tagBDSMKatherine Ch. 08

Katherine Ch. 08


Ch. 08: S Is Punished

This is one of a series. I suggest you read them in order


I awoke early and started to stroke Katherine's body. She moaned and then rolled away from me. "That's gratitude." I quipped to myself and I slid out of bed.

Down the hall, I opened the door to S's room. She still hung suspended over the bar, her arms lifted up and her thighs well spread. She really was beautiful, even after all of her abuse the day before. The arch in her body accentuated the sculpture of her beautiful figure as her massive tits hung heavily below her chest. I stepped up between her open thighs and ran my cockhead slowly across the length of her pussy lips. S awoke with a start as I slid my cock into her dry pussy. She was tighter than Katherine, if that was possible. I raised her arms to almost vertical and wrapping my hands around her pendulous breasts, I squeezed them and pinched her ringed nipples. I stroked powerfully into her tight pussy and began to feel her love juices begin to flow as her muscles tightened around my invading shaft. S began to grunt with each thrust as I filled her pussy to capacity. Her breathing grew heavy as her tits heaved.

"There is still the matter of your lying to me yesterday that needs to be accounted for." I said to her menacingly as my fingers dug into her massive tits. "I have an idea." I said as I pulled my cock out of her body as abruptly as I had shoved it in. I untied the young beauty and let her move around to get her circulation back. As she paced the room, her mind was racing as she tried to figure out what torture I had in mind for her beautiful body this morning. She had reached her limit the night before as I broke her resistance and she'd been forced to suck on a rival's pussy and bring her to not one but three orgasms.

"Assume the position." I said softly and S knew that whatever it was going to be, it was going to start right now. She sank to her knees in front of me and raised her arms over her head, interlacing her fingers behind her head as she slid her knees wide apart. I stepped up in front of her and she opened her lips and rising slightly, sucked my cock into her sweet mouth. Slowly she slid up and down the length of my shaft and then in an effort she hoped would please me, unclasped her hands and teased my cock and ass with her fingers. I decided not to cum in her mouth, at least not now.

"Stand up." I said and S released my cock and stood in front of me, her head high and her chest thrust forward for my pleasure. "Now I want you to run in place." I said gently. S looked surprised but started to move her legs. Her huge tits began to sway beautifully. She remembered how she'd always had to wear harness type bras in high school gym class. "Faster." I said and she picked up the pace and felt her huge tits bounce heavily with each step. She reached up to control her tits but I slapped her hands away. Her face contorted with pain as she felt her huge mams bounce violently as she moved. Tears appeared in her eyes as she tried to reach for her tits again. This time, I smashed her tit with the plastic bat. Her tit exploded in pain as her pace slackened.

"On the bed, head at this end." I said indicating the foot of the bed. S complied quickly, holding her aching tits. I attached her wrists to the two posts at the foot of the bed as I had bound Katherine the night before. I nodded and S raised her knees and then spread her thighs as wide as she could.

On the sides of the bed were bars with brackets that could be slid along the length of the bed. The brackets could hold metal bars and I set the one I wanted in place and slid it all the way to the foot of the bed. S didn't know what it was for but was pretty sure she wasn't going to enjoy it, at least not completely. I raised the foot of the bed with the hoist and put a foam wedge behind her head, bending her neck forward. I straddled S's body and sat down across her waist.

"These really are lovely." I complimented her as I began to play with her huge tits. "I'm sure they are the part of your body that gets the most comments and the most stares and that causes the most fantasy in young men." I teased. By now I was really mauling her tits with my fingers, pinching and gouging her massive tits. "I'll bet they still hurt from last night, not to mention your recent jogging session." I said as I continued to pinch her ringed nipples. I lifted her huge mams by the rings and S cried out as her sore nipples were forced to hold up the full weight of her massive tits. The weight pulled hard on her sore nipples.

I picked up a small plastic cord I'd taken from one of my appliances. It was about 8 inches in length and had a plastic bulb every centimeter. You fed one end through a slot in the other end and you could close it to hold the electrical chord. I slid the free end through one of her nipple rings and then passed it through the other nipple ring. I threaded the free end through the slot and S quickly realized what was about to happen. I let the first bulb catch on the slot and S saw that her nipples were loosely bound together. She realized that I could pull on the free end and tighten the binding, pulling her nipples closer and closer together. She began to tremble with fear and with excitement.

I pulled slowly and firmly on the free end and watched as the chord drew tighter and tighter. S felt her tits pulled together and lifted as her nipples drew closer together. The natural place for her tits while lying on her back, was on her sides tucked under her arms. Now she saw them pulled high up onto her chest as if she were standing up. I continued to tighten the chord until her nipples were only about four inches apart and her nipples were pointing at each other grotesquely.

I picked up the plastic bat and hit the sides of her tit hard. Her entire chest shook and S felt the pain as her nipples stretched. I hit her again on her other tit and then across her bound nipples. She screamed. Laying down the bat, I pulled her tits even closer together. The pain in her distended nipples was increased as not only did they have to support the weight of her titflesh but her breasts were so full that when they mashed together, her nipples would be about 2 inches apart. She winced with pain as she looked down to where her nipples almost touched. Sliding the last bulb into the slot, I picked up a scissor and cut the excess cord. I gently teased S's pendulous breasts and then tucking my finger into her generous cleavage, I hooked it around the plastic cord and began to move her huge tits around on her chest. Her face contorted with pain as the movement stretched her nipples even further.

"You know, few women truly have tits big enough to fuck. Yours will do nicely." I said as I poured some oil into S's tightly packed cleavage. Reaching for the bar at the foot of the bed, I slid it forward until it was over her face. Holding it tightly, I nudged my cock between the undersides of S's huge tits. I inched forward slowly as S bit her lip with a gasp as she felt my thick cock press between her tightly bound tits. The strain on her nipples increased as the head of my cock emerged from between her tits and pointed straight at her mouth. I pressed forward as my hips pushed her tits toward her face and my cockhead brushed her sweet lips.

"Kiss it." I instructed and S did, her tongue flicking across the tip. I smile at her. Taking hold of the bar, I began to slowly stroke into that ever so tight valley between her tits. S knew that I was starting out slowly but the pain in her titflesh was incredible. She knew that once I started to fuck her tits fully, she would be screaming in agony.

Slowly I began to increase the pace and the oil made for slick passage through her valley of pleasure but the strain on her distended nipples was beyond belief. S kept her mouth open in anticipation of my cum. As I started to thrust between her tits, they bounced violently, making the earlier pain of running seem like it was nothing. Her nipples became even more distended and raw as her face was masked with pain.

Suddenly Katherine entered the room wearing the short robe. She saw me sitting astride S, with my cock jammed between her huge tits. "What's going on here?" she demanded. "I woke up and you weren't there. I've never had a man leave me in bed to go fuck another woman." she shouted.

"Come here." I said softly. Her initial anger spent, Katherine walked over to the bed. She looked a bit embarrassed by the force of her outburst. When she stood beside me, I reached up and slapped her hard across the cheek. She screamed in surprise as her hands flew up to her face. She was stunned. I grabbed her wrist and forced her to her knees.

"The first thing you're going to learn today is that you do not control my body. Beyond that, you don't even control your own body. But that you will learn later today." I said in a soft but very menacing voice. Katherine was frightened. I let go of her wrist.

"Strip." I said. The word was frightening and Katherine shook slightly as she undid the sash of the robe and let it slide off of her shoulders. She knelt naked before me as I slid out of S's magnificent titflesh. Reaching under Katherine's arms, I cupped her tits and lifted her to her feet. Pulling her by her hair, I moved her behind the padded bar. I attached her wrists to the hanging chords and quickly raised her arms over her head until her feet lifted off the floor.

"For S here, pain is the necessary punishment. It is what works. She likes it to a point but then it moves out of her control. For you pain is relatively ineffective. What works for you is not being in control of your body. You like it but at the same time it tortures you." I said as I played with her nipple. It got rock hard under my fingers. "To be sure a little pain will also be effective, so I'm going to attach clips to these cute little nipples and then add some weights. Not as much as S got but then she's used to it and requires more strain." I said as I pinched and twisted both of her nipples.

Katherine remembered how heavy the weights had been as she had removed them from S's nipples but she realized she didn't have anything to attach them to. "Then I'm going to fuck S in front of you over and over until I'm through and you will remain high and very, very dry." I taunted her.

I pushed a ball gag into Katherine's mouth and secured it in place. I picked up two alligator clips from a cup on the table and held them in front of Katherine's eyes. I opened one of the clips and Katherine saw the sharp metal teeth. She squirmed as I pinched and pulled on her nipple. "Either you stay still or I'll spread you so you can't move and inch." I threatened. Katherine stopped.

I sucked her hard nipple into my mouth and then having aroused it, slowly attached the clip so it got a good bite into her tender nub. She winced in pain as the sharp teeth bit into her tender flesh. I did the same to her other nipple. Then I selected a moderate pair of weights and secured them to the clips. Katherine felt the added strain on her tortured nipples. At least she would not have to endure them bouncing all over the place while being fucked as S had the evening before. She was grateful for that.

The discomfort in her tits was nothing compared to what she knew came next. The slow and deliberate fucking of a beautiful woman who she viewed as a rival by the man she wanted to be fucking her this very instant; who could satisfy her every need as he had done so many times recently. She knew I was right. Her loss of control of the situation and of her body was her point of greatest punishment.

I set the weights swinging as I picked up the scissor and slit the chord binding S's nipples together. Her huge tits fell to her sides and she was relieved that the strain on her poor distended nipples was gone. In a moment a new pain filled her tender nubs as the stretching became even more painful as her nipples tried to relax and readjust.

I raised the foot of the bed a bit more and pulled the foam block from behind S's head. She lay her head back over the edge of the bed and felt relieved that her fortunes had changed. Or so she thought. I attached two chords to the overhead bar and then slipped the ends through each of her nipple rings and tied them leaving lots of slack.

I stepped up and teased S's cheeks with my cock finally sliding my rod into her mouth. Thankful, for not being in pain at the moment, her lips and tongue caressed my cock. I began to massage her abused tits gently and she moaned as her nipples remained hard but did not look so stretched.

I withdrew from her mouth and sat beside her. I fondled her breasts and then began to suck and chew on her recently abused nipples. S moaned loudly as my teeth and tongue gently teased her tender nubs. S moaned loudly as I nibbled my way down her body and slid my tongue into her drenched pussy. She sighed again as I began to eat her sweet pussy. Her lips were engorged and her body writhed with passion. The sweet smell of her love juices filled the room. When I lifted my body over hers and fell into a 69 position, S sucked on my cock for all she was worth.

Katherine was beside herself as she watched her rival suck on me as I caressed her body and brought her pleasure. She was excited, jealous, angry and ashamed. She was also frustrated as hell as she hung only inches from me and yet out of reach.

I moved around to sit between S's open thighs. Katherine watched as I teased S's engorged labia - remembering just how it felt last night when the roles were reversed and I was doing this to her. Sliding my ramrod into S's tight love hole, I started to fuck her slowly. Her body responded with exceptional passion. I lay down across her spread body and thrust deep into her loins again and again as her love muscles caressed my invading shaft and her pleasure was broadcast by her constant moans and squeals. Katherine was in her own kind of personal agony. S squeezed my shaft with her powerful love muscles but I was not interested in cumming just yet. Raising my body, I pumped hard into S's tight pussy and watched as her huge tits bounced freely on her chest. Katherine's gaze was fixed on those bouncing tits also. She was more than a little jealous of S's magnificent body - not that hers was anything to apologize for.

I reached for the overhead bar and holding it for balance, sat up and continued to thrust deeply into S's warm body. S's tits were starting to hurt again as the movements of her tits became more violent. Sliding the bar down until it was poised above her heaving chest and I ran a piece of cord through her nipple rings and attached it to the bar above her chest. Holding the bar, I began to turn it in its bracket. S realized quickly what was about to happen. As I turned the bar, the cords attached to her nipples would wind around the bar until all the slack was removed and then her nipples would be pulled up into the air. As her tits thrashed about, the length of the cord would determine how far her tits could roll and the strain on her nubs would be increased.

I turned the bar until her nipples began to rise and I could see that there was some strain on her nipples as they were lifted into the air and the weight of her massive tits was suspended by them. Continuing to thrust into her tight pussy, I felt her muscles clamp on my shaft as she tried to make me cum faster. As I rammed into her body, her tits bounced towards her face but only as far as the nipple chords allowed them. Turning the bar further, her nipples were pulled higher and the strain increased. Now almost their full weight was supported by her distended nipples and the movement of her massive tits with each thrust was severely restricted. S cried in pain as she felt like her nipples were going to be ripped off her chest as I fucked her body with full force.

Katherine watched in horror and fascination as each turn of the bar lifted her rival's tits higher and higher until there was almost no movement possible for her nipples as the meat of S's huge tits bounced back and forth on her chest. Each thrust into her body was a mass of pain for the captive girl. For once in her life, S wished she had been flat chested.

"You realize if you hadn't lied to me I wouldn't have to be punishing you while I'm punishing her." I said to S. She nodded. I lowered the end of the bed about an inch and whatever slack was left in the nipple chord was now gone. S screamed as the pain increased in her chest and she arched her back in an effort to ease the strain a little.

Katherine was getting excited as she watched me fuck S. She wanted my cock inside of her and not in this beautiful blonde. Her pussy was drenched and her clit stood full at attention but there was no way to caress it or to rub it against something - anything hard. She was frustrated and that feeling was doubled because she knew this was the most effective punishment for her. But there would be more to come.

Pumping hard into S's body, I felt my cum start to boil deep in my balls. I smiled down at S and she got excited as she sensed what was about to happen. I thrust deeper and faster into her tight pussy as her huge breasts bounced heavily against her bound nipples. As I thrust one final time, my cock exploded in her tight pussy as my finger touched the button and the bed dropped another inch. S screamed loudly as her insides let go with buckets of cum and her nipples practically were ripped from her chest as she arched her back as far as it would go. Katherine could see my muscles contract as I stayed firmly embedded deep in S's beautiful body. She wanted to scream her frustration as I filled another woman in front of her eyes.

"Have you learned your lesson?" I said looking down at S. She nodded.

"MMmmmm." Katherine answered through her gag even though I wasn't speaking to her.

"No, you still have another lesson to learn today." I taunted her as I swung her nipple weights. She winced in pain.

I eased the strain on S's nipples by turning the bar back and her nipples lowered. At first she was relieved but knew that the pain would really start in a moment or two as her nipples tried to readjust. I released her wrists and the blonde beauty began to gently touch her abused tits. She caressed them as I watched. I withdrew from her body and rested against the headboard. I nodded to her and she untied the chords attached to her nipple rings.

"Suck on me." I said and S slowly pulled herself up and inched forward until she lowered her mouth to my cock. I felt her lips close around my shaft and her tongue teased the underside of my rod. S sucked until I let her up. She had a great mouth - almost as great as Katherine's. Katherine watched as she got even more frustrated.

I rolled S over and crawling on top of her, teased her tits with my tongue and played gently with her body as she squealed. I helped her up and we went in to take a shower, soaping each other thoroughly and laughing and giggling as Katherine remained suspended over the bar to endure her frustration alone.

I led S down the hall for breakfast.

To be continued....

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