tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKatherine Ch. 17

Katherine Ch. 17


This is one of a series. I suggest you read them in order.

CHAPTER 17: Sandy gets to fulfill some fantasies

Once we were all properly dressed again, Sandy excused herself to get her things. Katherine picked up her bag and taking my arm, we walked out into the outer office. Sandy arrived and taking my other arm we walked out to the car. The short ride to the airport was uneventful except for Sandy wanting to burst with excitement. I smiled at her as Katherine stroked my thigh.

As we got out of the car I helped Katherine with her bag. She reached up to kiss me good-bye and whispered in my ear. "Are you going to fuck her all weekend?"

"As a matter of fact, yes." I teased. "We have a lot of catching up to do." Katherine gave me a hurt look.

"But I won't be the only one." I said. "I have something special in mind for her." Katherine got a knowing look in her eye. She knew how creative I could be.

"Don't worry. When you get back, we'll take all of Sunday together just the two of us." I promised. "Unless of course, you want to invite Sandy to join us." Katherine smiled at me as she kissed me deeply and I felt her hand descend between our bodies and she caressed my cock.

"I'll pick you up on Sunday at 11:00." I said as I turned to get back in the car. Katherine smiled as she turned to enter the airport, wondering what I was going to do to Sandy and what she was going to do for me when she got back.

Once back in the car, Sandy slid close to me and placed her hand between my thighs. She looked up at me and said, "I've done some stupid things in my life but keeping you out of my pussy back then has got to be one of the dumbest." she confessed.

"Yes it was." I taunted her as my arms slid down from her shoulder and reached into her open blouse to caress her firm breast. Her nipples were already hard but got even harder as my fingers closed around them.

"Are you going to hold that against me?" she asked, her voice showing a bit too much eagerness.

"The past was the past and the present is the present." I said. "But the truth is that you should be punished at least once for the hours of frustration and physical pain I went through when you let me bring you to a climax and then left me high and dry to go home with a case of blue balls." I said.

"I think that at a time of my choosing, I will punish you for your inconsiderate behavior." I said. "It will be something you can look forward to and fantasize about." I added. "Let's not talk about it now. Instead let's enjoy each other to the fullest." Sandy was relieved and excited.

"I have something special in mind for you tonight." I said. Sandy was excited as she caressed my cock while we drove. "We're going to a costume ball." I announced.

"But how will I get a costume?" she asked.

"All taken care of." I quipped. Sandy could already imagine what kind of costumes I might have her dress up in. I could see the excitement in her face but decided to keep a bit of mystery for her.

"I want to protect your identity completely, so in addition to the costume you're going to get a complete makeover."

"Why?" she asked.

"I don't want anyone there to possibly recognize you now or in the future." I explained. Sandy's brain was going a mile a minute. She imagined herself in some leather restraint costume being paraded around in front of important business people. I had something like that in mind but not for this weekend. I had something more fun in mind.

We arrived at a friend's beauty salon and he was waiting for us. Once inside I ushered her into John's private salon.

"This is John and he knows what I want him to do. You will do exactly what he says and cooperate completely." I instructed.

"Completely?" she asked with a note of teasing in her voice.

"Completely." I said. John moved her into the middle of the room and then surveyed her face and body.

"This will be easy." he said to me. Then turning to Sandy, he smiled and said, "Strip." Sandy was a bit surprised by his directness but then looking at me she began to remove her clothes. John watched in fascination as the beautiful woman unbuttoned her blouse, revealing a sexy, lace bra. Her breasts were as full and firm as he'd imagined. Slipping the silky material off her shoulders, Sandy did a slow turn and then reaching behind her back, she unhooked her bra. Her full breasts came into view and her nipples were already hardening. John smiled.

Sandy reached down to her slender waist and unclipped the snap of her skirt. With a sexy rotation of her hips, we both watched as the soft material slid down over her hips to a puddle on the floor. She didn't have any panties left since I'd fucked her in the office and she stood before us in only her high heels. John noticed that though Sandy was a brunette most of her body hair was fine and light colored. Her pubic thatch however was dark. He made a mental note.

John motioned Sandy to his chair and she eased her naked body into the salon chair. The coldness of the leather against her naked skin made her gasp as she sat down, laying her head back against the headrest. She did look good - very good.

Tilting the chair back, John brought her head to the lip of the sink and began to rinse her long, dark hair with warm water. Sandy relished the feeling as she felt his strong hands stroke through her long tresses. He shampooed her hair several times and then began to apply dye to her hair. She was about to become a blonde. As he worked on her scalp, he told me that all the elements of her costume were at hand and that she'd be ready by 8:00.

"Does that include collecting your fee?" I quipped.

"It does." he joked back. Sandy knew who would be the payment.

As the dye began to work, John sat down on the edge of the chair and began to fondle Sandy's massive tits. Her head was hung back over the edge of the sink and her arms were limp at her sides. The angle of her throat and the fullness of her breasts made her look very sexy. John traced his hand down across her firm abdomen and then slid his fingers down between Sandy's open thighs. She lifted one leg to allow him greater access to her dripping pussy and he gently caressed her soft pubic thatch. John felt her hand slide up over his own thigh and begin to massage his cock and balls. He moaned in satisfaction as he slipped his finger between her swollen love petals and probed her tight pussy. Sandy moaned deeply as she felt her juices begin to flow.

Slipping his fingers out of her tightness, he looked up at the clock. It was almost time to continue with the dye. His fingers stroked through her soft, pubic thatch again and the looking at its shape decided to shave most of it off, leaving only a small triangle that he would also lighten in color.

John got up from the chair and came back with a comb and a scissors. Sandy was surprised by the feel of the comb running through her pussy hair but said nothing as she raised her knees and spread her thighs as wide open as she could. With her head still hanging back over the edge of the sink, she could not see what John was doing. She closed her eyes and just relished in the attention her sweet pussy was getting.

"I'm going to trim your bush." he announced and then she felt the coldness of the steel scissors as it touched her very warm skin. She sat absolutely still as John combed and cut the edges of her soft triangle.

Coming up to the sink, he turned on the water and began to rinse the dye out of her hair. Satisfied with the color, he began to apply a softening cream rinse to her head and again she relished the way he touched her body, even if it was only her head. She slid her hand between his thighs and began to caress his cock and balls through his pants as he massaged her scalp.

Sandy had no idea she had become a blonde and for the moment she had no way of finding out. All the mirrors in the room were covered. He tilted the chair back up and then coming around behind her, covered her head with a large towel and began to dry her hair. Her hair was still pretty dark but that was because it was still wet. He knew that it would be much lighter when dry.

Combing her hair straight back over her shoulders, he began to braid her wet hair in a very tight braid. Sandy knew what that would do once it was dry. Her hair would have very tight waves in it and it would look very thick. She remembered briefly wearing it that way in junior high school. She realized she really would look different.

John knew he had to wait for her hair to dry in the braid and looking at the clock decided to use a blow drier. Picking up the drier, he turned it on and began to dry her hair. Sandy felt the heat on her body and finally switching the blower to cool he directed the nozzle over her breasts and then down between her open thighs. Again Sandy spread her thighs open so that John could direct the flow of air directly at her pussy. Her body squirmed with sexual excitement.

"Now to finish the job." he said as he picked up the comb and his electric clippers. Sandy heard the hum of the motor and then felt the vibration of the clippers as he trimmed the edges of her triangle. The vibrations were having a powerful effect on her body and John chuckled as she tried to keep still in the chair. Changing the tip on the clippers, he gave her a very close shave around her pussy as her body squirmed and her loins flooded.

Putting the clippers down, he gazed down at her open pussy and realized that her bush was now light enough and thinned out enough to pass for a natural blonde. His fingers slipped down between her open thighs and he began to prod and probe her tight pussy.

"Is it time for payment?" she quipped as she felt her flow begin to really increase with his manipulation of her clit.

"Yes." he smiled as he reached up to squeeze her firm tits. "That is for the first installment."

Sandy reached over and opened the front of John's pants and then slid them down over his hips. They fell to the floor. Reaching into his shorts, she retrieved his cock and then lowering one leg to the floor, turned her body and swallowed his cock. Her lips closed around the tip of his ramrod and her fingers closed around his balls as she sucked the length of his shaft into her mouth. John moaned deeply as she pumped her lips up and down his cock. With her expert tongue, it only took moments for him to feel his load starting to rise.

He reached down and held her head firmly as she continued to suck on his manhood. Squeezing his balls ever so carefully, she flicked her tongue across the tip of his glans and his balls erupted, sending what seemed like gallons of cum into her mouth and down her throat as she fought to swallow all of it. Easing his grip on her head, Sandy slid her lips off of his cock and then kissed the tip of it.

Coming back around the chair, he pressed her shoulder and she sat back in the chair again. Pulling on her long braid, he wound it up and pinned it to the top of her head. Then taking a plastic cap covered her hair completely.

Helping Sandy out of the chair, he led her down the hall to a shower. She stepped in as he turned on the water and then joined her. He soaped her body and in particular washed her very wet pussy. He was very careful to arouse her but not let her cum. As they rinsed off, she began to caress herself to finally make herself cum after so much teasing. As she began to stroke herself, John grasped her wrist and looking down at her shook his head. Sandy realized that I wanted her horny and horny she was.

After drying off, John led her down the hall to another room. There, laid out on a massage table, was her costume. She picked up some of the items and held them up to her body.

"You're going to be a pirate." he said. "And a beautiful one at that." he smiled. Sandy nodded with a smile at his compliment. She noticed that there was a long skirt, a rather small top, high leather boots and a bandana. There was no underwear. She wasn't surprised.

Picking up the skirt, she wrapped it around her hips and then snapped the waist clip. The skirt rode low on her hips, barely covering her bush and the crack of her beautiful ass. There as a long slit in the side and a few snaps that could be closed. She reached down to start closing the snaps when John interrupted her.

"Just one." he said and she realized that the skirt was closed only to about 3 inches below her pussy. She felt scandalous if she were going out in public so nearly exposed. Next she picked up the top. It was made of soft cotton and was basically a tube top with short sleeves attached. It had a wide scoop neck and came to just below her massive breasts. It too had snaps in the front, one at the hem below her breasts and a few more going up the front between her huge tits. She slipped it around her body and then snapped the front closed. She could see that it was a size or two too small and the material stretched tightly over her huge tits, pressing them firmly together and deepening her already deep cleavage. She looked and could see that her nipples stood out hard against the red material.

Taking the boots from John's hand, she sat down on the chair and slipped them on. There were zippers on the inside seam and a small gauntlet top that came up over the front of her knees. The bandana he draped over his own shoulder.

She looked good - very good. John led her back down the hall and sat her down in the chair. John set about putting on Sandy's make-up. He changed the color of her lipstick and also of her eye make-up, to colors more suitable to her new hair color. Removing the plastic cap from her head, he once again ran the blow drier over her almost dry hair. Then, lowering her braid, he unraveled it and the proceeded to comb it out. Her hair looked wild as it had all these tight waves in it. Brushing her hair back, he pulled it tight into a ponytail of sorts. The hair close to her head was pulled tight against her scalp but from the rubber band back it stood out like a bush. She really did look quite different than she had when she'd arrived.

Taking the bandana from his shoulder, he placed it over her head and she realized that it had two eyeholes and fit down over the top half of her face. Pulling the edges back, he tied the ends together below her ponytail so that her hair flared out wildly behind her mask.

"Now for a few last touches to protect your identity." he said. From the counter he brought over a tray and picked up a small bottle of glue. He was going to apply some fake birthmarks. She got one on the cheek near her ear, one on her neck and a rather unusual one on the top of her left breast. Each was dark and drew attention to her beauty. Just then they both heard the front door open and John helped Sandy out of the chair.

"I think he'll be pleased." John said as he led Sandy down the hall. I drank in Sandy's beauty as she entered the waiting room. She still didn't know exactly what she looked like. She could see that I too was dressed like a pirate captain.

I approached her and gazed down at her body. She stood silently as I appraised her. "Splendid." I said as I walked around her body. The slit on her skirt was pulled to the side and taking hold of the waistband, I slid it around a bit so that the slit was over her thigh and the clip holding the slit closed was only inches from her naked pussy. Sandy wasn't surprised.

Next I stood in front of her and looked down at her huge tits. They were magnificent. Reaching up to the short sleeves of her blouse, I pulled them down her arms so that the tops of the sleeves were even with the tops of her breasts. Then taking hold of the bottom of the halter, I pulled the whole thing a bit lower so that the tops of her breasts were exposed almost down to her nipples. I smiled down at her as I pinched her nipples gently through the soft material. I picked up a belt with a sword and scabbard and handed it to her. She wrapped it around her slender waist and it hung loosely over her hip. Now she looked the part.

"Ready to see yourself?" I asked. Sandy nodded in eager anticipation. I nodded to John and he brought out a full length mirror. Sandy gasped as she saw herself. She was strikingly beautiful and couldn't believe how good and how different she looked.

"Blonde?" she asked in astonishment.

"I want you to look as different as possible." I said. "Besides, you'll be back to brunette by Sunday morning."

Sandy smiled at me and hooking her arm around mine reached up and kissed me.

"Ready?" I asked.

"For anything." she replied. I smiled at John and we left.

The masquerade ball was at the new youth center in town and the effort was to raise funds for the programs of the center. The theme was "The Sea" and we were certainly dressed for the part. Sandy was excited that I was taking her out to show her off. I'd done some work with the center before and liked what they provided for the kids.

As we entered, all eyes came to settle on Sandy. Her huge breasts filled her tight top and her nipples were clearly visible through the soft material as it stretched across her fabulous tits. The long slit in her skirt did not go unnoticed either as we moved through the room. Since it was a masquerade, people did not introduce themselves and that helped to protect Sandy's identity.

"You will dance with anyone who asks you and you will allow them to touch your body freely as they choose." I instructed. Sandy nodded.

As the evening went on, we danced and drank and I made conversation with some of the guests who I recognized or who recognized me. All took special care to survey Sandy's luscious body and smile at me knowingly while she wasn't looking. I also watched the reactions of some of the youth members, who were serving as waiters and busboys and were dressed like deck hands from the days of sailing ships. They were overwhelmed and could not keep their eyes off of her.

Sandy relished the attention and the scandal of her outfit as she danced on the floor. Every time she turned her body, her skirt flared out and her entire thigh was visible just up to her naked pussy. Many of the men asked her to dance and she did not resist when they tried to grind their bodies against hers. She smiled up at them and pressed her full chest firmly against them.

My attention was drawn to a particular kid who was working as a bus boy. He was a nice kid but terribly shy and very self-conscious about women. He was tall and thin and though about 17, I was sure he had never had much experience with women. I called him over.

"Steven, I have something I want you to do for me." I said.

"What's that?" he asked.

"At about 11:00 I want you to meet me in the back gym." I said.

"What for?" he asked.

"You'll see." I said as Sandy returned from the dance floor. "When you arrive you are to be absolutely quiet." I instructed. The boy nodded and then turned towards Sandy and drank in her beauty. I could see him reach into his pants pockets to readjust his growing cock as he imagined what it might be like to touch Sandy's luscious body.

At about a quarter to 11:00 I took Sandy by the hand and led her back into the gym area of the center.

"Where are we going?" she asked.

"You're about to fulfill some fantasies." I taunted.

"Whose?" she teased.

"Your own among others." I said as I opened the door to the gym. Ushering her inside, she could see that there was a lot of sports and gymnastics equipment against the wall. In the center of the room were two weight lifting benches set end to end and two others set alongside them on either side.

"You are not to speak a word and you will do whatever you are asked. And when it's all over you go out that way. It's completely private." I instructed. Sandy nodded. "Take off the sword." I said and Sandy removed the belt and handed it to me. "Over there." I said nodding in the direction of the center bench.

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