tagFetishLegends of the Fel Ch. 05

Legends of the Fel Ch. 05


CHAPTER 5 – Besieged

No one was surprised when the city of Delait became besieged by the forces of the Fel. For the past several months word and rumour had been spreading along the coast of the unstoppable force sweeping down from the north. The tales of beautiful warrior women and their strange tastes was on the lips of all those who dwelt within the city's taverns. Nobody was even sure just how much of the stories held any real truth. Envoys sent to the North had been returned as headless corpses, their clothes reeking of a distasteful familiar smell. Now finally, the vanguard of the Amazon army had arrived just before sunset the day before. Over the course of the night, the camp fires had continued to swell in number as the besieging army arrived in full might.

It was dawn now. The first red beams of sunlight were crossing the distant horizon and banishing the night's dark gloom. In a run down room on the first floor of the 'Friendly Banshee'; a disrespectable Tavern located in the seedy Western Quarter, a form was stirring from his sleep.

Tan Slander awoke. As his eyes flickered open to reveal the grey hazy outlines of the tavern's guest room, a sharp pain washed through his head. Blinking rapidly in an attempt to regain his sight he sat up. Promptly he regretted the action. The ache in his head took on a new magnitude; a piecing lance through his skull.

'Damn Solgen wine!' he cursed under his breath. Closing his eyes he took several deep breaths and tried again. This time the pain was not as intense but the room had taken on a disturbing rotation as his vision swam. Eyes closed again and then more deep breaths. Struggling out of the bed he fell to the wooden floor with a loud thump. Gaining his feet he stood, eyes still locked tight. His head continued to pound. With a grimace he forced one eye open. This time the room retained a little more of its stationary stature. 'That was good - now for the next eye.' More pain washed in into his pounding skull as he let in more of the dull light of the room's illumination which was provided by the solitary window on the far wall. A cold draught was blowing in from behind its rough cloth curtain and Tan took a deep lungful, his thoughts steadying as he did so.

In some confusion, his intense hangover nullifying his memory, he stared in confusion at the naked female form lying in his bed. Strands of raven black hair fell around the girl's shoulders, her bare creamy skin exposed for him to see. Blinking rapidly he tried to recall the night before. A vague memory of a substantial amount of wine came back to him and then a slight recollection of this naked beauty. 'That was it - The Landlord's daughter!' It was all starting to come back to Tan. As he had sunk under the influence of the drink the night before, he had started to tell one of his famous stories of how he was a famous warrior, a slayer of fell beasts and saviour of womenfolk. His audience had lapped it up no doubt aided by the influence of the very same liquor he had been drinking. What Tan lacked in honesty he more than made up with his ability to spin a good yarn. By the end of the night, the drinks had become free as had the company of this young creature as well.

Tan stared at her lovely form. She was lying on her side, her black strands hiding her pretty face from view. One breast and an exposed nipple were clearly visible as were the wide curves of her uncovered bum cheeks. Even in his sorry state Tan felt the beginnings of an erection starting to form. He made a move back to the bed eager to rejoin his companion but a new wave of pain and nausea stabbed up from his stomach. Reeling away from the bed he headed for the solitary table adjacent to the crumbling plaster of the nearby wall. Ignoring the dirty plates he grabbed the single clay jar and raised it to his mouth. Cold tepid water filled his throat and he forced himself to down the entire contents in one motion. The jar fell to the floor where it instantly shattered into a large number of fragments. Tan ignored the damage as his body was raked with a new wave of pain. Gasping he drew aside the thin curtain and stared out on the world outside.

The 'Friendly Banshee' had been built in the early days of the city when the money from trade from the North had been plentiful. As such it had once been a grand affair, situated on the top of a once grassy knoll. As the years passed, the knoll became a more crowed location. New premises were built side by side degenerating rapidly as the city's fortunes fell. Now the tavern found itself in the middle of a shanty town. The only thing that had not changed over the years was the commanding view from the upper storey.

If there was ever a sight to sober a man it was one of a besieging army of semi-naked, tanned Amazon goddesses waiting ready to slit your throat. Tan stared in half horror and half sexual thrill as he took on the sight of the army encamped around the city's walls. Sunlight bounced off highly polished armour, glinting in the rays of the rising sun. The ranks of the Fel were arranged in box formations, thousands strong. The distance was too great for Tan to make out the sight of the uncovered pussies arrayed before the cities walls but he knew well from the tales that where the armour ended at the women's waist, nudity took over. He wondered what it would be like to face one of these creatures in battle, his lust distracting his attention causing him to stare at the woman's groin rather than her blade. Maybe this is why they had been so successful? Who could blame any man for not fighting at his best when confronted with a woman's naked cunt?

He also wondered also if the stories were true about what they did to those they spared. If correct then these women liked nothing more than to hose down their victims with a strong gushing squirt of hot piss flowing out of their pussy lips. Closing his eyes Tan wondered what if would be like to receive such a shower. Fine, they might slit his throat afterwards but it might almost be worth it!

A distant shout from the city walls below caught his attention. A lone commander dressed in the bright red colours of the Elite City Guard was directing runners away from his location on the high Eastern tower. The runners spread themselves out along the battlements as they each reached a section of the waiting troops that filled the tops of the walls. Instructions given, the runners then stood back from the troops at the battlements. Tan watched on now intently interested on the proceedings below. Outside of the city the Fel waited in their battle formations, silently watching the proceedings on the walls. Overhead the call from a bird of prey split the air. Tan looked up trying to spot the source of the sound but then came the trumpet call from the Eastern Tower. Instantly looking back down at the walls Tan watched on in amazement as a vast shuffling came from the hundreds of soldiers lining the walls. One by one sword belts, armour and leggings fell to the ground as the troops literally let down their trousers. Tan stared in disbelief. Was it their intent to fight the enemy in the same half dressed manner as their foe? Another blast from the trumpet and a large smile formed on Tan's weathered face.

On the battlements each soldier manning the wall was now in the process of taking a piss. Up and over the edge of the battlements shot this vast multitude of golden showers; each arc flowing up into the sky before cresting downwards over the wall's edge and to the barren earth below. Tan felt like personally congratulating the Elite Commander in person at his shear audacity. What a brilliant insult to his foes! To use the very manner in which they subdued their vanquished as a means of signalling the city's defiance. Eagerly Tan's gaze fell back to the enemy wanting to take in their reaction. The Fel remained unmoved, still silent and watchful as several hundred streams of golden urine arced out of the city walls to the dusty ground below. Tan wondered how the Commander would fare when the city fell and he was dragged in front of the enemy leader. What would be their response to this day's spectacle?

As the streams of piss being sent over the wall by the city defenders began to wane and vanish, another trumpet blast split the air. This time it came from amongst the massed ranks of the Fel waiting outside. As one, the besieging army came to life, advancing on the city walls. Immediately the troops on the walls started to panic; a mass of disorganised men desperately trying to redress. The arrows started to fly, let loose by the Fel archers now in range. The dying started as a deadly black rain descended upon the walls. Men still struggling to get back into their pants fell as arrows lanced down amongst them. The runners in the walls were active again, dashing back towards the Tower for new instructions just as a fresh batch departed to relay new orders to the disorganised troops. Briefly Tan wondered why there was so little sign of other commanders upon the walls to bestow order but then he remembered the city's politics and the ongoing reduction in the city's defence budget. It had been the misplaced conception that Delait would never fall whilst the much larger city port of Pelt held the strategic port on the northwest coast. This had all been based on the fact that any enemy raiding force would come by way of a sea born invasion. No one had every suspected that the blasted north lands held such a dark and terrible secret as these Fel warrior women.

Tan held no illusion that the city guard could save the city. Delait was doomed and it was now the more important matter of fleeing the sinking ship before it was too late. His headache cleared by the fresh air and the events unfolding below, Tan turned back to survey the room. The sleeping beauty on his bed lay undisturbed, her body lifting ever so with the rhythm of her breathing. Tan desperately wished he could recall bedding her as he was no longer in any fit state now. The realisation of the coming slaughter had stolen his erection coupled with that of a growing burning sensation in his bladder. Looking around he searched for the room's piss pot. Spying it under the bed he advanced towards it but stopped suddenly as he arrived at the bed's timber frame. An incredibly naughty idea had stolen into his head most likely created by the sights outside the window. Lifting his long limp member in his right hand he aimed the tip of his dick in the direction of the straw mattress and the sleeping girl upon it. Without a conscious effort the burning need in his bladder started to sweep down to his waiting penis. Barely a moment passed and his piss reached its exit point. Instantly a bright yellow stream of urine erupted from his cock and started to spray into the space above the bed. His golden pee shower immediately formed a flowing arc in the air, strong and thick in its intensity. As the piss continued to leave his dick it descended earthwards drawn by gravity's pull. Within moments the first of his piss landed on the bed and its sleeping occupant. Tan watched on with a growing thrill and wonder as his piss pattered over the bare flesh of the naked body of Tavern owner's daughter. This was a fantastic thrill!, he thought aiming his piss stream up and down the girl's skin watching the way it ran off her bare flesh and onto the straw mattress. Amazingly she hadn't woken - the depth of her sleep fuelled by the drink of the night before. Wishing to take full advantage of this opportunity Tan raised his dick upwards into the air see the arc of his shooting piss stream rising as he did so. The impact point of his golden shower rose accordingly along the graceful lines of the sleeping girl. Hot piss was now splattering around the top of her shoulders, small golden streams running down and around her form. Suddenly she stirred in her sleep moaning slightly as the golden shower of Tan's piss continued to rain down over her naked flesh.

For a moment Tan thought she was about to wake but instead she simply rolled over hands sprawling to the edges of the bed as she did so. Tan could not believe his luck. She had now presented her entire nude front to his still spraying dick stream. Eagerly he played his piss shower over the girl's ample bosom taking great delight in seeing his pee cascading down over her brown nipples. The sight of the girls matted triangle of curly pubic hairs nestled between her legs caught Tan's gaze and slowly he lowered his dick bringing the focus of his pee stream down the girl's belly. Yellow pee bounced out of her belly button as his yellow shower descended and within moments Tan was pissing strongly into the girl's bush. The sheer thrill of being able to piss over this sleeping girl was being to excite Tan even through the stupor of his hangover. He could feel his cock hardened in his hand as he stood there pissing over the nude girl for all he was worth. As the force of his golden shower diminished the harder his cock became. As soon as the last drops of piss had fallen from the end of his member he started to pump his dick with both hands, his eyes firmly focused on the pee stained beauty in the bed. He could never remember being so turned on and within seconds he had passed his threshold; shooting his white cum all over the bed and its sleeping occupant.

Utterly drained Tan collapsed panting to the floor. What an incredible experience that had been. He fought to control his breathing feeling the rhythm of his beating chest slowly returning to normal. Collecting his thoughts he realised that his hangover seemed to have passed. Looking down his body and the state he was in, he decided it was time to get moving. After all, the city was under attack and he desperately needed a plan which involved leaving Delait as soon as possible.

Dressing quickly in his leather pants and woollen tunic he quickly pulled on his well worn black boots. Donning his chain mail vest he attached his sword to his belt ensuring that the weapon slipped easily from its holder. He had a dark suspicion that his life would soon be depending upon it. Stopping by the door he took one last wistful look at the piss stained bed and its still sleeping occupant. Part of him wanted nothing more than to top up his bladder and repeat his earlier performance; taking a new piss up and down this sleeping beauty. However common sense was urging him to quickly vacate the 'Friendly Banshee' as quickly as possible and never return. Slipping out the door he closed it quietly behind him. It would not be a good thing for the girl to awake now and discover what he had done. Descending the stairs he was startled by a loud shout issuing from the kitchen door.

"Tan. Off to slay some Fel women? A good day to die I wager" the Tavern's landlord said as he emerged from the gloom of the kitchen doorway.

"Er, yes" stammered Tan. 'My, this fellow was a big brute' he thought. "I'm off to the battlements straight away" he continued trying to regain his resolve.

"Well don't you worry about me or my Kalrin. Anybody coming through that door today is going to be introduced to my little friend here" the landlord said suddenly lifting an enormous club into sight.

Tan gulped. He doubted he would be even able to lift the weapon with both hands let alone swing it with just the one. 'Who in the seven hells was Kalrin? Ah, she must be his daughter. Gods above – he'd slept with the girl and he hadn't even known her name.'

Suddenly a muffled scream came from the floor above. 'Oh he was for it now. Kalrin had obviously awoke and discovered what he had done to her.

"I best be off" Tan said with a nervous look at the stairs expecting at any second the naked form of the Landlord's daughter to appear and point him out as the culprit of the crime.

"Wait a minute. What was that scream? Kalrin? Kalrin are you are alright". The Landlord hurried for the stairs. Seeing his opportunity, Tan crossed the remaining distance to the Tavern door. As the Landlord pounded up the stairs, club waving up and down in the one hand, Tan slid it open and made good his exit. The door was just sliding shut when an almighty bellow came from above.

Tan had never run so fast before in his life. At breakneck speed he dashed through the unusually quiet streets, his feet pounding on the cobbles. At the bottom of the knoll he took the first alleyway and fled into its welcoming gloom. His heart was pounding, more from fear than from the exertion of his flight. He had visions of the burly Landlord fighting his way through legions upon legions of Fel women just to get to him. 'That had definitely best not happen' he told himself as he rounded another corner. The suns rays had not yet to risen high enough to illuminate his surroundings and he immediately ploughed into a stack of barrels sending both them and Tan flying in a loud clamour. He landed heavily on the cold floor rolling out of instinct which saved his life as a heavy barrel smashed down to where he had been bare moments before. Gaining his feet he groggily looked around and was just in time to see an indistinct figure appearing out of the thick shadows before a blow to his temple plunged him into a well of blackness.

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