Lacey's Gift


Her legs splayed out at different angles, arms crossed and covering her ample breasts, she flexes her shoulders while slowly trying to twist her torso around, her short dark hair in mild disarray. Her movement is severely restricted; she can only just turn her head enough to see her roommate in the mirror. For some reason her body barely responds as she tries to lift her right hand.

'What are you doing Lacy?' she whispers as the other girl; this one also with short hair, but strawberry blond, pushes her on her side and slips a red and green scarf around her elbows behind her back. 'Getting you ready, like I told you earlier,' she whispered in her ear as she tightens the scarf, forcing Carries ample handful sized breasts to stand out. 'We're doing something different tonight Carrie. Don't worry, it won't take long.'

'What?' A panic making her voice sharp and a bit shrill. 'Lacey, what are you doing? It's cold; can I at least have some more cloths on?'

While the temperature in the room was actually quite comfortable, Carrie was chilled from walking home after work. She had been working as a legal assistant ever since graduating from college the year before. Now in grad school, she was glad to have the job, and a cheap place to live with her friend Lacey, even if Lacey did like to play rough games some times.

Looking at her friend's slender body, her gaze resting on two perfect erect nipples, Lacey could see that she was indeed not comfortable, goose bumps clearly visible on her taught abdomen. Having not grown much since her sophomore year of high school, Carrie was petite; her body at just less than 100 pounds was much more affected by the slight chill. 'How did a little girl like you get such nice tits?' Lacey wondered out loud.

'Your comfort isn't really the point is it babe? I have a friend coming over to play, and guess what the toy is?'

'What are you talking about? I have class later, I don't like this, take that damn scarf off me Lace.... Come on!'

'Sorry hun, not tonight. The rent is due, so just sit tight; we'll have some fun in a minute, how you feeling?'

'Not so good, please Lace, let me go. I'm really not in the mood for this. I can hardly move I'm so tired...'

'All part of the game luv. You know how the GHB affects you. You won't be able to move much for a bit. Like I said, all part of the game.'

Months ago Lacey had found that small doses of the popular date rape drug GHB had the effect of making the tiny Carrie lethargic, and unable to coordinate her limbs. Perfect for the games they sometimes played, and usually Carrie didn't mind............

'ohh.... Mffffh' was all she could get out as Lacey gently pulled the gag into Carries' mouth. Almost immediately the bell chimed. Without waiting for a response, the oversized entry door opened. Lacey could hear it close softly, then footsteps.

'Hi Lacey, long time!' the stranger said his gaze travelling up and down her muscular body, covered only by a black bra and matching panties. 'Wow, you look great. Still training I see....' was all he got out as Lacey slipped into his arms and kissed him passionately. Nearly matching his 6 plus foot height, he barely had to bend his neck to reach her eager lips. As he slid his hands up and down her firm lower back, she could feel his erection rapidly gathering momentum.

She helped him unbutton the maroon long sleeve shirt he was wearing one button at a time, leaning forward to kiss his chest after each one. With the last on undone, she slowly licked each of his nipples as he stood there, helpless to resist her whims.

His shoes slipped off easily, followed by jeans, then socks.

'Well, you've been working out!' she purred while slowly licking her way down his stomach, still muscular and lean after 42 years.

Unable to respond, Eric gazes around the room as Lacey gently takes his engorged member in her mouth, kneeling in front of him just the way he imagined she would. Pure bliss, but not likely to last long with Lacey's intimate skill.

As he looks around he finally noticed the nearly comatose dark haired beauty lying on the bed, legs spread, her only clothing being a black thong. With larger breasts than Lacey, the small dark haired girl makes a perfect contrast, deeply tanned and smooth; her skin seems to reflect the weak glow coming from the overhead lights.

'Lacey, she looks amazing! All for me?'

Removing her mouth from his cock, her right hand still fondling his balls, 'No way baby, all for us...............'

After a last slow deep suck on his cock, she walks over and lifts Carrie by her right hand to a seated position, her eyes gleaming, but her body mostly slack.

'No, mpfff,' she whimpered through the gag as Lacey slowly massages her right breast.

'What do you think Eric? Just what the doctor ordered?'

'Lacey, she doesn't look like she wants to do this, are you sure?' devouring the two nearly naked beauties with his gaze.

'What choice does she have Eric? I gave her a little something to relax her, she can piss and moan all she want's, but she's our toy tonight..........'

Finally the girl on the bed shakes her head and finds her voice. Unintelligible through the gag, eyes streaming with tears of frustration, and perhaps a little fear. What was her friend doing to her?

Slowly pulling the gag from her small mouth,
Lacey gives Carrie a long slow kiss, slowly licking each of her lips. 'Don't worry sweetie, the gag is just for fun, no one can hear us out here. We have the place all to ourselves, Eric and I need a diversion, and you're it!' Carrie looks worried as Lacey replaces the gag.

Lacey slowly removed the bra covering her small firm breasts, 'still ok Eric?'

Not saying anything other than 'god......' Eric reaches over and gently caresses the breasts he had fantasized about for over a year since seeing her last. Finally gaining courage, he pulls her to her feet and slips his hands to Lacey' s firm muscular ass and licks his way down her neck, pausing at each nipple, holding her in a standing position as he feels her legs quiver slightly. Sliding her thong to the floor and pushing her back onto the bed, he slowly licks his way up her left thigh, eventually reaching her smoothly shaved cunt. Gently licking up and down, like an ice cream, occasionally flicking his tongue between her large cunt lips into her now sopping wet pussy. First licking up repeatedly, then down. Slowly pressing his third finger deep into her pussy earns him his first gasp of pleasure from the now entranced Lacey. 'oh... fuck that feels good.'

Knowing her particular interests, Eric gently licks down her wet cunt, kissing the flesh between her pussy and asshole for a moment, before rimming, then firmly pressing his tongue into her now pulsating asshole.

'GOD, you know what I like Eric. Fuck, fuck!' she shouts, pressing his head firmly against her lower body and pivoting around so that she is now standing in front of Eric, pushing him to the ground.

'oh no you don't Lace...' he says while shifting his weight, and standing. Reaching around and grabbing her by the ass, he gently lifts her as he lies back on the bed, pressing his head against Carries right leg.

Taking her cue, Lacy crawls forward, pressing her sweet wet pussy into his face, grinding down the way she knows he loves.

Nearing climax, Eric flips her over, licking first her left breast, then her right, enjoying the firm yet supple handfuls on display.

Pushing him back, Lacey stands and pulls up the now angry dark haired beauty, holding her firmly in front of her, pressing her small breasts to either side of the shorter girls raven head.

Seeing the opportunity, Eric reaches out toying with Carrie's two firm breasts. While not large, they look huge on her small frame.

'No, stop,' is all that comes from her little mouth, 'no, please no'.

Seeing that her objection is only halfhearted, Eric continues exploring her breasts, first with each hand, then his mouth, all the while encouraged by Lacey. Firm, yet supple. Oh, the perfection of youth!

Reaching down, slipping off her black thong reveals a second, perfectly shaved playground. Pressing a finger against her protruding lips unleashes a torrent of muffled demands that he stop. The little body thrashes around some, but less than you would expect thanks to the drugs coursing through her system. Only her mind is clear, and her mouth...

'God damn it, let me go, FUCK, stop, I'll fucking kill you! Please leave me alone!' she begs as Eric continues massaging her cunt lips, and slips a finger into her warm pussy.

'Please get your finger out of my pussy, stop it! I don't want to fuck tonight, stop, STOP! Ohhhhh, Lacey why are you doing this to me? Why?'

Seeing a benefit to doing as she says, Eric removes the offending digit, but presses it briefly against Carrie's little asshole, eliciting a new round of fury.

After enjoying himself in her ass for a few minutes, he withdraws his offending finger and slowly walks backward, now able to lean against the wall, pulling Carrie and Lacy forward, supporting their weight against his chest and now engorged penis.

Without saying anything, Eric stands, spreads the unhappy girls' legs and slowly works his erect member into her tight cunt.

'no.... don't fuck my pussy, no...........' but it's too late.

'Pussy?' Eric asks? 'Feels like a tight little cunt to me, 'is it a cunt baby? Is it?'

'oh... owe! That hurts, my puss... cunt. I can't take it! 'Indeed her love channel was tight, and not as deep as the length of the intruding member. Pressing deeply and firmly against her depths, Eric grins in satisfaction as she comes over and over again, seemingly against her will.

'Well sweetie, maybe this will be better?' he whispers as he slips his now well lubricated cock out of her gaping pussy and presses it against her tiny ass hole.

Finally finding the strength to move her body in spite of the drugs, Carrie twists slightly, tries to close her legs and screams a long series of 'no's' as he presses himself deep into her anal passage.

Slowly at first, then gaining speed, young Carrie nearly gags as he degrades her young asshole. Gently sobbing at first, she finally breaks down into deep sobs, her entire body wracked by emotion.

'Noooooooooooooooo....' She cries. 'Please stop, Please, PLEASE! Oh.....ohhhhhhhhhhhhh,' she cries over and over again as Eric takes her anal virginity.

After pounding in and out of her now gaping ass and seeing that the young girl is completely spent, Eric turns his gaze on Lacy, her eyes glazed, her smile clearly inviting... Together they lay Carrie on the bed, Lacy slowly feeling each of her breasts, and running her hand between her legs.

'She's still wet Eric..........'

'Are you?' he asks in reply as he turn her around, forcing her to lay half on the bed, half off, her ass raised just at the level of his cock.

First fucking her pussy, then her ass he enjoys every sensation her tight holes can provide.

'oh, god,' she whispers. 'Always so good. Oh.... Come on, ohhh...'

'Lacy, you little fucking whore, god I love fucking you,' he exclaims while pressing deep into her now gaping ass. 'I'm about to cum honey....'

They cum together with Lacy furiously masturbating as Eric pumps his load into her ass.

Minutes later, as Eric dresses, Lacy steps up, gives him a big kiss. 'I know we can't do this often Eric, but I love it when you are in town........ You fuck me better than anyone. Please come back soon.'

Looking over at Carries tear stained face; they see her slowly mouthing 'Thank you' over and over again.........

Driving down the hill in his rented car, Eric is glad business brings him to Victoria every few months. Lacey is always waiting; it's amazing what she will cook up for a couple of hundred dollars!

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