tagToys & MasturbationLeigh Asks For (and Gets) More

Leigh Asks For (and Gets) More


I am losing my fucking mind. I have not seen Leigh in just over two months. The epic withdrawal I am experiencing is akin to that of boozers and dopers, intermittent raging hard-ons and racing, fevered thoughts in the place of DTs and night sweats. There needs to be a support group for guys like me, doggedly trying to abstain from a doomed relationship that broke down as often as my long-gone 1978 silver Honda Civic hatchback but featured the hottest sex ever for me with a beautiful, big-breasted, open-minded and enthusiastic woman, the memory of which, at least in the beginning stages of a supposedly permanent breakup, makes me feel as if I am never going to be right again, my cock leaking pre-cum as I mentally rehash our sexual greatest hits.

For two and a half years Leigh and I loved, fought and fucked harder than anything I have done in my life up to this point. We broke up and made up at least as many times as years I have been on the planet (39) and perhaps a few more. But that is not what this story is about. This true tale is the recounting of one man's love of large toys and other objects and the lusty lady who more than happily took them on and began asking for them on her own in ways that continue to bedevil this currently uncomfortably sexually bereaved man.

Early in our phone conversations, Leigh and I breathlessly shared our sensual preferences. When I confessed my love of pussy expansion via outsized toys and other objects, she told me that she had never used anything larger than the man she was with because she didn't want to emasculate him but had always wondered what it would be like to try bigger toys. As a young woman Leigh had a lover whose cock was twice as thick and long as anyone she'd been with since and she had never tried to replicate that experience with toys. I pressed her for her lover's outlandishly large dimensions but she was only 19 and not as nearly as obsessed with matters of size as I, so her numerical recall was not as accurate as I would have preferred.

The first night Leigh and I fucked she grabbed me by the shirt and shoved me into her kitchen door, kissing me hard enough to take my breath away as INXS' Michael Hutchence sang "Don't change for you / Don't change a thing for me" on the boombox beside the stove where dinner grew cold while we attended to more urgent needs. This was going to be a wild ride. Leigh was a very responsive lover. Sucking on her extra-generous G-cup boobs elicited much moaning from her and gradually healed the mental wounds of having never breast-fed for me. Licking her dependably wet pussy guaranteed several orgasms for her and for me that the bearded lower half of my face would be totally coated with her deliciously tangy juices.

Putting my cock into Leigh for the first time was a surprise sensation-wise. Her pussy was far roomier than any I had experienced to this point. My cock is a shade more than six inches and reasonably thick but I felt like a small craft in an overheated tropical sea, truly tight friction typically only generated when Leigh vigorously worked her PC muscles. It should be noted that this is an observation and not a complaint as I always got off. So did Leigh but she required a vibrator on her clit to achieve climax. Cowgirl and doggy style were our preferred positions. There are still few sexier sights in my mind than Leigh riding me rhythmically, her huge boobs swaying back and forth as she ground her cervix on my inflamed cockhead and her clit onto the ever-present bullet vibe.

Early in our relationship I made a trip to the vegetable section of a local market and purchased a very long, thick cucumber that I introduced into sex play that night. As I licked Leigh's clit eagerly, I inserted the giant veg (sheathed with a condom stretched to its absolute limit to protect her from any produce-borne infections) into her pussy inch by inch, shocked at how little remained outside as she came multiple times.

Soon after I purchased a see-through pale blue Doc Johnson jelly dong (which earned the moniker "Pretty Blue" and was 11" long, including the base). Routinely, easily, Leigh took nine inches of this toy (which was quite thick as well, possibly twice my own girth) as I held onto the base, firmly pounding the bulbous head into the upper expanses of her ever-juicy pussy.

On a whim one night, and with Leigh's gung-ho text encouragement, I brought home what proved to be the true test of her pussy's capacity: a foot-long chocolate-colored, suction-cupped dildo. As you couldn't insert the gargantuan balls, it was only nine inches long but it was at least three times as wide as my own cock. Leigh could not fit her mouth around it but with lots of licking and lube we were able to incrementally work the lovely leviathan all the way into her overtaxed pussy. Insertion of this girthy giant was ideally a two-person operation but I was occasionally thrilled when I got a text to come home right away and found her already in bed riding "Big Chocolate," her face a gorgeous mask of intense pleasure mingled with a bit of discomfort.

A few months ago Leigh and I were hornily perusing the wares at a Fantasy Video when we stumbled across the next sexual game changer for us: a cock sheath. The one we selected was 7 ½ inches long and significantly thicker than my own cock. (The tube in which it was contained called it "Colossus Vanilla" but we later rebranded it "Sheath Ledger." Too soon?) We could scarcely contain our excitement as we exited the store. We decided to get a hotel room as we were 70 miles from home. Since we hadn't made prior reservations and there was a big convention nearby, finding a room quickly began to feel like a bit of a sexual Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus scenario: no room at any inn for two turned-on adults eager to test drive their latest sex toy acquisition. My balls were so sore from anticipation that walking was difficult by the time we secured the last room at the Shilo Inn, 30 miles from where we began our initial search.

Leigh and I giddily jumped up and down on the two queen beds like a couple of overgrown kids (albeit with lust-weak knees) before turning back the sheets on one and briskly disrobing. I cued up a bit of Led Zeppelin and solo Robert Plant on the iPod and lowered the lights. Leigh and I collapsed into each other's arms, elated but exhausted. Her tongue darted around my mouth, exploring my gums, teeth and tongue. Her pillowy boobs mashed into my furry chest, my thick fingers squeezing each fabulously fleshy orb intermittently. My cock was dripping with excitement and Leigh's pussy was similarly soaked. I slipped into her easily and began slowly pumping her sodden depths.

It was summer and the air conditioner hadn't cooled the room adequately and our sweaty bodies and faces created even more wetness between us. As I looked lovingly at Leigh, her features transformed tranquilly by my leisurely stroking, she said something completely out of the ordinary.

"Baby, I love you," she said, alternating between talking and sloppily kissing me. "Your cock gives me so much pleasure. It feels so good inside of me."

"You feel so good to me too. Your pussy is so warm and wet and..."

Leigh put her hand up to my mouth. "And sometimes it's just not enough for me. Your cock gets me going and then I need more." She paused. "A lot more."

"How much more do you need?" I asked breathlessly.

"I need so much more than you have, baby," she replied calmly, sweetly, without a touch of malice. "I experienced a huge cock before you and since you've been fucking me with these giant toys, I find I need that more often. Your cock just isn't big enough for me most of the time. Will you give me more? I need more."

What should have reduced me to an ashamed fetal ball was pumping as much blood into my cock as had ever been there before. Who could have predicted that Leigh lovingly talking me down would get me so far up?

I slowly withdrew myself from Leigh's sopping pussy and stood up. My cock was so saturated with Leigh's juices that I was able slip the sheath over my own cock without a lube assist. I gingerly pulled my painfully engorged balls through the opening that secured the sheath snugly to my pubic bone. My penis fit perfectly inside the sheath and I marveled at how in the low light this much larger cock appeared to be my own. I swung it from side to side, playfully slapping my thighs, much to Leigh's amusement, until the tugging of the sheath strap on my tender balls became too much to bear.

I lowered myself back onto the bed and poised the head of my newly super-sized cock at Leigh's juicy entrance. She held her pussy lips open so I could watch as I struggled to gain entrance to her insides. Finally the fat head popped through and I began sliding slowly into Leigh, her expression transforming quickly from the contented calm of my own cock's earlier strokes to a more furrowed brow, her saliva-moistened, luscious lips opened to an "O" shape. Leigh's facial features were externally reflecting the sexy strain that her pussy was undertaking.

Once I got all the way into Leigh and resumed my previous pumping, I noticed with each inward stroke and outward withdrawal that Leigh's pussy was gripping the sheath and in turn squeezing my own cock. Leigh slipped the bullet vibe between her clit and my pubic bone and the strong buzzing added another layer of pleasure to the proceedings. I increased my pace and it wasn't too long before a long orgasm overtook Leigh, her ecstatic shrieks nearly matching Robert Plant's high-pitched, over-wrought vocalisms on the iPod. "I'm gonna give you my love / I'm gonna give you every inch of my love."

That night we tried cowgirl and doggy style and in each position Leigh had seemingly far stronger orgasms than she ever had with just my cock and a vibe. I couldn't be more turned on and the fact that this new sheath could actually be a part of me erased the minimally bothersome mental space which existed between us with toy play. This was my cock when it was on me.

Our formerly crisp hotel sheets were soaked with our sweat and sex and we were delirious. As Leigh relaxed into my arms she lovingly assured me that my cock was more than enough to satisfy her for the rest of her life. But from then on during lovemaking Leigh would intermittently return to this familiar conversational refrain, occasionally pushing the boundaries of respectfully reducing me to insanely aroused inadequacy, but never too far, and I always filled her hungry, capacious pussy with a variety of extra-large toys and vegetables.

Is it any wonder I am losing my mind? As I carefully handle the toys in the yummy-smelling shoebox in which they currently reside, unused, sleeplessly waiting for action, I feel the familiar surge of blood to my cock and wonder how long it will be till I am calling Leigh, assuring her that this time will be different and all the foolproof new ways we can make all aspects of our relationship as sacred and perfect as our sex.

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