Lady Hideaway Ch. 07


Conner took the hint and kept his hands to himself. It was torture, not touching her, but he understood what she wanted, she wanted to touch him and he was all too willing to oblige. Still, keeping his hands to himself was easier said than done. She was stunning as the shower drenched her, her hair stuck to her skin in long strands and he wanted to lick every tiny drop of water from her skin. Obviously, Tessa had the same thoughts as he did because as she moved in closer, her tongue fluttered over his nipple, and then the other.

Conner let out a soft groan and closed his eyes as she pushed him further under the water, it poured over his head and ran down his face, the drops tickling his skin as Tessa kissed and licked at his chest, gently teasing his nipple between her teeth as her hands moved over his ass, drawing their bodies together as his organ rubbed against her belly.

Conner inadvertently shifted his hips, pressing his member against her skin, letting it softly rub, and it was all he could do to keep from reaching for his own body and pounding himself into relief, or better yet, her body. And almost on cue, Tessa’s small fingers wrapped around his shaft and he groaned in approval as his eyes snapped open, not minding the water pouring over them. He loved the way she was touching him as she stroked the length of his shaft, feeling the velvety texture of his erection, but what really got his attention was the way she was looking at him, drinking him in and adoring his body with her eyes.

“Your making me crazy.” He informed her after another thwarted attempt to touch her.

“Good.” She smiled.

Conner couldn’t help it; he lifted his hands and cradled her face, tilting her eyes until they locked on him. Her blue frames seemed hazy yet intent, like she was seeing right through him. He felt a warm tingle deep in his chest, filling him and drawing his attention to a place that he didn’t realize had been empty up until this moment. His own feelings seemed to come crashing down on him. He had known that he wanted Tessa in every way, but even with his heart leading him, he hadn't been ready to say it. He had been fearful of her response. He wanted to tell her that he loved her. ‘I love you Tessa.’ that is what he wanted to say, but to say it now would be a mistake, he didn’t want her to mistake it for lust, he wanted her to know that he meant it.

“No one has ever looked at me like that before.” He murmured.

“I’ve never…” Tessa responded in a shaky voice, “I’ve never looked at anyone like this.”

Conner brought his lips over hers, feeling her tongue on his lips before he even reached her. He gave her a hot, wet kiss, closing his eyes as she licked the water cascading down his face. He brought his hands to her waist but she guided them back to his sides again and he didn’t fight it. She needed the control and he was willing to give it to her. He closed his eyes and allowed her to take over his body, stroking his length again as he controlled his hips from thrusting into her hand.

“Tessa.” he sighed as she ran her thumb over the head of his erection, sending shivers through his body.

Her hands began to wander again, touching every part of him as she bestowed wet kisses over his body, tasting the water on his freshly cleansed skin. She began to move down along his abdomen, kissing at each of his hips, driving him wild with her teasing. He closed his eyes again but they snapped open as he felt her tongue come in contact with his member, running up his length as her hands gripped his hips and pulled him closer.

Tessa had never felt so close to anyone in her entire life, and suddenly she had wanted to touch and taste every inch of Conner. She opened her mouth and fitted her lips tightly around the head of his erection and began to slowly suckle.

He reached for her again but stopped, remembering her silent wishes, as she licked and suckled his aching erection. Her hands moved around him again, gripping his ass as his muscles flexed. He resisted the urge not to thrust into her mouth. She brought her lips only another inch down his shaft, her tongue fluttered around the head and it was enough as Conner’s head fell back and his breathing began to quicken. His hips shifted but he kept control of his own actions, letting Tessa lead.

She found it a pleasant feeling to have him in her mouth as she slowly settled on her knees. She didn’t feel threatened that he might loose control, so she let her mouth and her tongue stroke him as she pleased. She could hear his breathing as it became heavier, and his hand in her hair, his fingers only gently touching her in encouragement.

Tessa lifted her mouth from his organ as he groaned a muffled protest. She began to lick and gently nip at his body again; showering him with attention that he only wanted more of. He wanted to touch her, he needed to touch her, and finally he did, pulling her close and running his hands over her body as he greedily brought his mouth to hers, kissing the air out of her. She welcomed his touching this time, holding his hand momentarily over her breast when he found it, understanding what he wanted.

Tessa let him explore her body as she found her way around his, sinking into him as his hand trailed between her thighs, cupping her aroused sex and gently inserting a finger as she, in turn, stroked his velvety shaft. Tessa moaned against him as he sensually kissed her face, with eyes closed, he missed her mouth a few times before he found it and she slowly kissed him back, nipping at his bottom lip but not in a harmful way.

Conner groaned as she tightened her grip on his organ and stroked him again as her free arm snaked around his back. As she guided his body to turn, he followed her lead, turning his back to her and giving her the control she wanted, still objecting though, as she released his erection.

A strong trembling overtook him as her fingers raked down his back and his ass, and as his already shaking legs began to give, he braced himself on the shower wall, holding himself up as he felt her naked body press into his back and her arms came around him, nails sending chills up his sides before her fingers moved to his chest and worked their way down until she had gripped his shaft again with one hand, using the other to curiously massage his balls.

Conner released a whimpered moan as he lost the resistance he had; his ass flexed as he thrust forward into her hand and he felt her hot, careful mouth on his back, kissing and licking him. His arms flexed and pushed against the wall and he fought his hips to remain still as she began to stroke his length a little faster. He wanted to remain in her control, give his body over to her and enjoy the feeling for as long as he could.

“Tessa…” Conner wasn’t sure what he had planned to say; it all came out in a muffled groan as her grip tightened and her teeth gently nipped at his side. “Shit.”

Tessa closed her eyes and smiled as she leaned harder against him, teasing his balls as she stroked him, and gently nuzzling her face against his back, every once in a while opening her mouth to taste him as the water washed over them both. Her efforts to please him seemed to increase as he finally lost control and thrust into her hand, she felt her own breathing growing heavier as the velvety organ slid against her slippery fingers, and as she listened to the soft mewling escaping Conner’s throat.

Something about feeling his breathing and his body’s reaction to her brought excitement, she found herself pushing her own hips forward, tightening her hold on him as if it could release her own ache. Conner’s hand came down to meet hers over his erection, rubbing her hand until their finger’s laced and teased together. She let her hand sink under his as he guided her hand against his body.

The sounds coming from Conner turned into a long groan as she felt his body tighten. She held closely to him as his head fell back towards her and his organ twitched in her hand as it expelled his seed in hot bursts against the shower wall, his chest, and their hands.

When Conner was spent he stood on shaky knees for a moment, his body trembling in a satisfied exhaustion and he listed to Tessa’s breathing and felt her body heaving against his back. When he regained his strength he slowly turned towards her with a relieved haze over his eyes and he quickly lowered his head to kiss her. He caught her tongue with his mouth and used the opportunity to touch what she denied him before, cupping her breasts as he brought his mouth down and drew one of the small marbles into his mouth, Tessa shivered and held onto him, afraid that she might suddenly loose her balance.

Tessa slowly pushed back as her hand touched a spot of seed on his chest and the desire to taste him overwhelmed her again. She tentatively leaned forward and licked the semen from his chest, working her tongue over his nipple again. Tessa was surprised that the taste of him did not at all seem unpleasant, and she assumed that Conner would agree, the way that he kissed her afterwards.

Tessa closed her eyes and submitted to his eager mouth, content that she had pleased him. She wasn’t at all expecting it when his hand made the trail down her body, over her breasts and then moving over the path to her soft mound. His finger carefully entered her, stroking her small nub and pushing into her member. Tessa gasped against his mouth as pleasure almost instantly tore through her, she had been aroused and now he was pushing her over the edge. She felt suddenly weak as she spent her own body, and he was quick to catch her in his arms as she finished, pulling her into another drawn out kiss.

Conner would have loved to think that he could explore her all day and night, but he was suddenly very tired, and Tessa seemed to be the same. They held and caressed each other in the shower for a while longer before leaving the comfort of the warm water and taking the time to dry one another.

Conner loved that Tessa seemed so much more alive now, as if some terrible burden had been lifted from her, but as alive as she seemed, the experiences of the day had worn her out, so once again he dressed her in his t-shirt and they went to bed for an afternoon nap, somewhat hungry for dinner but too tired to do anything about it.

Desy had not appreciated being left in the hall and the excited puppy followed them to the bedroom where Tessa locked everyone in. Being too small to climb onto the bed, Tessa helped the puppy up and Conner laughed at her for spoiling the dog, but he didn’t argue because Tessa pressed against him, refusing to let anything, including a cute German shepherd puppy get between them, even while they slept. ………….

Tessa heard something in her sleep, the piercing sound of an obnoxious ring. Her alarm clock? No. The phone. She opened her eyes into the dark room, noticing Conner’s warm arm around her. She turned into him, holding him closer as if his body against hers could comfort and make the obnoxious sound stop.

She was about to close her eyes again, after all, if Conner could sleep through the noise, why couldn’t she? Okay, so she couldn’t, and when Desy started to lick her face she forced herself to wake up.

Pushing the puppy away, she carefully eased herself away from Conner, tucking him in again and taking the time to kiss his face, not really caring if the phone wasn’t still ringing by the time she got to it. Conner smiled in his sleep when she kissed him, but he looked far from being able to wake up with her.

Tessa went to her door, feeling Desy at her feet. For such a small creature, his presence was a comfort as she unlocked the bedroom door and peered out into the dark hallway. She moved into the hall, heading towards her office, the ring of the telephone getting louder as she drew closer.

It was still ringing when she flicked on the office light and noticed the clock. It was one o'clock in the morning. Tessa was suddenly alarmed. Who called this late? She reached the phone, wishing that she were downstairs where she had caller I.D. she cleared the sleep from her voice as she lifted the phone and then tiredly answered.


Silence. Desy panted at her feet, and she found her ear straining to listen into the phone, waiting, waiting for any response. It was taking too long, and then, it sounded like someone was exhaling, smoke maybe? Tessa felt rattled, and without saying another word she slammed the phone onto the receiver.

She sank into her office chair, trying to calm her nerves. It was late, dark outside, of course she was feeling a little bothered by a late night phone call, she thought. But everything was fine. Maybe it was a wrong number, or a bad connection. It shouldn’t matter, her doors were locked, she was safe, and Conner was in her bed. She would feel better when she got back to him.

Another ring. This one louder, making her jump. When Tessa lifted the phone she heard the panic in her own voice.



Tessa felt the panic fall from her body. Her heartbeat slowed and she sank into the chair with the phone to her ear.

“Kat?” she responded, “What…God, never mind. Do you have any idea what time it is?”

“Sorry.” Katrina laughed, “You okay? You sound a little stressed out.”

“Hmm, what do you want Kat?”

“Well, I’m sort of in the neighborhood, I’m just leaving this party, and since I’m so close, I thought I could stop by.”


“Oh come on Tessa, we could have some girl time. Besides, I’m starving, I’ll even stop and get the bacon.”

“I hate bacon.” Tessa frowned.

“But you’re good at cooking it.” Katrina chirped, “So what do you think, can I come over?”

“So I can cook you breakfast?”


Tessa ran her fingers through her hair and closed her eyes for a moment. Leave it to her sister to find a way to be annoying any time, night or day.

“Look, I’m not exactly… I have company Katrina.”

There was silence on the other end of the phone and Tessa tried to picture her sister’s bewildered expression as she processed that information.

“I’m coming over.” Katrina stated, “I’ll bring the bacon.”

Before Tessa could protest her sister had hung up the phone. God she hated it when her family had to butt in. No doubt that an interrogation was coming when Katrina got there. Oh well, maybe they could keep it quiet enough to keep Conner from waking up.

………….. Conner felt conscious enough, but he couldn’t seem to open his eyes, they still had the heavy filling of sleep covering them. He wanted to roll over, block out all feeling of consciousness, but he had awakened for a reason. His stomach ached and there was the scent of food in the air, which right away, told him that he was not in his own bed.

He smiled to himself, even before he opened his eyes as the recent memories of Tessa came back. The scent of food told him that she was no longer in bed with him, but he still reached for her and he still felt disappointed when her place on the bed was found vacant. Not finding her there was also enough to get him to open his eyes.

A moment of confusion came over him when he saw the clock and found that it was two o'clock in the morning. He had been almost certain that it was well after sunrise, but instead it was the middle of the night.

As he sat up, still half expecting to Tessa in the room. He noticed that the door was open and a dim light was coming somewhere from downstairs. He staggered out of bed and headed for the door, turning back when he remembered that he hadn't put on any cloths since their shower. He decided his boxers were enough; chances were, the moment he found Tessa he would be going right back to sleep, hopefully with her next to him.

He made his way down the stairs, slowly finding his way to the kitchen as he rubbed his eyes and tried to adjust to the oncoming light. He smiled down as Desy came running towards him and he continued on his way until he stopped in the kitchen and smiled as he watched Tessa flip some bacon in the pan over the stove. Her back was to him and she was still wearing his t-shirt along with a pair of sweat pants. He opened his mouth to say something but stopped when Tessa spoke first, without bothering to look.

“You know, if you’re going to ask for breakfast in the middle of the night you could have asked for pancakes.” She sighed, “It would have saved you a trip to the store and I wouldn’t have to gag while I watch you eat this stuff.”

Conner arched his brow, wondering what the hell she was talking about.

“Unless I started talking in my sleep, I don’t think I asked you to abandon me at two in the morning to come down here and make bacon.” He smiled.

Tessa nearly jumped out of her skin as she spun around, dropping the spatula and nearly pulling the frying pan from the stove, and then she jumped to avoid the spattering grease. She was definitely surprised to see him, but what Conner wanted to know, was why? He quickly closed the distance between them and steadied the pan, urging Tessa away from the stove before she burned herself.


“Jesus, are you alright?” he asked, “I didn’t mean to scare you. What are you doing?”

Tessa groaned as she lifted the spatula away from Desy, who was already lapping the grease from it.

“Sorry,” she sighed, “I thought you were…”

“Ah, so that’s the attraction.” Katrina’s voice came, causing even Conner to jump as he spun around and glared at the younger sister, who was shamelessly looking him over and reminding him that he was walking around in his underwear, “Well Tessa has always had good taste in men. You certainly are as pretty as she likes them, handy man.”

“Shut up Kat.” Tessa scolded, and then gave Conner an apologetic smile. “Katrina called a few hours ago, she was in the area, so…” Tessa shrugged and then smiled at Conner, “You know, you can sleep through anything. You didn’t even wake up when the phone rang.”

Conner forced a smile and shook his head.

“I’m going to go put pants on.” He announced.

“Please, don’t bother on my account.” Katrina teased, “It’s not like you have anything I haven't seen.”

“You haven't seen anything that I have.” Conner retorted.

They turned to Tessa as she released a frustrated groan.

“Well since everyone’s up I might as well make a real breakfast.” She sighed, and then looked suddenly concerned as her eyes fell on Conner. “You’re not leaving, are you? It’s late, and…”

Conner smiled and gently kissed her cheek.

“I’ll be right back.” he told her, “And if you’re still offering pancakes, I’ll be back even sooner.”

Tessa smiled back, and as if completely oblivious to the fact that they had an audience, she wrapped her arms around him as he kissed her.

Katrina rolled her eyes as she watched, gently lifting the mysterious new puppy from the ground as she took a seat at the table. She gave them a few seconds before making her gagging sound, effectively separating her sister from the overnight guest that Katrina was surprised to see here in the first place.

“Whose puppy?” Katrina asked. “You never did say, Tess.”

“Conner’s.” Tessa said a little too quickly.

Conner glanced at her, and vaguely understood what she was doing. It seemed Tessa didn’t want her family to know what she had been up to. He found it strange, he thought that they’d be ecstatic to discover she had gone outside. But obviously Tessa had her reasons for not wanting them to know, so he decided to play along.

“Yea, mine.” He agreed, giving Tessa another quick kiss before retreating to find his pants.

Katrina held Desy for another moment and then put him down as she watched Conner disappear, and then she turned to Tessa, lowering her voice.

“What’s going on with you?” Katrina demanded.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Tessa shrugged, turning to gather the items needed for a more efficient breakfast than just the bacon.

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