Sasha gave Lexi amazing vacations and perks. Occasionally she slipped and tried to buy something that Lexi just would not accept. Lexi though gave her a special love and Sasha couldn't pay for that. She accepted it, it gave her comfort, it completed her as nothing else did. Lexi's agile and fertile mind wasn't only in business. If Sasha hadn't known better she would swear Lexi cheated on her. She came up with the most incredible and exotic things as they made wild and passionate love when they were together. Lexi simply explained that she did research, the internet, books, and her own fertile imagination supplied her with enough to keep Sasha breathless.

"You have to really love someone to trust them that much to do the things that will keep them enthralled" Lexi explained to avid listener Amy who was amazed and intrigued by the things Lexi was telling her about her love affair with Sasha. "Trust is an amazing thing, if that were gone, so to the relationship."

Sasha wanted to marry Lexi and had begged her time and again to consider it. There were countries and states that it was legal to marry and other countries that had to accept it. Lexi wouldn't hear of it though. She liked being Sasha's girlfriend. She liked meeting her all over the world when her work allowed. She enjoyed Sasha and loved her but she wouldn't marry her much to Sasha's annoyance. She couldn't , wouldn't be there for her 24/7, it kept Sasha on her toes, it kept her coming back, it also satisfied something in Lexi that allowed her to keep her independence. Sasha couldn't take her for granted, Lexi would just get up and leave, Sasha's hold on her was love and while she had to be content with that sometimes it wasn't enough, she wanted more so much sometimes it was painful. Lexi gave her so much she couldn't explain why she wanted more. Lexi was her world sometimes, she made Sasha feel things she couldn't explain, she couldn't fathom, she wanted it all the time and the fact that she couldn't made Lexi just that much more desirable. It made Sasha a better person, it made her want to please Lexi more, give her much more than she was allowed. Lexi didn't want things though, she wanted Sasha and on her terms. It had worked for a long time and they both wanted more but were unable to obtain it. They had to be content with their love and how it came to them, when they were together, even when they were not. Lexi knew that Sasha wouldn't be content living in the middle of the Midwest with only Lexi's children to stimulate them, she couldn't run her vast empire from there, Lexi wouldn't ask her to. Lexi herself wasn't content to stay at home for any length of time, it was why she enjoyed her job so much, it was why she enjoyed loving Sasha and the excitement she brought into her life.

"We visit her houses on Long Island, in the city in Manhattan periodically, maybe you will get to meet her" Lexi told the innocent and enthralled Amy. She told her of things that Amy could only imagine. Of incredible riches and things that were out of the reach of ordinary people.

"Are you from New York?" Amy asked not sure with her accent that she could be.

"No, I'm from Lincoln, Nebraska actually. My children all live around there and I go home frequently so I can enjoy seeing them. One of them is determined to be a farmer, one is a teacher, although not with your education" she smiled "one is going to just be a housewife but she's so good at it I almost think she should be an interior decorator once she has children and they are in school. My other daughter I think would have been a nun in another century, she heartily disapproves of me and my lifestyle but I love them all and they love me. They have all met Sasha from time to time and while not all of them approve of her they can respect what she has done."

"Why didn't you fly in a private jet to meet her if she has so much money?" Amy asked.

"Because I knew it would annoy her to have her assistant book me on a commercial flight. I really do hate waste. She has a jet, she actually has a few at her disposal and I won't let her waste fuel just to come get me when there is a perfectly good commercial jet to fly me there. Mind you I am flying first class but I won't get there fast enough for her." She grinned.

Amy laughed at the naughty way Lexi told her about her girlfriend. Sasha sounded exotic, she sounded spoiled, but she also sounded a little scary to someone like Amy.

They passed the time on the flight quite pleasantly in each other's company. Amy enjoyed every minute of it. Finally though Lexi said she was talked out and insisted they both get some sleep. Even in sleep though she gave off that aura that Amy had observed when they first met. There was just something there that wasn't definable. She exuded class and elegance but there was just so much more.

As they landed in Florence, Lexi suggested they take the train together. She held Amy's hand once again as the plane landed smoothly on the tarmac. She had enjoyed making friends with Amy almost as much as Amy had. They had several hour's lay over and used it to go to dinner. Amy was surprised that the only baggage that Lexi had was her leather laptop case.

"Why should I bother, she is only going to buy me what she wants me to wear" she shrugged.

Amy was incredulous. Buy her an entire wardrobe for each trip?

"It's not as exciting as it sounds, I don't keep it all, sometimes it appears each time I do, especially the jewels" Lexi informed her.

Amy was still incredulous at the expense that Sasha went to time and again for Lexi. She had examined the diamond necklace, bracelet, earrings, and even the anklet and knew that Lexi had a lot of expensive things. She had missed the diamond ring on her first inspection. It all matched perfectly but then with class like Lexi's she wasn't surprised. Lexi accepted it all as a matter of course.

Amy lugged her bag and Lexi helped her with it until they went through customs and they were temporarily separated. Lexi was a much more important person than little Amy Gray and treated accordingly. The fact that she had nothing to declare and only her laptop meant she was through customs that much quicker.

"Hi, sorry that took so long" Amy apologized as she came up.

Lexi smiled at her and said "no problem. Amy, this is Sergio, he is going to take your luggage to the car" she said with a wink.

Amy was confused as a swarthy Italian man swooped to pick up her carry on as well as the large suitcase she was rolling along.

"Sasha sent him to try to convince me to take a plane to Venice. I say the train is much more efficient and Sergio agreed to take me and my new friend to dinner and then the train" she said with a smile.

Amy immediately understood. Sasha had been impatient and Lexi was taking her sweet time. She was glad. She was enjoying her new friend and looking forward to spending more time with her before they arrived in Venice.

Dinner was extraordinary. Amy was sure she would never have eaten like this if she had been alone. The atmosphere was totally Italian and she had no idea half of what she ate as she couldn't pronounce the words. It tasted incredible and it was only later as Lexi explained what she had eaten that she had her first qualms of discontent. It was a good thing she hadn't known what she had eaten or she might not even have tried it. She was grateful for Lexi for forcing her to try new foods and she would try to remember the words of them as they had been delicious despite the fact of what some of them actually were. It was why she was traveling after all to try new and exotic things right?

Sergio made sure they made the train with time to spare and lugged Amy's heavy bag onto the train for her and stored it before departing with a hand to his cap for Lexi. Lexi watched amused as he left the train before sitting down across from Amy.

"I'm going to pay for that later" she commented wryly.

"What do you mean?" Amy asked concerned.

"He is going to report if he hasn't already that I refused to take the plane that was probably sent for me and instead took the train and that I'm traveling with a woman" she grinned at Amy, her eyes sparkling.

Amy's mouth dropped open "you mean they will think that we..."

Lexi nodded.

"That we..." she repeated.

Lexi laughed.

"That we're..." she didn't know what to say too shocked to say anymore.

Lexi leaned forward and patted her on the knee "don't worry, I'll survive. I've done nothing wrong in my eyes and in Sergio's eyes everything I do is wrong so I'm sure Sasha will take that into account before she judges."

"I'm sorry Lexi, I wouldn't harm your relationship with Sasha for the world" Amy stammered.

Lexi shrugged fatalistically "it's not a perfect relationship. She can be petty, she can be childish" she paused as the train began to pull out of the station "she can also be the most generous person you ever met, so loving, so sweet. It's a real conundrum sometimes how I feel towards her. There are times when I can't wait to see her and be with her and enjoy her. There are others that I can't wait to leave her and miss her again. She is one of the few people that can drive me to distraction just by being herself. She angers me, enrages me actually. And then she loves me and I feel the world right itself" she sighed as she looked out the window as the city started going by the window.

"Sounds like life" Amy said astutely despite her youth.

Lexi nodded and smiled "yes, it wasn't what I had planned for myself but then what do I know."

They discussed life and it's vagaries as they whittled away the hours from Florence to Venice. They had become good friends as the train pulled into the station.

"I do hope you will be our guest at dinner tomorrow night at our hotel" Lexi stated as she helped Amy with her cases.

"I really don't want to impose" Amy said hesitatingly.

"You won't impose, I really do want you to meet Sasha. Say you'll come, please?" the woman who had impressed her so the previous day was still impressing her with the various facets of herself. Amy didn't want to refuse her.

"Okay, I'll come to your hotel for dinner" Amy agreed as they slowly got off the train and a porter helped with the heavier bags.

"I'll send a boat to your hotel" Lexi informed her "say about 8?"

Amy agreed as she looked curiously about her. She was HERE, she was in the city of her dreams, but not exactly. The train had come in far from the actual city and a boat was necessary to go across the vast stretch of water to the city proper. Amy wasn't sure how to arrange that but she was certain she could manage.

"Signora Valour, welcome back to Venice" a voice greeted Lexi and she turned with a smile to a small Italian man who beamed at her in pleasure.

"Signore Figero, grazie, grazie" she returned. He went to take her arm to help her into the boat he had waiting nearby.

Amy saw it was one of the ones she had always dreamed of. The rich looking wood lined the sides of the boat with a small cabin to keep out the weather if necessary. The gondolas of Venice stayed within the city limits and she looked forward to seeing them later.

Lexi wouldn't allow herself to be led. She turned to her new friend and said "Amy, why don't we give you a ride to your hotel?"

Amy was already shaking her head "No, no Lexi, I appreciate the offer but I'm sure Sasha is waiting for you."

Lexi let out a bark of laughter "I am sure she is, impatiently" she grinned and added "a few more minutes won't put her in a better mood. Come on." She gestured and pointed to Signore Figero "help her with the bags won't you?"

He looked startled for only a moment as he immediately went to wrestle the bags out of Amy's reluctant grip. She conceded. There was no arguing with Lexi she had found. She was one of the most generous women she had ever met and she liked her besides. She didn't want to disappoint her for some reason. That was how she found herself in the richly appointed boat being sped across the great expanse of water in the twilight towards the city of her dreams. It looked like she had always thought it would with it's great houses and beautiful architecture. She had her tour book and countless hours of reading that she had behind her, she was ready to explore this incredible city.

Signore Figero dropped her at the dock outside a small hotel not too far from the Grand Canal. After giving Lexi a hug she promised to meet her tomorrow for dinner with Sasha and she watched as Signore Figero drove the amazing woman quickly away in his boat. No porter was available to help her with her bags and after she checked in she found she had to lug them up three flights of steps to a fairly dingy little room but one that still overlooked the canal and she thought to herself she was in heaven.

As Signore Figero drove off towards Sasha's hotel which Lexi knew was probably the Royale she thought about her new friend and all she had before her. She remembered the excitement of being in her twenties with her whole life ahead of her. She felt almost ancient next to the younger woman but happy for her. She enjoyed her own life and wouldn't have traded it for the world. She began to get excited at the thought of seeing Sasha again. It had been two weeks since she had seen her in Manhattan and she had missed her, she always missed her, but she still wouldn't live with her for any length of time. She wondered if the deal she had been working on so long and her trip to Venice were a coincidence or engineered by Sasha. She had warned her about manipulating business ventures for her before. It annoyed the heck out of her when Sasha did things like that but knowing her nature she couldn't seem to help herself sometimes. It always led to fights. Sasha was usually in the wrong and promised to mend her ways, she usually kept that promise too, for about a year or two before she couldn't help herself again. Her excuses and justifications were amazing. Lexi couldn't help but admire her incredible mind if she would just use it in a less interfering way sometimes.

As they pulled up in front of the Royale she couldn't help but make the comparison from the dingy little hotel they had just left Amy at to the one they were now approaching. The change was rather alarming. Two men ran out to tie off the boat securely to the dock and help Lexi onto firm ground from the boat. It wouldn't pay to have patrons of the world renowned Royale fall into the canal would it? Lexi was amused at how they treated her. She wondered if she wasn't Sasha's girlfriend if she would be treated the same. She had often wondered at that but she didn't let it bother her. She was wealthy in her own right, she was well known in her own circles, and all of this well before she had known Sasha. The perks of being involved with Sasha were just that, perks. She tried to never let it go to her head. She kept Sasha grounded when she let herself become a bit too arrogant. Their fights were legendary but so was their loving. Only Lexi had been known to go into the lion's den when she was feeding on subordinates in a frenzy of anger only to not only tell her she was wrong but to have her soon purring in her arms in abject surrender. She was loved and hated by turns by Sasha's various employees. She showed no favorites and expected no privileges. She asked for respect and gave it just as much.

As she was given a key to their suite and shown to the private elevator she thanked the manager for his personal assistance assuring him she would mention his outstanding service to Sasha who's business he so valued. Actually, she never let on that Sasha didn't give a fig for his services, she expected it as she paid an absolute fortune for it. It came with the rental on the suite of rooms.

The elevator man left her off on the top room of their hotel. Lexi let herself into the room. She already knew the history of this grand room as she entered. It was the room that the Doge had once slept in. She hoped they had changed the sheets since then. It was the room that prince and princesses from various nations had stayed in. It was the room that Sasha Brenhov always stayed in when she was in Venice. Lexi looked around and grinned. It really was fabulous with 15 foot high ceilings and richly wood lined windows that stretched from floor to ceiling. No ordinary lights in this room instead chandeliers lit it brilliantly. White walls with gold leaf lined the outrageous decorations proclaiming it's richness and history. Beautiful paintings of various scenes lined the walls. A museum was what Lexi felt it was like as she entered it's luxurious folds. Each piece of furniture was an antique in it's own right except for the modern couches and coffee tables. The desks, the chairs, the decor was ancient and beautiful.

"About time you got here" a husky voice greeted her and she turned with a smile as Sasha swept into the room from one of the suite's bedrooms. She stood there in a beautiful little dress that accented her exquisite frame and made her look even more attractive to her lover's eyes if that were possible. Her breasts were barely contained as they threatened to spill over the lines of the dress. Her long blonde hair with it's darker brown roots that turned to platinum blonde without aid of a hair dresser swung along her back as she walked towards the woman who had come across the Earth to be with her.

Lexi walked determinedly across the room and swung her case onto the nearest couch before catching the blonde in her arms for a bear hug. She knew that Sasha craved this type of affection, she missed her so when they were apart, it was why she 'demanded' her presence as often as possible. She pulled back slightly so she could look at this crazy impetuous woman she loved so much before she leaned in for a kiss. Gawd, she looked good, she even tasted good. The kiss started fairly easily but both of them were too good at using their tongues not to deepen it and really taste each other, they battled with their tongues briefly as they caressed along each others, Lexi sucked on Sasha's greedy little tongue and heard her groan as she wrapped her hands around Lexi's waist and squeezed her ass closer.

"Why couldn't you come on my plane so you could be here sooner" Sasha murmured complaining as she touched the woman she loved so. Even if she were blind she would know this woman's body. She loved her so much, she frustrated her so much with her desire to remain independent. They both spent way too much time traveling the globe to be with each other for too short a time. The most they had ever spent together had been three months once in Manhattan on a cool fall season enjoying the sights and sounds of New York together. She remembered it well and had loved every moment of their time together but Lexi insisted on earning her own way in this world, she had obligations to her clients, to her children and family. Sasha wasn't her whole world despite her desperate desire to be so. Sasha had too many interests around the world though to remain in one place for too long. She had homes all over the world so she didn't have to stay in hotels too often. Venice was the one of the exceptions but only because she knew that Lexi loved staying in the city and exploring each time they came here and refused to allow her to buy a palazzo. She only wanted a little one but Lexi had a fit the last time it came up.

"I enjoyed flying over on a commercial jet, why waste the fuel" she breathed as she kissed her way down Sasha's neck. She could feel the blonde relaxing against her body and couldn't wait to have her naked in her arms.

Sasha removed the jacket of Lexi's suit and let it fall to the floor. "I hear you met someone?" she inquired innocently. Inside she was quaking with fear that perhaps this time Lexi had met someone else. She didn't know why she did this to herself, Lexi had never given her cause for concern. She had been totally faithful since the day they had met. It was others who had tried to come between them but never had either one of them ever slept with another. Sasha had no desire to since she had fallen in love with this amazing and frustrating woman and for some reason it had become a matter of honor. She knew if Lexi had confirmation of her ever having betrayed their love she would walk away, there would be no more confrontations, no discussion, no pleading. She would simply let Sasha go. Sasha didn't want that and despite having been sorely tempted a few times over the years she always remembered how much she loved this woman. She simply would not, could not, hurt this woman in that way.

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