tagLoving WivesKelly's Curiosity Ch. 01

Kelly's Curiosity Ch. 01


My girlfriend Kelly is an absolute stunner, if I do say so myself. She eight years younger than me, just twenty-two and I'm thirty although I don't look it - I look about the same age as her! She's far too good for me really. I consider myself pretty average looking, whereas my girlfriend is a pretty, petite, long-haired brunette with the biggest blue eyes you've ever seen and a largish pair of breasts (36c) considering her height (5' 2") and her slim frame.

We've been together since she was seventeen, and I was only the second man she had ever slept with, so she was pretty inexperienced when we first did it. She soon figured out how to use her fantastic body though, and five years later she's great in bed, although we don't fuck as often as I'd like, especially since she moved in with me. Three times a week is fairly much the best I get, and quite often we might only do it once a week, but I'm happy.

From leaving school Kelly had always worked with women, as she worked in a Children's centre / crèche facility, where all of her colleagues were females, and most of them were older than her. But then she changed jobs, moving up into a school where some of her new co-workers were male. After the first week or so, she came home to tell me that one particular guy she worked with had asked her out, and she was really flattered but had told him that she was already in a relationship.

Over the following weeks, Kelly told me that the guy was persistent and kept asking her out, despite her already having a boyfriend. I was furious and said I would go to the school and 'sort him out' but she told me to stop being paranoid, she could handle it. She pointed out that if the guy had any chance, or if she was tempted at all, she wouldn't be telling me now, would she? I had to agree with that and I calmed down.

I asked what he looked like, and Kelly admitted that Steve (that was his name) was good looking enough. He was tall and quite muscular, being the sports and activity teacher, and he was quite charming and personable with it. But she assured me that while she was flattered by the attention she was getting from Steve and two other guys which she hadn't told me about earlier - I really didn't have anything to worry about. I loved her and trusted her so I didn't take it any further.

Over the next week or so, I found myself wondering what was going on while she was at work and much to my surprise I realised that the thought of her fucking someone else turned me on. Every night when she came in from work, I would ask her if anybody had tried it on with her today, and she would tell me how the guys at work had chatted her up and such, but nothing really progressed any further than that. I didn't mind her flirting around, and I told her so. As I mentioned, she had only been with one person before me, and that was only a one-night stand with a lad who was the same age as her at the time - sixteen - so it wasn't exactly the most memorable sex she'd had.

She admitted she had a certain amount of curiosity about other guys, although she was happy with me and so would never act on it. For the same reasons, she found the male attention exciting and enjoyable and while she wasn't doing anything to stop it, she no intentions of responding to it, of course.

Then one day she came home, and I could tell something was different. I didn't realise straightaway, but she seemed a little bit distant and much quieter than usual. At first I though she was tired, but when we were eating our evening meal I saw her looking at me, and then she glanced away strangely when I looked up. I asked her if everything was all right with her meal, as I had cooked that night, but she told me her food was fine. There was obviously something amiss but I didn't bother her further until we went to bed that night.

When we were in bed, Kelly still wasn't her normal self, so I asked her what was wrong. She denied that there was anything wrong, but I managed to coax the truth out of her eventually. Kelly told me that she had been getting lifts home with Steve for the last couple of weeks and that he had been a perfect gentleman, until today. I felt a strange feeling inside, a sort of anger but mixed with a sense of excitement too.

It turned out that it was Steven's birthday a few days before, and that on the way home that night he had pulled up at the road before ours, and asked for a birthday kiss. Kelly had obliged, leaning in to give him a kiss on the cheek, but he had turned it into a full kiss on the lips. I asked her if it was just a peck, but she shook her head, saying that it had been a long, lingering one. She was shaking as she told me, so I said that it wasn't anything to worry about - it was just a kiss, wasn't it?

Kelly shook her head. She looked so scared. I told her to tell me what had happened and not to worry. I would forgive her for whatever she had done. Kelly looked at me and said nothing else had happened that night. She had broken away from the kiss and he had dropped her off at home without saying anything else.

The following day after at school was a bit awkward, but she still accepted his offer of a lift home. That night he had pulled up early again, and apologised for kissing her, but Kelly said it was all right and he cheekily asked for another one. She consented again, not wanting to embarrass Steve, or make him feel bad. Again the kiss lasted quite a while, and Kelly admitted that she had enjoyed it and ended up returning the kiss.

She went quiet and I asked what else had happened, as I could tell she had more to tell me. Kelly looked down and admitted that the kiss had gone on for a while and that when Steve's hand had slipped to her boobs she hadn't stopped him. I prompted her to carry on, and she said that his hand had gone up her top and into her bra. I asked her how much further it had gone and she said that nothing had else had happened that day, but yesterday it had.

I felt my cock twitch at the thought of my beautiful girlfriend getting up to no good with someone other than me, and I asked her why she hadn't stopped Steve when he started feeling her up. Kelly shrugged and admitted that she had got a little bit excited and lost in the moment, but that she had stopped it from going any further. At that point Kelly noticed that I had got hard, and she asked if this was turning me on. I had to confess that it was, to which Kelly was a bit shocked. She started to stroke me in bed, and asked me if I wanted to know what had happened yesterday and tonight. I groaned in pleasure, kissed her and told her to tell me everything.

Yesterday, Steve had asked her if she was all right with what had happened in the car and Kelly had told him that she really did like him, but that she was in love with me, so nothing could happen between them. Steve had admitted defeat and had told her that nothing else would happen, but Kelly said she wanted them to still be friends and that he could still give her rides home if he wanted. Steve looked really disappointed so Kelly said he could still have a kiss, if that was what it took to guarantee her rides home and they both laughed.

So, yesterday he gave her a lift, and once more he pulled up a road before ours (so I wouldn't see them) and he asked her for his kiss. Kelly consented, and as usual the kiss turned from a peck into a rather more passionate embrace. Steve wasted no time in moving his hand to her breasts, and when she didn't resist, his hand slipped up under her top and inside her bra, playing with her nipple. Kelly said she knew she should stop him, but she didn't for some reason. In fact, she was getting so horny, she had felt the bulge in his jeans to see if he was getting hard.

When she found he was, that turned her on even more, so when his hand went down and under her skirt, she still didn't stop him. He rubbed at the front of her knickers, and then slipped his hand inside them and started to finger her. All of this was making her so horny, as was the fact that it was so risky. Anybody walking past could have seen them! She stopped him before it went too far, and with a final kiss, she had made her way home.

I was amazed that she had managed to keep all this from me over the past few days, but tonight she was different and I asked her what had happened to make her act so strangely today. Kelly went quiet and said she wasn't going to take lifts home with him anymore because of tonight. I asked her again what had happened and she climbed on top of me and looked me dead in the eye, then made me promise I wouldn't finish with her if she told me. I promised and said I really would forgive her, even if she had slept with him. Kelly looked at me for a minute, appraising me or maybe making her mind up what to tell me.

Then she said they hadn't done 'it', but done just about every else. Again, Steve had given her a lift, but asked her if they should go somewhere a bit 'quieter' and when she said okay, he took her to an isolated car park nearby and they started kissing. Again his hands groped her breasts, but this time he unbuttoned her top and exposed her boobs, kissing them as well. His hands went up her skirt and again he fingered and played with her. Soon, he was pulling her knickers down and opening her legs to lick her down there.

Kelly was almost crying now as she told me, ashamed of what she had done, but I reassured her and told her to carry on. She told me Steve had pulled his jeans down, and she had played with his cock while he went down on her in the front seat of his car. I asked her how big his cock was, and she told me that it was average like mine, but really thick and really hard. He shaved it too, which she said was quite nice. Taking a deep breath, Kelly told me that he had asked her to go down on him, and being so horny, she had done.

Kelly was really good at blowjobs, and I felt a stab of jealousy at the thought of this guy getting one off my beautiful girlfriend. More overwhelming though was the arousing effect the picture was having on me. Kelly noticed and pushed down on to me, my cock sliding inside her. She was so wet, relaying the story was obviously turning her on too. I asked her again if she had slept with him as she started to make love to me.

She shook her head, but said that he had asked her to but she had refused, saying that she would fool around with him like this, but actual sex was going too far. Kelly said that Steve had been cool with that, but he had asked her if she would finish him off somehow, as he was incredibly turned on, so she had continued to suck him off until he came in her mouth.

I was so shocked. While Kelly went down on me quite often, she had never let me cum in her mouth, saying it was disgusting. I told her how shocked I was, and she shrugged saying it really wasn't so bad and that I could have it tonight if I wanted. Quick as a shot, I pushed her down and she took me in her mouth. I was in heaven, and not far from cumming, so before I blew my load I stopped her and asked her if she had wanted to screw him earlier.

Kelly stopped and ashamedly said that she had very nearly let him, but I that I was in her mind all the time and she felt so guilty. I didn't want to upset her, and lose the chance of getting to cum in her mouth, so I told her that I really wouldn't have minded if she had slept with him. I told her that I was always worried that one day she would become curious about other men and that I would lose her to some guy, just like this. She started to object but I carried on, explaining that maybe this was for the best. If she played around a little, maybe even slept with a couple of guys, it might get that curiosity out of her system, so that we could get past it. I said it might make us stronger.

Kelly was looking up at me with a strange look on her face. I confessed that the thought of it turned me on too. She didn't say anything but continued to suck me off until I came really hard in her mouth for the first time. It was incredible. When I got my breath back, she asked me to return the favour. She was so horny and needed to cum too. I slid down the bed and went down on her. While I kissed and licked away, I asked her why she wasn't having any more lifts and Kelly said because she felt so guilty, and she couldn't trust herself not to let him make love to her next time. I suggested she let him, just once. It might get him out of her system

She was almost cumming, and I kept licking away, asking her if she wanted to screw him. Finally, she admitted she really wanted to fuck him just as she came explosively. When she had got her breath back, we spoke again, this time a little bit more clear-headed and I said that if she really wanted to fuck him, she had my permission. Kelly said she wasn't sure, but I said that if she really loved me, then it wouldn't threaten our relationship. Maybe it would help us in the future. I didn't want her growing older full of regrets, feeling she had missed out on other guys.

Kelly said she would think about it and after a few minutes of silence she said she would continue having lifts with him, and see what happened. I suggested that she go out for a drink with him or something, so it wasn't all rushed and everything, and she said that was a good idea, but she wasn't making any promises. She would just see how she felt tomorrow.

Tomorrow came and we didn't talk about it much in the morning, but I did give her a kiss and a wink and Kelly said she loved me as she left for work. That whole day, I hardly did any work because I couldn't help wondering what was going to happen on her way home. When I did get home, I was incredibly restless waiting for her and I only got more nervous and excited when she was late. Eventually, about half-an-hour later than usual, she stepped through the door, and rushed over to me, giving me a massive hug and telling me over and over that she loved me.

I told her everything was okay. Whatever had happened, it was all okay. I felt really anxious and yet excited at the same time and I could tell she felt the same way. It was obvious she was dying to tell me what had happened. I tried to stay calm and cool so I told her I would make us a drink of coffee and we would sit and talk about it. She suggested something a bit stronger, so I got a bottle of wine from the fridge and we went and sat down in the front room to talk.

Kelly told me that Steve had pulled her to one side during the day and asked her if she wanted a lift again tonight. She had almost told him no, but decided to go for it. He had taken her to the same car park as last night, and the same events occurred. He took her top and bra off, and she had almost torn his jeans off to get his cock out. She had gone down him while he pulled her knickers off and fingered her from behind. He asked if he could cum in her mouth again but she told Steve he could fuck her if he wanted to.

I asked what his reaction was but instead of replying, Kelly stood up and took her knickers off, throwing them to me. I didn't understand until I noticed the large amount of cum staining the gusset. I looked at her and she anxiously asked me if I still loved her. I grabbed her hand and dragged her upstairs. We didn't bother getting undressed; I just pulled my trousers down and fucked her right there, as hard and fast as I could. Her pussy felt all cool and sticky, but it wasn't long before I too shot my load inside her.

While we lay there afterwards, I asked her what Steve had been like and she told me that when she said he could have her, he had reclined her seat back and practically jumped on top of her. He was like a man possessed. He had just hitched her skirt up around her waist, shoved his cock into her and fucked her hard and fast, like I just had. I said I wasn't surprised and explained that he had probably been fantasizing about screwing her for months, so he wouldn't have been able to help himself.

Kelly giggled and said he was really rough with her, which she had quite enjoyed. Steve was quite muscular, strong and fit, so he had banged her really hard, harder than me, and lasted quite a while before he finally came inside her. I asked her if she had cum, and she admitted that she had, and that it was his physicality which had turned her on so much. She reassured me that she really loved me, and that I had nothing to worry about. We cuddled and kissed and talked some more and I asked her if she was happy that she had done it. Kelly said she didn't regret it at all; in fact she had loved it. It was really exciting, fucking someone new, but assured me that she still loved me and wasn't going to run off with him or anything.

That night we had great sex again, and afterwards as we talked about it all, Kelly said she did have one regret and I asked what. She replied that she wished she could have done him properly, instead of in the confinement of a car seat. I looked at her and repeated the suggestion from the night before, that she go out with him for a drink and back to his house, if she wanted to.

Kelly looked at me doubtfully, and said that she didn't want him to get involved with her emotionally. I told her to make it clear that it was just no-strings sex, explaining that most guys would easily understand that. In fact it was what most men were looking for. Again Kelly said she would think about it. I told her to sleep on what I said, and we tried to get some rest, although my head was still spinning with pictures of what she had done in my mind.

The next day was a Friday, and as Kelly kissed me goodbye, I couldn't help but wonder what the day might hold. I was distracted at work again, finding it hard to concentrate and when I got home I was nervous and excited once more. She was actually home earlier than normal though, explaining that she had arranged to go out up town with Steve and his friends that night, and she rushed upstairs to get ready. I decided to use the opportunity to go out too, and rang some of my friends to arrange a few drinks locally where we wouldn't bump into Kelly and company.

Kelly looked fantastic when she came downstairs. She was wearing a knee-length black skirt and a rather low-cut green wrap-around top which showed off her cleavage to perfection. She had her hair down, and looked stunning with sexy, dark make-up and bright red lips. Before we both went out, she asked me if I was really okay with this, and I told her to enjoy herself and wished her good luck.

Me and my best friend went around the local pubs, and I found myself getting pretty drunk, probably to block out the nerves and excitement with the thoughts of what might be going on in town with my girlfriend and Steve. I think my buddy could tell something was wrong with me, so I told him that Kelly was out with her new friends from work and I was just thinking about her as it was her first time on a work's night out and I hoped she was having a good time.

I got back home about midnight, and Kelly wasn't back yet, so I sent her a text message asking her if she was having a good time and I got one back shortly, saying she was having fun and was on her way to her a nightclub with the guys, so she might not be in until late! The message was followed by a 'wink' so I guess she was up for more than just a dance! Feeling a bit worse for the drink I had downed, I decided to go and sleep until she got home.

I was woken up a bit later by another text message and I looked at the time. It was two o'clock in the morning. The message read 'Hi it's me. Having a right laugh. I'm being a right tart tonight, been flirting with all the blokes! Leaving club in a bit, all going back to Steve's house. Xxx Kelly' I was pleased she was enjoying herself, but I wanted her to hurry up and get on with it, and then come home so I could hear all about it.

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