tagLesbian SexLate to the Theater

Late to the Theater


Hello to my readers. Thanks for your feedback, votes and personal comments on my stories. In this vignette, what begins as a taxi ride ends in so much more.


You know how I dislike riding in taxicabs, but you insist we take one to the theater. We have been waiting to see this revival of 'The Little Foxes' for weeks. I notice when you gave instructions to the driver you handed him an envelope when you thought I was not looking. What are you up to?

The odors in the cab make me cringe, but your perfume overrides them. It is my favorite, White Diamonds. You snuggle close to me, your skirt riding up on your thighs, sheer stockings shining in the passing lights. I see you are wearing the necklace and earrings I gave you for your birthday and I smile.

Traffic is heavy this time of night, so we edge along in fits and starts. I wonder if we will miss the opening curtain, but you laugh and tell me not to worry. The scent of your perfume is intoxicating, it fills the dreary space where we are sitting and your body is warm against mine.

I feel your hand on my knee, sliding up under the hem of my dress, your breath hot in my ear. I look at the driver; can he see what you are doing? Your fingers creep upward; your fingernails grazing my thighs and I cannot resist spreading them. Your lips brush mine as your fingers graze my silk covered pussy. No, please, what are you doing, someone will see. The driver will see. Why is it taking so long to reach the theater?

I open my mouth to speak, but you place a finger on my lips, kissing me softly. You snuggle closer, fueling my longing to feel your skin against mine. Your fingers caress my pussy through the sheer fabric and a moan escapes my lips. What will the driver think?

You ease my panty crotch aside and stroke my wet lips. Your head drops to my breasts and you lick my cleavage. I lift from the seat and you tug my flimsy panties down and off. I shiver as your fingers enter me, twirling in my dampness, caressing the silken walls. Your tongue skims the edge of my aureole, seeking the stiff nipple. I moan and pull my dress down. Your mouth engulfs my aching nub as your thumb rubs my clit and your fingers thrust deep in my pussy.

I have a clear view of the hurrying figures on the sidewalk, only feet away from the cab window. Can they see us? See you finger fucking me? Your wet tongue traces along my jaw line and you add a third finger to those squishing in my throbbing pussy. Oh God! I am helpless in my arousal. Fuck me my love, fuck me hard.

I feel the pleasure rising in my body, suffusing me with warmth. I shudder as I raise my hips to meet your pumping fingers. I am close, so close, don't stop, don't stop...I forget everything, the driver, the taxi, the city. I live only for your lips, your tongue, your fingers...oh yes...do me...oh yessss...

My back arches, you whisper "Cum for me my darling" and I cum for you drenching your hand. Your mouth grinds against mine, smearing our lipstick as you muffle my scream of pleasure. You rub my throbbing clit furiously, bringing me to the edge again, your hot tongue smothering another scream as I am cumming again on your marvelous fingers.

I slump against the cab's door, the aroma of freshly fucked cunt filling the cabin. I'm sure the driver can smell it, the whole city can smell it, and I do not care.

You pull me up and we embrace. You take my hand and push it between your spread thighs, kissing me deeply. I feel your bare pussy. You have gone commando you sexy slut! Now it's your turn and I tease you, stroking your labial lips with my forefinger, dipping in and out of your soaked pussy knowing you are fully aroused. My tongue circles your ear, and then proceeds down your neck and I nibble at your collarbone while my fingers rub your clit.

Your breath comes in gasps as you are consumed with lust. You growl deep in your throat, grip my wrist and shove my hand into your dripping pussy. Our lips grind together as I fist you, my fingers squishing in your soaked folds, my thumb stroking your erect clit. You pull your dress aside and I suck on your thick nipple as you grip my arm and push my fingers further into you. Then you are bucking against me, little whimpers escaping your lips, cumming explosively, soaking my hand with your juices.

We snuggle together, suffused with the afterglow and kissing softly as the taxi comes to a halt. I look up and see the entrance to our apartment building. We are home. I had forgotten about the theater.

You see the questioning look in my eyes and you murmur, "We'll see the play tomorrow night, love. I've always wanted to fuck in a taxicab." Laughing, we tip the smiling driver generously and head for our apartment, our toys and our soft bed. The night has only begun and you are all mine.


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