Katherine Ch. 17


Sandy straddled the bench and as she sat down, the front of her skirt opened wide. Her pussy was still covered but only barely. I had her slide back until she was able to lean against the raised section of the weight bench. Her thighs were parted and slightly raised. The bench was narrow and her beautiful, ass barely rested on the padded seat. I then had her pull her skirt out from under her naked ass and pull it up under the small of her back. She gasped as she felt the cold leather against her naked pussy and then as she lay back, the bunched up skirt pressed against her bare waist and made her back arch slightly. She looked magnificent.

I removed my coat and sword and was dressed now only in navy pants with the button flap in the front and a shirt. I stepped over Sandy's legs and straddled the bench. My crotch was even with her face and she brought her hands up and began to stroke the front of my pants. Taking hold of the top corner of the front panel, she pulled on it and was amazed to see that the buttons all opened one after the other as the flap fell open. Stepping up to her face, she opened her mouth and I slid my cock between her hungry lips.

As I pumped into her sweet mouth, Sandy moaned and raising one hand along the inside of my thigh began to squeeze my balls as she sucked feverishly on my cock. Her other hand descended down between her own thighs as she began to caress her oozing pussy. She raised one leg up onto the bench and eased her fingers through the slit of her skirt and began to stroke her drenched pussy.

When Steven entered the room he was speechless as he looked at the scene before him. Remembering my instructions, he remained absolutely silent. Immediately he recognized Sandy by her costume. He could see her hand buried between her thighs even though the material draped over her leg still hid her pussy from his view. Her huge tits were framed by my thighs as I straddled her upper body. He realized that my cock was probably deep in her mouth given the position and the movements of my hips. He drank in the scene as his own hands reached down to the front of his pants and he began to stroke his cock.

Sandy was unaware of Steven's presence and sucked on me with wild abandon. Her moans grew louder and louder as she caressed her aching pussy and tried to make me cum in her hungry mouth. As I wrapped my hands around her head, Sandy knew it would only be moments before I filled her mouth with my hot seed. She was ready for it and letting go of her own pussy brought both hands around to squeeze my ass and pull me further into her mouth. I let out a loud gasp and felt my balls explode, sending buckets of cum down her throat. Steven watched as Sandy's throat muscles contracted as she tried to swallow my load.

I eased my grip on Sandy's head and she continued to suck on my cock as she slid her head up and down the length of my shaft. Steven had gotten a bit bolder and had moved around to see my cock as it actually slid in and out of Sandy's sweet lips. He was overwhelmed.

I stepped back and my cock slid from between Sandy's soft lips. As she slipped my cock back into my pants she noticed that the boy was standing there watching her, astonished by what he'd seen. She flushed with embarrassment, realizing that he had just been watching the whole thing. Then realizing that this was all planned, she quickly regained her composure.

"This is Steven. You are to be each other's fantasy tonight." I said as I stepped back over her body. Sandy understood but Steven didn't seem to.

"I watched you as you looked at this beautiful woman tonight." I said to him. "It was very clear to me that you were having fantasies about her as you looked at her. Well, she has fantasies too. Hers are about introducing young men to the pleasures of sex and of a woman's body, especially ones who haven't yet enjoyed the pleasures of a woman. So I thought that you could both enjoy each other tonight." I explained.

"She will do anything you ask of her and a few things you can't even imagine." I continued. The boy stood transfixed and Sandy realized she would have to take the lead. Her leg was already raised on the bench and so she turned her body to face the boy. She smiled at him and motioned him forward. He stood transfixed as he gazed down at her tits and her raised thigh. I put my hand on his shoulder and nudged him forward. I left the room and went into the coach's office. It had a large window that looked out on the gym and the shades were open and Sandy could see me as I watched her through the window.

As Steven approached Sandy, she reached out and positioned him in front of her. She turned to face him and put her leg down. Reaching up to his tunic, she opened his shirt and then taking hold of his stretch pants pulled them down to his knees. His cock stood straight out at attention and she grasped it firmly with her hand. The boy felt like he'd died and gone to heaven as she smiled up at him and then leaning forward, kissed the tip of his young cock. He just about came right then and there.

Carefully Sandy began to tease the tip of his cock with her tongue and then with her full lips. She felt his hands wrap around her head and she slid his cock all the way into her mouth. He let out a deep moan as he felt her tongue snake around his ramrod and felt the powerful suction she made as she sucked on his manhood.

This was definitely a first for him and she knew he would shoot his load in an instant. She tried to control the speed of the action but as he grasped her head, she knew that she would not be able to. Holding her head tightly, he pumped his cock in and out of her mouth and Sandy decided to make his pleasure as great as possible even if it was going to be brief. She sucked hard on his cock and then reaching up to his balls, squeezed them ever so slightly as she flicked her tongue across his glans and felt his cock erupt in her mouth. The boy let out a scream as his cum shot into her eager mouth and he came for the first time without his own hand. Sandy continued to suck on his spent cock as he eased his grip on her head. When he finally let her go, she slid his shaft out of her mouth and then kissed the tip of it.

Standing up, she took his hand and motioned him to sit down on the weight bench facing her. She placed her hands on his shoulders and bending over, smiled at him as her huge chest danced in front of his eyes. She then knelt in front of him and removed his pants and shorts. Holding his hand, she turned him so that he straddled the bench, facing the raised section where she'd sat before. Sandy stepped up onto the bench and sat down on the top of the raised section. There was a small space between the two padded sections of the weight bench where the bars of the frame were exposed. Sandy slid the heels of her boots over the exposed bars and then slid her body down as she squatted in front of the still stunned boy. Her body was almost upright as her knees were bent and her thighs spread wide apart. Her skirt was still draped over her open thigh and barely covered her naked pussy. Her huge tits were even with the young boy's face. He sat motionless.

Lifting her hands to her breasts, she began to caress herself as the boy watched in fascination. He watched as her nipples got even harder under the soft material. Finally she reached out and took his hands in hers. As she pulled gently, he slid his body forward until he was directly in front of her open body. His eyes drank in her beauty and burned into her huge tits. He looked at her nipples as they were so clearly visible as they pressed against the soft material. He saw the birthmark on the top of her breast and it burned into his memory. She pressed his hands firmly to her breasts and he felt the firmness of her titflesh as she squeezed his hands hard against her tits. Nervously, he rubbed her tits as she let out a soft moan. She smiled at him and he got a little bolder. His touch was clumsy but Sandy moaned in pleasure anyway.

Slowly he began to squeeze her magnificent breasts and pinch her hardening nipples through her top. Finally she guided his finger into her deep cleavage and helped him open one of the two snaps that held the blouse in place. She peeled the top open a little more and he could see her entire cleavage but seemed afraid to open her top completely. Sandy reached down and unsnapped the final clasp and then peeled the front of her top open. His eyes burned into her naked titflesh as he gazed at her magnificent chest.

His fingers closed around her hard nipples and a deep moan escaped her lips. Steven had never touched a woman's nipple and he was fascinated by the way they felt and how they responded to being touched. But then aren't we all. Sandy reached out and touched his face. She then held his head firmly and pulled his mouth to her naked breast. He kissed her hard nipple and she practically smothered the poor kid with her tits as she tried to force her entire breast into his mouth.

Quickly he got the message and began to suck on her tits. She guided him with her hands and cued him with her moans as he sucked on her nipples. Sandy was becoming overwhelmed by the situation and wanted more. She smothered the young boy with her tits as he sucked and nibbled on her titflesh.

Finally she eased her grip on his head and he pulled back from her tits. She took his hand and placed it on her open thigh. He felt the firmness of her soft skin but did not move his hand. Carefully, she guided his fingers to the clasp on her thigh and helped him to open it. She then slid his hand under her skirt and guided it to the entrance to her tight and totally drenched pussy. He felt the heat that emanated from her loins and as his fingers touched her soft skin, he felt the moistness of her flow as she moaned deeply. With her other hand, she opened the second clasp and her skirt fell open, completely exposing her naked pussy to his view. Sandy squatted in front of him completely naked except for her boots and her mask. He gazed down in disbelief that this was all happening to him and she smiled at him as she slid his fingers across her swollen labia.

Steven began to rub her pussy and Sandy moaned deeply as she felt his caresses. He rubbed his fingers across her drenched labia and then felt them part as his finger slid into her tight pussy. Sandy moaned and then, as his palm grazed her clit, she gasped and he could feel her insides flood with hot cum. He watched as her body writhed and her hands began to caress her own breasts as he rubbed her seething pussy.

He continued to caress her open pussy until she reached out and pulled his face back to her firm tits. He sucked on her nipples as he continued to probe her tight pussy with his fingers. Grasping his head tightly, she began to press down and he realized that she was pushing his face in the direction of her oozing quim. The aroma of her pussy was intoxicating as he lowered his head and slid back on the bench. Sandy guided his lips to her pussy and moaned loudly every time his tongue touched her clit.

She lifted her body slightly and then lowering her feet to the floor, slid towards him and then lay back flat on the bench. She lifted her feet onto the two benches on either side of the one she was on and then spread her thighs wide open for his pleasure. She again guided his lips to her open pussy and his tongue licked the sweet nectar that oozed from her open loins. Sandy's legs shook and her chest heaved as he licked her pubes.

His oral caresses lacked skill but they felt good and Sandy relished the idea that she was his first. That more than made up for any lack of technique. The boy did his best to satisfy her and paid attention to her moans and when she would squeeze him tightly to her body. He was learning.

Grasping his head, she lifted his face away from her pussy and then pulled gently and he realized she wanted him to slide up on top of her. With her legs raised and open, it was not hard for Steven to inch his way forward until his chest pressed against her naked breasts and his cock brushed across the drenched lips of her pussy. He felt her grind her hips against the tip of his cock and then as he hesitated, she whispered "Please" into his ear.

Assured that it was okay, he relaxed as he felt her hand slide between their bodies and grasping his ramrod, guide it between the wet folds of her engorged labia. He moaned deeply as his cock slid into the tight wetness of her pussy. He was ramrod hard and she relished the feeling of him in her oozing quim.

Slowly the boy began to rock in and out of her luscious body as he felt her inner muscles begin to work their magic on his virgin shaft. She didn't want him to cum too quickly so she carefully controlled their fucking. As he pumped harder into her body, she brought her legs up over his, in an effort to slow him down. He got the idea. But it was hard for him because she felt so very good inside.

Sandy placed her hands on his shoulders and pushed him up. As he sat up, his cock remained firmly implanted in her tight pussy and he looked down at her magnificent body. He sat still as she raised her hips and ground her pussy against his cock. The sensations were exquisite for both of them. She held up her arms and he helped her to sit up. With her legs already over his, she wrapped her arms around his neck and lifted herself up a little and then let her tight, wet pussy slide down the length of his shaft as her huge tits mashed against his face. Taking hold of his hair, she pulled his head back and then kissed him deeply, almost sucking his tongue out of his mouth. She ground her hips against his and her inner muscles massaged his cock.

Now she pressed his shoulders back and he lay back on the bench. Lowering her feet to the floor, she placed her hands on either side of his head and dangling her huge tits over his face, proceeded to pump her pussy up and down on his shaft. He watched in fascination as this magnificent woman impaled herself over and over on his raging cock as her huge tits bounced in rhythm above his face. Sandy ground her hips against him, rotating her ass seductively and bringing them both tremendous pleasure. She could see in his face that he would not be able to hold out much longer and so she wildly began to ride his cock until she felt his muscles contract and he shot his load deep into her grasping pussy.

The sensation of his cum splashing against her insides brought an immediate response. Her own body let go with buckets of cum and she gasped loudly with pleasure and then collapsed onto his body. Her huge tits mashed against his chest as her tight pussy continued to spasm and give him additional pleasure.

Totally spent, she lay panting across his body as he relished the enormous pleasure of his first fuck. Sandy also was lost in the pleasure of knowing she'd just broken in another young man. As his cock softened, it slid out of her pussy and she moaned her disappointment. Then slowly she slid herself down his body and then lowered her lips to his cock and sucked it into her hungry mouth. He moaned loudly as her lips and tongue bathed his spent shaft. He was fascinated by the scene of this beautiful, naked woman bent over his cock as she sucked and licked his spent shaft. This picture would be indelibly etched in his memory and all other future women would have to measure up against her.

Lifting her head, she saw me standing at the door to the coach's office. The window shades were drawn and I was smiling at her. She lifted herself off the bench and smiling down at the boy said, "Merci," as she picked up her skirt and top and hurried out of the room. I closed the door behind us and immediately turned her to face me as we stood in the darkness.

The boy lay dazed on the bench when there was a knock at the door. Steven quickly grabbed his pants and pulled them up over his spent cock. Fortunately, he had not been wearing shoes, so he was able to get to the door quickly and open it.

"Come on," said the boy at the door. "They've been looking for you all over the place." Steven looked back for a moment and then closed the door and left.

As Sandy turned to face me, her face filled with sexual satisfaction. She felt wonderful and was pleased that I had furnished her with one of her real fantasies. She had no idea that it wasn't over yet.

"You were very good with the boy." I complimented her. "Inspiring actually." I added. "You put on quite a show."

I ushered Sandy back into the gym.

"Do you want me?" she asked as she stood naked before me.

"Yes." I said with a smile. "But I have a few more things in mind. Go into the locker room and wash yourself out - thoroughly. There is a douche kit in there for you."

Sandy headed for the locker room as I prepared for the rest of the evening.

To be continued...

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