Las Vegas


Tim kept pushing his finger in and out in a fucking motion while sucking her clit and playing with her tits using his other hand. Tim began putting stronger suctions on Toni’s clit pulling it into his mouth while gently biting on it. Toni started tightening up on his finger as the onslaught of her orgasm began. Toni pressed her head, back onto the pillow, put her hands on Tim’s head and started to press his face into her cunt while moving her hips against his mouth. It felt like she was trying to put it inside her. Toni’s body was convulsing with spasms as his assault on her pussy continued. Toni was screaming, Oh God … Oh God… Oh God… that feels incredible. Tim didn’t let up and kept the sucking to an in and out motion so it would intensify her pleasure. Toni couldn’t stop Cumming, and was drenching Tim’s face with her cunt juice. She started begging him to stop that she couldn’t take any more. Tim quit sucking her clit but kept on teasing it, flicking it with his tongue causing Toni’s body to jerk with every touch.

Tim moved up the bed coming to rest between her spread thighs. She felt wonderful under him as he started rubbing his cock up and down between her cunt lips. Toni would shudder when his head would touch her sensitive clit. He rubbed his cock, coating it with Toni’s cum to help him make his entrance. Tim positioned the head of his cock at her cunt opening and pushed forward trying to get inside her. He was over twice the length and girth of her husband and encountered a resistance in trying to enter her. He could only get about an inch of the head inside her and that was only due to its very pointed shape. Tim’s cock was twelve inches long, thick as a baby bottle and topped off with a large purple spear shaped head. Tim began pushing harder while kissing her. His head finally entered her with her cunt closing around his shaft causing a wonderfully tight seal. The feeling was incredible As Tim began to slowly work his cock, an inch at a time into Toni’s pussy. He could feel it go in with his thrusts and caress him as he pulled back.

Tim began playing with Toni’s clit again which allowed him to enter her deeper. Eventually, he could feel the head of his cock up against Toni’s cervix. He had gone as deep as he could and still had two to three inches out of her cunt. He looked down and saw he was stretching her cunt wide open as it hugged him tighter than any pussy he could remember. The contrast of her white body with his dark shaft sticking into it was an incredible sight. Tim then remembered that Toni wasn’t on birth control and was very fertile. His cock started twitching causing semen to coat the lining of her wombs entrance. He always leaked a lot of cum as he fucked; it just seemed he was oozing a whole lot more this time. Maybe it was the thought of knocking up this gorgeous woman lying next to her husband, while thinking he was the one inside her. Tim began to take, long six inch strokes, each one ending with him pressing up against her cervix. He kept this up for about five minutes enjoying the most incredible cunt he’d ever been in. Toni was moving her hips slightly with his fucking motion and Tim knew he could start what he had been working up to. He began to work her clit while moving his cock against her cervix, pressing it trying to roll it open. He would have to stop every few seconds to make sure Toni was ok and to keep from Cumming.

Tim continued with this motion and began to feel the tip of his cock now digging into her cervix. He kept his pushing and rotating and began to feel her cervix open. With the tip of his cock now sticking through the entrance, there would be nothing to stop his complete ravaging of her fertile valley. Tim whispered to Toni, does that feel good baby? Do you want me to cum in you and get you pregnant? Would you like to feel me fill up your womb and give you a baby? He knew now that if he came he would shoot straight into her uterus insuring he would get her pregnant Knowing if he came now he would achieve his goal, he set out to try and get deeper into her womb. He wanted to be as deep as he could be, when he blew his load inside of her. Toni was on her back, her legs spread wide, her knees bent giving him an invitation to knock her up.

She had no idea who was fucking her. Thinking it was her husband, she told Tim, I want a baby. Please give me a baby.

Toni was lost in the feeling she was experiencing thinking God hubbys gotten bigger over the last three weeks. I guess he’s really turned on by my outfit. Toni had never felt him go this deep before. She could feel the pressure against her cervical opening but Tim’s continual stimulation of her clit overpowered the feeling inside stretching her open for his final assault. Tim continued talking to her about getting her pregnant and how much he was going to pump inside her. This was turning Toni on knowing she was going to get a baby. Toni opened her legs wider wrapping her legs around his back. She began to kiss Tim passionately as he fucked her. Rolling Toni’s clit even faster, he felt his head finally push through her cervix. Tim pushed making sure the entire head was inside her womb. He then went ahead and pushed the remaining half inch into her feeling his balls stop against her ass. She was so tight and soft; the feeling was like being caressed with a velvet glove. His cock started twitching. Toni, feeling his cock jerking inside her, started moving her hips trying to bring on his climax. Toni had no idea this wasn’t her husband about to blow his load and knock her up. Though she could see the man fucking her, her senses were clouded by the drug letting her passion take over instead of her brain.

Tim rose up on his arms causing his entry to be at the optimal angle for the deepest penetration. Toni raised her spread legs into the air causing her pelvis to tilt giving Tim a little easier access to her womb. In this position he began to work the head back and forth using the softness of her uterus and tightness of her cervix to work himself towards his impending orgasm. Tim couldn’t believe how deep he was inside Toni’s body. He had only opened a woman’s cervix once before but never got past sticking the tip through allowing him to shoot directly into her womb. She was also a married woman wanting to have a baby, married to a client of his that owed him a lot of money. He did the very same thing to them Knocking up his wife and them not knowing till the baby was born she had had sex with someone else. It was total vindication as far as Tim was concerned.

Tim knew that Toni and her husband hadn’t done anything to him, he just wanted to have this beautiful woman and when learning she wanted a baby decided why shouldn’t he be the one to give it to her. Here he was now lying between her spread legs buried to the hilt in this fuck goddess. Toni’s cunt began trying to suck the cum out of his balls as her orgasm began. She pointed her toes upward while stretching her legs up as high as she could get them. Her cunt started to spasm making it feel like it was jerking him off with a tight vibrator. Toni was crying out God yes give me a baby. Oh God it feels so great. . Tim’s cock had a mind of its own and though he wanted this to last forever, with Toni’s tight cunt locked around his cock and the head pushed through her cervix, he began an incredible orgasm of his own. He could feel his balls tighten and his cock start swelling to release its gift. A blast of sperm shot up the shaft, exploding through the slit on its head, blasting against the back of her womb.

Toni could feel his cum splashing off her insides. The knowledge she was being filled up with sperm kept her already intense climax going. She began to tell him, fill me up baby. That’s it cum inside of me. I need your seed to get me pregnant. Toni had her eyes closed experiencing the most powerful orgasm of her life. Tim kept spraying Toni’s cunt full of baby making fluid, shooting another eight full loads inside her. He could feel the cum around the head of his cock and realized he had filled her completely. He knew she would get pregnant for sure filled this full.

Tim kept his cock to the hilt and enjoying the feeling of being inside Toni. The beautiful woman was lying under him still just as hot as ever. She didn’t even seem to have her hair messed up after two mind blowing orgasms. Tim looked at her face and called her name, Toni open your eyes.

Toni now down from her bliss and very tired, heard his voice and realized this wasn’t her husband talking to her. She opened her eyes staring directly into the face of Tim. She was suddenly in a state of panic feeling someone inside her with Tim on top of her. Tim agitated the situation by starting a slow in and out fuck motion telling her, yea that’s right baby it’s been me you were fucking. You should be careful who you tell to cum inside you. Tim started laughing and told her, I only did what I was asked to do, and that was to get you pregnant. You asked me yourself while we were fucking.

Toni was now starting to feel his cock growing inside again. She moved her hips to the side thinking it would dislodge him and let her up. All it did was feel good to Tim as he felt his cock now rock hard pressing deep into her cunt. He had been fucking her with about ten inches while he was talking to her. Toni’s cunt had begun to stretch again with the size of his dick. She couldn’t believe how big he was. Her cunt was now caressing his shaft while he used her swollen cervix to tease the head. Tim had only been fucking Toni for about fifteen minutes when he felt another load coming on.

Shit man, I’ve never even recovered this fast let alone cum in this short a time. It must have been a combination of her sweet pussy, incredible looks, along with knowing she knew now who was fucking her. Tim reached down and while holding her by the hips told Toni, feels this baby.

Tim started pushing hard into her without letting up or caring weather it hurt or not. He wanted to see her face when he pushed through her cervix this time. Toni started begging him to stop and pull it out. Tim just kept pushing finally feeling his head push thru. Toni couldn’t believe where his cock was and knew now she was definitely in a lot of trouble. Though she didn’t remember much from there earlier session, Tim was making sure she knew what he was doing to her now.

The feeling of going thru again was more than he could take and with a final push he began to cum again deep inside Toni. The whole time he was doing this he looked into Toni’s face. He started telling her, if you weren’t pregnant already, you will be now. Can you feel me Cumming? I’m gonna blow enough sperm to knock you up with at least twins. His balls were pumping as fast as they could to fill her full. He emptied them into her with another eight spurts. Tim’s cock was still throbbing and he kept it in, impaling her to the hilt.

Toni was in a state of shock now. She had just felt this huge black thing inside her blow a gallon of baby making sperm into her ovaries. She knew she was going to get pregnant from this other man she’d just met today. She wondered if she had done this on her own or he had forced her. She didn’t know what to think. As she felt Tim slip his cock out of her. Pussy.

Tim rolled over beside her knocking me off the bed and into the floor. He then started rubbing his hand over Toni’s stomach saying; in just a few months you’ll begin to start swelling with my baby. A black baby. Toni had a look of panic on her face as Tim kept up the talking. Yea that’s right, it’s gonna be black. Toni saw me in the floor and looked back at Tim with a puzzled look on her face. He laughed telling her, you just fucked me in bed next to your husband. You even asked me to give you a baby with him right here. Knowing he had humiliated her completely he felt his cock starting to grow again. Damn whatever this woman had should be bottled and sold.

Tim told Toni, I would be out for at least another three hours along with her mother, and that would be enough time for her to fuck him at least a couple more times. He started smiling again telling her; well you did what you came here for. You will be pregnant by morning if you aren’t already, just not from your husband. Next time you plan to do something like this you need to be careful what you let someone else hear. You also need to watch what you show because you looked great in this outfit down in your mother’s room. Toni looked down to see she was wearing the outfit she had bought for her husband earlier. Her skirt and sweater were no where around. Toni could also feel the cum running out of her and could feel how stretched open she was from Tim’s previous fuck sessions.

Tim rolled onto his back telling Toni to get on top of me and fuck me. Toni didn’t move at first at which time Tim said, move it or, I’ll wake up your husband and we’ll see if he believes you weren’t a willing partner. The way you are dressed and the amount of cum running out of you will be hard to explain. Now that you are able to, I want you to be the one that makes me cum inside you. I want you to make it shoot inside your cunt knowing you will get pregnant, even though you know it will be a black baby

Toni got up straddling Tim’s body mounting his huge cock that was standing up again. This time he would get the pleasure of seeing her fucking him. Tim laughed and put his head back while enjoying the view of this beautiful white woman riding his cock... Toni was moving up and down with her hips using only six inches of Tim’s cock. He looked at her and said, all the way down this time baby. Toni lowered herself on down till it made contact with her cervix again. She started fucking him with nine inches now at a steady rhythm hoping he would cum soon and let her go. After a few minutes at this depth, Tim reached out taking her by her tits and drove her down hard. His cock jammed all the way to his balls coming to rest against the back of her womb.

Toni cried out with pain at the force and depth of his penetration. Tim told her to start working her hips so to keep from killing herself with this sword, she started rocking her hips back and forth making Tim say, oh yea baby that’s it, milk me.

Tim felt his cock swelling from being fucked by this brown haired beauty. It had been twenty minutes since she started riding him. Toni felt his cock swelling and knew what was about to happen for the third time that night. She felt his cock start Cumming again. This time though it was Toni’s motion that made him cum...This made it even better. Tim was exploding inside her cunt. Toni could feel him blasting load after load into her fertile valley. She was trying to figure out how one man could cum so many times with this much force in one night. Tim’s sperm filled her up to where she could feel the assault on her ovaries. She knew she was pregnant for sure.

Toni sat still with Tim still inside her thinking about what had gone wrong. What she had planned as a loving night of love making with her husband, turned out to be an animalistic mating session with this black friend of her mother’s. Toni knew that Tim was going to be the father of her first child. He had made sure of that and didn’t seem to be slowing down.

Tim had Toni fuck him one more time in this position and once on her hands and knees with her ass in the air so he could make sure his last load would be in her completely. Tim had never cum this much in his life before. They had had five mating sessions that night all in the bed next to her husband. Tim was proud to be the one who would knock her up and by the end of the week there would be no doubt that he had. Toni was wondering how she was going to break it to her husband. She wouldn’t get an abortion because she didn’t believe they were right. She knew that Tim would be the father and that the child would probably be a black baby making it no question who had been fucking her. Toni felt that she must have caused this with what he had told her he had seen and heard...

Tim got up to go to his room telling Toni he was looking forward to all of the little fuck sessions they were going to have this week, and that if he caught her with her husband during this time he would force a sperm test on her to show it was his baby. Tim told her to dress in what she had worn that day but just her bra, stockings skirt, sweater and high heels. Toni knew that he would be in charge for the next five days and couldn’t wait to get out of there. She would have to put on a face and act like all is ok to keep anyone from getting suspicious.Tim told her he expected her to wear skirts and easy accessible tops. He also wanted her in stockings and high heels at all times and that he better not find her in a pair of panties the rest of the week.

Tim said to her that he expected her to be available at any time he called to her with a nod or finger wag and would be bending her over for a quick fuck and another deposit. He told her that as soon as her husband went down for breakfast in the morning, she should come back up to him. He told her he just loved morning sex.

Please don’t do this if there is a chance I could get caught. I love my husband and don’t want to loose him.

First of all, I don’t care about your husband. All I want is your pussy wrapped around my dick. But if you don’t want him to find out until you are ready to tell him, you had better be where I tell you and when.

In the morning I awoke with a hang over, sporting a major headache. I told Toni how sorry I was and that I would make it up to her. I also apologized for not being there for her the night before. I held her in my arms and she kissed me.

Toni told me that she passed out to and that she would make it up to me when we got home. She said she had started her period. I knew there would be no sex on this trip with her in this condition. Toni wouldn’t let me near her at that time of the month.

Toni and I went down stairs where she fixed coffee and toast for me and her mom. Linda too had a hang over and didn’t remember much about the previous night. She wanted to find out how things went last night and weather she could start making plans to be a grandma. Linda heard me saying that we all passed out last night without getting to have any fun. She knew then that nothing had happened. I sat talking to Linda as she and I nursed our head aches.

Toni told us she would be back in a minute. She needed to get something from her purse. Her purse was in our room. I offered to go get it for her but she said she also needed to excuse herself. Sit down and enjoy your little talk with my mom. I’m going to the little ladies room; I’ll be back in a few minutes.

Toni walked up the stairs as Tim watched her. Her skirt was short, exposing her stocking covered thighs as she climbed. Upon reaching the top, Tim took her arm, spinning her around. He pushed her up against the balcony wall making her bend over and grab the rail for support. In this position her short skirt had ridden up giving him a nice view of her sheer stockings. Toni looked unbelievable. Standing with her nylon covered legs about two feet apart for balance, she was bent over with her short denim skirt riding up the back of her nice round ass. She had her sweater with her tits pushing out straining both her bra and sweater. With her fuck me red heels she could have been posing for a centerfold.

Tim pulled back on her hips while steadying her with a hand in the middle of her back. Once he had her in the position he wanted her in. he took his hand off her hip and reached down to lift her skirt. Toni could see both her mother and I through the frosted glass separating the living room and the kitchen. She started to struggle telling Tim, not here they’ll see us.

Tim didn’t let up on what he was doing and once he’d pulled her skirt up to expose her ass, he unzipped his pants to release his cock. Toni was still pleading her case telling him no, not here as she felt his cock rub up between her mound and entering her with the head only berried inside her.

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