Katie's Craving


Eventually she got the hang of the game, and Doug took his hands away from the controller to let her play it on her own. He then placed his hands on her waist. Katie was a very competitive person, most likely a result of growing up with brothers, so she was engulfed in the game now and didn't think twice about her son's friend putting his hands on her.

"Yes! I finally won a fight!" She said excitedly, much to Steven's dismay.

"Wow Mrs. Jones, you're really getting the hang of this quickly," Steven said.

"It's because of my instructions," boasted Doug as they all laughed. It wasn't but a minute later that she beat Steven again. She was very excited and was having fun playing the game.

"We'll just have to see if you can win while being distracted," Doug said. He started blowing on her ear.

"Oh now that's just unfair," she said giggling as she ignored his blowing and continued to beat up on Steven. She won yet another match.

"Haha, it's going to take more than that to distract me," she boasted while looking back and sticking her tongue at Doug, who had stopped blowing.

During the next match, Doug moved his hands up under her arms and started to lightly tickle her on the ribs. She giggled a bit and started to wiggle on his lap, but she kept on playing the game to perfection.

"C'mon Steven, I'm trying to distract her for you, and you still can't win?" Doug said continuing to tickle her under the arms. She kept her composure through it all.

"I'm not that ticklish Doug, so you're wasting your time! You're going to have to do better than that," she said continuing to beat up on Steven. Doug was so hard and horny now that Mrs. Jones was wiggling on his lap and letting him touch her that he grew bolder and decided to push the envelope. Just as she was about to give the knockout blow to Steven for another victory, Doug reached up and cupped her tits.

She immediately stiffened up and lost concentration on the game. He gave two squeezes on her big, milky tits, before she shot her elbow back and struck him in the ribs. He immediately let go of her tits and put his hands down to the side.

She turned her head back and said quietly in a stern voice, "Do not go there." Steven could not see them because he was on the floor in front of the TV.

During this ten-second window where Doug had grabbed her breasts and got scolded for it, Steven fought back in the game and eventually beat her.

"Haha! I got you," Steven said. She huffed and said she wanted a rematch without any distractions. Doug thought that she would get up off his lap and slap him, but she continued to sit and play the game as if nothing happened. He thought to himself what a cool mom she was, and a total MILF.

They played a couple more games, and Doug had now rested his hands on her thighs. His cock was still hard as a rock and Katie could now definitely feel it poking into her ass. "Oh my god, I think he's got an erection," she thought. Before she could process that fact, Doug began to rub her thighs lightly. She reached down with one hand and pushed them off her legs. She turned her head and gave him another stern look and mouthed the words "stop it."

Doug was so horny from copping a quick feel on her big tits that he persisted flirting with her. He again started to rub the silky-smooth skin of her thighs. Once again, she pushed his hands off and elbowed him in the ribs. She could take the joke of him grabbing her boobs in order to distract her, but enough was enough. He was getting too carried away.

In the meantime, Chris had woken from his nap and immediately jumped into the shower to wash off all the cum that was on his hands, arms, stomach, and penis. After his shower he ran downstairs. He worried that he was going to be late to the movie, and he hoped that his friends didn't forget about him. When he got downstairs he heard some noises in the den.

Doug was never shy, so it was no surprise he had put his hands back on Chris's mom's thighs despite being rejected several times. She thought to herself how silly this young man was, and instead of fighting him off again, she just tried to ignore him while she kept up her intense battling against Steven on the video game.

It was not an easy task. Not only was his hard cock pressing into her ass, but his fingers were caressing their way closer and closer to the bottom of her shorts. To her surprise, she felt a tingling sensation shoot up her legs to her pussy. Her heart rate sped up, and she suddenly felt flush in the face. His fingers finally crept up to her shorts. "What's happening to me?" she thought, not realizing that she was actually aroused. Her body was on fire all of the sudden. Just as she was contemplating letting him move his fingers into her shorts, Chris showed up in the doorway.

"When did you guys get here?" Chris said puzzled. However, he wasn't puzzled about what time they showed up at, rather he couldn't believe his mother was sitting in his friend's lap. Not only that but he noticed his buddy had his hands resting on her thighs. It appeared his fingers might be partly under the bottom opening of her shorts. He was glaring at his mom with an angry face. Doug quickly removed his hands from her thighs and spoke up.

"We got here about a half hour ago, but since the movie isn't until 8:00 we thought we'd let you sleep," Doug said.

"Doug was showing me how to play this game. I'm kicking Steven's butt!" she said trying to justify why she was sitting in the teen's lap. She wouldn't have felt guilty about doing so, until Doug had touched her breasts and thighs. Not to mentioned he might have made her wet with his caresses. Now it felt like she was doing something wrong.

"She got lucky," Steven replied to Katie's boasting.

"Well let's go. I'm ready and I don't want to be late," Chris huffed, still glaring at his mom. It made him so angry that his friends flirted with her like that. He knew Doug might brag to others that his mom was sitting on his lap.

Katie quickly got up and put the controller down. She then bent forward to pick up the snack tray and empty coke cans with her ass pointed at Doug's face. Chris noticed Doug still sitting in the recliner with a big grin on his face as he stared at his mom's ass.

As his mom left the room Chris noticed her nipples were poking through the thin material of her shirt while the large tits bounced with her steps. He couldn't help but feel butterflies wondering the color of her nipples. He scolded himself for thinking of his mom like that.

On the way to the movie the three boys smoked some pot. This made Chris relaxed, which was good because thinking of his mom in a sexual manner all day made him very tense.

When Chris got home he went straight to bed. He contemplated scolding his mom for sitting on his friend's lap and letting him put his hands on her thighs, but he didn't want to make a scene in front of his father. Plus, it's not like she really did anything wrong, so his argument wouldn't have much weight.

That night he had a dream about his mom. He couldn't quite remember the details, but it was of the sexual nature. He jerked off twice that night in-between sleep.

The next day at school went well for Chris. He was able to go most of the day without having confusing thoughts about his hot mother. In fact, he was flirting with a girl in his class that he really liked, and she seemed to flirt back. After school he played basketball and caught a ride home with Brett, who was coming over for supper.

In the meantime Katie had done some exercising earlier that afternoon. She took a shower and was now out watering the plants on the front porch. Her husband had just gotten home from work early and was inside with the baby.

"Hey there Katie!" yelled a voice from the street. She turned around and saw that it was Mike "Butch" Taylor in his car with the window down. He is a neighborhood guy who is notorious for having BBQ's and other types of theme parties at his house.

"Hey Butch, how are you?" she replied still tending to her flowers. Butch had been driving by when he noticed Katie Jones. She wasn't hard to spot for a guy like him, that's for sure. She had on a white tank top with some shorts that showed off her sexy, tan legs. He was one of her biggest admirers, and he wasn't going to pass up the opportunity watch her body as she tended to her flowers.

He parked and got out before heading across the lawn towards Katie. He stopped at the front walkway, sweaty and short on breath. You see, Butch was very overweight and a heavy smoker, so any physical exertion was taxing on him.

"I'm just enjoying this beautiful spring day. The weather is great, isn't it?" He said. This was usual neighborhood conversation in the suburbs, especially with one of the goodie-goodie housewives like Katie Jones.

"Oh, it's so nice out. How are your kids?" she asked.

"They're doing well. I'm counting down the days until they both finish college because I'll be quite happy to stop paying tuition," he joked. "How are your kids?"

"Well, it's spring break time, so they're happy about that. Catherine is out in Colorado skiing with a friend's family from school. Her school has a two-week spring break. Chris has spring break next week, and I'm actually going to chaperone his friends and him at the beach. That should be an adventure!" she said.

"Wow, that sounds like fun," he replied. He noticed her breasts were heaving through her top. She wasn't wearing a bra, and they looked bigger than ever, Butch thought. He couldn't imagine how happy those young teens probably were to have a beauty like Katie prancing around the beach in a bathing suit. There were several occasions where she donned bikinis at his pool parties, instantly becoming the main attraction. Her poor husband would turn green watching all the neighborhood hounds eyeing his beautiful wife's exposed skin. Butch had always dreamed of her showing up to one of his parties without her husband, so that he could try to get her drunk and fondle her lovely body, but he never had such luck.

"I'm a little concerned about being away from Julie, but my parents will take good care of her," she said.

"Is Frank going to the beach too?" he asked.

"No, he has the big cycling race this weekend," she replied.

"Oh, that's right. Is he home right now?" Butch asked hoping that he wasn't, so that he could flirt with Katie and stare at her hot body longer.

"Yes, he's inside with the baby. Do you want me to go fetch him for you?"

"No, no. That's OK; I'm hungry as shit, so I'm going to go pick up some food. Have fun at the beach and tell Frank I said hi," he said stealing one last glance at her tits before shuffling back towards his car. After Katie finished watering the plants, she figured it was time to feed Julie. Her breasts were aching to be relieved.

A bit later Brett pulled up and parked his truck out in front of Chris's house. There was never a good place to park at their house. Mr. Jones had an SUV and his wife had two cars of her own. One was a white Mercedes and the other was a minivan for hauling the kids around, although Chris and Catherine had outgrown the need for a van. They were going to get rid of it, but the Jones's were surprised with little Julie and felt they definitely needed to hold on to the spacious vehicle. As you can probably assume from their vehicles, the Jones's were a wealthy family, and they lived in a nice two-story house in the suburbs.

Brett and Chris walked up to the house with an appetite. They had played basketball after school, and Chris invited Brett over for dinner. The Jones's always had a good meal serving. Mr. Jones was cooking tonight, as he has been doing a lot since the new baby. He was a pretty good cook.

"Hey boys, you guys excited for the beach? I can't believe you're leaving in three days," Mr. Jones said as they entered the kitchen from the garage entrance. Chris was glad his mom wasn't in the laundry room wearing next to nothing like she was yesterday.

"Yeah, it's going to be a good time. Thanks again for letting Mrs. Jones come with us," Brett said politely.

"Hmm... I'm sure you guys would have had my wife come along if you didn't have to," Mr. Jones said sarcastically.

"Not at all Mr. Jones. We outgrew partying. We just enjoy her company," Brett said trying to act as sincere as possible, but everyone knew he was a kiss-ass, so he had trouble playing it up. The reality is that although the boys wanted to be unsupervised, they didn't mind Mrs. Jones coming with them. She was a cool mom, and most importantly, she was going to be great eye candy.

"Oh yeah right. Anyways, dinner should be ready in about twenty minutes," he replied.

Chris went upstairs to take a shower, while Brett stayed in the kitchen and chitchatted with Mr. Jones. Frank Jones was a pretty nice guy. He's busy a lot of the time with his job, so the boys didn't see him around as much as his wife.

A lot of men and boys were very envious that he scored a trophy wife like Katie. He was protective of her, which is probably where Chris learned to be protective of his mother as well. He found it amusing when boys fawned over her, but hated when older men flirted with his wife, which was quite often. He dreaded going to his neighborhood buddy Butch's pool parties where men would drool all over his wife's magnificent body. He had started dating Katie in high school and married her at the young age of 19, so there have been many instances and episodes where jealousy got the best of him.

It was no secret that Frank was ultra-protective of his wife. He was attractive, but most people scratched their heads when they found out his wife was someone as hot as Katie. He often heard comments that he was over his head when he married her, so this contributed to his insecurities about whether he was deserving of her.

It didn't help that Katie was so friendly with males, likely because of being raised with a lot of brothers. When men flirted with her, she took it in stride and felt it was harmless. She didn't flirt back, but her somewhat naïve approach invited men to persist flirting with her. This gave other men the impression that while she was a devote housewife, somewhere inside there was a door that could be unlocked with the right key. However, her husband never allowed other men the opportunity to try it out.

Brett was eager to see Katie, so he mentioned how he wanted to see the new baby girl, and Mr. Jones told Brett he thought his wife was in the den watching TV.

Brett walked down the hallway of the big house and through the living room. He enjoyed hanging out at the Jones's house because it was much nicer than his. He thought to himself that he hoped Katie was in the den wearing something sexy.

As soon as Brett approached the entrance his eyes nearly jumped out of his head. There in front of him sitting on the couch was Chris's mom breastfeeding the baby. She had on a white tank top and khaki shorts. She didn't have a bra on, so the tank top was pulled up above her engorged left breast as the baby snacked on her left nipple. Brett froze in his tracks immediately when he saw this. Mrs. Jones looked up from the TV and noticed him standing there causing her to jolt in her seat.

"Oh, hi Brett! You startled me. I didn't know you were coming over. Are you staying for dinner?" she asked. Katie was very startled to see him standing there. She considered covering her breast, but figured Brett was mature enough to handle it. Breastfeeding is a natural thing, and Katie thought that she should not be ashamed to do it in front of family and friends. Plus, it would be exhausting for her to have to hide each time she took care of her lactating breasts.

"Yes, I'm staying for dinner," he replied staring down at the baby. "Awe, she's so cute Mrs. Jones. I haven't seen her since she was a month old."

"I know! You have to come visit more," she said. Brett thought to himself that if he knew his friend's hot mother was breastfeeding in the open around the house, he would come over every day.

"Can I sit down with you guys until dinner?" He asked hoping he could get a better look at her breast.

"Umm... sure," she answered caught off guard. Her husband would probably not be happy with her feeding in front of a teenager.

Brett couldn't believe what was happening. He was about to get a close look at Mrs. Jones's bare tit! He never thought the day would come. After all these years fantasizing about her when masturbating, he was about to see her naked breast, and she was allowing him to do so! He started shaking with excitement, and of course his cock reacted.

He walked over and plopped down next to Katie on her left side. He didn't want to miss anything about this opportunity, so he didn't hesitate to stare at the baby sucking on her nipple. Her milky white breast was huge, Brett thought. Her pink nipple was very large, the size of a sand dollar. The baby's mouth didn't cover the entire nipple, so the pink areola was visible.

They started making small chat about the baby while he continued to get an up-close look at the feeding. He kept complementing how wonderful the baby looked. Brett's cock was very hard at this point, and it was difficult to conceal it in his gym shorts. He wears briefs when he plays basketball for protection of his balls, being that basketball can be a physical sport, but after he played earlier he took them off in the locker room and just went on with no underwear because if felt comfortable and fresh. Now, his flimsy gym shorts were doing little to conceal his decent sized erect penis.

"Can I hold her?" Brett asked after a couple minutes of watching the feeding. He asked this because he wanted to see her full breast exposed when she would take the baby away from the nipple.

"Sure, I think she's about done for now anyways, and dinner is probably just about ready," she said.

Katie started to baby-talk her new daughter. "Did you get enough my little sweetie? Would you like mommy to let your brother's friend hold you?"

Her sexy voice only turned Brett on more, and he knew if she looked down at his shorts she would notice his bulge. Katie got the baby to let go of her nipple and she quickly pulled her top down over her breast, but not before he got a good view of the entire nipple. He was shaking as she offered the baby to him.

He took the baby in his arms when she handed her over, and he took this opportunity to "accidentally" rub the back of his hand against her hard nipple as he lifted the baby. He turned away from her completely holding the baby now, but he didn't stop looking at her perky breast now covered with her top. He couldn't believe his luck. She reached to the end table to grab a cloth. She then reached under her tank top and wiped her nipple a few times with the cloth.

They continued to make small talk while he held the baby. Even though her breast was covered now, her tight white tank top did little to hide it. Her big nipples were poking through the thin material, and her milky boobs were bouncing freely under the top whenever she made the slightest movement.

Brett could not keep his eyes off her tits. All in all, he looked at them more than the baby. He also stared at her legs from time to time too. She had some sexy thighs, and being that she exercises routinely and plays tennis, they were in great shape. Nobody would believe she had just gone through a third pregnancy by her looks.

At one point while they were chatting, she looked up at Brett's eyes and noticed them fixated on her breasts. She immediately started blushing with embarrassment because she looked down and noticed her nipples were poking out. She then couldn't understand why she would be embarrassed about it, being that she just breastfed in front of the young man. She figured that was different though because breastfeeding is such a natural thing. She knew her breasts were large and that men always stared at them, but Brett was such a young man that she didn't figure he was naughty like that.

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