tagErotic PoetryLet Me Be

Let Me Be


Let me be that special woman you ever desired:

  a wanton whore you'd be proud to have on your arm, or down your pants  
  a confessor who forgives all [just take your time describing the fun stuff]
  a patient slave eager to sacrifice a bit of pain for ultimate pleasure
  a nurturing mother to sanction and fulfill your secret fantasies
  a tight delight offering satisfaction from any angle ;-}
  a tempestuous storm of sensuality bound to leave you breathless
  a classy dame in every respect... except one... or two [better call the chauffer]
  an attentive babe who turns your sweet nothings into lush somethings
  a sweet, charming Sandra Dee (with 34 double-D's) in need of a good greasing
  a when-all-else-fails, slow-handed, goal-based reconstruction expert
  a pool-hustlin' buxom blonde with a preference for tube snakes in alleys
  a clit-licking, bi-lingual tease looking to roll a snowball for your Handicam
  a hometown honey who enjoys playing with BIG toys... and boys
  a puberty-rich miss gets off playing catch-suck-n-release with your piranha
  a camera-ready mom desperate for some back door plumbing
  a bra-busting escort all dolled up for plenty of backseat pump-and-grunt
  a kind of girl from the wrong side of town Momma warned you about
  a double-degreed Betty who wouldn't think of sending you off half-cocked
  a cuddly Barbie Doll willing to watch your porn, before going interactive
  an insatiable, thigh-high neighbor whose sugar bowl is always empty
  an upstairs maid with proven Hoover skills
  a sumptuous sister-in-law with the worst case of hornies for your silly ass
  an eager beach-beaver ready for her Olympic-sized team trials
  an over-endowed interracial, intersexual cum-bather  
  a PTA mom who can't resist a juicy gloryhole after church service
  a devoted frumpy companion who gladly tolerates your BS [NOT!]
  a wayward wayside waitress willing to wax your Peterbilt
  a voluptuous lab assistant likes submitting to your darkroom dodges
  a sparkling fresh mid-western farm girl prime for a raucous roll in the hay
  a top-heavy, tool-totin' Ms. Goodwrench in need of a full tube-n-lube
  a multi-tasking momma who never clocks out when the cocks come out
  a foam-slurping maiden in distress who likes it ankles to ears
  a Pavlovian-conditioned porn amateur who tends to salivate at tripods  
  a prim and proper, hands-off wife unaccustomed to strip searches
  an abundant holiday hostess [psst, mistletoe is tied to my garter belt]
  an empty-nesting man-handler who likes her cream hand-churned
  a hard-bodied cougar on the prowl for just a few good (young) men
  a early-blooming educator with a life-long-learner attitude toward sex
  a street-savvy bitch; not opposed to taking ya behind the dumpster
  a wide-eyed, virgin bride in desperate need of erotic discipline
  a busty bikini-clad boating bimbo bound to take it deep from both ends
  a mile-high member in good standing, or even better bent over
  an ambitious Nightingale proves herself capable for the head nurse position
  a trophy wife adept at insider trades and corporate takeovers
  a scantily-clad leather biker babe used to speed-shifting while you drive
  a succulent source of, at least, two of the seven deadliest sins
  a high-powered, over-stacked, mini-skirted sybian saleswoman
  a sizzling executive secretary who'd rather do it in longhand
  a hip-grinding, nipple-twisting stripper who insists on greasing her own poles
  a mature, impatient mistress geared up to punish you naughty face-sitters
  a misunderstood Marilyn-misfit longing for her average (or above) Joe
  a quiet, curvaceous librarian glad to lose her panties for your handheld
  a pretty pole-perched princess poised for an evening of porn and popcorn
  a God-fearin' Christian harlot well versed in the Kama Sutra
  a naïve temptress pleased to offer herself as your rest area for the next 500 miles
  an adventurous, top-up, skirt-down, breakin'-da-law kinda carpooler
  a no-bones-about-it, come-fuck-me-silly sister, mom, or aunt
  a well-stocked Nascar nympho partial to under-the-bleacher BJ's
  a sensual story teller not opposed to deep-throating between chapters
  a brick-shithouse-built real estate agent ripe to show her prime property
  a stay-at-home mom who'd love to have Dr. Laura for lunch
  a conservative soul mate who only slightly prefers swallowing over facials
  a particularly safe and secret harbor [hell, you might as well stay the weekend!]

It's all good.

When I'm with you, it's fucking great!

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