tagSci-Fi & FantasyLady Sheba and The Wizard Anniston Ch. 02

Lady Sheba and The Wizard Anniston Ch. 02


As Lady Sheba, and now Lord Anniston begin their new journey together, the people of the land are in awe as the announcement of the coronation of Wizard Anniston to Lord has been made and the role of Wizard is to be coronated unto someone who might stand in the footsteps of their royal Lord Anniston. As night falls, and the guardsman are dismissed of their daily posts, Lady Sheba and Lord Anniston retire to her boudoir, and still not used to his new place in this Castle, Anniston kisses Lady Sheba passionately and bids His Lady good night.

"No Anniston, thou will remain here with me."

"But Mi'lady it is not right for such a Lord to remain in Thy Lady's boudoir, for I am not royalty. Only him of royalty should be allowed in thou's room."

"And it was right for us to be unto each other in the northern meadow earlier this day?" You are My Lord, and to me you are now royalty and it is with me in this chamber where thou shall stay, amongst everywhere else I may travel, or go you my Lord will travel with me I no longer walk the fields of my meadows, or the paths of the valleys or even rest my head to sleep at night alone I intend to travel the rest of my life's journey with you by my side. For that is my wish.

"As you wish Mi'Lady. But what about my belongings shall I go and move them now?"

"No, tonight you rest with me, and Gaston will move them in the Morning, he has already been given his order and he will do so. You no longer must fend for yourself; you must just enjoy your new position, and your new royalty. You have guardsmen, and servants to do as you need done now." Gently she places her hands upon his chest, looking deep into his eyes. "As for now, come unto me my Lord; be with me tonight, and there for every night here after. Leaning down to her, embracing her, pulling her in close to him, her nipples pressing against his chest, he kisses her softly, their kiss deepens turning passionate. Her lips part to accept his wanting tongue, their tongues meet and dance that dance of passion. Their hands cascade over each other's beings, enjoying the feel of each other. Slowly his lips part from hers; their eyes become locked as one.

"I do love you Mi'Lady Sheba."

"I do love you too My Lord Anniston."

"Let me take thee now and show unto her the love that awaits her, what thou was shown earlier this day is only the beginning to what her love has in waiting." Hearing this from him, She said not another word her eyes said it all. Lord Anniston told her earlier in the day that her eyes tell him such a story, and tonight her eyes were telling him just how much she wants to be with him. Taking her hand, he leads his Lady to now their bed, not a spoken word just eyes connected as one, Lady Sheba sits onto the side of the bed, as Anniston kneels before her.

Slowly Anniston opens the long flowing gown of his Lady once again viewing her soft skin. Softly and gently Anniston leans in and kisses the side of Lady Sheba's neck. A soft whimper is released from her lips, as his lips trail slowly down the side, his hands gently push her gown off her shoulders and down her arms. Her corset-covered breasts heaving slightly as her breathing becomes faster. Unhooking her corset from the back, he removes it completely, placing it to the chair beside them. Cupping her breasts, his hands kneading and massaging them gently as her now erect nipples press against his palms.

Lady Sheba helps Lord Anniston as he has helped her, slowly she opens his shirt, sliding her hands onto his chest, she loves the way his chest feels, and the way the hair on his chest feels in her hands. Pushing it too off of his shoulders, it falls from his arms. Leaning in toward him, she softly kisses his chest. Sliding his body upward, Lord Anniston lays his Lady Sheba onto the bed. He slides her gown down over her hips, and down her legs removing it completely. As he reaches her feet, he steps her out of her gown, placing it too onto the chair. Taking her feet into his hands, he slowly kisses his way up the side of her left foot, up over her ankle, up her calf, up over the inner side of her knee, spreading her wings gently; Anniston softly nibbles her inner thigh.

Reaching the very top of her inner thigh, her body shutters as he removes his lips from her skin. Only to repeat the same loving escalade up her right leg, and up to her inner thigh. Suddenly Lady Sheba's back arches as she feels his warm breath passing over her sacred valley, As Lord Anniston raises his eyes to look upon her.

"Oh Anniston for what reason does thou stop?" she asks in a soft whimper.

"Please Mi'Lady, allow me to show you of new pleasures, I wish to take my lady to new worlds with me, and to taste of the sweet nectar that Mi'Lady will share with me as we enter those worlds."

"Anniston, please show me of these pleasures, I wish for all that you wish to show me." With that again not another word had to be spoken spreading her wings a bit more, Lady Sheba's body shuttered as Anniston's tongue touched her sacred valley. Her wetness became more, and her juices began to flow.

"Does Mi'Lady enjoy of this." He asks softly.

"Oh Yes, please Anniston, please do not stop the pleasure that you bring unto me." Anniston lightly ran his tongue over her lips that were now laden with her juices. Her body jolted as his fingertips lightly spread her outer lips as his tongue trailed the inner. Slowly he enters his tongue inside her now open gate, moving all around gathering all her juices. His tongue crosses over her g-spot, sending her body into spasms. The grip on the back of his head becomes tighter as her hips hunch forward her muscles contract around his tongue. Her soft moans turning to screams of ecstasy as her body shakes almost uncontrollably as her orgasm ripped through her, wave after wave ripple after ripple, her body shook to contentment.

Standing now before her, Anniston slowly removed his pants, his phallus sprang free, Lady Sheba gently wraps her delicate hand around his phallus, the mushroom head raging, his shaft throbbing, as she stroked him in a very gentle manner. Leaning toward him, she ran her tongue lightly over the head, her lips encased his shaft with entirety his phallus jumped, and pulsed now harder. Lady Sheba's lips tongue worked its way around his girth. Anniston fought the urgency that he had to release as he felt the tip of his head touching the back of his Lady's throat, for he was awaiting her to beckon for his thick, rigid, throbbing, phallus to once again enter her. Looking up at him, their eyes lock once again. Slowly Lady Sheba removes her soft, wet lips from around his shaft and lies back on the bed.

"Come unto me my Lord, show me the power of thy rod once again." Anniston made his way back between his Lady's open wings, positioning himself over her, his phallus head placed at her opening. Little by little he begins to enter his length into her. She let out with a sudden scream of delight as he buried himself completely inside. Gently he pummels his shaft into his Lady as her nails take control of his back, raking and digging lightly. Her muscles begin to contract around his girth, milking him, she could feel his phallus hardening and growing to its full length and arching inside her, his jewels tightening, his moans growing to grunts and screams. Her orgasm was once again rapidly approaching building faster and harder in the depths of her loin, the passion and desire completely ignited taking over full control, as they ride over that edge together, to that point of no return, as they released their juices together, his seed shot deep inside her, shot after shot, her love juices releasing so hard they shuttered her body, coating his shaft. As their bodies settle, Anniston falls spent atop of his Lady. Looking deep into her eyes, he know knew at that very moment that the story he reads in her eye is in fact true, as he knows that His Lady Sheba is now finally happy. Lying beside her, he raises his arm for her, Lady Sheba moves into his arm, resting her head upon his chest.

"Good night Mi'lady, I do so love you."

"Good night My Lord, I do love you too." And with that he watched his Lady drift off to sleep.

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