tagInterracial LoveKelly and Our Dancers Ch. 01

Kelly and Our Dancers Ch. 01


Kelly and I have been seeing each other for 15 years now. We are both married to other people. We get together whenever we can, outside of our own hometowns. Kelly is a natural blonde with a knockout, 38D-26-28 figure that stops men in their tracks. Her thick, beautiful blonde hair is what draws the eyes, and her amazing tits is where they stop, and linger, for as long as they dare. Usually, in her "normal life," with her husband, Kelly is very conscious of her looks, pulling her hair back and wearing baggy sweaters, etc. She is the dutiful and loyal housewife. Their sex life, she tells me, is very boring, and infrequent. When she is with me, however, she is an entirely different person. Every time we see each other, we do new things, and every time is crazier than the last. She saves up all her pent-up erotic energy for our times together. Her curiosities became mine, immediately. One time, in the first couple years we had seen each other, she had told me she wanted me in her ass. On their living room floor, we had one of the most incredible experiences, me burying my cock up to the hilt in her back door while she moaned about how great it felt. "Oh my GOD," she said, "That feels even better than .. the other way... pump it baby, fuck my ass.." Her little dog watched us with curiosity.

One time, she had told me she had a surprise for me. She had shaved her pussy completely bald, showing it to me on the road as I drove to our hotel. I almost drove into the ditch, finally making it to our hotel and taking numerous pictures as she played with herself, and she came, time and time again.

One of our recent times, she had confessed to me that she was very curious about African American men, and what it would be like to be with one. Part of that obsession might have been because of her husband, who she told me is more than a little bit racist. And this time, she was in for a surprise- one I hoped she would respond to, rather than reject.

After swimming for a little while in the hotel pool, Kelly in her new suit which looked amazing, we walked back to the room, dripping chlorine all over the carpet, touching each others' cool skin in the elevator ride.

The room was large, with a central living room and lounge area. This area would be quite useful later on, as she would find out...

We changed, me into a pair of soft shorts, and her into her teddy which I'd bought her the last time we'd been together. It did not fit her, in all the right places, her large tits bulging from the sides and her pink pussy lips hugging the thong bottom. Seeing her in that teddy made me ravenous with desire and my cock "tented" out my shorts in seconds. We sat down and made out a little, touching... my fingers tracing the inside of her thigh, touching one of her aroused, rubbery lips.

She sat back, drinking a long swallow of her beer, and said, "Man, I am just SO horny tonight. you can do ANYTHING to me, I don't care. Just go for it. I mean anything. Man, you make me so hot, I cant believe it."

I smiled and said, "I feel the same, baby," and we kissed some more, her hands sliding under my shorts and squeezing my rock-hard cock.

Just then, there was a knock on the door. The evening's entertainment had arrived.

Kelly said "Who the hell is that?" and pulled a pillow in front of her.

I smiled and said, "Let me see" with a pretend look of puzzlement and annoyance. I pulled on an extra large t-shirt I had, tucking my still-hard cock behind the front of the waistband of my shorts, and leaning slightly forward to cover my situation as I went to the door. Looking through the eye-hole, I was surprised to see not one black man, but three?

I opened the door a crack and said, "Hey, what's up?"

He said "We are here to dance. I brought a couple other of my bros, no charge, they were in town and we been rehearsing a new act. Is that OK?" I looked back at Kelly who said "Who is it?" her eyes wide over the large pillow still in front of her.

"Come on in, guys," I said.

Kelly squealed a little bit as they walked in (but seemingly not in protest), three black males in their early 20's. Two of them were very dark colored, and one was lighter skinned. All were quite muscular and were wearing clothes to show off their physiques.

"What the hell is this, Mark?" and I explained that I had just gotten her some dancers I thought she might like.

"Oh shit." she said, and started to protest, when the first dancer said "It's cool, we can leave. how bout if you just watch us do ONE dance, and then if you don't like it, no problem, no charge, we just leave."

I looked at her. "Mel?" I said, using her "fun" name we'd invented, and she looked angry- but not really angry... sort of the fake angry face women put on when they want to pretend they don't like something.

The slight smile on the edge of her mouth let me know that she was good with this, at least for now...

"Do what you want." she said and sat down, the pillow propped in front of her still. The side of her large white breast was visible for a second, and she turned so that the pillow now blocked her entirely. I saw one of the dancers smile at one of the other dancers, and arch an eyebrow, like they saw her and were thinking "nice..."

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