tagGroup SexKatie's Secret

Katie's Secret


(This story takes place after my story titled "My Fantasy Football Wager.")

To say that Jeff and Katie became a couple after the bet would have been a lie. Katie was distant in the office as Jeff kept doing the claims as usual. It was almost as if they didn't fuck like animals after that Redskin win. The only evidence that anything happened was that Katie wore a special pair of Redskin thong underwear under her work clothes daily. Luckily, the only person who knew about them was Jeff. In his mind, a bet was a bet.

This continued until the end of the football season when the Skins didn't make the playoffs. Katie was right there to rub it in on Jeff as he walked into work the following Monday. Jeff was doubly disappointed. On one hand, the hot piece of ass he already had once wasn't giving him the time of day while on the other hand his team wasn't going to the post season. It was almost too much to bear until a burly voice shook him from his stupor.


He turned to see Katie's boss looking at him sternly. He was about a few inches taller than Jeff and had about a good hundred pounds on him although it was mostly girth around his stomach. His face had those old person cheeks, the ones that look like a dog's cheeks as he repeated Jeff's name again.

"Yes, sir. What can I do for you?"

"So, you seemed to have exceeded your numbers this month, Jeff. I'm impressed. So did you have plans for this Friday night after work?"

"No, sir. I actually have very wide open weekends for a while." The Vice President looked at Jeff humorously before he continued.

"Well, I do believe we allow our employees a chance at a social life. That's not important right now. Jeff, I need you to meet me at the President's favorite restaurant. He wants to have his monthly planning dinner with myself and a few employees so we can plan for a few upcoming events and wants input. Can you be there? Katie says that you have several."

It was then that Jeff realized that Katie was setting him up again. Apparently, she had been planning something even though he doubted it was revenge for that weekend. In his mind, he was going to be ready for anything.

"I'll be there, sir." As the VP walked away, Katie winked at him and told him to check his email for details. Jeff was on the elevator even faster than usual and was at his desk in mere moments. As he logged on, he noticed there were three new messages from Katie on his email. The first looked like an official one which he opened first. In the message was a map to the restaurant as well as particulars like what to wear and such. The other two were for Jeff's eyes only and Jeff was told in the message line to not open them until he was home. Those two aroused his curiosity, but he knew better than to open something sensitive on a company computer.

The rest of the day was a blur to Jeff as he started becoming inundated with claims and calls from people wanting to know why they haven't received their checks yet. By the time Jeff made it to his car, he was tired and mentally drained until he saw the pink envelope under his windshield wiper. Jeff opened it and saw that it was a note from Katie that was scented in her perfume. Inside was her phone number and instructions for him to call when he reached home and opened the emails. Jeff was not even fazed by the rush hour traffic as he drove home. He quickly opened the door and ran to his computer and logged on.

When he saw the two emails still on his account, he quickly opened the older one just in case. Inside was a note from Katie apologizing to him for not contacting him after the football game and how she was tied up with other activities? Attached were a few pics of Katie wearing just the Redskin thongs while her hands were bound in a BDSM motif? The sight of those beautiful nipples and her lips made Jeff hard as he quickly filed the email under his Private box before opening the second. This one showed Katie with an unidentified blond kissing as well as pics of them doing more pornographic things. One of the captions read that Candy was wearing Jeff's special underwear as well. Those pictures drove Jeff even crazier as he grabbed his phone and dialed Katie's private number. An unfamiliar female voice answered.


"This is Jeff from the office. Is Katie around?" There was a pause at the other end.

"Hello, Jeff. She's here, but she's kind of tied up at the moment." A giggle followed before the voice responded again.

"I take it you read her emails? You sound awfully horny, Jeff. Did you like the pictures of her gorgeous lips licking my pussy?" It was then Jeff figured out it was Candy.

"They were gorgeous and both of you looked wonderful in them."

"Did you cum yet, Jeffrey?" It was more like his mom asked him than a hot girl.

"No. Not yet."

"Well, I guess my little slut's going to have to fix that. Do you know how to get to Jefferson Heights in Bellevue?"

"I don't, but Map quest hasn't let me down yet."

"Hmm, smart as well as handsome. Ok Jeff, check the inside of Katie's envelope and meet us here in a half hour. By the way, if you think she's good with her tongue, you should wait til I get a hold of that cock of yours." The line went dead as Jeff stood open mouthed. He ran to his car and ripped the envelope open to find an address. Without wasting a beat, he entered the address into his GPS and started the car. It was almost trancelike the way he drove towards Bellevue. He didn't even realize he was still in his work clothes or that he didn't have anything to eat for dinner as of yet.

The address was a set of condominiums in one of the richest areas in the Seattle area. As he acclimated himself in an effort to find the right unit, he heard the unmistakable sounds of Katie moaning from the unit in front of him. He quickly double checked the address before he walked up and rang the doorbell. He heard a bit of scuffling from inside before a robed blond woman opened the door. A quick glance revealed to Jeff that he was standing face to face with the mysterious Candy.

"Well, stud, you arrived faster than you were supposing to. Come in." Jeff slowly walked in before Candy pushed him against the wall and was down on her knees before Jeff could respond. In less than three seconds it seemed, Candy had his pants unbuckled, his cock out and her mouth securely sucking it while Jeff leaned back against the wall. Jeff then looked down and watched as she took it in her hand and stroked it a moment before her robe was untied and her tits exposed. It looked like a scene straight out of one of Jeff's favorite pornography sites as she took his dick and slid it between her melons.

"I like a good tit fuck, Jeff. Pinch them for me," the blond temptress begged as she started rubbing her soft tit flesh along his shaft. Jeff's hands went down and began to lightly pinch her nipples before she begged for him to pinch them harder. It was a good three minutes of tit fucking before his dick found its' way back between her red lips. Jeff's hand automatically went behind her head and grabbed a handful of blond tresses as he began to really drive his dick down her throat much to her delight. Her muffled moans were apparent as Jeff edged closer to emptying his weapon down her throat before she abruptly pulled it out as she stroked it towards her tits.

"Please Jeff, cum on my tits. Then I'll have my slave lick them off for you." One direct command like that and Jeff was already spraying creamy white cum onto Candy's tits. A few stray droplets found their way onto her face which she responsively licked before taking Jeff's deflating shaft into her mouth to clean off. Her eyes looked up at Jeff and twinkle a bit as Jeff noticed that they were sapphire blue. He started feeling lost in them before Candy stood and took his hand. Jeff followed as she led him through the condo towards the bedroom. On the bed sat Katie. She was naked except for a Seahawk blue collar around her neck and black leather cuffs that secured her to the bed on her back. Jeff was admiring the view when Candy spoke.

"Watch how much Katie loves to clean me up." Candy walked over to the side of the bed and slid in next to Katie. She presented Katie with one of her cum covered breasts and Jeff watched as Kati extended her tongue and began to lap up the creamy fluid. Jeff watched in awe as Katie continued licking until all his cum was cleaned off before Candy shared a deep tongue kiss with her. Both ladies then looked at Jeff before Candy leaned over and uncuffed Katie's wrists. Jeff climbed onto the bed before Candy and Katie shared another deep kiss before Candy started pushing Katie down. Katie's lips began to kiss along Candy's breasts before Candy guided her down to her naked pussy. Katie's lips seemed to be on target as Candy laid back. Katie was on her knees, her pussy exposed to Jeff's sight as it was framed by Katie's toned ass. Jeff was clueless for a moment what to do until Candy told him to fuck her.

Jeff scooted up behind Katie and inserted his dick inside Katie as she moaned loudly. Candy pushed Katie's head into her pussy more as Jeff took his time skewering her. Jeff watched as Candy arched her back and pulled Katie's face up with hers to share another deep kiss. Candy then crawled up and knelt next to Jeff as she kissed him with deep tongue work. Candy then wet her point finger and began to tease Katie's anus with it before she knelt down and began flicking her tongue along it. Her hands had Katie's toned cheeks spread apart before Jeff took the hint and began to slide his dick up and down Katie. Katie began to beg for them to stop teasing her before Candy told him to fuck her.

His dick started to enter Katie's hole, but seemed to meet resistance. Candy then began to command Katie to relax and told her how much she would love it. After a few moments, Jeff felt himself entering into her deeper as Candy slipped underneath and began alternating between Katie's pussy and Jeff's dick as it slid out. Jeff could feel himself ready to explode again. Before he had a chance to respond, Candy pulled his dick out and began to stroke it as Katie slid down right next to her. Jeff closed his eyes as his cock began to spurt, its' contents landing on both girls faces as Candy kept stroking him. Jeff then opened his eyes to see Candy and Katie licking off each other's faces.

After everyone was cleaned off, Katie walked Jeff to the door and thanked him for another wonderful evening before Candy ran up and wrapped her arms around him before kissing him deeply. Katie blushed a little before she leaned in and kissed Jeff as well. They then invited him over the next night after dinner with the Vice President. Jeff walked back to his car whistling as he thought about how much fun he would have the next night.

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