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Kings and Queens Ch. 02


This is a work of fiction, based loosely on the characters from a popular television series you may recognize. I do not own the series or the characters; but I do own the work presented here. I hope you enjoy the series. Please comment if you like!

Kings & Queens – Chapter 2

Carrie goes on notice

Deacon sat on the couch, watching the video that was captured the previous evening at his 'fuck the bitch' party. The actual video quality was pretty sorry, as the view was often obstructed and seldom at an ideal angle; but it was clearly Carrie, and she was obviously a wanton slut begging for his dick – even in the ass. He would spend a few hours editing to produce something he could use if she discovered what had happened and decided to pressure him.

His viewing was interrupted by the phone ringing. "Yellow." he answered it.

It was Carrie. "Yeah Deacon, I just wanted to call and thank you for – um – bringing dinner by last night." she said.

"No problem lady. My pleasure. Gotta make sure Dougie's girl gets her nutrients." he replied, chuckling silently.

"Oh, and I was – um – wondering. Did we – um – do anything after dinner?" she asked. "I mean, when I woke up this morning I was still in the – um – kitchen, and there were beer bottles everywhere." she added.

"Well girl, what do you think?" he replied, putting the ball squarely back in her court. If she remembered anything then perhaps the video would come into play. He wasn't going to help her.

"I kinda remember – um – doing something – you know – um..." she stammered.

"Yes, well you did seem to be interested." he replied.

There was a long pause, then Carrie said "Can I – um – come over. I can stop at Coopers and pickup some lunch."

"Sure lady, come on by." he said. "We can talk about it." he added, hearing the click as she hung up the phone.

Deacon pressed 'Play' and enjoyed watching the segment where he fucked Carrie in that tight little butt. The camera actually caught her gaping asshole when he pulled out to show it to Danny and Spence. Quite a sight, to be sure. And that shit was TIGHT he thought, his penis twitching at the thought. Maybe she'll want more of that today!

He picked up the general clutter and took a shower, knowing it would take her at least an hour to get there on the train. As he awaited her arrival he put on some music and checked to make sure there was beer in the fridge. Almost exactly an hour after her call, the doorbell rang. Deacon took a deep breath and walked to the door, looking through the peep hole. It was Carrie.

He opened the door and greeted her "Hey Carr, come on in."

She was wearing a loose-fitting blouse and a rather snug-fitting pair of cotton shorts. They did accentuate the curve of her backside, and he enjoyed watching her twitch across the room. A truly fuckable ass he thought.

"Beer?" he offered, motioning for her to have a seat on the couch.

"Um... sure, why not." she replied.

Deacon went into the kitchen and returned with two cold ones, handing one to Carrie as he sat across from her in his favorite chair. "So... what's up babe?" he asked. He hoped she would 'bring it up' so he could get things out in the open. His cock wanted more of that snug body while he had the house to himself.

"Well... she began, unsure how to bring it up. "I felt a little – um – weird when I woke up this morning. Like I had been – um – fucked." she said, looking at him with all manner of questions in her eyes. She didn't really know, it was obvious.

"Oh? How so?" he pursued.

Carrie thought for a few moments. "I – um – felt sort of – um – gooey inside." she replied, embarrassed by the only words she could come up with.

Deacon laughed. "Okay, well perhaps you had a wet dream?" he suggested, wanting to embarrass her.

Carrie giggled. "Hmmm. Hadn't thought about that; but I guess it's possible." she said. "But then I had some pretty vivid dreams about – um – you." she added.

Deacon just returned her gaze, then reached over to pull another baggie of pot out of his stash box. "Care to join me?" he asked.

Carrie sat there, stunned. "THAT'S IT! We got fucked up last night, didn't we?" she asked.

"Oh, we had a toke or two I guess." he replied, rolling a joint.

"and I can remember wanting you somethin' awful." Carrie told him, squirming in her seat.

"Yes, and you did have me." he replied, taking the first hit then handing the joint to her. He watched her take a long pull from the joint as she thought about his response.

"I – um – h-had you?" she asked, taking another hit before handing the J to him. "Like h-how?" she added.

"You insisted on giving me a real nice blow job after dinner." he told her, taking another hit.

"Oh wow. So I guess my dream wasn't exactly just a dream, huh?" she said.

"And I had a taste of you as well." he said. He glanced down and noticed she wore no panties under the shorts, and a damp spot was already showing itself. He deftly undfastened his shorts and let his cock spring out.

Carrie looked over and saw his black penis. "Oh god Deac, do you think we should?" she asked, unsure of the situation now.

He smiled at her and used his muscles to twitch his organ. "Oh sure, why not?" he replied. "Come on over and have a little snack, lady."

She was again unable to control the urge and dropped to her knees, crawling over to him and taking his cock into her mouth.

"Suck it bitch. Suck my dick." he ordered, taking her head in his large hands and fucking her mouth as he had the previous evening. She was beautiful with his organ in her pouty mouth, and used her tongue well.

Deacon let her suck on his cock for a good thirty minutes, using his will power to keep himself from cumming as she did her very best. She sucked his balls too, something Kelly seldom did. Carrie seemed to genuinely enjoy giving a blow job. Kind of interesting she didn't do it more often for Doug. He finally tired of the oral action and pulled her mouth off of his dick. "Let's take a little break, then we can get more comfortable." he told her.

Carrie looked disappointed that she was unable to get him off; but she got up and went back to her place on the couch. "Was I better at that last night?" she asked, looking sad.

Deacon laughed as he walked into the kitchen for another round of brews. This is gonna be fun. he thought. When he walked back into the room Carrie was finishing a mediocre roll job on a joint. She offered it to him.

"Go ahead girl." he told her, setting her beer down on the coaster. Get yourself really wasted so I can fuck your tight ass again he thought. She sat with her legs splayed wide, and he could see the dampness of her pussy under the wet material, and her erect nipples pushed eagerly against her shirt. She noticed him looking. "W-what?" she asked, taking a long draw on the joint.

"I was just thinking you look pretty sexy, that's all." he told her.

"Oh yeah? Well thanks Deacon Palmer." she replied, picking up her beer and drinking nearly half of it in one gulp.

They made small talk for a while, then Deacon stood up. "Let's go in the guest room and get comfortable." he told her, holding out a hand to help her up. She took it and pulled herself up to him, tilting her head back and looking him in the eye.

"Well I don't know about this Deac. What if Kelly or Doug find out?" she asked.

He pulled her along, walking into the bedroom and turning around to face her. "I won't tell if you won't." he said, smiling broadly. "Now let's get out of these clothes." he added, pulling her shirt up and over her head to reveal her luscious little mounds. His hands cupped and kneaded the sensitive flesh as her fingers pulled his t-shirt up. He let go of her titties and let her take it off, then pulled her close. His big hands reached down to squeeze the firm cheeks of her butt. "Dayum girl, you got a real nice bottom." he whispered into her ear.

Carrie pushed him away, her thumbs hooking the waistband of his sweatpants and yanking them down to the floor. She gave his still-erect cock a brief kiss before pulling her shorts down and stepping out of them. "Now what?" she asked, standing naked before him.

"Now THIS." he replied, picking her up and laying her on her back on the bed. He climbed on with her, his knees between hers. He leaned forward, his lips taking a nipple to suckle as his fingers found the moist lips of her vulva.

"Mmmmmm... That feels good." she moaned, her legs splaying wide to allow him full access to her privates.

"My turn." he said softly, kissing his way down her belly to find the hard little nubbin of her clitoris. "Mmmmm... girl you have one tasty pussy." he told her.

Carrie's fingers pulled at his head as his tongue worked magic on her exposed pussy, one of his hands reaching up to knead one of her breasts. "Oh god Deac, I don't know how much of this I can take." she said hoarsely. Her loins were on fire, and she could sense the orgasm building in her belly. "Eat me lover. Eat my pussy." she groaned, her hips writhing up from the bed as Deacon sucked on her clit and rolled it with his tongue. Then she felt his tongue move lower, teasing at her perineum before dipping briefly to her sensitive anus. "Oh god, what are you doing?" she asked. But the sensations in her bottom weren't what she expected. She liked having the contact back there.

Deacon slid a thick finger into her hot box, slipping it as far in as he could get it, then withdrawing it all the way. He lifted his head from her crotch and looked at her. "Want a taste girl?" he asked, waving the digit that glistened with her juices. He pushed the finger against her lips and she took it into her mouth, sucking her own liquids from it as he slowly pulled it out. Then he pushed it back into her mouth and fucked her oral cavity with his digit.

"Oooo I do taste good, don't I!" she exclaimed after he withdrew the finger. "How about some sixty-nine?" she suggested.

He didn't need a second invitation. He lay down next to her with his feet next to her head. "Hop on girl, and suck my dick while I suck your pussy." he ordered.

Carrie flipped herself over, landing a knee on either side of his shoulders as her mouth quickly found his thick organ and engulfed it. "Mmmphhhhgllgg" she mumbled, her head bobbing up and down wildly.

Deacon reached his hands up and pulled her pussy down to his mouth by grasping her buttocks, in the process splaying the firm cheeks wide. Once again he was inches away from her tight asshole, and he planned to do a little exploring. His tongue quickly found her clit and swirled around the sensitive nubbin. A finger found the slippery opening of her vagina and plunged inside. Her mewls of pleasure said she was loving this, so he added a second finger to her pussy and began fingerfucking her willing hole. Her hips ground down onto his face, her lips rippling up and down his cock in wanton lust. He could tell she was close to another orgasm, and withdrew his fingers – now slippery with her juices – and pushed one of them past the snug ring of muscle and into her ass about an inch. Then he held her tight as she squirmed.

"MGLPHHH." she yelped, her mouth still full of his cock.

"Just relax girl, it's only a finger. Your ass can take it." he told her. Then he applied his tongue and lips to her clit as he inched the digit deeper into her rectum. She was very close to orgasm, and he wanted her to cum with his finger up her butt this time.

Carrie couldn't believe it. He was shoving his whole finger up her ass, and she LIKED it. His lips and tongue were driving her wild, and she couldn't hold back any longer. She pulled her head off of his meat abruptly. "OHHHHGODDDD SUCK MY PUSSY I'M CUMMINNNNNGGGG/" she howled, bouncing her hips up and down on his face as he drilled her asshole with his thick finger. He held her there with his digit in her bung until she couldn't stand more contact from his tongue, then he gently flipped her onto her back.

"I guess you liked that, huh?" he asked, his fingers trailing lightly along her trembling thigh.

Carrie's eyes fluttered open. "I haven't had one that big in years." she said. "But y-you.... I still didn't get you to cum." she said softly.

"No worries Carr, I'm sure I will soon enough." he told her. "Now how about a break for refreshments?" he suggested, getting up from the bed and heading to the kitchen.

She was again beyond the point where she was questioning what she was doing. Her body simply wanted whatever he was giving her. She got up on shaky legs and padded out to find Deacon preparing a snack. She realized she'd forgotten to stop for food on her way here! "Oh Deac, I'm sorry I forgot to stop at Coopers." she said, walking up behind him and resting her hands on his shoulders.

"No problem girl. I got it covered here. Why don't you pop open a couple more brews?" he asked. He got goose bumps as she deliberately dragged her nipples along his back. She was really a hottie, and Doug had to be screwed up not to take advantage of her. But hey, that was his loss and my gain. he thought.

Carrie walked to the fridge and pulled out two more of the Mexican brews, popping the tops and rejoining Deacon at the 'island' between the kitchen and living room. She noticed the baggie of pot and absent-mindedly started rolling another one.

Deacon looked at her, smiling. "You sure you need more of that?" he asked, feigning concern.

"No sir, I don't need it; but I want it." she replied, lighting the joint and taking a long hit. She held it up to his lips since his hands were busy, and he took a small hit of the powerful drug.

He watched as she finished the rest of the joint herself, and he finished preparing the large plate of nachos for them to share. "Ten minutes in the oven and we'll be set here." he told her, placing the plate inside the chamber and closing the door. Then he picked up his beer and raised it to toast. "To a little sex among friends." he said, clinking his bottle to hers.

"Or a lot of sex." she responded, taking a long pull from the bottle. She laughed, her titties jiggling invitingly. Then she asked the question he'd been waiting for – again. "So does Kelly – you know – take it in the butt?" she asked.

Deacon looked at her as if it was the first time she'd asked. "Sure, all the time." he replied. "She actually prefers it some times." he added, being quite truthful. Kelly could be quite a voracious lover, and anal sex pleased her on a weekly basis – sometimes more frequently. But her big black booty was no match for Carrie's tight white one when it came to being snug. he thought.

The timer chimed and he quickly turned off the oven and withdrew the platter of nachos. "Time for some munchies." he said cheerfully, setting the platter on the island and pulling out napkins and individual plates. "Go for it." he told her.

She didn't need a second invitation, digging in and feasting on the spicy chips. "Mmmmm. Good stuff." she said between bites and swallows of her beer. The pot had given her a serious case of the munchies. Well, the pot and the sex.

Deacon watched as his little sex bomb ate and drank. He laughed inside. She sure is cute naked. he thought. He grabbed a handful of the chips and took a swig from his beer, his gaze locked on the jiggling boobies only a few feet away. "Hey, you want to have a soak in the Jacuzzi after this?" he asked.

"Hell yeah. That sounds wonderful." she replied.

He got up and walked to the master bathroom, closing the drain plug and turning the water on to fill the tub. They could have some fun in here, too. After the tub was full he walked back to find Carrie finishing up the nachos and her beer. She got up to take her dishes to the sink, and he couldn't resist giving her firm bottom a playful swat. "Cute butt." he said, chuckling out loud.

"Well thanks – I think." she replied, bending over to put the dishes in the dishwasher.

Deacon again found himself admiring the wrinkle of her butthole, and licked his lips. He felt his cock tingle in anticipation, and hoped things went that way.

She turned around to face him. "Well?" she said. "Shall we?" she added. Without waiting for his reply she turned and walked into the master bathroom, and could feel the heat of his stare on her bare bottom.

They climbed into the tub, settling down in the seats opposite each other. Deacon had grabbed fresh brews, and popped them open before reaching over to flip two switches on the wall. One was the pump for the Jacuzzi, the other activated the video camera hidden behind the vent across the room. He noted the tiny red LED indicating that recording was happening. Kelly hadn't known when he installed it; but loved watching videos of herself and Deacon making love in the tub. Now he could add this to his 'evidence' stash.

"Ahhhhhh this is nice Deac." she said, laying back in the bubbling water. Just the tips of her nipples were above the water. One hand wandered down her belly to her splayed crotch, brushing over her labia as the bubbles rushed past. Mmmmm reeeeeal nice." she added.

Deacon watched her fingering herself, his dick rising to stick a good two inches above the water's surface. He waited for her to notice, sipping his beer. He knew she would want another joint, then his cock. "Feel good?" he asked, laughing softly.

Carrie's eyes fluttered open. "Oh... geez.... Well yeah." she replied. She pulled her hand from her crotch, dried it off, and took a long pull on her beer. "Hey Deac, did you happen to bring another ..." she began, then stopped abruptly as she noticed what he was holding out to her – another joint.

He lit the cigarette then handed it to her. "Go for it girl." he told her. He watched as she killed yet another pot cigarette in less than a dozen hits, and only a few minutes. She was well and truly ripped, and her body was hot with raw lust. But the soothing bubbles of the tub were a nice break. He stretched his legs out so his toes touched her sides and began gently rubbing. She did the same, and they both closed their eyes and relaxed.

She was being bad; but – was it really that bad? She figured Doug had been faithful to her, and probably didn't deserve this from her; but their sex life wasn't fantastic. Doug was pretty basic as far as lovemaking was concerned. Oh, he wanted oral sex; but didn't reciprocate unless she begged, and then he didn't really know what he was doing down there. He tried to play around with her butt, and again didn't know how to get her interested in anything that kinky. But Deacon was different – or so she thought. His fingers lightly brushing her legs and the sensitive place behind her knees sure felt good. "Ahhhhhh soooooo nice" she said almost too softly for him to hear.

Deacon opened his eyes and looked at the woman across from him in the tub. She was acceptably attractive, no doubt about that. Her skills in bed, while she wasn't up to Kelly's standards, were okay. Hell, she managed to swallow a few big loads from him, and took his dick up her virgin ass – although that was definitely drugs that loosened her up. He wondered where this was going.

As if reading his mind, Carrie spoke up. "So Deacon, where is this going?" she asked. "I mean we're supposed to be friends, right? Are we fuck buddies too?" she added.

"I suppose that's a good way to describe it, we're friends and fuck buddies." he replied. "What do you think?" he put it back in her court.

Carrie thought about it for a few moments, drinking the last of her beer. "I guess I don't know what I bring to the party – I mean other than some holes for you to fill with that big dick." she replied, shocked at her own words. "Maybe I should get some lessons from you or something."

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