tagFetishThe Librarian Ch. 01

The Librarian Ch. 01


Melanie had always been a shy and retiring girl. She was a pretty brunette with a slim hourglass figure, small breasts and an endearing smile. She was well liked by all that new her. However, she had always been shy and hid her large brown eyes that would captivate just about any man she wanted, behind a pair of old fashioned spectacles. She liked to dress in plain clothing; normally a white blouse and either a brown or black skirt which disguised her perfect figure making her unnoticeable as she walked she streets in the crowds between home and the library where she worked.

Being such a retiring person, Melanie had little contact with men apart from those she spoke to over the counter at the library. As such she was becoming deeply sexually unsatisfied. At nights it was getting harder and harder to masturbate herself to climax as she lacked the mental stimulus to spur her on. It was only a matter of time before she turned to the Internet for her salvation. Originally she had only intended to look at dating sites but soon got drawn into the vast reservoir of available sex sites freely available at the tip of her fingers. She was not even sure how she arrived at the pee site but she remembered her shock as she saw the first images of a woman blatantly pissing in the open. She stared at the images on her screen. This particular site was trying to encourage people to join their membership by showing a collection of images of a pretty young woman letting her panties down in the woods before starting to spray the ground with the thick yellow flow of her pee.

Melanie could not believe that any woman would let herself be photographed going to the toilet. She was glad that she was alone in the library, closing time having been several hours ago. All alone in the large book filled room she still got up to look around on the very off chance somebody had magically managed to enter through the locked doors. Satisfied that she was actually alone she returned back to the PC with a beating heart. Butterflies were dancing in her stomach as she sat back down and once again took in the site of the woman peeing in the woods. With trembling fingers she used her mouse to return her browser back to Google. She typed in a new search parameter and watched in disbelief as site after site appeared, each one offering her to show her pictures of peeing women. One site in particular caught her attention. Clicking on the link she waited whilst the computer downloaded the web screen. Here was an entire site devoted to the act of women peeing in naughty locations. She quickly scanned through the trial images, her pulse rate increasing as she witnessed more and more shocking scenes of pee flowing from a variety of different women's pussies and spraying down in a host of different locations.

The site required a payment via credit card to join and Melanie surprised herself at how quickly her card appeared in her hand. Within seconds she was punching in her security information. The fact that this was a works PC and not her own didn't bother her. She knew enough about computers to safely hide any downloads and wipe her Internet Cache afterwards. The shaking in her fingers was getting more acute as she waited with baited breath for the system to acknowledge her payment. The seconds ticked by and still the hour glass remained on her screen. Just as she was about to refresh the screen data the display changed and her user-id and password appeared. 'She had done it' she thought. 'I now have full access to this site and all its images'.

The next hour flew by. Melanie so engrossed in the contents of the pay site that she became oblivious to time passing. It wasn't long before she had unbuttoned her top and slid a caressing hand inside to play with her small but perfectly formed right breast. A little later and tens of images later, her skirt too became unfastened and another hand slid down into her panties to plunge deeply into her extremely moist vagina. As the pictures continued to flash up on her screen she was treated to an ongoing catalogue of women peeing in naughty and risky locations. She had already seen one woman peeing at the top of a flight of steps in a car park. The woman had deliberately aimed her pussy in the direction of the open stairwell and as her piss flowed from her cunt it had pattered and sprayed all over the concrete stairs leaving a large tell tale stain for all to see. Another woman had peed by the side of her car in a car park, and another taking a piss under a park bench whilst other people walked on by unawares.

There was one woman in particular who Melanie was being to like a lot. The tall blonde was called Tiffany (at least according to the web screen). A stunning attractive tall blonde with great tits who seemed to a talent for finding riskier and more daring places to take a piss. Not only was this woman content to relive herself over the carpet in the house (which Melanie thought looked like fantastic fun), had no qualms about letting her skirt and panties down in the open before taking a long slash. This was either in a bus shelter, outside a pub, over a public walkway or even over a child's slide in a playing ground. What Melanie liked the most was the objects Tiffany liked to pee into. One mini series showed the blond woman taking a piss into an office drawer, another set revealing her pissing into an open fridge showering the bottles inside with her golden nectar.

Melanie was so close to climaxing in her panties by now; the onslaught of the incredible images on her screen turning her on like never before. When she finally reached her first orgasm, the force of it drove her to the floor falling off her chair in the process which clattered noisily across the tiles. Laying on the cold floor her chest heaving and her body trembling from top to bottom Melanie slowly slid her fingers out of her pussy. Gazing at the ceiling she made no attempt to rise. Post sexual bliss washed over her and she had never felt as relaxed as she did at this moment. In her head the memory of what she had seen on the web continued to play in her mind. Eventually other pressing needs drove her to her feet. Rearranging her clothing she headed off in the direction of the bathroom.

The door to the Ladies toilet opened on a small room with three cubicles, a tiled blue floor and a line of sinks on the far wall. Melanie had got as far as the nearest cubicle and was just about place her bum over the toilet having slid her skirt and panties to the floor. Suddenly she stopped. 'Surely after all she had just seen on the web so shouldn't be as boring as to do her pee into the toilet?' Butterflies started to dance in her stomach again as she contemplated a very naughty thought. Stepping out of the cubicle she stared at the polished tiles on the floor. 'It would be so easy to now squat down and let her pee come flooding out of her body'. Without conscious thought Melanie lowered herself downwards, her wide womanly bum cheeks coming to rest in the air just inches above the floor. Gazing down between her parted legs she stared at the triangular mass of pussy hairs nestled between her thighs. Her thoughts were racing. 'Could she really be brave enough to have her pee over the floor' Her bladder was bursting and she knew she needed to make her decision soon.

Suddenly Melanie's pussy lips parted and a small fountain of golden piss shot out of her cunt and pattered over the tiles. She gasped with both thrill and shock. She hadn't event meant to let that out and it had been purely involuntarily. 'It had certainly felt good though! Maybe she should try another little squirt' With that thought she relaxed the hold on her bladder. Within seconds her pee hole had opened again and a new shower of golden pee was issuing out of her vagina and pattering down to cover the tiles between her legs with a fountain of piss. Melanie then tried to stop her flowing pee from issuing out of her pussy but it was too late now. As the seconds passed she peed more and more, the stream issuing out of her cunt a thick gushing torrent of body hot piss splashing down over the floor to create an ever growing pee puddle over the tiles.

The room was filled with the soft hissing sound of Melanie taking her pee over the tiled flooring. This coupled with the gentle hiss her piss made as it landed on the floor. She couldn't believe what a thrill this was giving her and she continued to enjoy every second of her wee. 'Here she was pissing like a woman from the web site, without a care in the world. It just felt so good!' To be able to squirt her pee out of her muff without having to sit on a toilet was an immense satisfaction and she wondered what her life was going to be like from now on.

Slowly the stream of urine issuing out of her curly haired vagina began to wane, the arch of flowing piss dwindling back to her fleshy pussy lips. With one last quick squirt of honey coloured piss out of her muff and over the large puddle of pee she had created with her toilet over the floor, Melanie finished her wee. Standing up she took a few steps back to admire her handiwork. The puddle over the tiles was massive. She had no idea she could hold so much pee! Now she was going to have to tidy her mess up before she could leave. It was more than her job was worth to leave a puddle of piss lying over the Ladies toilet's floor. Grabbing a toilet roll out of the nearest cubicle, she first dried her pussy before she dropped to her knees and started to soak up the warm urine with the toilet paper. It took an age for Melanie to finally mop up the entire pee puddle and as she stood back up again she realised that this had taken so long to do that was now already for another wee.

Looking around she knew she couldn't go over the floor again. Not after just clearing up the last mess. Inspiration took her and she moved over to the row of sinks. Choosing the middle one to act as a urinal for her coming pee she turned around and hoisted her wide bum cheeks up and over the rim bringing her pussy and buttocks to hang over the bowl. It was with another great thrill when Melanie opened her cunt lips and allowed a new stream of pee to shoot out of her vagina lips. Her golden torrent shot over the small distance between her muff and the sink wall where it impacted and sprayed outwards forming a fast flowing stream of urine down to the plug hole situated under her bum hole.

Pissing in the sink was even better than doing her pee over the floor. She felt incredibly naughty as she sat suspended over the bowl, her hot pee squirting out of her muff ad flowing into the sink. Between her legs she could clearly witness the sight of her golden pee flowing out of her pussy lips as she busily pissed into the bowl. She could feel the warmth of her piss as it flowed over the bowl's surface and ran down into the plug hole where it fell to the drains below. Unfortunately this was only a quick pee and she was soon finished. Clambering off the bowl she turned to examine her handiwork. The sink bowl was now covered in yellow splotches of her piss and she stared for several seconds before washing it out. Gathering her clothes she quickly dressed. Taking one last good look around the room to ensure that there were no evidence of her recent pissing activities she then left.

By the time she got back to her desk and her PC it was getting late. She was so tempted to stop and browse some more of the piss themed web site but she knew she had to be back in work early tomorrow. Quickly hiding the evidence of her night's viewing Melanie powered down the computer. Tomorrow night she would start browsing as soon as the library closed giving her far more time to enjoy herself. The biggest challenge now was going to be to find new places to go for her toilets without being caught. She was definitely looking forward to the challenge!

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