, and she gasped as I pinched them, her neck bent backwards as she gazed into the sky. I kissed her exposed neck, hard, and, feeling her arm snaked round my back, I knew that she wanted whatever I had in mind for her.

I didn't know what that was myself yet, although my cock had sprung to attention at the thought of some more action. I reached down to her thighs, pulling her skirt up and rubbing between her legs. "Take your knickers off," I ordered, releasing her from my hold. She looked at me, silently reaching under her skirt to wriggle them down, and, stepping out of them, handed them to me with a look that asked what next?

I stuffed her knickers into my pocket, and led her towards a large tree, standing on its own near the edge of the field. She stood with her back to the tree, and I reached forward and pulled her jacket and shirt off her shoulders and down her arms. Kneeling before her, I pushed her skirt up and looked at her pussy, covered in fine dark hair. "I'm going to make you cum, and I don't care who sees us," I whispered, easing a finger between her legs and resting it onto her cunt lips. She groaned, and I slid my finger across her lips, her legs sliding apart as if by magic. She was wet already, god I had touched a nerve with this girl! I didn't wait for any more encouragement, quickly pushing my head between her legs and licking the top of her thighs on my way towards her clitoris, which I could see pointing out at me. Her legs shook as I licked it, gently at first, then more insistently, then sucking on it as first one finger then two eased into her soaking cunt. Her hips thrust forward, and I really thought she was going to collapse onto me, but she held on to the tree behind her and slightly adjusted her feet as I continued to finger fuck her and lick her out.

Her cunt tasted sweet, and her juices ran freely down my chin as I lapped happily at her. Karen began to make a deep growling noise and her hands grasped my head, pulling me into her more. She was close to cumming now, I was sure of it, but I wanted to play a bit more. Leaving my fingers in her, I eased my head back to look at her. "Take your bra off," I ordered. She looked at me, pleading, desperate for me to go back to licking her, but did as she was told and reached behind her to unclip her bra. It fell forward and off, and I got a first true glimpse of her tits. They were small, but nicely shaped, and her nipples were fantastic, big and dark, and very hard. "Touch them for me." I smiled. "If somebody's watching from the houses over there we want to give them a proper show, don't we?"

She smiled back at me, weakly, and ran her hands up her stomach to her tits. I rolled my thumb over her clitoris to encourage her, feeling her knees buckle slightly as I touched her swollen and sensitive button, and watched as she grasped her tits, squeezing the nipples between her fingers. She groaned, eyes closed, and I thought she'd done enough to deserve to cum now. Quickly I pushed my lips back to her cunt, and sucked hard on her engorged clitoris. Her hips thrust forward again as she fucked my face, faster now, and then she was crying out, pulling away from me, gasping, almost weeping with the release.

I leant back to look at her. This time her legs did give way, and she slid to the ground, head bowed as the last traces of her orgasm filtered through her body. I put a finger under her chin, lifting her head to look into her eyes once more. "Baby, baby, what do you think of taking risks now?" She smiled, almost shyly, back at me. I looked around. I couldn't see anyone in the houses, but another dog had just come into the field, so I guessed there would be a person with it soon, but I needed to get off too now. "One more risk," I said, and got to my feet.

With one more glance around, I quickly undid my jeans and pulled my thick cock from my boxer shorts. "Your turn to make me cum," I said, and held my cock in front of her face. "Suck me off, my little risk taker."

She reached out and gripped my cock in her hand, and opened her mouth, tongue flicking out to lick a big drop of pre-cum from the oozing tip. I was past teasing now though, and I ran my hand down the back of her head, encouraging her to take me into her mouth, just a couple of inches. Her tongue licked around the head, and then she pulled her head back, popping my cock out of her mouth. I looked down, my cock glistening with her saliva, and she gripped me in her hand once more. Maybe she didn't like to give blow jobs? Anyway, at least she was going to wank me off, I thought, as she slid her hand up and down the shaft. I groaned as the tempo increased, it wasn't going to take me long to cum. And then she leant forward, licking my balls and up the shaft of my cock, and I felt the spunk rushing from my balls as I was cumming, cumming, cumming. She continued to rub me as my cum splashed onto her face and chest, covering her chin and tits, causing my legs to shake now. Slowly, she decreased the pace, milking the last drop of cum from me, and sticking out her tongue to taste it.

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