tagIncest/TabooKaren's Daddy Love

Karen's Daddy Love


Family love can go very deep, but some further than others. Should the subject of incest bother you, read this fantasy no further. For those who indulge, or dream of it, relax and enjoy this fictional tale.


I always looked at my father with respect and love, never realising that my love for him went further than society allowed. Playing games and fooling around always involved touching and grabbing, no matter who it was, but as I got older, the touches seemed different somehow. After high school, I continued to live at home, going to the local junior college. Mom and Dad both worked, so lots of days were all mine at home.

One day, I was just home from school, and relaxing in the back yard. I had a drink and a book, lots of southern sunshine and a gentle breeze. I was lost in my book, sunning myself in next to no clothes. I had a small pair of shorts on, and a loose tied top that somehow had come untied and fallen off my 38-C breasts. My soft, pale skin soaked up the warmth of the sun from the top of my five foot two head to my long tender toes.

The story I was reading was a hot romance, and it was having its effect on me. I could feel the moisture seeping from my swelling vulva and the heat building in my belly. My hand found its way under the waistband of my shorts and over the smooth shaven mound of my sex. Gently, I rubbed my erect clitoris and slipped a finger into myself. I could hear myself moaning softly as I brought on a series of small orgasms.

My nipples were stiffer than normal, almost pulsing with need. Oh! How I wished for someone to suck on them and knead my soft breasts! I wanted to feel the way the character in my book was feeling with her gentleman friend. My drink was empty, and I went into the house to refresh it. I left my top where it was, on the grass outside. As I stood by the sink I heard a soft noise coming from the den.

My curiosity led me there, mostly because I thought I was alone in the house. The door was partially open, and when I got closer I recognised the sounds of a man masturbating! It wasn't just any man, it was my father! He was furiously jacking his erect penis, and calling out my name!

"Oh, Karen! That's my little girl! Oh, yes. Make your daddy cum!"

I had never heard my father talk like that, let alone include me! At first I was shocked that he could think of me like "that". But, while I kept staring at the fat, red piece of flesh in his hand, my pussy was getting wetter! 'How can I think like this!' I said inside. My mind was saying no, but my hand was deep inside my dripping slit! Just as I was going to cum, I heard my father cry out.

"AHHHH! KARENNNN!!!! ... YESSSSSS!" He bellowed, shooting ropes of his man juice across the room. Spurt after spurt of thick yellowish-white goo flew from the tiny hole in his penis. I had never watched a man squirt his stuff before, it was very hot!

I ran from the hallway and back outside to get dressed and pretend that nothing had happened. I could not help but keep that picture and his words in my mind. I was still in need of a cum, so I quickly frigged my clitty to another small release. It helped, but I was still very horny!

That evening, we all sat and watched TV before bed, and went our separate ways. I thought I detected a difference in the way daddy looked at me, but wasn't sure. I finally got a good orgasm going with a latex toy I kept hidden next to my bed. I surprised myself when I heard me calling out "Yes, Daddy! Fuck your little girl! Fill me with your cum, Daddy!" I slapped my hand over my mouth, hoping no one else heard me.

What was happening to me? Why was I suddenly thinking of Daddy in a sexual way? Society always dictated that incest was wrong, but it didn't feel wrong, inside. After all, if there were no incest in the animal kingdom, there wouldn't be tigers and lions and any other species. That's how they build the strongest bloodlines and best traits.

I started wearing less and less around the house, especially if I knew Daddy was nearby. I don't have a model's body, far from it. I was always a little heavy for my short stature, "baby fat" is what Mommy called it. But even now, at nineteen, I'm still very soft and 'fluffy'. Not that you can't see my waist and hips, but you definitely can't see any bones!

I'd had boyfriends in school, and lost my cherry right after graduation, but he was just after a 'hole to stick it in'. He wasn't very nice to me, after. I still had cravings for sex, and learned how to give myself a good orgasm with my fingers and some 'toys'. Up until now I have only had two other penises inside my vagina. I started wondering how it would feel to have the penis that "made" me, inside my body.

Several weeks went by, and I almost 'caught' Daddy a couple more times. I just couldn't bring myself to walk in on him. One night, I had a dream, or at least thought it was a dream.

I was lying in bed nude, the cool breeze drifting through the window, thinking of sex. My fingers were resting at my puffy little mound getting wet with my dew. I must have drifted off to sleep. I saw a figure enter my room and stand by the bed. I couldn't tell who it was in the dim light of the window. I guessed it to be a man, I could smell after-shave or masculine cologne. The figure knelt next to my bed, and I felt warm, rough fingers lightly stroking my belly.

I didn't move, for fear of startling this shadowy person. The hands got bolder and cupped my soft 38-C breasts. It felt so nice, and my nipples stiffened under the soft touch. I could even feel my kitty getting wet. I played sleeping as the hands traveled over my navel and strayed to the soft fur above my vulva. I moaned softly and parted my legs, still feigning sleep.

Oh, yes! He was! He was slipping his thick finger into the tender folds of my vulva! I felt the slickness cover his finger as he spread my juice all over my warming kitty. The heat was building in my belly as he plunged the finger into my vagina. It went deep and smoothly, I thought I hear a gasp when he realised that I wasn't a virgin.

Slurping sounds came from my vagina as he fucked my hole with his finger, his other hand busy on a breast. I had a quick cum and squeaked when it hit, my hips bucked up to the probing hand. That must have startled him, as he withdrew immediately and got up to leave. As he went through the door, I saw his face. It was Daddy! That got me so hot, that as soon as he left, I pulled out a long, slim toy and thrust it deep into me, grunting his name as I wet the sheets with my cum.

The next morning, Mommy was shopping and Daddy and I were alone. I was still thinking about last night when he came into the kitchen. He had on a robe, tied at the waist, I thought I could see a little 'tent' just below the belt line. All I had on was a very thin 'baby-doll' nighty with nothing on underneath.

"Good morning, Daddy. Did you sleep well?" I asked.

"Ahem, ... I .. Well, yes, Karen, I did." He coughed out.

"I had the most delicious dream last night, Daddy." I started to tell him as I got up and walked over to his chair. "I had the most pleasant feelings during the whole dream, Daddy."

I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and slipped them under the robe to run them over his strong chest. I kissed his neck and nibbled his ear as my fingers found his nipples. His hand came up to stop mine.

"We .... no, Karen ... um .... it ... it's not right." He mumbled.

"It's Okay, Daddy. I saw you as you left the room. I feel good about it. I want to be with you, too."

He turned his face up to mine. His eyes were sparkling and his face smiling. I bent lower and kissed him on the mouth. Not a 'daughter' kiss, but a deep tongue kiss of lovers. He responded with his own tongue and put his hand up to find my breast.

"MMMmmmmm, Daddy! That feels wonderful." I purred.

I reached lower and untied his robe, letting the fabric fall loose to expose his already firm penis. I had not thought about this part, but I knelt in front of him and took the red, throbbing penis into my mouth. It was the most beautiful penis I had ever seen, about six inches long and quite thick. I had my Daddy's cock deep in my throat!

"Ahhhhh, Karen! My baby girl!" He panted. "You ...you're sucking your daddy's cock!"

I looked up and smiled, "Yes, I know. And it tastes so good, Daddy!" I felt him twitch, and start to wiggle. His heavy sac drew up, and suddenly, my mouth was full of hot, thick liquid. I gagged and sputtered, the started swallowing as fast as I could. Daddy's hands were on my head, I didn't know if he was holding me down, or trying to pull me up. I kept swallowing until the spurting stopped, then sat back and smiled a cum soaked grin at Daddy.

"I ..I'm sorry, sweetheart! .. I couldn't ... I mean ..it ..."

I stopped him from going on by telling him "You taste so good! I loved it, Daddy!"

His penis had started to fade, but my words encouraged it to regain its full state of erection. He pulled me up to him, and kissed me hot, licking his own essence from my lips. His hand reached for and found my dripping slit. I hunched and took it inside me.

"Oh! Daddy! Mmmmmm! Make your baby girl cum!" I gasped as his fingers worked into my swollen vagina.

We kissed and grunted as he brought on a cum. I wet his hand and puddled the floor with my cum. I needed him inside me! I needed a cock, a hard, thick cock in my pussy! I got away and pulled Daddy to the living room. I sat him on the sofa and straddled his lap.

"I want you in me, Daddy! I want you to fuck your baby girl!" I screamed the request in a passionate plea.

He tried to help, but was too nervous. I grasped his erection and placed it at my tiny hole, wondering if it would hurt because it was so thick. The boys I had sex with didn't have such big penises. I sat straight down on the plum colored crown and let my weight drive it deep into my hot vagina.

"AHHH! DAAAAADDDYYYYY!" I cried out as I impaled myself with the very cock that put the sperm of my creation deep into Mommy's belly, nineteen years ago. I felt split so wide, my pussy was crammed full of Daddy's cock. I started shaking and trembling, my knees were jelly and my belly was hot inside. Beginning to get used to the fullness, my hips rocked and I rubbed my clitoris against Daddy's belly.

My cum started slowly, but rapidly took over my whole body. Gasping and grunting, slamming my body onto Daddy's penis, I couldn't stop feeling so loved, so full.

I started shouting "Make me cum Daddy!" and pounding his body with mine.

"Cum for me baby girl!" He replied enthusiastically. "Ride your Daddy and cum big for me!"

That did it for me! My body contracted all at once. My belly got tight and I could feel my vagina clamping down on Daddy's cock.

"I .... I"MMMM Cummmmmminggggg DaaaaadddYYYYY!!!!" I rocked and shook all over. I felt the warm liquid pouring from my pulsating pussy as I came and came. Waves of trembling flowed through me in my well anticipated cum.

"Oh God! Get off! I ..I'm going to .... I can't cum in you! You might get pregnant! Karen! Please!!" He shouted.

"Cum in me, Daddy! Fill my belly with your seed!" I yelled back. "It's Okay!"

His look of fear turned to lust once more and he growled. I felt him swelling inside me, stretching me further than before.

"Here .... it .... cummmmmmsssssss!! OHHHHH! AHHHHHH! KARRRRENNNN!!" He cried out as his penis erupted deep in my belly.

I felt the hot jets of sperm filling my womb, filling me like never before! I worked my muscles and milked his throbbing cock of all I could, kissing him hot as we rode out our cums. Panting like dogs, we looked deep into each other's eyes. The look of fear returned in Daddy's face.

"What.... what have we done, little girl?" He asked.

I kissed him softly. "Two adults have shared love with someone special, Daddy." I said quietly.

"What about your mother?" He stammered.

"I won't tell her if you don't want. Just because we shared sex, doesn't mean you can't still love Mommy."

"I .. I guess you're right, Karen."

We kissed and touched in the 'afterglow' of passion, then Daddy placed me on the soft rug and made slow sweet love with his baby girl. This would be the first of many wonderful days for Daddy and me.

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