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Known & Unknown Lover


I had just finished swimming laps, so I am tired and horny. My best girlfriend decided she'd rather be doing step aerobics in spandex of all things. My male pal got a new job that he was starting today, so I was in swimming pool surrounded by hot guys none of whom I'd ever dare approach. I finally gather up my towel, glasses, and bag and go to the whirlpool. I dump my stuff and step in laying my glasses out of reach relaxing moving slightly so one of the jets is deliberately turning me on. I have an urge to move my suit so I can touch myself but I know anyone could come in and decide against it. As if reading my thoughts the hot new life guard enters. His face is a blur and I can't recognize him, but he seems familiar.

"Hello," I say huskily.

He looks at me oddly and I continue, "do I have to leave?" my mind racing with dirty thoughts. He shakes his head no. "Want to join me?" I ask wondering who he is and knowing my nipples have got to be showing.

He walks into tub and sinks on far side. I feel a little bold, and start to talk to him.

"Married?" I ask.

He shakes his head no, "Involved?" again no. My mind turns over the possibilities my body screaming fuck him.

"Know what I'd really like?" I ask gently running a foot up his leg. He jumps back startled and I bring my other foot up resting them in his lap, feeling his erection. I'm shocked and excited. He shakes his head, as if afraid to speak as if breaking the silence would ruin the moment. I move my feet up under his swim trunks and pull them down. He allows me to remove them and they float on the water between us a reminder to me that he is all too real. I continue, "You right here and now," my voice sounds odd filled with a hunger.

He stands as if to leave and scoops his trunks up. I notice his dark mustache and wonder how it would feel between my legs. My eyes wander over his body, as he stands I see his cock clearly as if my eyes can only focus on it. He walks over to door.

"I'm sorry if I," whisper and see him lock the door. He puts the cleaning sign up. I let out a sigh of surprise and he moves around behind me. I can't believe I'm toying with a guy I can't even see. He could be anyone. His warm lips kiss my neck and I forget everything melting into his touch, as he slips my straps off my shoulders my swimsuit still clinging to my body.

"Now who is seducing whom?" I jokingly say. He walks back around and sits down across from me. I watch his well built naked body slide into the water. My heart pounding as I reach out and take his hand smelling, it kissing it, trying to see how old he is. I slip my straps down further and place his hand upon my breast. He pulls his hand back as if he had touched fire.

"Do I know you?" I finally ask looking at his blurred face damning my myopia.

His slow nod is the answer.

"Would I be angry if you touched me?" I asked wondering who this man was. He shrugged obviously unsure of the answer. I let go of his hand and it brushed my nipple as it fell. I sighed at the touch my eyes closed and he kissed me. I held him instinctively and suddenly he broke it off and said into my ear.

"I can't do this. I don't want you this way."

I turned my face, "Max?" I whispered seeing your face clearly at this distance, reaching for my glasses. I put them on seeing you clearly. My mouth open in surprise and I said the first thing that came to me, "So this is your new job?" I'm very aware of the nearness of your body and my response to it.

"Yes," was all you said. I watched your body rise out of tub watching the water run off your chest and down. My eyes following a path I wanted to follow with my tongue. I tried to stop my thoughts but they ran on imagining how it would feel. I had an incredible view of you as you pulled your trunks back on and went to door.

"Wait," I managed to say still in shock, "still coming over for dinner?" I ask trying to pull myself back into reality. "We'll celebrate your new job"

"Sure," you answer as you leave. The word hung the in the air. I can tell by how you said it that things would never be the same. I wasn't sure I wanted them to change.

That night I make a nice meal with a bottle of a good red wine. Hoping that you'll show and I'm disappointed when you don't. I put away the meal no longer feeling hungry. The food has lost any appeal, so I take a relaxing warm bubble bath silently imagining what it would have been like if we had moved on. Feeling your capable hands moving over me. I banish the thought. I decide to get out before I change how I look at you. I dry off and put on my robe. I begin combing my long dark hair when I hear a knock at the door. I open it to see of all people you.

"I didn't think you'd show," I said.

"Didn't think I'd come," you reply.

"Come in I was just combing my hair." I open the door and you enter the air is charged and I wonder if it's too late if things have already changed too much or if that's even a bad thing. I find myself remembering the sight of your cock hard for me. While I'm glad your decent and stopped still I can't help but wish I had driven you on. I watch your eyes travel over me. I feel self conscious, especially since I'm only wearing a bath robe. "Hungry?" I ask feeling warmer and placing an hidden emphasis on the word.

Your hand cups my face. I feel the warmth of them and know it wouldn't take much to forever change our relationship. You take a step forward leaning in. I feel your body barely touching mine. Wanting, so much to dive in. I glance into your clear blue eyes. I drop all my defenses, licking my lips in anticipation. The moment seemed frozen in time. Then in slow motion I slide my hand up your back and pulled your lips to mine. When I finally let go, I had to take a deep breath.

No words are spoken as you kiss me again, exploring this time. Your hands fumbling to undo my robe. I untie the robe for you, letting the fabric slide away to reveal my skin. The cooler air making my nipples stand up. I take your hand and place it upon my breast. This time you don't withdraw your fingers caress. Your other hand coming up to cup the other. I watch as I undo your pants. I take a step back and glance up the stairs. You catch my meaning and race my up them. You had never before seen my bed room. You take in the big bed, the teal satin sheets, the pillows. I wait until your eyes are upon my then I let my robe drop to the floor. I hear your intake of breath and I slowly unbutton your shirt. My warm fingers caressing your chest. You shrug eagerly out of your shirt.

You pause glancing at me, lifting my eyes to look at you. "We can still stop." You leave the thought unfinished as I kiss you. "Just tell me this isn't a one night fling, something you had to get out of your system."

I take the time to consider what you are saying, "I don't think I can stop." I lie down on the bed stretching enticingly.

You let out a low groan as you watch me, your passion overtaking you. Leaning over me your naked powerful body casting a shadow over me.

"Touch me now," my soft plea was for something only you could provide.

You laid me back onto the bed and rolled us over. You rubbed my back your cock rubbing between my firm butt cheeks, teasing me. I lifted my hips and then felt you pressing inside me, a warm welcome invasion. As you slid home in and out of m my pillows muffling my moans of pleasure. Feeling my body shivering under your hungry touch even as your body let's go, filling me with a warmth. I was spent and was about to say something when you murmur that we should get some sleep. We lay cradled together one of us finally pulling sheets over us before we finally drifted off to sleep.

I rolled over and you were confronted with the feel of my body. You can't help but respond again, but don't want to risk waking me by moving so were stuck between a rock and a hard place. I cuddled up next to you my legs finding a way to pull you even closer. You hold your breath as I shift, "I love you," you hear my soft declaration.

You feel you had imagined it until I say your name, "Max," my soft voice completing my thought.

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