tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKarina The Sorceress Ch. 04

Karina The Sorceress Ch. 04


This is a sequel to Karina the Sorceress by Tanuki.


I realized I had left the door ajar when a head poked through. I gasped, it was the cruel man from my dream.

"You there, stop making a racket, you're disturbing the clients." With a shock I realized the demon had vanished. I was once again alone but for this strange man I had seen only in a dream.

"Wait just a moment," he said, "what happened to the client for this room? A man from the village booked you for the rest of the day."

I struggled with the leather cuffs still attached to my wrists and chained to the collar around my neck.

"Do you mean Alex?" I managed to say, "he's with me, he went to settle the bill, he said he didn't have enough, he was going to pawn that ring."

The strange man laughed. "My dear, he may have pawned a ring for his own proposes, but the young man you arrived with is otherwise engaged. His bill was settled in exchange for you, with a small sum added on. You are, after all, quite the find. I understand you've even had some training. You certainly managed to attach those chains better than any new slave could." Saying this, he grabbed at the chain attached to my handcuffs and yanked me toward him. "Ah yes, the body of a true slave. How else could you have such luscious features. If the master who paid for your use cannot be find, we will simply apply your talents to another paying customer. I'm sure he won't begrudge the extra training you require.


With that I was lead from the room, down the hall, and into the stairwell. The chain pressed against the delicate folds of my pussy. No longer cold, it was less of a shock and more a reminder of Alex's betrayal. I remembered he had meant to leave me chained in the room while he settled the bill, still burning with need for him to fill me. I blushed when I remembered how easily he had played my body against me.

The slaver came to the door he was seeking. He raised the knocker and let it fall twice in quick succession.

"Who's there, can't you see I'm occupied?"

"Indeed, but I have a student for you."

"Haven't I given you enough business over the years?"

"This one is a gift."

"Well then why didn't you say so." The man in the door was gray-haired, but clean shaven. He tipped his head to the innkeeper and grabbed my chains from him. Pulling me to him, he said, "a gift horse we may not examine, but this one I will look in the mouth. Open up, lass." Resigned, I did as he asked. As I did so, he seized the opportunity to sneak his hand behind me, giving my behind a firm squeeze. I squeaked in response, still unable to lower my arms. With his other hand he slid two fingers down the bottom of my mouth. "She'll do just fine."

The other man left. I was pulled by the chain into the room lit by three lamps. Inside, a girl with dark hair and a thin figure knelt on the ground, her hands chained together above her head. The grey haired man pulled me roughly in front of her.

"Go on then," he said. Needing no explanation, the slave girl gently pulled my panties down to my thighs with her teeth and began to lick my tender sex. I took in a short breath. I had never been with a woman, but this raven haired waif soon had my knees buckling under me. I moaned wantonly. Meanwhile, the man took a cruel looking riding crop from the bedside table. I felt a sudden sting on my exposed bottom, but it was quickly replaced by the pleasure in my pussy. I felt the flame from Alex's attentions returning, and I knew I would soon go over the edge.

"Do not let her come without permission, Audra." The licking and sucking of my sex suddenly stopped. I stifled a groan of frustration. "First you must beg for it, slave."

"I'm not a slave. Please just let me go, I really was taken here against my will." I struggled, panting, with my bonds.

"Is that really what you want? Your body seems to think differently." He caught me in his arms as I nearly collapsed, my knees weak. As I lay against his shirtless torso he whispered, "Just admit, you can't really think of refusing me. We both know you won't go back to a life as a serving wench, your destiny is far more glamorous than that."

At last I mustered some courage and let out a laugh. "A serving girl? Don't you know who I am? I was a powerful sorceress, I have brought men like you to their knees for less wrong than you've done me. Release me at once if you don't wish to see my wrath."

"Oh ho, a great and powerful sorceress, eh? I suppose you had men begging at your feet. It must be quite a shock that now I hold the key to the orgasm you so desperately need, why don't you just magic me into giving you your release? It must take quite the stupid sorceress to find herself bound to a house like this."

"I... my powers..."

"Of course, they've left you. You know, Audra here may have more in common with you than you think. You see, she was the beloved daughter of a powerful king once, he even intended to leave her his lands, but when his vassals heard of this, they lay seige to his palace until he gave up his daughter to them. He thought she would be made a countess, but she was too haughty. She displeased her future husband and he left her here until she learned humility. He soon found that having her here left him free to run his county in peace. There are more reliable stewards than a stuck up princess, after all. Perhaps you should talk to Audra about who belongs in this house. That is, if her master will give her permission to speak." The girl looked up at him expectantly. "Go on, tell her who you are."

"I am yours, master, to use as you please."

I gaped at her, how could she be a princess?

"Your highness, Don't you wish to return to your father?"

"My father's house gave me over to my betrothed, and he sent me here when I did not please him, now I wish only to serve my master."

"Well said, now I think I will take this proud little sorceress to bed, you may pleasure yourself as you watch." With this, he let my body fall onto the bed behind us, got up, and unhooked Audra's hands from the chain above. I seized my moment and jumped to my feet, intending to run for the door which was still ajar. The man easily pushed me back onto the bed. He climbed on top of me and, holding me down with his weight, detached the chains from my collar and fastened my cuffed hands to the headboard of the bed. He then took my still kicking left leg and secured with a leather strap I couldn't budge. Once he did the same with my right I found I could struggle no more. With that, he unbuttoned the sheer top and pulled it off me, leaving me once again stark naked. He pushed his body up and pulled down his trousers, then gave his cock a few strokes until it was fully erect. It was decently sized but not too massive. He brought it down around my pussy and gently rubbed it up and down my dripping slit. Without any conscious effort my hips rose to meet him, and he thrust down into me. As he began slowly fucking me, his hand reached down and began gently rubbing the nub at the top of my sex. The sensation gradually became more and more intense, until I couldn't suppress a moan. Soon I was grinding my hips into him, but his hand continued to gently stroke me, his own pelvis kept me steadied against his body. My knees began to shake uncontrollably. At long last I came, my body quivering. The grey man soon followed, letting his seed fill my pussy.

"Audra, you may clean her." I felt a warm tongue on my still tender sex, making me spasm as the princess licked me into cleanliness. When she was done, I found myself disappointed that she wouldn't continue.

"Now my pretty pet, do you really expect us to believe that you would forsake this pleasure for a life as a lonely sorceress? Tell me you don't want Audra to continue pleasuring you and I'll let you go."

"I... Please..."

"Tell me what you want, more than anything in the world."

"I want, I need, please just let me come again."

"Is that how you address your Master?"

"Please, master."

"Give her what she needs, my princess." Audra redoubled her efforts licking and sucking my clit. I felt an immense wave of pleasure building deep between my hips. My body thrashed against the bed, my arms and legs straining against my bonds. Finally the wave broke and my body buckled with pleasure. I was grateful for the chains that kept me fastened to the bed. My new master leaned down atop me and took my lips in his. I posted my mouth and let his tongue gently caress me. As he did this, he wrapped his arms around my bound body and held me as I continued to shake.

Deep in my haze of pleasure I couldn't hear the knock on the door, but my master did. He gently slid off me and rose to answer. From my position on the bed, I could see only one of the two men who came to the door. He seemed to address the other.

"I assure you it was nothing but an honest mistake and certainly no harm done. This house takes excellent care of its property."

"She was never meant to be anyone's property but her own."

"Ah, but the room's bill you signed last night, it specified that she was to be held as collateral against you shirking your debt to the house."

"And as you can see, I've returned with what you are owed. Now I demand she be set free."

"Hmmm, but the contract specifies a limit on the time alloted for your return, you are already well over. She belongs to the house. However, we may be able to make an arrangement for her sale..."

"I want her set free, not just handed over like a slave."

"I think you'll find a slave in this house is always a slave, ask her yourself, she is permitted to speak."

I felt the words spill out from me, "Please Alex, I want to be yours. I don't care anymore. Just do what they say."

"Thirty silver coins, and no higher, or I'll have your contract looked over by the magistrate."

"Indeed, indeed, well then, if your money is good she is yours. Bring her to her feet then." The old man rose from atop me and quickly unfastened the chains on my wrists and ankles. He reattached the leather cuffs I still wore to each other and to my collar. I was pushed off the bed and into Alex's arms.

Alex held me by the waist and lead me through the doorway, down the hall, and into the stairwell. I found I couldn't climb up the stairs with my chains tightened as the man in the room had them. Alex lifted me onto his shoulder and carried me up the flight of stairs to his room. Once we were through the door, he sat down on the armchair in the corner and pulled me down onto his lap.

"I see you've been enjoying yourself here at any rate." Looking down at my still wet sex, I blushed. "What happened to your promise when I left you?" As he spoke, Alex bounced me up and down on his knee. I felt suddenly aware of how strong and tall he was, and how small I was in comparison. His arms on my waist kept me balanced as my hands were still cuffed behind my back.

"I couldn't..."

"Nevermind, it doesn't matter. I was gone longer than I intended. Anyway it seems we are alone again and you are still as aflame as ever."

I looked down at my writhing body, my hard nipples. He was wrong, though, where before I had felt unbearably aroused now I was comforted by his touch on my hips, and the feeling of his thighs beneath my buttocks. "What took you so long?" I finally asked.

"I was looking for a way to restore your powers."

"How did you know?"

"I guessed there must be some reason you let those men in the Inn get so far with you, beyond needing the ring turned off. And once it was removed, you still seem to not have any ability to escape this place. Anyway I spoke to one of the crusaders about it, they have similar spells for capturing magical practitioners. Don't worry, I was very discrete with him. Anyway, he told me of a counterspell that will undo the damage."

"You mean I could have my powers back and be free?" It was almost too good to be true.

"Well, yes, there's just one small requirement. We'll need to use your true name to break the spell."

"But I can't tell you that, can't you tell me how to perform the spell and I'll do it myself?"

"The spell has to be performed by another. Your magic is gone, remember?"

"But I can't give you my true name, I'd be completely in your power."

"Karina, you are a bright girl but sometimes you can be really dense. I just bought and paid for you with your permission, I have you chained in this house, and besides that your body responds to me even when you won't, as I showed you this morning."

"But I still have my true name. If I gave you that, even my mind wouldn't be safe. I'd lose all free will." Alex had a strange look on his face. He reached down and placed his hand on my knee. Slowly, he worked his way up between my thighs, finding my sex wet. Frightened, I pushed my thighs together tightly, but he again took my knee in his hand and pulled it to the other side of his leg. He tugged lightly on the chain to remind me not to resist. I felt a shock as the chain pinched me, but as he began rubbing me my muscles relaxed.

"Come now, Karina, surely you'd like your power restored. I'm sure you could be free of this place easily if you just help me with this spell."

"I might be free in body, but I'd never really be free again."

"Well, we'll see about how free you are now." I felt my body snap, writhing in rhythm to his ministrations on my sex. Suddenly I felt a finger peneetrating me, and moaned at the sensation. Just as quickly, however, Alex stopped altogether. I felt him turn me around on his lap and push my body down to the floor chest first. I felt a sting as he struck me with his bare hand off to the left side of my bottom. I yelped, then turned around at him, confused.

"Give me your name, Karina. You already belong to me what difference can a name make?" There was a strange look on his face, it reminded me of the time I thought I saw him outside the demon's cave. I turned my head away to the side, looking at the rug as it met the wall. "You know I'm not a rich man. You owed me before I had to buy you from this place. We need to restore your powers, or at least find some way for you to pay me back. Then again I suppose I already own you." I turned around to look at him as he said this, tears forming in my eyes. His visage seemed to have changed, suddenly I was reminded of the Alex-shaped apparition in the daemon's cave. He grabbed my head and turned it toward the floor. With a shock, I realized this was again not Alex. When had he left?

"Where is Alex, I know you've taken his shape!" I shouted. The demon struck me again on the behind, firmly.

"My dear beautiful slave girl, have you really not guessed the truth yet? Your Alex is my guise in the human world. Observe." With this, he let go of my hair and I turned to see once again the demon before me for a moment, before he transformed back into the strangely glowing shape of Alex.

"No, it's not possible, then this morning?" Another smack interruped me.

"Did you not find me pleasing? I wondered if you didn't recognize my touch. But then I suppose you had to be told explicitly, most of my slaves do." My head was reeling, but the daemon-Alex gave me no time to recover before he resumed my punishment. His hand came down on my reddening skin and I let out a slow moan.

"I still will have your true name sorceress, give it to me before I grow tired of this charade." With this, the demon pulled back his hand and struck my right buttock with great force. The pain was unbearable, I tasted blood where I had bitten into my lip.

"Never, do what you will, my name I will never real." I said this last defiance into the floor. As I did, I felt a hand slide up my left thigh, slowing down as it approached where my thighs meet. I could feel my legs shaking, and as the demon touched me once again I froze.

"Why must you do this?"

"Must? My dear, breaking in a beauty like you is my first and last true joy. Now are you ready to give me that name so that I can release you?"

"Release me? Do you think I'm stupid? I know what happens to a sorceress who reveals her true name."

"Fair enough, then I suppose you leave me no choice. You still aren't ready for me to take you, but my servants should do well to get you on your way."

My head reeled as I heard three familiar cackling voices in the doorway. The daemon snapped his fingers and disapeared, leaving me alone with the three bandits from before.

"Well now, this slut sure is something isn't she?"

"The master put her in her place finally, now what d'you suppose we can do with her?"

"I suppose anything we'd like, but where to start is the question, isn't it?"

"Where indeed. Let's think, any ideas now my fine pretty thing?"


To be continued

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