tagRomanceL.S. Apartment

L.S. Apartment


Dedicated to someone that needs this in her life as well as someone to let the freak out with; you can have both.

Everyone above the age of 18.


Hands cover your eyes as you close the door to your apartment, startling you a bit but bringing a smile to your face. The hands are gentle as they blind your sight and you feel his hot breath on your neck; sending shivers down your spine.

"What do you think you are doing?" you ask.

"Oh, nothing much really I have a surprise for you, darling," he whispers in your ear," And no peeking."

"It has been a long day and I am tired," you say, a little hesitantly.

"I know darling but what I have in mind is not our usual. Now come on little one," He says to as he starts to guide you deeper into the apartment.

His arms are around your shoulders as he directs you, his fingers still covering eyes. It only takes a few moments before he stops you and slowly draws his hands away from your face. Your first sight is candle lit on the dining table, the light from it sparkles off the place settings and the single red rose sitting on your plate. You aren't sure where the china came from or where he came up with the rest of this set up. Pulling out your chair, he motions for you to sit down.

"What is all this?" you inquire.

"This would be dinner," He says smiling, impishly.

"Obliviously but what is the occasion?"

"No occasion, you just been busy at work and school and I thought you might like some good food and a quiet evening at home," He replies as he goes into the kitchen pulling things out and setting them down on the table.

First, he sets a bowl filled with a salad in front of you and then sets one at his place. Sitting down across the table he smiles at you and waits for you to begin. As you eat he smiles and watches you intently. The courses and conversation proceed, as the dinner continues, a fettuccini with alfredo is the main dish with a side of garlic bread. You are surprised at the level of attention he is paying you, listening intently to your tales of the day and school. It is nice to vent and explain your frustrations of all of it to someone who really does care about how your day went. The weight of it all falls away as you finish your dinner. Almost with perfect timing, the oven buzzes announcing that whatever is in there is done. Springing to his feet, he goes and pulls out a cookie sheet filled with your favorite kind of cookie, the best kind; sugar cookies. You laugh at the child like glee on his face as he pulls them off of the sheet and places them gently on a plate. Bringing them over to the table, he puts a couple fresh baked cookies on a saucer for you. Taking a couple of them for himself he sits back down.

"You didn't have to do all this," you tell him, still a little shocked at all effort he has gone through.

"I know I didn't have to, I wanted to," he says, smiling as he digs into his sugar cookie.

"Thank you though."

"You are most welcome, darling. Now excuse me a moment and stay put," He says smiling as he goes into the back apartment.

Eating your cookies, a smile you can't stop spreads across your face; he is being way too nice to you tonight. You are not sure what he is doing but hear music start playing and shortly he comes back out. Moving next to you, he holds out his hand and smiles down at you.

"Tonight, darling, is all about you and if you would follow me," he says, his eyes filled with a mischievousness that you only have seen when he is doing something sneaky.

"Alright," you say as you take his hand.

He leads you deeper into the apartment going down the hall. You half expect him to lead you to the bedroom but he stops in front of the bathroom door. You look at him with surprise as he opens the door for you. You look in and see a full tub complete with bubbles. A few candles are lit and scattered about the bathroom, the scent of them fills the air as gently pushes you in. He kisses you softly on the lips and steps back and smiles at you. His hands slowly trace your face as he smiles at you. The hands continue down and slowly, gently tug at your shirt pulling it up and off of you.

"What are you doing?" you ask, shocked.

"Helping you," he replies as he unbuttons your pants.

"Hey now, I got it. I am quite capable of undressing myself, thank you very much," you say pushing his hands away.

He looks at you, smiling.

"But it isn't as much fun for me but as you wish. I will leave you to your bath, darling," He says, smirking as he walks out the door, gently shutting it behind him.

You shake your head at his antics tonight but you still can't help giggling as you finish what he started; undressing. Slowly, slipping into the tub; the warm water caressing your skin as you. The music leaks through the door as you indulge in bubbles, playing with them like you did when you were a kid; pushing them back and forth. The door cracks open and his voice drifts in.

"Anything I can get for you?" he asks.

"I'm good, thanks though," you reply.

The door closes and you are left alone again in the candle light and bubbles. You spend more a half an hour relaxing in the bath. The stress and tension that you didn't realize you had fades away with the warmth of the water. You are not sure you really want to get out but the water is getting cold and the bubbles are all gone. Sighing, you get out of the tub and dry off; you notice your comfy pjs hanging off the bathroom door. As you get dressed you realize that he must have put them in here for you and you smile. You wear these when you are feeling like just being comfy; these aren't your naughty pjs; which means that he isn't planning on anything freaky going on tonight. Slipping out the door you see him waiting patiently on the bed. Smiling, a little shyly, you walk into the bedroom. He stands up; taking you into his arms and kisses you, a deep, slow kiss that leaves you breathless.

"Wow, thank you for tonight sweetheart," you say once you catch your breath.

"Oh it's not over yet, darling," He says as he gently pushes you onto the bed.

He rolls you over onto your stomach and his hands slowly trace down your back.

"What do think you are doing?" you ask him.

"I think I am going to give you a massage and then curl up next to you and fall asleep with you in my arms. Though if you want me to stop, I can ... all you have to do is ask nicely," he says as his fingers dig into your shoulders.

You don't even bother to respond to that stupid question as you burrow deeper into the bed. His hands work your shoulders and then move on to your neck, his motions slow and sure as he needs your flesh. You are refraining from purring but you can't repress a sigh of pure contentment. The neck is one of your spots and he is working it, playing you like a flute. The hands move down your back as he places soft kisses along your shoulders and neck. You shiver in delight and bask in the attention as he slowly works your muscles. It has been a while since someone treated you like this and you can't help feeling special and safe as his hands roam down your body. He works his way down the small of your back and down your butt. His fingers caressing and then digging into your flesh as the massage continue, all too soon for your tastes he done with your back. Gently rolling you over, he kisses you softly on the lips as his hands tenderly massage your front. Working on your shoulders, he goes down lower and lower kissing you on the lips and on the base of your throat. You struggle to not just melt but you can't help it as his fingers tease your skin. His fingers are like magic as the toy and tease you. His breath slides across your skin, heating you up in other ways but then way too soon for your tastes, he is done.

"Bed time love," he whispers as he pulls up as he climbs in.

"What?" you asked surprised.

"Sleep time, you know nappy time but just longer," He says, grinning at you."You don't want to? You know?" you ask hesitantly.

"Baby doll, you have had a long day and it would be nice to just sleep next to each other and relax," He says to you.

You nod and slip into his arms, your back presses against his chest and his arms in circle you. For just a short bit, you try to sleep but you can't you can feel every inch of him pressed against you and you can't get your mind off of how good it feels, safe and comfortable. Rolling over gently, you silence his question with a kiss and what a kiss it turns into as you run your fingers through his hair. He responds to your desire, his tongue brushing across your lips as you part for a moment. Tenderly he pulls you closer to him and lifts your leg. He kisses you softly and tenderly as you feel him slide into you. He fills you up and slowly rocks inside you as you continue to kiss, deeply. You run your hands along his back, urging him on with your hands as you give into the passion you feel but over riding that passion, is this sense of contentment as you slowly make love to each other. His hand toys with your hair and strokes along your spine as gently trusts himself into and out of you. You shudder and gasp as you both continue to kiss and caress each other. Time seems to slow down as you get closer and closer to an orgasm of epic proportions and you pull him closer to you. Your fingers wrapped in his hair as your body shudders and low moan escapes as you orgasm. You kiss him passionately as he finishes inside you, a sigh escaping his lips as you nestle yourself against his chest. You drift off to sleep, amazed by the night of love you just had. His breath in your ear and you drift off to sleep.

"I love you darling," he whispers, thinking you are already asleep.

"Love you too sweetheart," you respond as you cuddle together.

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