Kissing Amy


I watched as Amy slowly slid a finger inside herself, her eyes closing and her mouth opening as she gave herself pleasure. She opened her eyes again as she withdrew her finger and reached for my hand.

A moment later, my finger was inside her, guided by her hand, and within a few seconds, I was making my sister gasp with pleasure as I fingered her pussy.

And then, she stopped, clenching her thighs together and holding my hand tight against her, then pulling it from between her thighs.

Amy pulled my hand from my cock, leaning forward just long enough to lick the head of my dick, pop it into her mouth, suck it once, then let it fall free.

I watched her tits swing heavily as she crawled back on top of me, reclaiming the position she'd been in earlier. This time, though, as she settled against me, she took my cock in her hand and pulled it up against her sex, riding it like a stick horse with a slight, tentative motion.

Neither of us said a word as we made eye contact.

Still rolling her hips, gently rubbing against my throbbing erection, Amy leaned forward, bringing her face next to mine.

I was starting to ache now. My balls felt like stones, and I knew that regardless of what transpired, when I came, I was going to shoot a torrent of cum.

Amy let go of my cock as she lowered her hips atop mine. She placed her fingertips at my lips and my tongue darted out, giving me my first taste of my sister's pussy.

"Do you love me?" Her words were a raspy whisper as her eyes darted back and forth, scanning my face.

I nodded resolutely, placing my hands on her hips. Her naked hips.

"Tell me you love me," she said.

"I love you, Sis."

"Tell me you love me and that you want to fuck me."

Her hair, down around her face, fell upon me as she leaned down to kiss me.

"I love you, Amy," I said. "I love you and I want to fuck you."

Amy fell flat on me, my cock pinned between us, her tits flat against my chest as she snaked her arms around my neck.

She held me like that for a good minute or two before letting go and pressing herself up.

Amy pressed her lips to mine, her tongue surging into my mouth as she reached down between us to grab my cock.

She raised up and reached between her legs, cupping my balls in her hand.

"Ohhh." She looked at me she moved into position over me again. "You're ready to cum hard, aren't you?"

"Yes," I replied.

I watched as Amy rose on her knees, carefully aimed my cock up between her legs and impaled herself on my cock.

"Ahhh." She smiled, a look of pleasured content on her face.

"I love you, little brother," she said, leaning forward. "I want you to fuck me and fill my pussy with your cum."

My cock throbbed as she began to rock against me, rolling her hips, fucking me. Slowly, we found a rhythm, moving together, moving against one another.

Amy was hot, and it nearly felt like she was going to burn my cock off, but she was wet, too. Really wet, and the sensation of her riding my cock was unlike anything I'd experienced when having sex before.

Amy began to moan and breathe hard, a slight sheen of perspiration on her body.

"Thrust... in... to... me..." she said, her breath coming hard and shallow as her movements began to become irregular. "Fuck me. "

"Like this?" I asked, grabbing her hips and pulling her down on my cock as much as I was thrusting my hips upward.

"Oh gawd, yesss..." she hissed as her hands grabbed at the bed.

"I'm gonna cum in you, Sis," I said.


"I'm gonna cum in your pussy and fill you with my cum," I said.

"Do... it..." she said. "Fuck your sister's pussy. Cum in me, little brother..."

My cock erupted inside her, and for a brief flurry of seconds, we bounced together, nearly out of control, grounding against one another as we struggled to stay together as we climaxed, as I shot my semen deep inside her pussy.

And then, it was over, and Amy collapsed against me.

Hot, sweaty, and sticky. We lay together, my softening penis still inside her as she remained on top of me.

I know it sounds clichéd, and men are notorious for going to sleep after sex, but that's what I did. I was exhausted anyway, so it shouldn't have surprised anyone.

I woke up late in the afternoon, and though Amy wasn't in the room, I somehow knew she'd gone to sleep with me. I could sense we'd spent a good bit of the day together in bed, asleep.

I stumbled to the bathroom , not thinking to put on any clothes. After finishing in the bathroom, I stumbled back to bed, noticing, in the back of my mind, Amy's bikini laying on my bedroom floor.

Before crawling back into bed, I looked out my window into the backyard.

Amy and Bev were sunbathing topless in the backyard. Bev, facing away from our house, couldn't see me at the window. Amy, on the other hand, was laying face up, looking toward the house and saw me. She was wearing a light blue bikini bottom that was every bit as see through as the one laying on my floor. Bev looked away and Amy blew me a kiss.

I went back to bed and slept another three hours.

Amy woke me up as she headed to work that night.

"What are you doing tonight?" she asked.

"I dunno," I said, rubbing sleep from my eyes.

"I'll see you when I get home?" she asked.

"What? Yeah, of course," I said.

"Good." Her lips pressed against mine and she disappeared out of my room.

And in case you're wondering, yes... this was just the beginning.

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by Marshalla07/14/17

I'm looking ...

... but I don't see Chapter 2 listed anywhere. Why is that???

I do see, from just scanning the two comments previous, that I am not the only reader who would love to see this continued!

Good though thismore...

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by thedayafter06/02/17

Not Finished

I've read a few of your stories now and wonder why you don't seem to finish them, by that I mean bring them to a proper conclusion. This a good well written story but the ending doesn't do justice to it.more...

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