tagGroup SexKath Goes to London Ch. 03

Kath Goes to London Ch. 03


COPYRIGHT 10 December 2005

No part of the following story may be copied or transmitted without written authorisation of the author.

This is fiction. Any resemblance of characters dead or alive and historic or current organisations to the real world are completely co-incidental.

WARNING: This is for adult reading. If you are a minor or you are offended by consensual sex between three women and a man, do not read this story.

This is part 3 of the story. Thanks again to Susan K for her advice, and Jen B. I appreciate and respond to all comments. Please, ladies as well as gentlemen, do comment and tell me what the story did for you.


Three days later, Kath was beginning to be annoyed by the constant itching of her pussy as her pubic hair had already grown to stubble length. As she lay in her bath, gently luxuriating in ylang-ylang foam, she looked at her breasts as they bobbed above the surface of the water. She remembered the smell of Andrew Maxim's aftershave that resembled her bath essence. Her nipples looked like ripe rich cherries and she gave them a playful tweak. They were sensitive to her loving touch and rose to hardness immediately. Her mind wandered to the touch of Andrew and Jayne, as they became her lovers in her fantasy. Again moisture gathered in the folds of her pussy as the now familiar feelings of returning libido took hold. It wasn't just bath water, it was Kath's own liquid fire. She reached for her soft sponge and caressed her skin with it. It glided silkily below the water to her inflamed sex. She closed her eyes and masturbated gently with a new calm. Her hips rose and fell as she worked her body. She ignored the bristles of her pubic hair and concentrated on the ripples of feeling that ebbed and flowed. She needed release as she thought again of her new-found sexuality. Jayne had kindled something within her and it was good. As she came, her heart pounded in her chest and she flushed.

Kath had not heard anything from her gynaecologist and wondered about the results of her blood tests. She had made up her mind herself about the treatment and was now ready to take the next step. She got out of the bath and whilst drying her body, thought about what lay ahead. Who could she confide in? Now that her desire for sex had returned, she was concerned about its direction. Was she at least bisexual? Or was she now only interested in women? For this reason, not only had she not discussed anything with Andrew Maxim, but she had also not discussed anything with her husband, Ken.

Ken was a kind man. Now in his mid fifties, balding but stylish, he wished he could lose his slight paunch and return to his physical state of yesteryear. He ate well but not to excess. He drank only the best Scotch whisky; not to become drunk, but only to savour the flavour. Like art and music, he enjoyed a relaxed finesse that he shared with his many friends.

Ken loved his wife. It was a soft, generous love of graceful acquiescence to Kath's wishes, and her agreement to his. It was a long-term partnership. Ken wistfully remembered the passion they had shared in their youth, and longed for their return. He knew it was impossible, and knew also that Kath had become withdrawn lately and her libido had all but vanished. Not only did he miss her sex, he also was concerned about her health and happiness.

Now in their bedroom, she glanced out of the window and saw that Ken's car was not in the drive. For the hundredth time that day, Kath read the piece of paper with Nurse Jayne's telephone number on it. The coast was clear so she lay on her bed and dialled. She was slightly apprehensive about the treatment and almost ashamed to ask Jayne for help, but now that lusty feelings had returned, she wanted to maintain and grow them.

Jayne had been waiting for Kath to call. Sure, she'd been nursing other patients with Andrew Maxim, but none had made the same mental connection with her. As she heard Kath's voice on the telephone, her heart skipped a beat. She put the call through to the consultant.

Andrew told Kath that her results were through and the creams would be available the next day. Kath agreed to the treatment and made a mental note to send a cheque for Mr Maxim's services so far, after she received the medication and invoice. After the brief call ended, Kath regretted not speaking more

with Jayne. She had to find an excuse just to hear her voice. Her tummy fluttered with longing. She remembered something and redialled Jayne's number.

"Hi Jayne, me again! Sorry to bug you but how do I apply the cream? My hair is growing again and I don't know if the cream will work." Kath was embarrassed at her stupidity. Jayne chuckled and chided Kath softly.

"You're a liar. You know exactly what to do, you just wanted to speak with me again. I'm pleased that you did because I've wanted to speak with you and make love with you since the moment we met. The last couple of days have been crazy. Every minute I'm alone, you're in my head and I've been masturbating with you on my mind. You wouldn't believe what's inside my head. Look, I'm not normally attracted to just women, but you've caught me hook, line and sinker. Even when I'm with my boyfriend, I'm actually fucking you. I've been creamy for days."

"Thank heaven for that," replied Kath. "I've been in a whirl too. I can't get you out of my mind. I've been cumming and cumming calling your name. I'm worried about Ken. He doesn't know anything about this. He thinks my libido has disappeared. He'll be terribly hurt if the reason for its return is you."

"So don't tell him yet." Said Jayne. "Do the preparation and treatment and see what happens. With a bit of luck, you'll rediscover your appetite for him. I've got an idea. I live only about half an hour from you. Why don't I ask Andrew to give me your creams and I'll drop them in after work. We can have a chat then, and if you like I can meet Ken too."

The two women said their goodbyes and fore each of them, the rest of the day went by very slowly.

Jennifer Harrison was 47 years old. Mature, settled, a pillar of the community. Jen (as everyone called her) was a member of the school PTA, the local council and went to church regularly. She wasn't a busybody, just someone who loved to get involved and give real help where it was needed. However, she certainly was no saint. Her sins would fill several books, but she did her best to balance her life. Jen had never married. She'd had several boyfriends who would come into her life then go out again. She just couldn't love any one man for more than a few months. There was always something stopping her. She quite liked sex, and that full feeling of a man inside her, but frankly her dildo felt just as good. Moreover, it didn't fall asleep before she climaxed or forget to rinse the hair out of the bath!

Jen was friends with a lot of people in the village and knew much about who was doing what with whom. She knew that Ken and Kath were unhappy together but didn't know why. Jen and Kath had been friends for ages. They often met for coffee and a chat, but had never shared any intimate secrets. Kath liked Jen and Jen liked Kath. But there was something that always seemed to get in the way of them becoming closer. Over the years they had discussed Kath's children growing up and leaving home, Ken's work and busy schedule, Jen's current boyfriend or lack of current boyfriend and everything else under the sun.

But there was always something left out, something unsaid, something hidden. Kath could see it in Jen's eyes but couldn't understand what was there. Jen knew, but could never admit it, neither to Kath or especially to herself. After all, Jen's position in the community would suffer immeasurably if anyone knew how she really felt about Kath.

Jen dressed in traditional country tweeds and looked every part Miss Prim. But her underwear painted a very different picture of her character and needs. Whilst quite down to earth on the exterior, Jen wore the finest silk next to her perfect skin. She was blessed with soft round curves that flowed as her panties gently cradled her bottom. Her 36C breasts were firm and ripe, tipped with sensitive nipples that forced her to place cotton wool around them in her bra so that they did not show the world her almost constant arousal.

Her underwear drawer contained another secret, her collection of toys that gave her orgasms whenever she wanted. She had a small pocket rocket that she could hide in her handbag for a quickie during a coffee break. She had a soft jelly vibe that had little knobs along its length that clung to her most intimate flesh as she imagined her lover making love to her. She also had a Swiss made, almost silent multi-head vibrator that a friend had recommended to her.

Essentially, Jen loved to masturbate and cum as often as possible. It was the only release she had, and it kept her sane. She'd try anything; using the showerhead to rain pulses of water on her soaked pussy, or lying under a tap as water cascaded on her juicy sex. She'd straddle her washing machine during the spin cycle, just to feel the tense, upward spiral that led to her climax. At the swimming pool she'd stand next to a water jet as it massaged her and brought her off. She loved hands-free orgasms. It felt like her lover was there doing her, instead of the constant loneliness that was with her.

Jen picked up her telephone and called Kath.

"Hello, Kath. This is Jen. How are you?" asked Jen.

"Fine, thanks. Never better." Replied Kath with a smile in her voice.

Jen said, "You sound happy. What's going on? How's things with you and Ken?"

Kath thought for a moment or two and decided to share some of her recent events with Jen. It would do her good to hear that Kath was well and things were looking up. Kath wanted to pique her prim friend into loosening up, so she replied, "Not bad. There's something I want to tell you. Any chance we could meet for a coffee this afternoon, say around 4?"

"Sure." Replied Jen. "I'm looking forward to hearing why you're so bright! See you later."

"OK. Bye." Said Kath as she hung the received on its rest. She looked again at her watch and realised she'd have to prepare things quickly for her guest.

On the stroke of four, the blue Audi TT swung into Kath's drive. Kath looked out of the window and saw that it was not Jen but Jayne who stepped out of the car. Kath's tummy turned summersaults and a lump came to her throat as Kath saw her lover. Jayne looked fabulous and as their eyes met they both smiled. Jayne almost ran into Kath's arms and they began to kiss. Kath broke the embrace and almost dragged Jayne into the house. The two women held each others hands, looked each other up and down, smiled again and took up their kiss once again. Kath tasted another woman's lips for the first time and was only slightly surprised with their texture. She found them to be soft and yielding, yet demanding and forceful. Kath wanted to devour her lover and Jayne felt the same way. Kath closed her eyes as her hands held the neck, face and hair of Jayne. Jayne closed her eyes and matched Kath's breathing. They held each other close and hugged, held and grasped each other closely, one not wanting to release the other.

Suddenly, all the feelings changed. As Kath felt her face being stroked, she also felt an arm swing around her waist. As Jayne felt her cheek being caressed by Kath, she too felt an arm holding her body. Additionally, both women could smell a change in perfume. They broke apart and opened their eyes. They were stunned to see Jen making their private a kiss a group hug.

"Jen!" exclaimed Kath.

"Jayne?" questioned Jen.

"Wow. Jen!" said Jayne. "I didn't expect to see you here!"

"And I certainly didn't expect to you here either, especially in your uniform." Said Jen.

"What the Hell's going on?" shouted Kath. "Do you two know each other?"

"Yes we do, but we haven't seen each other for quite some time." Replied Jayne.

Jen interrupted. "I'm just as surprised as you are. I didn't expect Jayne to be here, let alone to catch you two kissing. But that would explain why you're so happy all of a sudden! We know each other because I had some personal difficulties that Jayne and my consultant sorted out. By the way, Jayne, how's Andrew?"

"He's fine, and as committed to fun as ever!" replied Jayne with a smile.

Kath was still amazed and asked if she'd been set up some how. Jayne simply explained that she had been able to leave London early and had arrived ahead of time, and Jen told her that as always, she arrived punctually; so it was a pure coincidence that they met.

"So,"said Jen to Kath, "Can I ask what's going on between you two? Have you turned lesbian or is this just a fling? The reason is that now I can tell you how I feel. I've wanted you for ages and have never had the courage to come out and tell you. I know that you really love Ken, but I've lusted after you from afar for years. That's why we could never be intimate because I didn't know how you would feel about loving another woman. That is, until I saw you just now with Jayne."

Jayne looked at Jen. Jen looked at Kath. Kath looked between Jayne and Jen. The room was silent as Kath tried to come to terms with the huge revelations and questions about her life, love and sexuality. She was bowled over by the enormity of the situation. Jayne was the first to speak.

"Look, Kath. It's very simple. I love women as well as men. I see patients all the time and have a great time with them and with Andrew. We've been lovers for ages too, and he knows that I swing both ways. Yes, Jen was a patient, and of course I won't discuss any more details, except to say that you already know what happens in Andrew's consulting rooms. But when you came last week, no pun intended, I felt something more about us. I think that you felt it too and that's why I wanted an excuse to visit you."

Kath turned to Jayne and replied, "I don't know what to say, or where to start. I don't even know what to think any more. I'd never experienced sex with a woman before I met you. Now my whole world is upside down. And we've been caught out by my best friend, who I find also wants me in her bed. And what about Ken? He thinks I'm completely off sex, and the reality is that I haven't been able to think about anything else lately."

Jen swung into her normal mode and went towards the kitchen to put the kettle on. Jayne took Kath in her arms and rocked her as Kath tried to unravel the mess inside her troubled head. A few minutes later, the three women sat around a table sipping tea and nibbling on chocolate digestives. It was a surreal scene, with each woman deep in her own thoughts. It was Kath who eventually broke the silence. She smiled and said,

"OK. It's not a tragedy. I still love Ken and hopefully always will. I don't think I'm a lesbian because when I remember peeping at Andrew's cock as he masturbated himself whilst you and he masturbated me, I certainly was turned on by it. So, if I wanted to put a label on myself, I would call myself bi. I have to say that the best sex I have ever had was with you, Jayne, and I don't want it to stop. I am very fond of you and fancy you like mad. I wanted you to come here so that you could put my cream on for me. I suppose you did the same for Jen."

Jen nodded in agreement with a shy smile. Then Kath continued. "As for you, Jen, I've always valued your friendship and yes, you are certainly an attractive woman, but I've never considered anything more between us. But if sex with you is as good as sex with Jayne, then I'm up for it too! But I will always love Ken and will tell him about us when he returns tonight. So, that leaves us with a few hours. And I don't know about you two, but I'm as horny as Hell and want to make love with Jayne and as Jen wants to fuck me, then let's take this conversation up to my bedroom."

With that, Jayne and Jen got up and followed Kath up the stairs to Kath and Ken's bedroom. Nobody said anything about being put off by making love as a threesome in a marital bed. As Jen was the common denominator in the triangle, she undressed first and lay on Kath's bed in just bra and panties. Kath was amazed at how sexy she looked, now that the tweeds lay pooled on the floor. Jen's soft silk accentuated her curves and Kath began to feel even more turned on, spurred on by the thought of intimately touching someone she trusted and knew for so long. She told herself to stop thinking logically and start thinking as a woman who had one aim in mind; her pleasure and multiple orgasms.

Again she looked at Jen and saw the rise and fall of her breasts encased in pretty soft fabric that suggestively accentuated the shape of her nipples and caressed the contours into a wonderfully feminine curve. She looked down towards Jen's pubis and could see that there was a darker region of fabric that shielded her sex from view, but it was obvious that Jen was more than moist. She was wet and ready.

Then, under Jen's watchful gaze, Jayne began to undress Kath. Slowly she peeled the jacket off her shoulders and let the garment slip to the floor. In response, Kath's nipples began to harden as she looked into Jayne's eyes and drew her nurse closer for the continuation of the kiss that had ended so abruptly. The kiss melded the women's lips into a soft wet fold of lush skin as they gently but greedily enjoyed each other. Jen watched them and her right hand sneaked into her panties to begin a slow caress of her vagina.

As Kath and Jayne continued to kiss, it was Kath's turn to remove some clothing from her partner. She reached behind Jayne's neck and found the zip of her tunic. With a single tug, she slid the zip down until her hand rested in the small of Jayne's back. Jayne wondered where she had learned this skill and decided that for some people, it was just a natural instinct and talent. Lucky Kath!

Kath lifted her hands to Jayne's shoulders and gently removed her dress. Jayne helped by wriggling her body but did not break the kiss. As Jayne carefully slipped off her shoes and stepped out of her dress, she revealed her matching bra, thong and suspenders. Her nylon-clad legs were sheer, bright and firm. The toned muscles showed her youth and exercise regime. The two older women were not jealous, but turned on by Jayne's natural beauty. Jayne was thankful that she had dressed for the occasion, and that it had been her plan and desire to seduce Kath.

But the main attraction was Jayne's bottom. Her wonderfully rounded globes were flawless, perfectly formed, soft and graceful. The shape was seductive and ultra-feminine, a peach divided by the satin of her thong. Both Kath and Jen were captivated by its charm and Kath bent down to kiss it. She ran her tongue up and down the soft cheeks and held Jayne's body tightly. Jen continued to masturbate as her friends played in front of her. Jayne told Kath to stand up so she could undress her lover fully.

Kath soon stood naked with Jayne and both women held hands as they watched Jen as she writhed on Kath's bed. Jen plunged her fingers in and out of her engorged pussy and her moans and sighs only just covered the wet slurping and squelching noises from her grasping sex.

Liquid flooded into her now sodden panties and Jayne responded by approaching the bed, kneeling down and pulling Jen's underwear down her legs and off her feet. As she did this, Jayne's face came close to Jen's sex and Jayne inhaled Jen's aroma deeply. Jayne looked up and saw the pleading in Jen's eyes. She turned to Kath and told her to come and remove Jen's bra and play with her breasts. Kath did not hesitate and immediately teased and squeezed Jen's nipples and fondled all of her ample bust. Meanwhile, Jayne's tongue snaked out and licked the length of Jen's slit. Her nectar was delicious and she drank from the fountain. Jen could hardly keep still and bucked her hips as she rode Jayne's tongue. More and more juice poured from her as she screamed in her orgasm. Jayne held on to her lover and continued to worry Jen's inflamed clitoris with her nose and fucked her pussy with her rigid tongue. Jen rolled on her wave of orgasmic bliss and Kath wondered how it would feel to have a woman's mouth on her sex. She would soon find out.

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