tagExhibitionist & VoyeurKim Enjoys Jason's Company

Kim Enjoys Jason's Company


I've written before about my wife Kim. What you need to know about us is that we're a young childless couple; she's 24 and I'm 25. Recently Kim has started showing off her body a bit. Well okay, if you've read the previous stories you know that it's more than a bit, but the actual instances have been rather few and far between. Kim seems content to let it happen ostensibly by accident and then enjoys the attention it brings. Booze is often a causal agent for her loss of inhibitions, or at least it serves as a good excuse. For me, I don't quite know why but I've found it quite exciting whenever some guy is able to see more of her than he normally should. I wouldn't want her to get into any danger or trouble from letting people see her, and I wouldn't push her into doing anything she didn't want to do, but I can't deny that I've found it to be arousing.

So a couple of months after we rented the cabin with her coworkers, Jason, a friend of mine from college gave me a call. Jason lived over in Cleveland so I hadn't seen him in a couple of years and he'd only met Kim briefly at the wedding. Jason was currently working as a sales rep at an auto dealership and had to deliver a car into town on Friday. So he wanted to know if we wanted to get together, and whether he could crash at our place before heading back on Saturday morning. Kim was all cool with it, so the plans were set.

Jason got to our place around 7 PM. By that time he had already dropped the vehicle at a dealership and picked up another car that he would drive back to Cleveland in the morning. We all went out to a local pizza joint for dinner and got back to our place around 8:30. I anticipated that Jason would be tired from driving and that we would have a rather mellow evening, but he was surprisingly energized and ready to party. He was all ready to go out bar-hopping, but that really wasn't our style.

I guess you need to know a bit more about Jason. Jason is one of these smooth-talking, confident guys that never seems to have trouble with the ladies. We met when we were paired as freshman roomies. I could have easily found his personality annoying. But I soon realized that he was a decent guy; he was confident but not cocky. I found myself enjoying hanging out with him. And his success with women helped me out too. I met a lot of women simply because I was hanging with Jason. It happened countless times that he would pull me along as his wingman as he introduced us to a pair of girls. While he always got the hottest one, the cute friend was often nothing to sneeze at.

While Jason never had much trouble meeting women, he wasn't very successful with relationships. In college, he had one girlfriend for about 2 months, and all of his other relationships were shorter than that. I got the impression that his social life after college resembled a lot his life during college, with lots of partying and drinking and no serious relationships.

Anyway, it was 8:30 and we were back at our house. Jason initially seemed a little antsy because he was all ready to party, but we started downing some beers and playing some music, and before long he seemed fine just hanging out at our place. Jason and Kim seemed to be getting along well and he was being quite charming with Kim. I knew Jason well enough to know that he wasn't hitting on her; that was just the way he talked to attractive women. But women were always flattered by the way he talked to them and looked at them and focused his attention on them, and Kim was no different.

It was about 10 PM and we were all feeling the effects of the booze. Jason had consumed more beers than Kim and I combined, but he had also earned himself a higher tolerance. Still, Kim and I were feeling no pain. Then Jason suddenly blurted out, "Hey Dave, do you remember those two crazy Canadian chicks?"

I'm sure that my facial expression showed my surprise when he asked that question. I figured that he would know better than to bring up some of our past exploits with my wife sitting right there.

"Oh, I'm sorry Dave, I figured you would've told her. They were just so fuckin' hot!"

"Two crazy Canadian chicks?" Kim asked with a raised eyebrow.

I was dying there. Kim and I knew that we each had had prior relationships and we had talked about most of them, but we had never gone through a thorough accounting of every encounter. There were some one night stands that I had neglected to mention and I presumed that was mutual.

I quickly offered, "Well, we met these two girls at a coffee shop one night. They seemed really disinterested in us at first, but Jason here is quite the ladies man. Before long, Jason convinced them to come back to our dorm room to listen to some music. One thing led to another, and they ended up spending the night."

Jason cut in before Kim could even react. "Oh man, you totally watered that down. These girls were like the hot librarian types. At the coffee shop they were really shy, sitting there reading their books and sipping their cappuccinos. I figured they were a long fuckin' shot. But then they agree to come back to our room and suddenly one of them asks if we want to play truth or dare. Of course we're like, 'yeah!', but I still figure that they're just going to pick 'truth' over and over again. These chicks picked 'dare' every single time!

"We dared them to take off their tops, and they did. We dared them to take off their bras, and they did. We dared them to get fully naked, and they did. We dared 'em to run around the dorm hallways naked, and they did that too. I started trying to play with the tits on one of them but she wanted to be dared to allow me. So I dared her, and then started feeling her boobs. It was like that the whole night. We even had to dare them to fuck us."

I couldn't believe he was telling her all of this. It was entirely true, but the details were not something I'd want my wife to know. I fearfully turned to gauge Kim's reaction. I was relieved when she appeared to be more amused and interested in the story than mad at me.

"I can't believe you didn't tell me about that! You were such a slut!"

I grinned and said, "Just sowing the oats, dear."

After that the conversation stayed on sexual topics for a while. Jason talked about some of his other conquests but thankfully none of his other stories involved me. Kim talked about some of her earlier relationships, but nothing that I hadn't heard before. Kim then told Jason about the accidental flashing of her coworkers at our barbeque, although she left out how she intentionally flashed them afterwards. I was tempted to prod her into telling more of the story, but I figured it was her story to tell. She also never told him about the cabin rental. Again, that was her story.

Kim did tell Jason about how our neighbor Alex had seen her naked in our bathroom when the curtains were down. She even offered up how she continued to shower in there without curtains after discovering that he was watching her. "At that point he had already seen me naked. It was a bit late to start worrying about it," she explained.

Jason glanced over at me when she said that. His look told me that he recognized that her reaction to the situation was rather atypical. He must have realized that either she was one of those people that just didn't care if they were seen naked, or she actually liked it.

"But since then you've always kept the curtains closed when you shower," Jason asked.

It struck me as an odd question. I soon realized just how good Jason was at reading people.

"Well, I try to. Sometimes I'll open them during the day and forget to close them at night. A few times I didn't notice they were open until after I showered and dressed. I don't know if he saw me or not, but I suppose he could have. Again, it'd be nothing he hadn't already seen."

That was news to me and certainly made me wonder whether she intentionally left them open or not. Could she really not notice the curtains open? I suppose it'd be possible.

"What about someone else? Does anyone else have a view of your bathroom window," asked Jason.

"I wouldn't think so. I guess I don't know," answered Kim.

The conversation switched topics after that and a bit later we decided to call it a night. Jason had to get up early to drive back to Cleveland so we didn't want it to be too late of an evening. We cleaned up, headed up stairs and showed Jason to the guest bedroom. In the process Kim mentioned that she was going to take a quick shower before bed.

Jason said with a smile, "Don't forget to leave the curtains open."

Kim returned his smile and said, "You mean closed. I won't."

"No really, why don't you leave them open? If you're right and only Alex can see you, then who cares? He's already seen you naked and he probably wouldn't be looking anyway at this hour. We can go outside and see if anyone else could see anything."

Kim paused only briefly before saying, "Fine. But only because I don't think anyone else can see in."

"Cool. Just give us a couple of minutes and then act normally."

It felt like such a strange conversation I didn't even know what to say. I had to mentally review the plan to make sure I didn't miss something. Kim was going to open the curtains before getting undressed and showering, knowing that Alex might see her again. Meanwhile Jason and I were going to watch from outside to see if we could see in, or if it looked like anyone else could see her. That was really what Kim just agreed to? I knew full well that at least from Alex's backyard that we could see Kim from the waist up. Did Kim really not know this? Or did she not expect us to go into his yard? Kim had to know at the very least that it was possible that Jason might be able to see her.

Jason started heading downstairs, pulling me along. When we got outside Jason said to me, "I can't believe she's doing this. Your wife is fantastic! I really hope we can find a good spot to watch from."

I didn't have much to say. I was lost in my own thoughts that Kim was about to undress in front of the window knowing that Jason and I were outside. As long as we could find a good viewing location and Kim didn't chicken out, Jason was about to see her tits.

We went outside and Jason assessed the lay of the land. "It looks like Alex has a great view from his house. Whoever lives there can probably see too," he said, gesturing towards a house behind Alex's. "I think we need to go into Alex's backyard to see anything. All of his lights are off so it looks like he's sleeping. You don't think he'd care if he happened to see us in his yard, do you?"

"Probably not, but I don't know how we'd explain it."

Jason looked around for a moment before saying, "Let me worry about that." He walked over and picked up a football that was lying on the ground in our yard, tossed it into Alex's and then said, "Let's go."

We jogged into Alex's yard and Jason picked up the football. We then turned and looked towards the window. The curtain was open but the room was still dark so we waited. I thought I could see some movement by the window, as if she might have been looking out at us, but it was too dark to be sure.

Then the light came on, illuminating the room. Kim was still fully dressed when she appeared in front of the window. As I described in a previous story, our bathroom was pretty small. It was situated near the rear of the house. The window and the toilet were on the south wall facing Alex's house, the sink was on the east wall, and the shower on the north wall. There was just a small area in the center of the bathroom where someone could change clothes or stand when using the sink. That area is where Kim stood, and we could see her clearly from the waist up.

Kim was facing the sink when she began unbuttoning her blouse. A moment later Kim pulled off the blouse. We could see Kim standing sideways with just a bra covering her breasts. Then Kim reached down and appeared to take off her jeans. In the process, she turned her body and faced the window.

"Dude, I can't believe she's actually doing it," whispered Jason, excitedly.

When we saw Kim's hands reach behind her back we knew the bra was coming off. Then she nonchalantly shrugged it off. And there were her gorgeous breasts, fully exposed in front of the window. We were close enough that we could even see her nipples. I couldn't believe that Jason was seeing this same view. His eyes were surely gliding over her bare tits, taking in the sight of their curves.

Kim reached down, presumably to remove her panties, and then stood straight up again in front of the window. I wondered, if Kim did notice us in Alex's backyard, did she realize that we couldn't see anything beneath her waist? Regardless, there she stood completely naked in front of the window. She waited just a couple of moments before getting into the shower. From our perspective we couldn't see much of anything then.

Jason said, "Aw, that was fucking awesome. Fantastic tits, man."

"Yeah, she's got a great body."

"She certainly does. I'm glad she likes to show it off. Thanks for sharing, man."

Kim spent just a few minutes in the shower. She was still soaking wet when she returned to standing in front of the window. She remained facing the window as she slowly dried herself off. The whole process was mesmerizing. As she dried her legs, her breasts hung down and bobbed around. When she did her back she thrust her breasts out and they jiggled back and forth. Watching the towel slide across her breasts, rocking them gently as she dried them was fantastic. But the best part was probably when she dried her hair. As she worked the towel through her hair her tits shook vigorously. I just couldn't take my eyes off her shaking tits. I then remembered that Jason was standing beside me and seeing it all too.

Kim put the towel down and turned to face the mirror. She spent a couple of minutes brushing her hair. Even though she was my own wife, I just couldn't take my eyes off of her and her exposed breasts. Finally she picked up the towel and switched off the light.

Jason said, "That was incredible. You're a lucky man, Dave, a lucky man."

With that, we went back inside. We headed upstairs and met Kim in the hallway with just a towel wrapped around her.

"So, do you think anyone besides Alex could see me in the bathroom?" Kim asked eagerly.

Jason answered, "It looks like Alex has the best view. Whoever lives behind him may be able to see too, but they're further away and at an angle. We were in Alex's backyard and we were able to see you, but I doubt many people hang out in his backyard."

"Wait. You stood in his backyard and were able to see me? What did you see?"

There was an excitement in Kim's voice as she asked those questions. I could tell from her reaction that she was pretending – poorly – that she didn't know that we'd be able to see her. Jason certainly knew it too, but there was no benefit to calling her on it.

"We could see you from the waist up. And you are really beautiful, by the way. Gorgeous," said Jason with his usual sincerity and charm.

Kim was beaming. "You were able to see my boobs as I showered?"

"Not in the shower. But we saw them when you undressed and when you dried yourself off and brushed your hair. And you have a fantastic pair I must say. Even from that distance I'd say you have one of the nicest sets I've ever seen. The size, the shape, they're just perfect."

Kim turned a bit red. It was obvious that she was both embarrassed and excited that Jason had seen her topless, and I'm sure that she didn't mind the complements that he was heaping on her.

"Well, I guess it's good to know that Alex is probably the only neighbor that's seen me. I think the people that live behind him is an elderly couple, so I doubt that they're into peeping on their neighbors."

"Where else in the house do you go when you're naked?"

"The bedroom obviously, but we leave the curtains closed in there pretty much all of the time. Other than that..." Kim said, letting her voice trail off before continuing, "sometimes I will get up in the middle of the night and go downstairs if I'm thirsty or have the munchies. And sometimes I'll watch the television for a while before going back to bed."

"And you're naked when you do this?"

"Sometimes. Sometimes I'll be wearing a nightshirt, but often times I'm naked."

I knew that she sometimes got up for a period of time. I'd say more often than not she's wearing a nightshirt and is not naked, but certainly some of the times she's been naked. I really hadn't given it much thought before because it's always been so late.

Jason nodded to acknowledge her answer, but didn't say anything right away. Suddenly Kim asked, "Wait, do you think someone might have seen me?"

Jason answered, "Oh I don't know. If you want we can do another test."

Kim paused and smiled before agreeing. Jason instructed her to just do what she normally would: go into the kitchen for a bit and then hang out in the family room and watch some t.v. "We'll go outside again to see if anyone could see anything," he said.

In hindsight, it made no sense. She's going to go downstairs completely naked while we're outside watching just to see who else could see her? Couldn't we just look outside from the kitchen and family room? At the very most, she could come downstairs fully clothed and we could watch from outside. It just made no sense that she had to be naked. But I only realized how ludicrous it was later. At the time, with a fair amount of booze in me, it seemed to make more sense.

So Jason and I went downstairs and quickly checked out all of the windows that might afford someone a look inside. At the bottom of the stairs we had a formal living room and dining room, but we always closed those blinds at night because they faced the street. The kitchen had large windows facing south towards Alex and west towards our backyard. We had some light curtains on the windows which we always left open. It didn't take much to realize that Alex had a nice view into our kitchen, as did the neighbors behind us. Those neighbors, Kevin and Brenda, were a couple in their forties with adult twin boys that were off at college. Our living room had some large windows that faced west, and a couple of small windows that faced north towards Marlene, an older woman that lived alone. The windows that faced the backyard had curtains, but as in the kitchen, we always left them open. The small windows facing Marlene had no window treatments.

Honestly, I didn't figure that it was very likely that anybody would have seen anything. Kim didn't go downstairs naked very often, and when she did it was typically like 3 in the morning. What are the chances that anyone would even notice?

We stepped outside. I started walking into our backyard but Jason stopped right outside the door. I realized that he was planning on looking in the windows from up close and was about to get a perfect view of her entire naked body. Kim must have known that he'd be able to see her with all of the windows facing the backyard. I'm not sure that she expected him to watch her from right outside the windows, but she knew he would be watching her.

"Oh man, this is going to be great," Jason said to me.

And then we waited and the wait was almost agonizing. From our vantage point we would be able to watch her walking from the stairs all the way into the kitchen. I knew that at any moment she would appear naked and Jason would see everything. He was about to get a much better view of her tits than he had moments earlier, and would now be able to see her ass and pussy too.

I felt a brief panic when I first saw her bare feet coming down the stairs. It wasn't until she reached the bottom of the stairs and turned towards the kitchen that we saw her entire body. Her entire naked body. It was then clear that she was actually doing it. She was really walking around our house completely naked, knowing that Jason was watching her.

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