tagRomanceLady Peasant Ch. 06

Lady Peasant Ch. 06


The second day of being away from Al was a little easier than the first because she knew that the next day they'd be together again. Throughout the loneliness of the day and night before, she cherished his final words to her... the first avowal of love a man had ever given her and it was certainly from the man who held her heart in his hands. For Gwendolyn was sure of it, she loved Al passionately and desperately... and she would cherish there time together for the rest of her life even as she knew that it couldn't go on forever. As a noble maiden at the age of 18 she was ripe to be wed, and her father was in talks with several different noblemen on the matter of her marriage... all the more reason for her sadness when she couldn't see Al. They did not have much time together and she wanted every moment that they had to be wonderful, a memory for her to take out later and treasure when she was trapped in a loveless marriage to someone of her own station. Probably someone much older than herself.

Sighing unhappily, she shook herself to rid those nasty thoughts from her mind. Time enough to contemplate once the matter of her marriage was settled... for now she could enjoy the blissfulness of youthful love.

Frowning, she resumed the search for her maid... Brandy had disappeared yet again. It seemed to happen more and more often of late, and it was a bit of an annoyance. After all, she didn't need her maid that often, but right now she wanted some company to distract herself from the depressing thoughts she was having. The pretty brunette noblewoman swept down the stairs, her violet gown flowing heavily... she was starting to seriously dislike her clothing, finding the light cotton of her peasant wear much easier to bear in the summer weather.

Questioning a manservant he told her that he'd last seen Brandy in the direction of the stable, talking to one of the stable boys. As she walked into the stables she couldn't see anything... but there were strange noises coming from one of the stalls at the end of the row. Creeping quietly, curious as to what could be making those low growls, she moved closer. Sliding into the empty stall that was next to the one on the end, she peeked through a knothole and almost gasped out loud, barely stifling it so as not to give herself away.

It was her maid Brandy, on her knees with her breasts out and in the open, and standing before her was one of the stable boys... she knew from the breeding stallions that that was his "penis" that was thrusting so quickly in and out of her maid's mouth, but she'd never seen one on a man before! It suddenly occurred to her that this was what would so determinedly poke at her from between Al's legs when they kissed, and she blushed a little at the though, all the while wondering what his looked like. Watching in fascination as her maid seemed to get much enjoyment out of the penis in her mouth, she felt a little shivery as she pictured herself doing the same thing to Al... the stable boy seemed to be enjoying in immensely... would Al? The stable boy's hands were on Brandy's big breasts, gripping her pink nipples tightly as he pumped her mouth, Brandy's own hands were firmly holding his buttocks and thighs, pressing him further into her wet mouth.

Completely aghast, she watched as her maid pulled the turgid member from her mouth, licking the tip of it with her tongue, before turning around and pulling her skirt up over her slim hips. Blonde hair swayed as she shook her ass seductively, "Come on Ned," her maid said flirtatiously, "Grease up my bum and stick me with it!" Her pink mound was completely bare of any hair and the watching young maiden wondered where all the hair had gone... or if perhaps blonde's didn't have any at all. It certainly looked prettier than Gwendolyn's own mound.

Mouth wide open Gwendolyn got quite an education as 'Ned' put his fingers into a small tub of lard that was sitting off to the side and stuck those fingers into Brandy's small brown hole. She was completely shocked as Brandy moaned and shoved herself back onto his fingers, one hand reaching up to cup her own hanging breast. Gwendolyn couldn't imagine what Ned was going to do with Brandy's greased bum hole, and almost fainted when he began to press his huge penis against the small hole... surely it wouldn't fit! But Brandy's little hole opened up to accept the pushing staff, and the blonde girl moaned and wiggled as he slid the whole of his penis in.

"Oh yeah Ned... put your stiffie in my bum... oh I want to feel your big dick splitting me... ooooo hurt me good you naughty boy!" Brandy's mouth let loose as Ned began to pump his 'stiffie' in and out of her bum, broadening Gwendolyn's vocabulary in a very short period of time, "Oh that hurts so good with your cockie in my bum! Pump me harder with that snake, spear my bum with it," the blonde was aggressively pinching her own nipple, squirming as the long dick 'speared' her, then as Ned reached his hand around under her thigh, his fingers disappearing into her pink wetness, she started spouting more lewdness, "Yes! Yes! Rub my little cunny!! Pinch my love button while you plug my arse! Oh it feels so good Ned.... Oh dear... oh yes, rub my hotbox... oh... oh! Oh!!!! I'm creaming Ned!! My pussy is creaming!! You're making me cream myself!"

As Brandy shook and shuddered on his long staff, Ned gasped and pulled his turgid member out of her ass. The pretty blonde immediately turned around and gripped the base of his 'dick' in her hand, pumping it twice and it began spewing white creaminess all over her pretty face and big breasts, opening her mouth she caught some of it on her pink tongue and happily swallowed.

"You taste so good, Ned," she cooed, using one of her hands to rub the white stuff all over her breasts as he groaned and shot the last of his load onto her.

The couple kissed and Ned began wiping the stuff off of Brandy's chest and face, lifting it to her mouth for her to suck off his fingers, then he flipped Brandy onto her back and buried his tongue in her pink wetness as the girl moaned and encouraged him. Gwendolyn snuck out of the stables completely unnoticed as Brandy 'creamed' herself again, this time into Ned's mouth. Her mind turning over everything she had seen.


That night, consumed with curiosity and having been unsuccessful in finding any clues in the library, she confronted her maid.

"Brandy where were you this afternoon?" she asked as her maid brushed out the waves in her long brown hair.

"Oh uh..." Brandy stuttered a little, "I was uh... helping out Ned.... He's one of the stable hands, he um, needed some help... in the stable." she finished a little weakly.

"I know," said Gwendolyn, "I went down and saw you two there."

"You did?" Brandy's voice was weak, she was feeling a little faint... if her mistress told the Keep's Housemistress Brandy would certainly be dismissed in dishonor.

"Yes," said her Lady, "And I want to know what you were doing... you do know that you can be dismissed for being unchaste you know..."

Brandy quickly corrected her, "Oh I'm still chaste my Lady, the housemistress checks us every couple of months to be sure we still have our maidenhead..." blushing a little, "What Ned and I were doing... well, we love each other very very much my Lady," she said, trying to build up sympathy in her young mistress, "And we were just pleasuring each other without dishonoring me!"

"You... both get pleasure out of this?" Gwendolyn asked a little hesitantly.

"Oh yes!" Brandy said, eager to give information in return for mercy, "It hurt the first time he put his cockie in my bum hole, but it feels much better now and greasing it up helps a lot... and all the women say that the first time you get a dick in your cunny it hurts too. And it feels awful nice when he licks my puss, he really likes it when I suck on his stiffie too, I think it must feel as good as when he licks me. His spunk tastes a little funny, but not bad... and as long as he doesn't put it in my cunny then I won't get pregnant or lose my virtue."

"And your... cunny... why is it bare?" she asked innocently.

"I shave it, my Lady, Ned says it looks so much prettier that way and it's much cleaner during my monthlies which is what I tell the housemistress... Just... don't tell the housemistress please my Lady, I could still get into an awful lot of trouble."

Gwendolyn turned this over in her mind as her maid began re-braiding her hair, trying to be the perfect maid. Thinking quickly, she realized that this could be the end of her troubles.

"I'm going out tomorrow afternoon," she announced, "If you make sure that no one comes into my rooms and finds that I'm gone then I won't tell the headmistress."

"But my Lady!" Brandy protested, alarm in her voice. Gwendolyn stopped her just by holding up her hand.

"I'll be back before dinner," she said, "It should be no problem for you to keep anyone out of my room just for the afternoon."

Mutely, her maid nodded. No, it wouldn't be too much of a problem... and it was an easy thing compared to the disgrace that she would be in if her Lady told on her. That night, she also had the unique privilege of showing her mistress how to shave her pink mound.


The next afternoon Gwendolyn was very excited when she went to meet Al, all the night before she'd been thinking about this wonderful new way to pleasure her love... they could still be together in one way! Two ways really but she wasn't at all sure that she wanted the pain of having someone stick something as large as a cockie up her bum... she'd tried to push her finger up there last night after wetting it in her mouth and it had hurt terribly. A stiffie was much bigger, and she was a little afraid of that... but she wanted to give Al something and sucking on him would be easily done.

She practically attacked him when she ran to him at the edge of the forest, and they ran happily to their clearing, holding hands and laughing. In their own little haven, they kissed and talked... and she finally got up the nerve to tell him part of what she had seen her maid and the stable boy doing (although she told him that Brandy was her friend - after all, as a peasant she couldn't very well have a maid.).

"I'd like to try it on you," she said shyly, barely able to look into his surprised brown eyes as she broached the topic.

"You..." his voice trailed off and he gulped, "You want to suck me?"

Gwendolyn nodded.

"Oh Gwennie..." he moaned, and buried his tongue in her mouth, they began kissing passionately again, his hands sliding under her shirt to cup her breasts and send pleasant shivers down her spine. Their lips parted as he lifted her shirt over her head and she pulled off his as well, and his lips wrapped round her nipple, sucking the tender bud energetically as his other hand massaged her breast flesh. Gwendolyn moaned as her back arched, her hand was pressed against the crotch of his breeches where she could feel his stiffie hard and imposing underneath her fingers. It felt very big.

Some minutes were spent on his caressing and lickings over her sensitive mounds of flesh, and then she finally pushed him away and pushed him onto his back. Taking over the control a little, she kissed his chest, her small tongue tickling him and arousing him even more. Al groaned as her hand rubbed against the cockie in his pants and her lips pressed against his small nipple, sending urgent messages to his dick as her small hand gripped it through his breeches. Breasts hanging like tempting fruit, she bent over his body, mouth moving down his hard stomach as her hands undid the laces on his breeches. Al's hands covered her hanging globes, pinching and milking her nipples gently as her mouth reached the edge of his breeches and she began to work his large cockie out of his pants. Large and throbbing, her eyes were wide as she realized that it was even bigger than Ned the stable boy's.

Slowly, she lowered her mouth to him, pink tongue flicking out to lick the tip of his pink head, and his body jerked up and he moaned, his hands squeezing her breasts a little more roughly. It felt wonderful as his hands massaged her flesh, and she began licking up and down his shaft while she held it with one hand, a little afraid to put it in her mouth just yet. He didn't seem to mind and moaned and squeezed as her tongue flicked over its length, pressing into the little hole on the tip of its swollen head.

Finally she felt encouraged enough to open her pink lips and wrap them around the head of his cockie. Her tongue slid all over him as she began to press him further into her mouth, head lowering towards her fist at the base of his shaft. Al was moaning, his hands plucking at her pretty pink nipples and sending pleasant shivers up her spine as she began moving her head back and forth on his dick, imitating the movements she'd seen Brandy and Ned doing.

Her head bobbed on his lap as she valiantly began shoving more and more of his stiffie into her mouth... she had a few moments of discomfort as her gag reflex reacted, but after a few more tries she inadvertently made a swallowing motion with her throat and the entire length of his cockie slid in. Al's hands left her breasts and pressed down on the back of her brown hair as his hips pushed up and he groaned in pleasure. Gwendolyn was happy too, and proud of herself, she liked the feeling of his hardness in her mouth, her tongue moving over him. Moving her head back up along its length, she pressed down again, burying him in her throat. His hips began thrusting up at her rhythmically as her sweet mouth moved over his hard member, tongue rubbing against him as she moved. Their little clearing was filled with sucking noises and Al's ecstatic groans as he filled her mouth and throat over and over again. Gwendolyn's heart swelled with gladness that she was pleasing her love, she could feel him growing longer and thicker in her mouth.

It surprised her when he pressed his hands on the back of her head as his stiffie pulsed, and she realized that the fluid flowing down her throat was the creamy white spunk that Brandy had spoken of. Remembering that Brandy had swallowed it afterwards reassured her and she relaxed, swallowing the fluid that filled her mouth, realizing that it wasn't necessary for him to spurt it on her body.

When she finally pulled her head off his softening member the clearing was getting a little dark as the sun went down.

"You're amazing," his voice was husky as he stroked her braids and soft back, pulling her close to him so that his arm wrapped all the way around her and he could squeeze her breast as their lips met.

"I have to go," she said softly, shivering as his touch on her pert nipple awakened sensation inside her 'cunny'.

Al looked up at the setting sun and sighed, "I would have liked to return the favor."

"Next time," smiling she kissed him, looking forward to their next meeting.

"Tomorrow night?" he asked her, and she nodded. They kissed again, tongues dancing happily inside each other's mouths, and she daringly sucked his tongue in her mouth and his body jerked a little again. She giggled as he pulled away, and he moaned low in his throat, "You're so beautiful my Gwennie... I love you so much." His lips pressed against the base of her throat, making her shudder in his arms.

"I love you Al..." and as the chapel bells began to chime, "But I must go."

They hurriedly dressed and exchanged one quick kiss at the gate before she ran through the village and the keep. With Brandy's help she managed to get herself dressed in time to be at dinner on time, and she blessed the events that had made her main a fellow conspirator. Life was much easier with someone to help cover her activities.


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