tagFetishKlean My Cunt (Quickie)

Klean My Cunt (Quickie)


This is modified / abridged version of the story 'eat, drink and be married.' If you have already read that story or have an aversion to creampies or watersports (the humiliation element has largely been removed) then this may not be the story for you. Otherwise.....

Its 2:30 in the morning. I'm lying in bed (horny as hell) waiting for my loving wife to return from her evening. Sound of the key in the door, it opens.

"I'm home" She calls with a slight drunken slur and giggles before bursting into the bedroom. "I've had a wonderful night, been fucked senseless, and the best is still to come." She purred.

She swaggers over towards the bed slowly, teasingly, removing her top as she comes and hitching her short denim skirt up to her hips. She wasn't kidding about being fucked. Her cunt was still swollen - she had been fucked recently. Her normally trim well-kept pussy hairs were matted, thick with cum.

I pulled the covers back and she took up position squatting just over my face she grabbed my hair temporarily denying access to her. "Clean me up, eat my filthy cunt," she commanded before pulling my head into her stinking cunt.

Thick globs of cum clung to her pubes my hunger took over and I was immediately sucking and licking the salty delicacy from her. She threw my head back, releasing her grasp, and squatted directly on my face. Head trapped between her perfect thighs, which wet and sticky from where cum had already escaped, were now smeared to the side of my face. Lapping around her clit I could feel her own enjoyment growing she was now rocking gently enjoying the attention her clit was getting before arching her back slightly redirecting my tongue into her sweet spot.

The first insertion is always the best. When you open the hole with your tongue you get the biggest flow of nasty cum and this time was no different. It poured down my tongue there was so much some actually escaped over the sides (not something I normally allow to waste!). It was so wet down there now with cum, with saliva, and with Katie's own juices which were beginning to flow.

"Make me cum again" her dominance was now more of a plea she was hot and wanted one final orgasm. She quickly reasserted her dominance "you want your reward then I'd better fucking cum or you get fuck all" she barked pressing down harder on my face making it difficult to breathe.

By slightly adjusting my position I removed my tongue from her hole to concentrate on her clit and inserted 2 fingers into her red-hot cunt. Then pulled the mid finger out and rammed it into her arse, she gave a sigh as it entered. Small parallel circles in both holes as well as her clit being stroked, her orgasm was building. Her thighs were tense her breathing was shallow and rapid.

"Oh yes, Ooh yes, Oh you dirty fucker Ooh" and then she went. As soon as she was finished I pulled both fingers out and went at her again with my tongue, female cum juicy is just the best! She relaxed for a moment composing herself slightly. I had been good. Had cleaned her cunt of all that nasty cum and gave her a good orgasm surely I would be rewarded.

"I need a piss" she announced and started to climb off. I grabbed her thighs holding her close to my mouth "No! Please no, give it to me" I pleaded "use me as your toilet." She paused considering her decision. "Please I need it, I've been good, give me your piss – use me" I begged.

"No" she said, climbing off brushing aside my protests and grasps and headed to the toilet.

I followed her She settled on the toilet I lay (face up) directly in front off her I heard the golden stream begin, closed my eyes, opened my mouth and hoped.

The sound paused for a second; her hot wet pussy then touched my lips and the flow resumed. No gentle trickle this was full on, strong smelling, foul tasting piss. Piss filled my mouth I swallowed as hard as I could yet I was quickly overflowing piss pouring down both cheeks as I gulped. "You wanted it, you'd better take it all drink my piss you dirty bastard" She was really cursing me now. She grabbed my rock hard cock and started violently wanking it digging her nails in as she continued to abuse me.

Ready to explode, her piss had slowed to a mere dribble as I was cleaning and drinking as much as I could my balls erupted. Cum was now pouring out of me I let go of her cunt and enjoyed the moment.

We released, cleaned up, and went to bed where Katie told me all about her evening and what She was planning for the future.

The end.

Hope you enjoyed. All constructive criticism appreciated so please don't be bashful vote and/or e-mail me with your thoughts.

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