tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLapdance Heaven

Lapdance Heaven


For many years as I drove home from work, I would pass an all nude strip club about ten miles from my house. After passing it several hundred times, my curiosity finally got the better of me and I stopped in one afternoon. The place was not what I expected in that it was pretty clean and upscale on the inside. The women were about average, and would dance on a square floor level stage surrounded by seats and a small drink rail. I had not been in a strip joint since Seattle 10 years ago, and was not up on the latest customs and services. The girls would dance a 3 song set and then work the crowd using $1 lap dances to entice you back to the "VIP" lounge area for a $30 all nude 2 song lap dance. These were done in small booths that had doors to allow privacy. All of this was very new to me.

After watching several girls dance 3 song sets, a small Hispanic gal named Liza was introduced. She was only about 5"2", but was very well built with large natural breasts and a cute "bubble" butt. Her face was one of cheer, with big brown eyes and a happy smile. Her costume was unique. All she wore was a g-string and a police shirt and hat. As she danced, she opened her shirt to reveal a gorgeous set of 36C tits that she would lean into your face with. She spent about a minute in front of each of the 5 guys that were sitting around the stage. After the first two songs, she stepped out of the g-string to reveal a neatly trimmed bush, and from below it hung a set of luscious lips. She came over to me and danced slowly, moving her hips enticingly in front of my face.

Years ago I went out with a girl who had pussy lips just like her, and they were my favorite toy. I loved to caress them, tease them, suck them between my lips, play my tongue up and down them, and rub by cock slowly between them. She enjoyed the attention too. The problem was, after a while, all she was interested in was me getting her off, and then I got a three minute quickie. But Liza's lips reminded me of how much I enjoyed getting that girl off, and the memory made me hot. I quickly placed a few bucks into her garter and thanked her for the view.

After she left the stage, Liza worked around the stage giving 30-second lap dances for the patrons for $1. She was back in her g-string and police outfit, with the shirt totally unbuttoned. When she got to me, she smiled and asked if I'd like my "thank-you" dance, to which I replied, "Sure". She sat down on me, straddling my lap and placing that G-string hidden pussy right on my pants-hidden cock. She proceeded to grind herself into me while rubbing her chest against mine and nuzzling the side of my neck. To say I was turned on would be an understatement.

After about a minute of this, she asked me if I would like a private lap dance. Since this was a day of new experiences, I said why not. She led me to a booth in the back that was about 6" by 3' and had a lockable bi-fold door. It had mirrors on all the walls and a good size easy chair with no arms that took up the full with of the booth. After she sat me down, she asked me if I wanted a single (2 songs for $30.00) or a double (5 songs for $60.00). I told her a single would be fine and handed over the $30.00. She left the booth for a minute with the money, and returned about a minute later. Closing the door and locking it, she removed her shirt and g-string and stood in front of me. "Like what you see"? she asked. "You are perfect!!" I told her. She then spread my legs apart, climbed up on me with her legs over mine, and placed her butt right on top of ground zero. I thought I would die!! As she moved to the music, she placed those luscious tits in my face, rubbing them from side to side across my lips. I kissed when I could, enjoying the entire sensation of everything she was doing to me. She told me that she was a nursing student at the local college and was working the day shift here to pay for tuition and expenses. She was so easy to talk to that it made the experience all that much better.

After about three minutes, I realized that I was facing a crisis. I was about to come, and if I did, it would create a mess that would be visible from any angle. I told her that she was taking me to the edge and if I went over it wouldn't be a pretty picture, at least not from the front of my pants. She laughed and told me, "Next time, buy some protection from the machine in the men's room." So much for amateur mistakes. I thanked her for the dance, and she told me to come again, or at least try. She laughed as she said this, aware of my obvious discomfort at this point.

Well, now that I knew what went on behind these doors, I returned a few more times over the next two months. Although most of the girls there were nice, none of them gave a lap dance like Liza. I started wearing the required protection, and enjoying the experience. She would let me kiss her tits, and started to let me suck on them for longer then a few seconds each. She would even reach down and squeeze me through my pants, which would set me off in short order. She was always laughing and smiling and really seemed to enjoy what she did, as opposed to most girls who would hustle you for as much as they could get for as little effort as possible. What she didn't do was show her pussy the way other girls would. She didn't spread her legs during her dance, and would never lay on the floor or the rail and give a view. The only time you could see it was when she was standing in front of you, or when she would turn around to give me a peek at her ass. That view never seen was the most exciting part of watching her. I was always hoping to get a better view.

About two months after my first visit, I stopped by for what was now by once every two-week fix. It was early in the afternoon, and I was one of only two guys there. Liza came out for her set and saw me sitting at the stage. She gave me a big smile and came over to say hi. She said that since I was the only one sitting at the stage, I'd get a special show. She wasn't kidding. She danced in front of me the whole time, showing me her ass, putting her tits in my face and looking right in my eyes the entire time with this big grin on her face. Then she did something she had never done, to me or anyone else that I had seen her entertain. She sat on the drink rail and placed her feet on my thighs, giving me a straight-on look into her "secret zone. Sitting on the rail and teasing my cock through my pants with her feet, she was driving me crazy. By the time her set was over, I was on fire. She asked me if I'd like the usual private dance, and I said YES!!!

She didn't even bother dressing to walk to the booth with me, she just pranced over au natural. Once I had paid my $30 and the door was closed, she straddled my lap facing me with her tits right at my face. As she started grinding into me, I began to kiss and lick her tits and suck on her nipples. Usually she would only let me do this for a few seconds, but this time she just kept pushing them harder into my face. At the same time, my hands were on her ass, kneading the two globes. She kept pushing her ass harder and harder into my hands and raising her ass higher and higher. The net result was that my hands were getting closer and closer to her pussy. I wasn't sure if this was her intention, but I figured that if I brushed it with my hands and her movement told me that it was not what she wanted, I'd go back to just rubbing her butt.

As I moved my fingers across her pouty lips, she moaned and moved harder against my hand. I was shocked and thrilled at the same time. I started moving my right hand up and down her slit, stopping at the front to apply just a slight pressure to her clit, and then moving back up to the bottom of her ass. She was starting to get real moist, and suddenly she pushed real hard against my hand. I slid my middle finger into her and she sunk down until she had the whole finger buried. She was really moaning at this time, and started to ride hard up and down on my finger, lifting herself off my crotch. I slid a second finger inside and brought my left hand around to the front of her stomach. Sliding that hand down her abdomen, I used my thumb to start rubbing her clit at the same time as she fucked my two fingers.

By this time the second song was well over and she suddenly jumped up off my lap. I figured that she was getting scared of going too far. But she turned to me and said. "Stay here, I'll be right back". With that she left the booth. I wasn't sure what was going on, but I certainly wasn't leaving.

She was back in less than a minute, and again closed and locked the door. This time, she faced away from me as she sat down on my lap, placing her ass right on my dick, which was now about as hard as it had been in years. As she started again grinding into me, she took my left hand and had me reach around her and place it on her left breast. She then took my right hand and placed it right between her legs. At this point, I needed no directions. As I alternated my left hand from left nipple to right, my right hand was sliding up and down her pussy, alternating in and out with two of my fingers and then back to her clit. She was driving her ass deeper and deeper into my crotch, and I wished so hard that there wasn't a pair of pants in the way. As I filled the condom with more come than it could hold, she suddenly went rigid for about 10 seconds and then fell back on top of me. We stayed that way for about two minutes, and then she slowly got up and faced me. " I have NEVER done that before!" she said. "Glad I could be of service." was my response. I then asked her where she went for that minute. "I bought you another two songs, or should I say I bought myself two songs." As I left, she said, "Don't wait too long for another visit." I assured her that it would not be long at all.

I was able to wait only three days before returning, again picking mid-afternoon since the small crowd gave me a better opportunity to get more attention. She was dressed in a nurse's uniform, only without a skirt. Just a shirt, garter, panties and stockings. Oh… and a little white hat. After her set, we went right to the booth and I coughed up my $30.00. After paying the bartender, she came back and closed and locked the door and disrobed in a heartbeat. Instead of straddling me, she sat down on my lap so that I was holding her like a baby. She kissed me for a second on the lips, and then moved her chest right up to my face. As I started to kiss her tits, she took my right hand and put in over her pussy. I started to do what I do best when my right hand is in that situation. She was wet already, and said she had been that way since she had seen me walk in the door. As I started to slide my fingers in and out of her, she grabbed my hand and pressed it deep into her. This was the first time I had seen this wonderful love box up close, and the view was inspiring. Her inner lips were at least an inch long, and her clit was about a half an inch. She was so soft an pliable down there that it was driving me crazy.

The view of my hand sliding in and out of her, and then looking up to her face to see her eyes closed and her face with this soft smile meant that I was doing everything right. This is the ultimate turn on for me, and I was enjoying it as much as she was. She was moving like a bucking bronco now, as I kept the motion going. I then slid the entire palm of my hand against her pussy, and dragged it up her abdomen to her tits and back down, sliding three fingers deep inside of her. Using her hands, she reached down and spread herself open as much as she could. I put hard pressure on her clit with my thumb as I continued to move three fingers in and out. Suddenly she arched her back to where her head was hanging of the left side of my lap, and convulsed about five or six times. As she did, I kept up the pressure on her clit and my fingers inside of her. I could not believe how hard her pussy clamped down on my fingers. I could only imagine what it would be like to have my cock in there. I kept the pressure up until she moved my hand off, not being able to take any more stimulation.

What was odd about the whole thing was that she had never, since coming into the booth, paid any attention to my "needs". She had come into the booth with the intention of getting a killer orgasm, and that is what she got. After about a minute, she got up and pulled me to my feet. I had mixed emotions about leaving, since I was still hard as a rock, but I had enjoyed the service I provided. I figured "here I go again, a perfect pussy and she wants all the pleasure." I don't mind taking all the time in the world to get a gal off, but it should be a two way street. She went to the door, but turned around before opening it. Without saying a word, she knelt in front of me, undid my pants and pulled them and my briefs down my thighs. My condom covered cock quivered at attention. Placing her mouth right above it, she looked up at me and said; "Now it's your turn."

. She slowly slid her mouth down over the top of my dick and proceeded to go about ¾ of the way down. As she did, she pressed her tongue hard against the underside of my dick. The sensation was incredible. As she came back up, she kept the pressure with her tongue steady all the way to the tip, and started down again. This time she moved her head around as she went down, and came up sliding her tongue back and forth as she came back up. Each stroke was different. I could only take about 10 strokes when I exploded into the condom, hoping that it would not break for fear she might drown. It was the most incredible orgasm I had ever had. I stood there for about three minutes as she continued to kiss and suck me, and then she stood up, kissed me on the lips, and with my cock in her hand said; "That was fun". I asked her if she had ever done anything like this with any other patron, and she said that she did not. She said that the fact that I never pushed her to do something or touched her where she didn't want that led her to believe that I could be trusted. She also said that the way I constantly caressed her back during our lap dances had turned her on every time. I hadn't even realized that I had been doing it!!! As I left, she again told me not to be a stranger and to hurry back.

I waited another week, not wanting to look like I was too anxious. When I got there this time, she had just finished a set and wouldn't be dancing for another hour. She was working the crowd (4 guys) for $1 dances, and one of them asked her for a private one, so she led him to the booth. As she passed, she saw me and winked. She disappeared behind the door, then came out to pay the bartender the money for the dance, and ran back into the booth. I felt a pang of jealousy, but hey, it's her job. About 5 seconds after the second song ended, the door opened and out she came. Her customer came out about 10 seconds later with a mild grin. She came right over to me and jumped on my lap. "Gotta buck?" she asked. I forked over two and she gave me about a minute of wonderful grind. "Are you ready?", she asked. "More then ever", was my response.

Once behind the door and after paying the usual fee, she went right back to the same position she had started with last time, lying across my lap. Again I started to kiss her tits, working around the nipples first, and then sliding my tongue over each one of them in a large flat circle. I slowly worked my right hand down her stomach to the top of her small v-like bush, and then down to those wonderful lips. She spread her legs wide for me, and after brushing the lips back and forth for a minute, I buried my middle finger into her. I then used my thumb to trace circles around her clit until she started to push up against it, then I backed off, just to tease her. As I did this for the third time, she suddenly jumped up and led me to the door. I wasn't sure what she was doing, but in five seconds she had my pants around my knees and was fixing my condom, which had slipped up a bit in the transition. I just figured that she was going to give me another bj, but she turned around, bent over at the hips, leaned against the door and looked back at me. I was flabbergasted. The combination of the globes of her ass, that juicy pussy pouting out from below it, and that impish grin on her face was a turn on beyond belief

I stepped up behind her and slid my dick up and down the folds of her pussy several times, and then entered her slowly but surely. The sensation was heavenly. Her pussy clamped down on me like no other ever had. I moved slowly in and out, enjoying every sensation and looking down to enjoy the view of my cock sliding in and out of her lovely box. I reached around her with my right hand and started to stroke her clit as I moved in and out. She pushed back against me until my balls slapped against her, and then slid all the way off until just the head of my cock was sneaking out, and then she drove back against me again. We kept this up for about 5 minutes, at which time were both trembling with tension. We both knew that if she were discovered doing this, she'd get fired in a minute. The harder we pushed, the tighter she got until I could not hold on any more. I drove in hard and held myself deep while moving my hand rapidly across her clit. She climaxed in a spasm that started at her toes and ended with wave after wave of pussy muscle working over my cock. I exploded in convulsions, pushing myself hard into her and her hard into the door. I could not believe what we had done. It was the most exciting sexual experience in my life.

As I pulled my pants back up, she turned to me and said; "We've got to find a way to spend a few hours together. I have to know what it is like for you to go down on me." I almost died. This was my ultimate fantasy, so take those precious little lips between mine and run my tongue along them. I asked her if she was sure that she wanted to do this. Although I am in a rather sexless marriage, I am not in any position to make any changes and I wanted her to understand this. We also only knew each other by our first names, and I realized that she must see the risk in what she wanted to do. She said that she realized this, and that she was also in a relationship that she did not want to break. She said that she did enjoy sex, mostly from the standpoint of turning guys on. This is why she chose dancing. It allows her to watch her sexuality turn guys on, but she doesn't have to go any further than a lap dance. She said I was the only customer she had ever let touch her in any way other than the occasional breast squeeze. She said that she was nervous about all we had done over the past several weeks, but that the excitement and pleasure had outweighed the risk. She was nervous about meeting me offsite, but she said she really wanted to try it.

Since she works afternoons and goes to school in the evenings, we agreed to meet a local upscale motel early in the morning and spend about six hours together. Our date is set for next Tuesday, and I'll keep you posted.

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