tagMind ControlLa Chinga Muerte

La Chinga Muerte

byDecayed Angel©

I am not sure how it happened, it wasn't that I had too much to drink because I only drank water. Perhaps it was the flickering of the Christmas lights or the driving bass of the music or maybe it was just her. She wasn't what I would call beautiful, no she was so much more than beautiful that it is impossible to describe. She was gorgeous? She was stunning, lovely, striking, and magnificent and yet it still doesn't quite capture how she looked.

She wore her auburn hair up, with just a loose strand or two sensuously curling down the back of her neck. Her blouse had a collar, so I could only imagine, for now, how her shoulders and back looked, and though the top three buttons in the front were not buttoned, I could only catch the briefest glimpses of her cleavage. Her eyes were dark, probably brown, but in the low light of the Christmas party it was difficult to tell. She was tall, almost as tall as me with her heels.

It was almost unbearable for me, I wanted to ask her to dance, or perhaps only buy her a drink, just something to get close to her but I couldn't. Unfortunately I was working at the party carving the roast beef for the people and she, obviously was a guest. Oh how I envied the waiters who passed though the crowd rubbing elbows and other things with the guests. All I could do is carefully place the sliced roast beef on plates and watch her from my small platform.

As the evening passed and many of the people headed home or up to the rooms they rented for the evening I found myself mesmerized by her, gazing for minutes on end as she moved slowly around the room, talking to some of the other party goers. When she finally came up to me and asked for a slice of the meat I moved like I was underwater, too slowly grabbing the knife, missing her plate as I dropped the meat and it tumbled to the floor and then slicing another piece with my eyes locked on the tiny shadows hidden between the unbuttoned blouse. When I finally got a slice of meat on her plate she looked up at me and whispered, "Follow me."

Without a thought about what I was supposed to be doing, without a thought about my wife and kids at home, I dropped the carving knife, pulled off my grease stained jacket and followed. She walked to a table, put her plate down and walked out of the banquet room and headed in the direction of the restrooms. Leading past the men's' room and then past the ladies' room, she turned a corner in the corridor and led me to an electrical room. Surprisingly, the door opened when she pushed on it and she led me inside, closing it behind us.

She didn't say a word and I could only watch in silence while she grabbed my pants and unfastened them and then said, "Take them off." I kicked off my shoes, removed my pants and stood up wearing only my underwear, socks and shirt. Making a face, she said, "Take it all off," so I undressed completely.

Rifling through her purse, she pulled out a long string of condoms, tore one off and handed it to me saying, "Okay, put this on." Well, standing in front of this woman without any clothes on had me a bit embarrassed, so my cock wasn't very hard so I just looked up at her. "Make it hard," she said, so I reached down and stroked my cock, letting it slowly grow into a full erection.

The look on her face went from almost one of anger when she told me to make myself hard to one of sheer delight as she watched my cock grow increasingly larger. When I was fully hard, I tore open the condom package and rolled it over me. It was a tight fit for me, something that delighted the woman. Just staring at my cock she said, "There, on the desk, get on your back."

I climbed onto the desk and then watched as she lifted her skirt, exposing her beautiful red, curly pubic hair as she straddled me. She then lowered herself inch by inch down onto my cock, moaning a bit as I sank deeper and deeper into her. Amazingly, she took all of my cock, all the way to the hilt, something no other woman had been unable to do with me. Smiling greedily, she then began to move up and down on me, slowly at first, but later it got faster and faster.

After a few minutes I could feel her juices flooding down onto my balls and still she continued, her face contorted in her effort. Normally, a women fucking me so vigorously would have made me come by now, but my wife and I had just made love before I came to work, so I was able to hold out. She continued moving up and then falling down onto me, now splashing as our bodies slammed together.

Glancing down I couldn't see great deal, just our intermeshed pubic hair, her red on my black and then as she raised up, I could see my glistening cock slowly emerge from between her lips. She'd move up and up, rising up the full length of me and then simply let herself fall down onto me, our bodies slapping together, her juices splashing onto me.

This went on and on for a good ten to fifteen minutes as she ever so slowly got more and more worked up until suddenly she screamed loudly and then feel down onto me, her body covering me as she came, her pussy, pulsing around my enormous cock. I still hadn't come, but shamefully I did enjoy the way her pussy squeezed the entire length of me, something I had never experienced before.

When the woman climbed off of me I noticed that tears ran down her eyes. She picked up her purse and seemed to be fumbling for something, but when she found it, she looked up at me, looked over at my, still hard, cock and then shook her head back and forth. Leaving whatever she was grabbing for in her purse, she pulled her hand out and then reached over and grabbed my cock saying, "This cock may have saved you."

She turned for the door, but just before stepping outside she turned to me and said, "If anyone asks you, you will remember what happened vividly, except if anyone asks you to describe me, I am a tall woman, with auburn hair who is simply too beautiful, stunning, and gorgeous to even describe. You'll remember us fucking, you'll remember how my red, curly pubic hair looked when it meshed with your black hair. When you hear this door close, you will snap out of your trance and remember everything completely, you will especially remember me as I described."

Disappearing through the door, it slowly closed and when it clicked shut, I sat up, got dressed and returned to the party. I pulled my jacket back on and continued working as if nothing happened. Later when talking to one of the waiters he asked, "Where did you go man? The boss came in, but I covered for you."

"The strangest thing happened," I said, "I saw this beautiful auburn-haired..."

"Auburn, what color is that?"

"I'm not exactly sure man, I think maybe red," I replied continuing on with my story. When I described how her red, curly pubic hair looked meshed with my black hair, he interrupted.

"I thought you said her hair was auburn?"

"Yea, I guess it's kind of a red color," I continued. When I told him how she reached into her purse he got a very strange look on his face.

"She reached into her purse and then shook her head?"

"Yes, I don't know what she could have been grabbing."

"La Chinga Muerte!" he said, sitting down on a chair.

"La Chinga Muerte? A death fuck?"

"Oh man, haven't you heard?"

"Heard what?"

"A woman has been fucking men and then killing them. The police find the men in strange places, naked, still wearing their condoms. All the men had cum in the condoms, so they had sex and then were killed. You've got to go to the police, give them a description of the woman."

"I can't go to the police, what about my wife and kids, hell they'll find out," I said in a panic.

"Oh hell man, what are we going to do?"

"Didn't you see the woman?"

"I saw no beautiful woman, auburn hair, red hair or otherwise, only a but of old, blue haired ladies."

"But she was so beautiful, you had to have seen her."

"No, no one like that."

"Damn, what am I going to do?"

"You got to call the police."

"No, no, let me think about it," I said, feeling dizzy.

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