tagIncest/TabooKeeping It In The Family

Keeping It In The Family

byPandoras Desire©

Mom was quite a bit younger than her sister. About 5 years. Mom was 50 and Aunt Denise was 55. Both mom and Aunt Denise were pregnant at the same time. Just a month apart. I guess we know what they were doing.. haha. When I was born, mom decided to breast feed me. My cousin was breast fed also. Little did mom know, that when Aunt Denise was baby sitting me, I would get hungry, so Auntie Denise would let me suckle her for a while. I remember this. Surprising to most. But Aunt Denise's tits are so hard to forget.

Mom was about a 34b and Aunt Denise was a full 38d. Quite a difference in size. Throughout my childhood, I had seen my Aunt getting dressed, watching her tuck her tits into her bra, noticing that she shaved herself between her legs. Unlike mom. I'd seen her too. I thought wow! Aunt Denise is one hot babe! She traveled a lot for her job, and sometimes during the summer she'd take me with her. I had a blast meeting all these nice people. But what I didn't know was that my aunt was bisexual. I quickly learned one evening, when Aunt Denise thought I was asleep in the next room of our adjacent hotel rooms. I heard some talking, then I heard a commotion in my aunts room. I quickly went to the door and peaked slowly and without knowingly to my aunt at what was happening. And there was my aunt holding some woman against the wall,. kissing the other woman, tongues and all. Their hands fondling each others breasts. I was astonished! I thought about my Aunt, Uncle Bob, and their kids.

Then the thought quickly dissipated with their next moves. My aunt ripped off the woman's blouse, unbuttoned the woman's pants, coping a feel between her legs. My eyes were wide open now. Half wanting to help my aunt, half curious, half amazed, and half sleepy. Realizing my aunt seemed to know what she was doing, and now, me willing to watch the whole thing. My aunt took her hands and cupped the woman's breasts. massaging the woman's aureole into a hardened peak, before cradling it with her tongue. I could hear the sucking sounds as my aunt began to suckle her. The woman began to feel my aunt's 38d tits. I was so turned on. Remembering when I was a babe suckling her tits when my mom wasn't around. I always remembered how she tasted, her sweet milk melting like butter on my tongue. Satisfying my hunger. Any ways, the woman who was with my aunt ripped off my aunts blouse. And began making my aunts aureoles into hardened peaks.

Then began to unbutton her pants, and begin to feel her crotch. The two finally wrangled out of their clothing. And kissed with tongues and all. Before laying down on the hotel bed. They immediately got into a 69 position, fucking each others cunts. Lapping away. From the slightly open doorway between my aunts room, and mine, I could hear their juices sloshing around. Their tits crushed by each other's bodies. It didn't take the woman and my aunt long before they each climaxed, and came in each others mouths. The lay their a moment, both spent, before getting up off each other, and kissing each other.

My aunt reached beside her and strapped on her dildo, as the woman got on all fours on the bed, my aunt entered the dildo in the woman's slick cunt. Pumping in and out slowly. The woman's tits began to sway, and I wished that I was able to join the two, and grab the woman's tits, cup them, cradle them, feel the vibration of them as they swayed back and fourth. My aunt quickened her pace with her dildo in the woman's cunt. I heard the woman moan aloud. Then finally saying "fuck me." "Fuck me harder."

My aunt seemed to obey the woman's command. She fucked the woman's cunt harder than she already was. Both their tits were swaying furiously now. My Aunt cried out loud, an utterance I had never heard her say before. I'm guessing it was a double dildo. You know, half in my aunt's cunt, and the other half in the woman she was fucking. The woman finally uttered something I could barely hear. Then my aunt told the woman, "turn around and suck my dildo like you would a man's cock."

The woman did as she was told. And sucked my aunts dildo deep into her throat, swallowing her cunt juices. My aunt again told the woman "now kiss me, I want to taste your juices." The woman again complied, and they kissed. This went on all night.

I was in shock, but yet aroused, myself. Wishing I could have joined my aunt and the other woman. But instead, I quietly closed the door without anyone hearing me, and went to bed myself, dreaming of my aunt. I guess I have always secretly wanted to fuck my aunt, but always quickly put the thought out of my head. You know, the whole incest thing.

With boldness the next morning, I told my aunt what I had saw the night before. She was aghast!

"I thought you were asleep?" Cried my aunt.

"I was, until I heard a commotion in your room. I wanted to know if you were all right."

"How much did you see?" She replied.

"I saw enough," I said.

My aunts face was beet red, I'd have to guess about 16 shades.

"Listen Laurie, I appreciate your concern. But now I must teach you a lesson. Now that you are the legal age of 18 years old.." her voice trailed off, as she grabbed me, and kissed me with such fervor, her tongue probed the inner recesses of my mouth. And collided with mine. My aunt grabbed my tits, they weren't as big as hers, a solid 38d. They were about like my moms, a 34b. Enough meat for my aunt to grab onto. She then ripped off my blouse, and I hers. Cradling each others tits in our bras. We then each unhooked them, displaying our tits in all their glory. My aunt then cupped my tits, and bent down to suckle one. Making my aureole into a hardened nipple. I have dreamed for this moment for a long time. I melted inside. My aunt stopped suckling me, and commanded me to suck hers. I was totally ecstatic, I bent and sucked my aunts nipples one then the other. All the while Aunt Denise copping a feel of my crotch. I then broke away from my aunts tits. And said "I have been dreaming of this for a long time. And I have had such a crush on you like forever. Fuck me."

My aunt said, "this is your punishment, I decide when you get fucked. Now, get the rest of those cloths off."

We both finished getting undressed. Then my aunt commanded me to get on all fours, as she strapped on her dildo. I didn't need any Ky, as I was so wet from this moment.

Aunt Denise noticed this, and plunged that huge dildo into my dripping wet cunt. And began to fuck me from behind. She bent down and grabbed one of my swinging tits, while she pumped me. I was so turned on by this, that I screamed at the top of my lungs, "fuck me, fuck me."

Aunt Denise fucked that huge black dildo in my cunt, harder and harder. She screamed, I screamed. As we both climaxed. Then my aunt said to me, "I'm gonna teach you the art of making real love to a woman. Lie down on your back on the bed."

I did as I was told. Massaging my tits with my hands. My aunt unstrapped her huge black dildo, and laid it aside. Then she got on top of me and started kissing me, our lips meshed, our tongues probed. Her hands on my tits, massaging my nipples. She then bent down and kissed my throat. I laid my head back further, for easier access. She kissed me further, till she came directly to my tits. And took one of my nipples into her mouth. Cradling my nipple with her tongue. I was totally beside myself, my cunt was on fire. I need release. My aunt continued to suckle my tits. massaging one, sucking the other, then switching off.

She then kissed my belly, laved my belly button for a long time. Kissed me further down my torso, until she came to the apex between my legs. She stopped, and kissed my thighs. One, then the other. Kissing further down each leg, my feet, my heels, all the way up to my toes, sucking each toe. Especially the big one. My aunt sucked both my big toes, and licked them like they were a mans cock. I was watching her every move. I was so turned on by this. While my aunt was sucking and licking my toes, I was massaging my tits. It felt good, all the sensations were sending waves through my pussy. I couldn't wait till Aunt Denise ate me out.

Aunt Denise stopped sucking and licking my toes, and kissed each foot, top and bottom, before trailing her kisses up each leg. then reaching the apex between my legs, kissing all around my pussy lips. Then my aunt took the plunge, and sucked each of my pussy lips into her mouth, one at a time. It sent shivers through my body. My aunt took her tongue and laved each lip, before entering my pussy with her long tongue. My pussy yielded into the submission of her tongue. Licking, sucking, and licking and sucking. It felt so good, I placed my hand on the back of my aunts head, pushing her closer to my pussy, while my other hand played with my nipple. All the while watching the artistry my aunt was performing on me. Aunt Denise kept tonguing me, then she found my clit. I was in heaven as she laved the bud. Then taking a finger then two and entered it into my pussy, twisting and turning, rubbing in and out while laving my clit. It sent shivers all over my body again. I held my aunts head against my pussy, as she fucked her fingers in and out of my cunt, and her tongue laving my clit. Then my aunt did the unstoppable, she sucked my clit into her mouth, as hard as she could. I was bucking my hips against her hand and her mouth. Oh God, it felt so good. My pussy was on fire. And not only was I about to cum. But I was about to cum in my aunts mouth.

"Oh, God! Oh God, fuck me." I screamed.

"Oh, fuck me, fuckkkkkk," I breathed aloud, as I continued to buck my hips. My aunt then took her fingers out of my cunt, just as I went still, my pussy against my aunt, gushing juice after juice into her mouth. I could hear my aunt slurping up my juices. She surely was loud, haha. I finally came back to this earthly plane. As my aunt was still on top of me her lips meshed with mine, tongues probing. I could taste my own juices as our tongues probed. We stopped for a minute. And looked at each other, before my aunt said to me. "You got that? Now fuck me." As she laid back on the bed, her one leg out straight, the other bent.

I bent down and kissed my aunt on her blush colored lips. Probing my tongue, colliding with hers. My hands fondling her meaty breasts. Her nipples were already hard, from our previous fuck. I bent down and kissed her neck, then the top of her tits. Before cradling her nipples in my mouth with my tongue. One at a time I began to suck her nipples. Then I took my tongue and flicked her nipples. My aunt arched her back aiming her meaty tits towards me for better access. The more she arched, the more I flicked, and sucked. I loved my aunts tits. So meaty, so tasteful. So luscious. I began to trace kisses down her torso, laving her belly button as she did mine earlier. I kissed her further, and further, down each leg, making her pussy wait. I kissed each leg, down to her feet, the sucked each toe, laved the big one like a mans cock.

I looked up and saw my aunt playing with her 38d tits. pulling up on each nipple. It was making my pussy wet, and ache. I wish I was getting fucked again, I thought. But I continued to suck her toes. Before kissing the top and bottom of her feet. And back up each leg. Finally reaching her cunt. I placed kisses on her cunt lips. Then parting them. My aunt pulling her nipples upward, as she started to shake. My tongue entered her pussy with fervor. Tracing her walls as they cradled my tongue. I then found her clit budding out. So I fastened my lips upon it, then took one finger, then two.. then I got brave enough and got three into my aunts cunt. My aunt looked down at me and smiled. I sucked her clit with my lips, as my three fingers probed her pussy, twisting about. She pulled her nipple on one breast as she massaged the other. I was so hot for her, my cunt was on fire again. I continued to suckle my aunts clit. With each twist, my aunt writhed against my three fingers, moaning aloud. Boy can my aunt moan. The other hotel guests probably heard her. Haha.

I quickened my sucking on her clit, and twisted my three fingers in and out of her pussy, one last time before my aunt climaxed. I took out my fingers, and licked them, before fastening my mouth against her pussy again, grabbing all the juice my mouth could hold. She was gushing so much juice, that I actually thought she was peeing. Her cunt juices tasted so sweet, like honey. I kissed her cunt lips, then kissed her torso, laved her belly button a minute, trailing up to her gorgeous tits. Laving each nipple, trailing her neck, nipping along the way. Before I reached her mouth. I parted her lips with my tongue, and forced some of her juices into her mouth. We kissed with tongues, wagging, her juices back and fourth in our mouths. Then I swallowed what was left in my mouth. Kissed her one more time. Then staring at my beautiful aunt, I said,

"My God woman, you are a wonderful fuck."

Her face blushed all of 16 shades of red. As she said "You're not so bad yourself. Care to go another round?"

"Hell yes!" I said, as I laid back on the bed, and waited for my aunt to fuck me again.

I've had the time of my life so far. It has been wonderful.

But I get the feeling it will continue to be wonderful for the rest of my life. Thanks to my Aunt Denise. I'm sure glad my mom has a wonderful fuck of a sister.

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