Lana in AC


She looked in the mirror and thought that she had hit the look she wanted. Tonight she was going to Atlantic City with work friends and wanted to have a good time. She had thought about this trip for quite a while and today she was ready for fun. The bus had an open bar and she started off with her first cocktail as they pulled out for the 75 minute trip.

Her red hair was nicely done as the red bangs framed her pretty face. Her lips had a nice shiny gloss. She loved the way the pencil shirt with the buttons in the back hugged her curves. The thin, light blouse was silky and smooth. It was obvious that she hadn't worn a bra. As she walked onto the bus and went back to her seat, the bus driver smiled as he checked out her ass in the rear view mirror. It was easy to tell that there wasn't a panty or thong line under that tight black skirt. Her black heeled boots fit the outfit and made the right impression. She felt good, looked sexy and so far she was getting some looks.

There was lots of laughter and loud noise as the trip went on and more drinks were poured. Everyone was in a festive mood. Lana and her co-workers had looked forward to this trip. She was looking to hear some great music in the casino night clubs and drink all night long. Most of the others were more interested in the gaming tables or slot machines than the music or booze. But that was okay with her. She was going to have fun. When they arrived at the casino, the driver told them he would meet them at 2am for the ride home.

The Taj Mahal was getting a bit old but still was big and gaudy and had a lot of action in the bars and clubs surrounding the gaming floor. Lana let the others wander off and she followed the sounds of the music to a bar just off the arcade section near the lobby. The group sounded good and the lead singer was a sexy woman who had a great voice. She sat down at the bar and ordered a Wild Turkey and Coke and sat there and enjoyed the moment. It was good to break loose and get away for a change and leave her husband home to take care of the child. Tonight she wasn't Mommy or a wife, she was a sexy young woman who looked good, She was here for the party.

Some people were up dancing and her mind wandered to Paul, who she called Daddy. He was a guy she had a long term online relationship with and he always seemed to know what she needed and how she wanted to be treated. He dominated her and called her vile names that seemed to ignite her needs. He was originally from New Jersey but had moved up north of Boston years ago. She had asked him often if he would please come down sometime and see her. She knew it was wrong and that a married woman shouldn't want to see another man, but she needed what he could provide her. He brought out the slut in her and she loved being his baby girl.

Just sitting there and thinking of him now was getting her wet. She felt her nipples getting aroused and hard as they rubbed against the silky blouse. She was on her second drink and thought how he had teased her that maybe he would come to Atlantic City and join her on her evening of freedom. But she knew it was too long a trip and he wouldn't come. The band was rocking now and the thud of the bass seemed to be pounding Lana directly between the legs. She hadn't been here an hour yet and she was horny and needy already. Looking down the bar she was trying to see if there were any men alone who she had an interest in. Most were with their wives or girlfriends or seemed like college guys just out to get drunk and gamble. She looked further down the bar and suddenly her eyes locked onto a man who was a bit older but quite attractive. Looking at him hit her in the stomach and she felt a flutter and tingle as their eyes met. He looked at her and mouthed the words, "Baby girl."

Lana's eyes went wide and suddenly she smiled. Getting up from her seat she walked down the bar to him. Suddenly her legs felt wobbly as she got closer to him. When she got to his spot he swiveled to face her and smiled.

"Baby girl, I came to see you," he told her as he reached up and gripped her red hair in his fist and pulled her lips down onto his. He could feel her passion immediately as their tongues were on each other and her mouth worked on his tongue like it was his cock. When the kiss broke she seemed stunned and dazed with their combined juices dripping from the side of her glossy lips.

"Oh Daddy, thank you for coming so far to see me," she said with her eyes looking directly into his. "I knew something special was going to happen here tonight."

When she said "Daddy," a couple of people around them seem to stare as if they were confused by the relationship. Daddy seemed amused by their interest.

Daddy got up and took her hand. He walked her out of the bar and into the carpeted corridor that surrounded the gaming floor. He led her to a metal door that was on the outside wall. They entered a deserted but well lighted staircase. The walls were gray painted cinder block and the floors and the stair landing was made entirely of concrete. Stairs went up on the left side and down on the right. She moved to him and lifted her arms to wrap around him. But Daddy had other ideas. He took the arms and turned her roughly and pushed her face first onto the cool gray concrete wall. His fingers were opening the buttons up the back of her pencil skirt until just one button was left below her waist. He pulled the skirt apart and saw that her ass was bare.

"What a dirty little slut you are," he told her as his hand reached between her legs from behind and his fingers ran up the full length of her exposed cunt. "No panties to protect this juicy cunt? I think you were hoping to get this cunt fucked hard tonight you trashy little whore," he said from behind her.

He then reached around and started to take her nipples in his fingers....first one then the other as his other hand fingered her soaking wet cunt.

"Oh, Daddy, please," she cried out as she started to grind her hips on his probing fingers; pumping her. But just as suddenly he stepped back from her and pulled his hands away. She moaned from the emptiness and her need for him to use her.

"First I need my baby girl on her knees with Daddy's cock down her throat," he told her as he unzipped and pulled out his fat dick. "You are my baby cock sucking slut aren't you?"

"Oh yes, Daddy, I need your cock in my mouth. I need to suck it." She dropped to her knees in front of him and took a hold of his big cock and began to pump it in front of her face. He reached down and opened her blouse and took her hard nipples in his fingers and pinched and pulled on them. After a few minutes of tit abuse he grabbed her red hair in his fist and pulled her roughly onto his hard cock.

"Blow me bitch," he growled down at her as he watched her talented mouth push forward and felt her tongue work his hard shaft.

He began to force more and more cock into her face and felt it push into the tightness of her throat. His grip on her hair held her in place as oxygen became short in supply. She ignored her lack of air and accepted as much into her constricted throat as she could. He kept forcing his cock deeper and all her air was cut off. She moved her tongue on his cock even as she was feeling light-headed from the lack of air. Her pink glossy lips held tight to his shaft and suddenly he pulled back on her hair and popped his cock out of her throat. Lana gasped and sucked in a big amount of oxygen just as he moved his hips and slammed his cock again all the way in her mouth.

"You like daddy face fucking his baby girl, don't you," he asked as he kept hammering in and out of her mouth. She looked up and nodded her head and knew that this is where she wanted to be. This is how she needed to be treated. She was able to capture small gasps of air between hard strokes as his hand directed her face back and forth onto him.

Then he suddenly stopped and pulled away from her. She looked up at him and felt so empty. She needed him so much.

"Please Daddy," she begged as the combined juices in her mouth dripped out onto her bare breasts and stained her thin blouse.

"Stand up slut," he demanded and Lana immediately rose to look at him as he hovered over her. His hands reached out and took her blouse off and then he undid the last button of her skirt and it dropped to the floor. She was naked except for the boots. She saw his eyes on her naked flesh and she was hotter than she could ever remember.

"Turn around so I can see my baby girl," he commanded. She obeyed.

As she was facing away from him his hand suddenly reared back and delivered and hard and stinging slap to her bare ass. He pushed her back onto the wall and held her there as he continued to spank her. Lana was moaning and pushing her ass back at him as if asking for more. He knew what she wanted. He always anticipated her every need. The beating continued until her ass was bright red. He stopped and moved in close behind her.

"Spread your legs wide. Push out your ass," he told her.

"Fuck me Daddy, please fuck your slut," she cried out as she felt his cock head push onto her wet cunt lips.

"Oh fuck," she screamed as he flexed his hips and drove his entire cock all the way into her. The invasion was so sudden and violent that she almost collapsed. He kept himself fully inside her and did not move at all. He allowed her body to become accustomed to his fullness. It happened slowly, but then as the pain subsided she could feel him in every vacant space inside her body. She could feel the throbbing pulse of his hard cock. Her desire and need was back. Lana was now desperate for him to begin to move inside her. But he did not move. She tried to pump herself against him to get his cock to move back and forth. But he held her tight. Her body was immobilized against her will

"Please Daddy," she gasped back at him. She was growing desperate for him to take her but he refused. He reached under her and began pinching her nipples as she struggled against her captivity.

"Tell Daddy what you need, baby girl," he whispered in her ear.

"Please fuck me Daddy. Please, I need it so bad," she panted.

"If I fuck you, I will brutalize your body. Is that what you need Daddy to do? Tell me," he demanded.

"Oh God yes," she almost screamed, "Please be brutal with me. Just take me and fuck me," she begged.

He did not reply but pulled his hips back and savagely began to pound into her open and exposed cunt. He took her hips in a vice-like grip. His cock took her with a hard fury. She cried out from the brutality but she also felt that for the first time in forever, she was getting what she needed. This was what her body craved so badly. He kept up his hard pace. Lana climbed quickly to the edge of a major climax. It came on her so quickly that she felt overcome with the sensation.

"Oh Daddy, make me cum. Drive your cock in my cunt and make me cum," she yelled as the orgasm overcame her. But this was not an ordinary orgasm. Yes, she thought, they are all good, but this was so different. It started with a crash of sensation that crushed her nerve endings and left her virtually breathless. It was a continual and violent orgasm that would not stop. Her fingernails scratched down the cinder block wall and her moans rang out in the empty stairwell. His big hard cock kept it's piston-like movement into her body and she was helpless to do anything but to cum. He had taken total control of her body and her most basic carnal needs. He was possessing her like she never knew existed before. Her mouth was open and drool flowed from her open lips as she gasped and groaned from the sensations that captured her.

"Does Daddy own his baby girl," he growled at her as his cock fired deep into her and battered her cervix.

"Yes, Daddy," she panted, "owned by you. Oh God, your cock owns me." As she said these words another crash of orgasmic shocks took control of her. She whimpered as it rocked her senses and left her limp and beaten on his savage cock. Her face crushed against the smooth wall as she finally lost her muscle control. She slid down the wall to the cold concrete floor. Daddy's cock pulled out of her as she collapsed.

She seemed completely out of breath at his feet and her head lifted up slightly to look at his hard cock sticking out in front of him. It was so wet and seemed to throb as she focused on it.

"On your knees, bitch," Daddy demanded, "and get this cock in your mouth now."

With a lot of difficulty she got up on all fours and lifted her head to him. Her hand wrapped around his swollen, wet cock and her mouth came down on him. The taste was a mixture of her many orgasms mixed with his pre cum. The taste was intoxicating to her and she used her tongue and lips to suck the sex sauce off him. He grabbed her red hair in one of his fists and began to fuck her face and drive into her tight throat. It made her gag and tears began to roll down her cheeks as he used her face like he had used her cunt.

"You want my cum baby girl," he breathed down at her.

Her teary eyes blinked and her head nodded. It was impossible for her to respond in any verbal way. She knew he was close and worked even harder to get him to give her his cum load. Yes, she thought, she wanted his cum. But more than that, she needed it. She needed to taste it and swallow it and have him splash her face with it. She didn't even realize it but her hand had dropped to her wet cunt and she was frigging herself to another climax as she felt him begin to spasm and erupt. She pulled it back slightly from her throat so his cum entered her mouth and she could use her tongue all over the sensitive head. It seemed that the first two blasts filled her mouth completely and she pulled it away and began to jerk it in front of her face. String after string landed on her face and hair and eyes. She loved the feel of his cock pulsing in her hand and the sensation of being covered in his warm cum. She tasted him and knew immediately that she was addicted to him. There was nothing she wouldn't do for him and nothing she would deny him.

"You own your baby girl, Daddy."

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