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Kate's Fantasy


It had been a pleasant end of season party. Kate and George had flirted with others during the childish games, but apart from being groped, nothing serious had occurred to Kate! Towards the end of the party, she had relaxed in a large armchair in the conservatory, with Johnnie, the host, squatting on the floor by her side, chatting to her about his latest stage production, and casually stroking her leg.

Kate had graduated from Drama School and also from a well-known music academy. She was blessed with a good natural voice and had trained to develop its potential. Now at the age of thirty-two, she was a talented opera singer. She had met Johnnie when he directed her in a national tour two years earlier. She was now 'resting' and had accepted the invitation to the party. There would be several of her friends there.

Guests were lounging around, or stood chatting and laughing in corners. Several were in the large garden under the canopy where they had eaten earlier. It was all very civilised. One or two couples were embracing and fondling each other, but Kate had been to more sexually explicit parties!

Kate had been brought up by her mother to be realistic about sex and to enjoy what nature had given her. That was not to say she should be a libertine, but a woman's body was provided for pleasure. And men had been endowed by nature to provide the necessary means to that end. A satisfactory sex life promoted good health. Certainly her mother followed that doctrine herself, having a succession of lovers, all approved of by her husband. Kate had been blessed with a splendid figure, like her mother. She had been encouraged to explore and experiment, but with discretion.

Kate had sat many times on her parents' bed watching her mother dress and prepare herself for an evening out. She admired her heavy breasts, her teeming thighs, the curves of her bottom, and the bush of hair covering her groin beneath the flimsy knickers. The heady scent she sprayed on her neck and cleavage. Kate longed for the day when she, too, could prepare for an evening full of fun and excitement.

Kate's birthday happened to coincide with that of her mother's. They jointly celebrated her eighteenth and her mother's fortieth with a big boozy party. It was an evening Kate would never forget. There were many friends of hers and of her parents there. They had all got rather drunk and, towards the end, after most guests had left, her mother was embracing Roger, their friend, kissing him passionately and fondling his cock through his trousers. Kate had allowed Roger's son to feel her up whilst they kissed, but nothing too serious.

Roger ended the evening by shagging Kate's mother draped over the arm of a settee, whilst she suckled her husband's cock, who was sitting in the settee, with a nude Delia – Roger's wife – on his knee! He was feeling her plump vulva and nibbling her nipples. Kate watched from across the room in a casual state of inebriation.

Kate was aware that her parents' parties ended with sex sessions from time to time, but had never been invited before! Now, she watched fascinated, as Roger's rather large, bent cock plunged in and out of her mother's hairy vagina. The shaft was coated with her mother's white vaginal juices, until he finally withdrew and splattered sperm all over her buttocks. Kate had also marvelled at her father's stiff cock as it exploded over Delia's small, firm breasts. She had seen his cock many times before as he showered, but never in action. Not only that, but Kate herself had been screwed for the first time that evening – first by her father, then by their friend's son, who had been groping her for most of the evening, whilst the parents egged them on!

She had been asked whom she would like to take her virginity. She opted for her father! Kate had been backed up to the desk, leaning back on her elbows, knees hinged wide open, to watch her father's cock approach her vulva, split her labia apart and sink into her willing, dilated vagina. After he had thrust into her a few times, he gave way for young Adam to screw her, whilst their parents watched with approval.

The following day she had gone off to college.

And here she was, fourteen years later, with Johnnie caressing her long legs. The hand had moved gradually over her knee and under the hem of her summer dress, up the outside of her thigh.

Sipping her wine in the gathering dusk of the evening, Kate smiled at him. She didn't mind being fondled. In fact she enjoyed being the centre of a man's attention. Besides, she was feeling sexy. Very sexy. She adjusted her position, sitting on one buttock, crossing her legs to allow easier access to her thigh. The hand reached as far as her bottom, pausing there for a while, until it finally slid under the leg of her knickers. An exploring finger found her hairy gash, toying with the damp labia. It felt very pleasant. Kate wondered of George would mind too much. She doubted it. They were both broad-minded about such matters, and he was probably getting his fingers up some vagina or other at that very moment.

She had teamed up with George last year, when they appeared in the same company. They both enjoyed their personal freedom but shared their life quite happily in an open relationship, which suited them both. Neither was a single partner person. They shared many interests. Sex being one of them.

As Johnnie's fingers casually investigated the fleshy charms of Kate's secret parts, chatting on about the women in his productions, she wondered how many of them he had seduced. He had something of a reputation amongst them, and Kate had been told that his wife, Charity, was also known to offer her charms around the men. Another open marriage, she wondered?

'Tell me Johnnie. Out of curiosity. How many of your leading ladies have you had? I don't mean just groped like you're doing to me now – I mean actually bedded. Fucked!'

'Kate, darling,' I've had all the ones worth having!' he quipped. 'Except you, of course!' A silly question called for a silly response.

'And who was the best lover amongst them?'

'Oh, they all have their own style. They're all different down here,' he said, prodding her vulva. 'And they all orgasm differently. I enjoy comparing them.'

'Just as men have all different cocks,' she retorted. 'I enjoy comparing those as well. Though I have yet to compare yours.' They laughed.

Their attention had then been drawn to the centre of the room where Belinda, one of the lady guests, had got rather drunk and did a strip to the rock music, much to the delight of the others. As her large tits were exposed, swaying erotically, there had been much applause and whistling, but it was after discarding the skirt and pants, to reveal her wide hips and mass of black pubic hair, that she got the most enthusiastic response.

Belinda lost her balance during her gyrations, collapsing onto the lap of one of the men, who immediately kissed her nipples and ran his hand over her bushy mound, nipping her clit in the process. Her legs sprawled apart showing to one and all the hairy, wrinkled charms between her thighs, though her labia were mostly hidden in the dark forest. She was too far gone to notice, and was helped to her feet by two of the women who escorted her out, picking up her clothes on the way. A cup of strong coffee would bring her round.

Kate took the opportunity of getting up to go to the bathroom. As she dried her leaking vulva and repaired her make-up, she thought about what George and she would do when they arrived home. She would spend some time playing with his thick cock. He'd like that. Although, with the mood she was in they may not make it home before they succumbed to a fuck. Perhaps they could do it al fresco. They were walking home after all, and the canal towpath would be secluded. She decided that was a good idea. She put her knickers into her bag. A little out-of-doors excitement.

And that's what they did. Kate told George that she fancied a screw right there beside the hedge-lined canal to keep her going until they reached their flat. In the hedge on a secluded stretch, were several large trees. As he pushed her against an old weeping willow, branches hanging in a canopy over them, his hands began to explore her full breasts.

She egged him on with a hoarse whisper. 'I'll bet you had a handful of some willing fanny at the party, George. Who's did you manage to feel? And don't say all of them!'

George's hand was now up Kate's skirt, exploring her fanny, squeezing the juices into the palm. Although he knew it intimately, feeling a vulva was always a new voyage of discovery. Kate's was plump and bloated with desire. It had been aching all evening. It was wet.

'Hm! No knickers! Be prepared, eh?'

'Of course, darling. So, go on, who did you feel up at the party?'

'No-one at all, darling,' he muttered, 'I was too busy watching Johnnie groping yours.'

She giggled. 'Only a friendly one.' As she spoke, Kate was taking all of George's equipment out of his trousers. The cock was half erect. She played with it. 'Oddly enough, that was the first time for him and me.'

'Well, I did manage to get my hand in Charity's bra. She has big, floppy tits. Like bags of warm cream. All squishy and squashy!'

'Hmm! Bet her fanny's similar. All overblown and soft. What do you think? You should have felt it, so that you could describe it to me.' Her voice was a bit breathless. His fingers were making her belly squirm with delight. The fresh smell of the leaves and the cool evening air, heightened her sense of raw nature.

'When Belinda stripped off,' he whispered sexily into her mouth as they continued kissing and tonguing. 'I imagined it was you dancing naked in front of the fellas. I could just see you thrown over the arm of the chair with open legs. The men were queuing up with cocks sticking out of their trousers, waiting to shag your hot hairy fanny, one after the other.'

Kate murmured and shivered at the stimulating thought, jerking his cock. To be fucked by a series of chaps with big cocks whilst George looked on, was a favourite fantasy for them both. His cock was now fully stiff. Kate pulled it towards her loins, crushing it between her labia into the waiting vagina. She was on a high. Her orgasm was bubbling beneath the surface.

'Come on, lover boy. Fuck that. Hard!' she croaked. Kate's vagina was conveniently set rather higher in the vulva than was usual, instead of being tucked away deep between her thighs. It was nice and easy to penetrate from a standing position.

George plunged his cock deep inside, with firm deep strokes. Kate gasped as he thrust it inside. It was bliss. Cock was Kate's favourite toy ever. Dolls were for bimbos. Cocks were for grown women. Give her cock to play with any day. Well, every day! It filled her with overwhelming joy. She loved being fucked more than anything else in the world.

But the tension was soon growing in her loins. It would be her first orgasm of the evening. There would be more when they got into their apartment. The unique thrill was spreading throughout her belly, like a great wave, getting ever bigger and bigger - until it overwhelmed her. Her own ejaculation swamped George's cock with its thick juices as George came deep inside blending their emissions.

Kate had ejaculated at orgasm as long as she could remember. She was not a gusher, though. It was more like a man's ejaculation. A few thick squirts. Her lovers always found it a turn on!

After tidying up with paper tissues, they continued their way with rapid strides, arm in arm, wanting to get home for a second performance. Striding along, they heard in the distance a rowdy group of men approaching from the opposite direction. They took no notice at first. The rowdiness got nearer.

George and Kate slowed, giving each other a disquieting look. Kate looked round, but there was no way they could leave the towpath. The hedge was too thick. As they got nearer, the men could be seen in the moonlight, skipping and fooling around. Then they saw Kate and George. They stopped, calling out in a mocking tone.

'Good evening! Nice to meet you!'

'Do you come here often?' asked another.

This was really scary! Four boisterous young men were now blocking their path. Kate and George stopped, facing the four young men. They were well presented, clean-shaven but had been drinking and had clearly had more than they should have. They were not exactly staggering, but were a bit unsteady, swaying on their feet slightly.

'Hi,' Kate said casually, feeling anything but. 'You look as if you've had a good night out. Do you mind if we pass, please?'

'Hey, lady! Let's just take a good look at you.' The smallest of the group peered at her. He was a chubby-faced, pleasant-looking young man of around twenty she guessed. 'Your very good looking and you've sure got a great body there.'

Kate didn't like to look of this. Although they seemed to be decent lads, there was something menacing about them. The tallest of them was a black guy of solid build. Well over six feet. He wore a baseball cap and a disarming grin.

'Do you mind?' George remonstrated good-humouredly.

Kate squeezed his arm. Whatever happens, she thought, it must be kept light-hearted.

'Thank you, kind sir!' She laughed.

'How about a kiss, darling? Then you can go.' It was a honey-skinned young guy of slender build and average height, his open-necked shirt displaying much body-hair on his chest.

'Yeah! I'm sure your friend here won't mind us having a kiss,' added the third, a red-headed pale-faced youth of around twenty, she thought.

There was a chorus of agreement from the others. Kate hooked her arm in George's, holding herself close to him. Her mind was in turmoil. Just a kiss, she thought, with these four beery men – well, that might be the price of freedom! But she hesitated.

'Go on! Just a kiss!' the chubby youth pleaded.

'A grope would be better,' one of them laughed. 'Nice pair of tits there and I'll bet she has the most delectable fanny between them thighs.'

They all laughed lewdly. Kate's mouth turned dry. She had no idea what to do. She looked at George. They couldn't get through without the young men letting them. A barge, all in darkness, happened to be moored at that very point, blocking any chance of them jumping into the water and swimming across. And they had no intention of doing that at the moment. Perhaps they weren't serious in wanting to feel her. Just joking. Perhaps they should humour them. It would not be a good idea to get uppity with them.

'Or even a fuck!' the black man added with a whoop! 'That would be the best.'

'Yeah! That would be great. A fuck!' cried the chubby guy.

'Why not?' the others chimed in.

Oh, my god! This was all happening very quickly. Escalating out of hand. Kate was feeling very apprehensive. Events were turning desperate. Surely, they didn't mean to rape her. George was no match for four well-build young men. He wouldn't stand a chance, even though they were unsteady. In some ways, that could be more dangerous.

'Hey, man,' the first said in a mock cultured voice, 'would you mind awfully if we formicated with your lady here?'

Could she be hearing this? Her mind was hazy. She felt slightly dizzy.

'Yes, be a sport,' another added. 'Just a quicky. The we can all go home satisfied.'

The chubby man unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock. It was already half erect.

'Take a look lady. You'd like a length of that, I can guarantee.' Kate stared at it without taking it in. This was a dream, she thought.

Taking their cue from him, the other three unzipped as well, to drag out their cocks to show to Kate. The red-headed youth's cock was almost fully stiff. Very pale skinned, with a pointed head peeking from the foreskin. He stroked it lewdly.

'Don't take any notice of him, lady. He's always got a hard on. All the time. It's natural with him.' They all laughed offensively, thrusting their loins forward towards Kate.

Kate stared at the cocks sticking out of the Chinos of the four men standing there. Much as she wanted to, she couldn't drag her eyes from them. They fascinated her. When the black guy's cock came into view, she was amazed! It was enormous. It had to be at least twelve inches long and it wasn't even fully erect. It sprouted from the bushy groin in a huge arch. Although having heard of such weapons, she had never believed the stories. But here was the proof! She could never enclose a cock that big in her fanny!

George was getting edgy. 'Come on,' he muttered thickly to Kate. 'They're only joking. Let's go.'

Taking Kate by the elbow, George made to guide her through the four men, but he was pushed back roughly a few paces by two of them jabbing his shoulders.

'Hey! That's not very friendly,' one of the men retorted angrily. 'We're only having a bit of fun.'

Kate was now isolated on the towpath, two of the guys in front and behind her. The black guy, the tallest of the four, grabbed Kate brutally, held her neck and pressed his thick lips to hers. Taken by surprise she didn't resist too much.

'Hey,' he called, 'she liked that you guys!'

'The others crowded round the panic-stricken Kate. George looked on helpless. Another of them took her face in both hands and kissed her mouth heavily. She wasn't sure which one, but unable to avoid it. At the same time a pair of hands encircled her from behind cupped her breasts, squeezing them hard.

'Wow, what a pair of tits! Let's take a look'

Her coat was pulled open and her dress brusquely unbuttoned and dragged off the shoulders to pin her arms by the side. The clip at the back of her bra was unhooked, the shoulder straps followed the dress, allowing her large, full breasts to fall forward, the puckered saucer-size areolas and stiff nipples standing proud from the pale flesh, in the light of the moon.

The four men gazed in admiration. Kate stood there ashen faced, petrified. She gave George a pleading look over her shoulder. He was powerless to help. He could only shrug.

The guys whooped with delight, each of them trying to grapple with the firm flesh. Her nipples were hard as nuts with the slight chill in the air, but also with the stimulation of strange fingers clawing at them. Kate was very proud of her breasts. They were large, smooth and unmarked. They were also very sensitive. Although firm, they hovered over her flat belly by their sheer weight, though at this moment, pushed forward by the restraining bra round her ribcage.

Two of the guys bent to suckle one each as the other two set about unbuttoning the rest of her dress. The whole was dragged from her leaving her standing stark naked. All Kate could do was let it happen without struggling.

'Hey, look fellas. She's wearing no knickers.'

'That was really thoughtful of you, lady. Wow! Look a that body!'

The black guy was standing behind her, admiring the flawless skin of her well-rounded buttocks. His large hands slowly caressed the soft flesh, both little fingers reaching into the deep creases where the cheeks meet the top of the thighs. It was warm and damp. The fingers explored every inch of her loins, slipping into the wet vagina for a few finger-fucking jabs.

Kate was weeping with sheer frustration. Tears rolling down her cheeks. She knew her vagina would be lubricating copiously. It may be giving the guys the wrong signal so far as she was concerned.

The black man felt the juice oozing from the vulva. 'She's ripe for it guys. Seeping like a leaking tap.'

The red-head cupped one hand between her legs and felt her gash. With the other, he flashed a knife in front of her face, as his fingers penetrated her wet vagina.

'Don't scream, lady. Don't even think about it if you want your fanny to stay in working order.' He bent his face to hers and kissed her hard on the lips.

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