tagRomanceKitty: A Girl Named Cat Ch. 04

Kitty: A Girl Named Cat Ch. 04


Thus began our foray into couplehood. All we did was make out for the next three weeks. He was not budging about the "no sex" stuff. I had to kick him out multiple times to masturbate after hot and heavy sessions. He was invited to watch, obviously I'm not shy, he could have stayed, but he thought it would be too tempting. I don't know. A more fair statement is to say given the choice, he removed himself.

Since we were not having any, it gave us an opportunity to talk about sex, what turned us on, what we enjoyed. His list was so short, so I kept mine to a minimum. Trying to make him more comfortable, I started breaking out my laptop for us to watch porn together, to see if he had other interests that he may not have explored. I gave him assignments to find me one clip per day for us to watch that interested him.

Coming home from work, he was especially excited to show me a clip he had found of a woman masturbating in public. He was kissing my neck and rubbing his cock against my ass so I knew we were on to something. I can do voyeur, no problem.

"Okay, let's go," I cheered enthusiastically. I threw off my clothes getting naked in front of him and headed to my bedroom. I came back out with a very short mini skirt and thin black, practically see through tee. I put the shirt on without a bra, stepped into the skirt, no panties and zipped it up. Once on, the skirt barely covered my ass.

"Where are we going with you dressed like that?"

"You are going to the porn store with me. You'll get your certificate of participation once we get home."

He argued with me about the skirt. I finally gave in and grabbed a light sweater that was longer than the skirt to cover myself up if I needed to. Not a bad idea, I had to give him credit for insisting.

I could see how nervous he was before we even got close to the door.

"You're acting as is you've never wandered into a place like this."

"I haven't," he said.

We headed inside. I was familiar with this store; I had been coming in here since I was 14. (I looked much older than my age and was never questioned.)

The clothing, mostly stripper deluxe garb was upstairs, the naughty toys and contraptions were downstairs. I grabbed him by the hand and headed straight downstairs.

The place was dead. It was early on a Tuesday night. This place is hopping around 1am on the weekends. That's the time to come in people watch.

I could see him nervously looking at all the various devices they had for women. I got really close to him and said "Now focus on something you would like to see a girl use on herself that would turn you on."

He did not hone in on anything and did not appear interested in looking. We made it to the end of the isle where there was a display for a device used for sex that attached in the shower.

"Very interesting," I said as I removed the sweater. I stood in front of the display put my foot up on a footrest to give it a try. Bending forward, I could feel my skirt showing way more than it should.

Quickly he jumped behind me so that no one else could see what I was doing.

I looked back over my shoulder and told him, "Go find something for me to have some fun with as a gift from you to me. You owe me something that will help get me off."

I put my foot down, put the sweater back and loved seeing how big his smile was.

"I'm serious, go find me a toy. I'll go look elsewhere so you can surprise me later with whatever you pick out."

Browsing the "other" DVD section transported me into weird and magical worlds I love to get lost in. They have all kinds of fun titles that did not have a home in any other section. The crazy fetish flicks, primarily found in the "other" section, are what put this place on the map; it's the only place in town that carries them. I knew I needed to move on before he caught me. If he saw what I was looking at, he would really think I was a deviant.

He came over and grabbed my hand with a twinkle in his eye. "Come on," he said guiding me back to the corner with the shower sex display.

"Put your foot back up," he said as he moved very close behind me. "Just do it, no one's looking."

I put my leg up and felt his hand under my skirt. I could feel him touching me with something that was cold and smooth against my lips. He fumbled around until he found my opening and used his finger to insert whatever it was deep inside me.

Looking over my shoulder at him I was in shock he would be so bold.

"Please tell me whatever that was, that you paid for it first."

He pulled his finger out of me and rubbed my wetness off his finger and onto my thigh. I stepped back and put my foot back down. Right then I felt vibration inside me.

Gasping in horror and primarily delight, I looked down to see a small remote in his hand.

"I said for you to get me a toy and although this thing may be inside me, don't think that I don't know it's for you."

He looked into my eyes and clicked the button again. I could feel the vibration get stronger. As much as I generally tend to stay away from vibrators, it was turning me on. I think it was him having control over it that was what was making me start to breathe heavily.

"Keep looking around," he instructed with the most insatiably kissable face seen to date. It was hard to resist giving him kisses.

This thing had six settings; I checked the packaging while I was continuing to browse the store. By the fourth click, I could feel my legs getting a little shaky. It was powerful for being so small.

After finding a DVD that titillated him, he grabbed it and asked if I was done. I shook my head yes and we headed to the check out. After handing the clerk his credit card, he clicked me up to 5.

I braced myself against the glass counter, now taking short staggered breaths. I looked up to see the heavily tattooed and pierced kid behind the counter nodding his head and laughing after looking over at my neighbor. I was quivering. The same clerk must have checked him out with his other purchase too, I thought.

"Have a fun night," the cashier said after giving me a wink.

Click 6. I rushed upstairs and out the door as fast as I could with my neighbor right behind me. We made it down the street about half a block when I reached back to grab his hand. I was getting ready to cum and panic washed over me.

He led me to an abandoned glass storefront that was just a few more steps away from us. It didn't have much in the way of privacy, but it was inset off of the street about two feet. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and buried my head into his neck as he pressed my back against the glass.

I could hear people walking and talking, cars driving by and other various sounds of the city as I clung onto him. He pressed me up against the glass as hard as he could and held me up when my legs started to go out from under me. I did my best to muffle the moan I could not stop from coming out as I came. He still was holding onto me tightly even after my orgasm came to an end.

I put my head back against the glass and he leaned in to give me a soft and lingering kiss. I felt very vulnerable and safe both at the same time. He kissed me again. Of course I had to tell him how multi orgasmic I was so he got me off a second time while I was sitting in the driver's seat in the parking lot before we left. So naughty, I loved it.

Once we were home I politely dismissed myself to remove the toy and cleaned it up for some future adventure. As I was finishing, he came in behind me and gave me a kiss.

"I feel really dirty after being in that place, how about a shower," he said with a smile and raised eye brows.

We both got in under the hot water and started kissing. He played and sucked on my breasts and I did my best not to grab his cock, because after our little store trip I was still very swollen and wet.

He turned his back to me and I kissed his neck. Looking over his shoulder, I saw him begin to stroke himself. Crazy hot. No better teaching tool than watching someone touching themselves so you know how to touch them like they like it. I ran my fingers over his chest and down his arms as I rubbed my chest against his back. I licked and sucked his ear, which I could definitely tell he liked.

"You must have really liked making me cum in front of everyone," I prodded. "Right now I'll be your private audience of one, but you may have to let me return the favor and let me make you cum in public sometime."

I could feel his arm moving faster as my hands got more aggressive kneading and massaging his stomach and hips, down to his groin; his excitement building as I encouraged him with my hands and mouth to keep going.

"You're making me jealous to think that your cum is going down the drain instead of inside of me, maybe you should just let me taste it," I said before becoming fully engaged in sucking and biting a small area of his neck known to make him squirm.

His moans were coming out short and soft. I could feel his muscles tighten like he was getting ready to explode, his hand working at a much faster pace. Stroking and tugging himself with expertise, I couldn't help but grind my pussy against his ass in excitement. He was close.

I wrapped my arms tightly around his chest and held him as he had held me in the storefront. He leaned his head over toward me for a kiss. I grabbed onto him harder as he shook and tensed up. I whispered in his ear, "I love you...I love you so fucking much".

He made a loud pleasurable cry out as I watched him pump his thick cream against the shower wall. It seemed to just keep coming. I was entranced. I have never seen so much cum in real life. I know my mouth was gaping. I tried to close it before he looked at me, but I couldn't. I let out the giddiest laugh which caught both of us by surprise. He began to laugh too and I gave him a few kisses before pressing myself between him and the wall, rubbing my legs and ass in his cum excitedly with my eyes wide. He could not look at me without laughing.

"How long has it been since you came last? Days? Weeks?"

"I jerked off in a bathroom stall at work during lunch after finding the clip I showed you," he shyly admitted.

I squealed and threw my arms around him, giving him wild kisses everywhere. "Do you know how fucking hot it is you cum so much? I'm going to make you save it for days before you fuck me, I want it be pouring out of my cunt as you are pumping it in!"

"Kitty apparently loves her cream," he said with a huge grin and flushed cheeks.

I bit onto his lower lip and gave him a small nod "yes"."

"I've never had cream in me before, you'll be my first," I said decidedly.

I was not sure if he believed me or not. It was the truth. He's the first guy I've ever loved enough to consider even fucking without a condom on. On my right, is my friend with three children, on my left is my other friend who has had chlamydia, crabs, and herpes. Yeah, I have always been careful and never "in love".

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