tagBDSMKatherine Ch. 09

Katherine Ch. 09


This is one of a series. I suggest you read them in order.

CHAPTER 9 Katherine is punished - phase 1

When we returned to S's room, I had S kneel at the foot of the bed and lean her body over the mattress. Her ass stuck out invitingly. I raised the end of the bed to its highest position, bringing her beautiful ass to cock height. Her thighs parted and her feet barely reached the floor. She pulled her arms up over her head and turned her head to the side. Her beautiful, blonde hair lay on the mattress framing her beautiful face.

Taking hold of Katherine's ankles, I lifted her hips off the bar and flipped her over so she faced the door. Adjusting the bar slightly, I raised first one foot and then the other and attached them to the ends of the bar so her thighs were fully split. I lowered Katherine's body a bit and then moving the bar again, eased her ass over S's.

As I pressed the button for the hoist, Katherine felt her body descend until her body set down firmly on S's beautiful ass. As I continued to lower her body, she leaned back until her shoulder blades touched the bar above S's body. I slid a rope under her breasts and tied it tightly to the bar so she could not slide her body forward. Katherine felt the coarseness of the rope as it bit into the soft flesh on the underside of her tits. The weights I'd attached to her nipples dangled out to her sides and continued to pull at her sore nipples. I slid the bar back slightly to add to her discomfort. Katherine looked down and saw that she was asshole to asshole with S, her thighs parted wide, with her knees slightly lifted and bent. Katherine figured that I was going to fuck both of them in this position and ordinarily I would have, sliding my cock in and out of any of their tight holes at will.

I stepped up to the women and Katherine's eyes were transfixed on my ramrod. "Normally this would have been for you. I would have filled your pussy and made you cum over and over again as you know only too well that I can do. Right now it is all for S and as open and ready as you are right now, all you can do is look down between those lovely thighs of yours at my cock as it slides into another woman's pussy. All you will feel is the motion of our fucking and her body shudder every time she cums." I taunted her. Katherine quickly realized that her pussy and thighs were back just enough that her body would not even touch mine as I thrust into S. She tried to wiggle forward but the rope under her tits bit into the softness of her mams and stopped her. So near and yet so far.

I rubbed my cock a few times for Katherine to see and slowly slid it into S's sweet love channel. She moaned loudly as I penetrated her pussy to the hilt. My hips pressed firmly to her ass as my body did not touch Katherine's open thighs. Katherine watched totally frustrated and somewhat humiliated as I began to fuck S. With each stroke she could feel S move but that didn't help her. Neither did the loud moans emanating from the beautiful blonde being fucked right under her. Katherine screamed her frustration into her gag as S screamed her first orgasm. Katherine could feel the contraction of muscles and the shudder that ran through the body below her as she watched my cock slide in and out covered with S's love juices.

I reached out and grabbed the bar on either side of Katherine's tits making sure not to touch her body and increased the rhythm and depth of my strokes. I was excited by Katherine's frustration and the complete vulnerability and helplessness of her young body. I whaled into S and her body responded with real lust. I felt her muscles contract to milk my cock as did Katherine. Over and over I thrust deep into her tight loins as Katherine watched my shaft withdraw and then penetrate S's body and tears began to roll down Katherine's cheeks. The weight on her nipples swayed with each thrust pulling gently at Katherine's aching nipples.

I thrust again into S's tight pussy and with a loud grunt, shot my cum deep into her body as S screamed. Her body convulsed with a powerful orgasm of her own and Katherine felt every vibration of it. I slid out of S's tight pussy and Katherine watched as a string of cum clung to the tip of my cock as I pulled out of S's body. I bent down and placed a warm wet kiss on S's warm asscheek.

I released the rope under Katherine's breasts and untied her ankles. I raised her body until she was standing. Katherine felt the weights pull down on her aching nipples. I released her wrists and she rubbed them to regain circulation.

"Kneel over here in the position for punishment." I instructed and Katherine stepped between S's spread thighs and then sank to her knees. Bringing her arms up over her head, she placed her hands behind her neck and interlaced her fingers. She rocked her body back a bit as she slid her knees apart as her beautiful thighs spread for me. The weights continued to dangle from her sore nipples as she waited to see what I would do next. Katherine was dying to redeem herself. S still lay over the mattress her ass raised and her thighs parted. I sat down on the edge of the mattress and caressed S's firm ass. Cum oozed out of her loins and the edges of her pussy glistened with cum.

"I want you to lick her pussy clean." I said and Katherine's face went white. She'd never had sex with another woman. She looked up at me with trepidation in her eyes but realized that she could not refuse. Keeping her hands behind her head, she bent her body forward and brought her lips to S's oozing love hole. S moaned loudly as Katherine's soft lips touched her own. The powerful aroma of lovemaking overwhelmed Katherine. The taste of mixed cum was not new to her but having to lick the cum from a session she had not been part of was something else.

Katherine hated what she was being forced to do but knew that she really had little choice. As S's body began to buck and her loins flooded even more, the power of the moment overwhelmed Katherine and she found herself probing deeper and deeper into S's beautiful body with her most talented tongue.

I sat beside the two beauties and watched Katherine lick out all the cum from S's sweet love hole. As she tired, she eased her body back to a kneeling position with her ass resting on her own ankles. I caressed S's firm asscheek and then holding her arm helped her stand up. "Go clean yourself up and then come back in here." I said. S smiled at me and padded out of the room.

I slid over on the edge of the mattress and sat in front of Katherine. My cock lay spent only a few inches in front of her moist lips. "You've just learned your first lesson of the day. You don't control my body. You still have another lesson to learn." I said. Katherine wondered about my statement while she stared at my cock. Her thoughts were interrupted when she felt my hands reach out for her head and I rubbed her cheeks and lips over my cock. She tried to wrap her lips around my shaft but I did not want her to have the pleasure. I wanted her to smell and taste S's cum mixed with my own but not to have the pleasure of sucking on my cock. She'd never tasted another woman's cum and she wasn't sure if she liked it, but right now all she wanted to do was get my cock into her mouth and redeem herself if only a little bit. As I lifted her face away from my shaft, Katherine realized she was being further punished.

S returned to the room and I slid back on the bed. Katherine remained kneeling as I motioned S to stand in front of me. She stepped in front of Katherine. I nodded to her and she bent forward and taking hold of my spent tool, guided it between her lips and sucked on me until all of our cum was gone. Katherine watched her rival, bent over the end of the bed, her ass spread in front of her as she sucked on me. Her frustration level was rising.

"S, remove her weights." I said and turning around, S lifted her hands to Katherine's sore tits. She had never been touched by another woman and was uneasy when she felt S's fingers pinch her tits and then unclip the clips from her nipples. Katherine was relieved when the sharp teeth of the clips let go of her sore nubs. She'd be feeling a new pain in a few moments but I would let her discover that by herself.

"You will come with me and you will not touch yourself in any way." I instructed her and Katherine nodded. As she rose to her feet she began to feel the pain in her nipples as circulation began to return them. "Turn around," I instructed. Katherine quickly obeyed. I slid my hands under her thick hair and unbuckled the strap of the gag but did not remove it. I touched her soft shoulder and the naked beauty turned around to face me. I nodded and Katherine reached up and removed the ball gag from her own mouth. She held it out to me and I took it from her. Tears ran down her soft cheeks.

"S, you can have the afternoon off and use the tub and the pool. Remember the rules." I warned and she nodded. I was pretty sure that she would not break them again after her ordeal of the previous night. She knew I meant business and had a wide variety of other painful tortures for her.

I led Katherine into the kitchen and we ate brunch. As she sat down on the vinyl seat she gasped as her burning pussy contacted the cold seat. She flashed back to our night at the restaurant.

After eating I turned to Katherine. "Did you bring your swim stuff?" I asked. Katherine nodded. "Go get it and remember about touching yourself - anywhere." I reminded her. Katherine nodded.

She returned with a very small string bikini and a sheer lace top. It was long enough to cover her beautiful ass but only barely. As for the rest of it was all but see-through.

I nodded to her and she picked up the bikini and tied it around her body. She was very careful not to caress herself as she dressed. She slipped into her lacy top and put on some open-toed sandals. I smiled at her and she did a pirouette and her beautiful hair cascaded out over her shoulders. She did look beautiful even if she was horny beyond belief.

"Are we going to the beach?" she asked.

"No, somewhere much more private." I said. Katherine smiled.

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